It's been a while! It was in summer that I posted my last favourites which is ridiculous but I have found it hard to choose my favourites because one minute I want to include everything I own and the next I can only think of one but I've finally managed to find somethings I've been loving a lot recently.

The first I would like to mention is something I think I speak about to much and that is the Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Paints. Today I'm mentioning, in particular, the colour Watermelon which is a deep turquoise. It was a colour a picked up when they first came out but it was the colour I forgot about and made its way to the back of my nail varnish collection but when I stumbled across it just a few weeks ago I was kicking myself for not using it earlier! It's such a gorgeous colour and one I'm going to be wearing non stop this Autumn!

A favourite of mine through out the summer and even into autumn now is the L'oreal Glam Bronze Bronzer. I've used this in a lot of posts already so I think you'd be able to get I've been liking it. It's great to give a over all bronze or a semi-contour and I've recently been using it everyday for college. I apply it with different brushes depending what mood I'm in but I have been loving using the Elf Stipple Brush for not only this bronzer but blushes as well and I've really been getting some good use out of this multi-tasking brush over the past few months.

Moving on to a skincare product which is the Avon Solutions Hydrating Cream. When this was on offer, I was going through a very dry period of time so I thought what had I got to lose so I picked it up and haven't stopped using it since. I will apply it before I go to bed at night on its own but use it as almost a serum in the morning before make up- by applying this to the more dry areas of my face before going over it with my usual Simple moisturiser for an even extra hydrating boost. This has been amazing and manages to create a nice smooth base for make up to go on so nothing clings to the dry patches.

I haven't mentioned a book in my favourites for a while because I'll just mention in a Recently Read before or after it goes up but I can't not mention the Maze Runner series that I finished a week or so ago and I really enjoyed the series on the whole. Of course I'll be mentioning this in my next Recently Read post but I was also wondering if you'd like to see a full post dedicated to the books so I can go into a lot more detail? Let me know! I still have the prequal to read so I will definitely be buying that soon as well!

Spotify is something I've used in the passed and have always known about but have never been an avid user until this month where I've been wanting to listen to full albums by artist while I'm working away and with just a small download it's on your computer and you can also get the app on your phone. On there, I've been listening to Will Darbyshires's September 2014 playlist and loving it and I actually have decided to start posting monthly playlists on there and I will try and link them to you every month. I will not stop using 8tracks because I love 8tracks but for monthly music favourites search my Spotify; Sarah Jones and I'll be sure to follow you back!

My last favourite is a repurchase of mine that I picked up on the way home from Austria and that is Ralph Lauren #3 Perfume. This used to be my signature scent but when I started to run low, I decided picking it up in the airport would be a good idea so I could start wearing it again every day. It always seems to become my autumn scent so I think I picked it up just in time!

So that's all for today's post! Let me know if you'd like to see a full post on the Maze Runner Series! 
What have you been loving recently?
Hope you're doing great,
Every year, me and my family host a Macmillan Coffee morning in aid of the charity. Of course we're not alone as thousands of coffee mornings were held over this weekend with an aim to raise some money for the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity. I actually posted a similar post to this last year where I included some photos so I thought I would do the same this year!

From the photos, you can probably just see that it's just sitting around drinking tea and coffee and eating cake like us Brits love to do for one morning in September. From all that eating and drinking and the tombola we do every year to entertain the kids, we managed to raise just over £350 which mum seems to think we've beat last years earnings which is great! 

This was just a quick extra post this Sunday!
Do you host or know anyone who hosts Macmillan Coffee Mornings?
Hope you're doing great,

 After leaving France early on the 7th, we headed to the train station to catch the train to Zurich, Switzerland where we were stopping just over night before heading to Austria for a week. When we arrived in Switzerland, we got a taxi straight to our hotel where we checked in and went up to the room. When we arrived at the hotel, we realised that my had accidentally booked a very posh hotel and we felt slightly out of place. Because this wasn't a budget hotel and because it was only for one night, we decided we'd get a family room and it was a gorgeous room! The hotel we stayed in was the Glarishchhof (no I don't know how to say it) and I really wanted to mention and link the website in this post because of how nice and how friendly the staff were. 
Once we'd got in to our room, checked into the wifi and were amazed by the fact all in the mini fridge(including a Toblerone) was free, we headed out to explore Zurich in the time we had there. We headed straight to the lake which was such a fun place to shoot before walking further round and passing a very jolly man playing some form of maraca singing "Don't worry be happy!" over and over again. We then  headed back to where started and towards the main centre where streets were lined with restaurants that went off down alleys that opened up into almost little villages. After walking around quite a while being very indecisive about where we were going to eat, we ended up at an Italian where I had the most amazing spaghetti bolognese! After finishing off with some mango ice cream, we headed back down the river and headed back to the hotel slowly, enjoying the amazing views all around. 
Once we were back at the hotel, we took full advantage of the free mini fridge and fruit basket as well as mum and dad taking advantage of the free first drink in the bar before we headed to bed because we'd be up early to catch the train for the final destination which was Austria for a week!

If these posts are annoying you; they are nearly over! I think I'll be splitting Austria in to two and then that's all the accounts over but I do hope you're enjoying these posts.
Have you ever been to Switzerland?
Hope you're doing great,

I can be such an indecisive person and when it comes beauty products it's no different; having to come to a decision on a review as to whether I will carry on using a product or not is a hard decision to make and so my final verdict can change and so after looking back at some past reviews and posts, I've found my opinion to differ from what it was before so I thought in today's post I would right some wrongs and wrong some rights.

Let's start with a big apology to the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot. From my review I wrote here, I seem to have really slated the powder and my face is scrunching up as I write in embarrassment that I was so harsh about the powder. I think the fact it had a higher price tag than what I am used to paying, did sway my judgement and caused to me be a little more critical of the Powder. In the post I wrote that this powder is cakey and sticks to my dry patches which I do still stick to as if my foundation doesn't go on smoothly, neither will my powder. However, I will disagree with myself when I say it doesn't last a long time as, while I don't top it up during a typical day at college, it lasts just as long as any other powder. While I probably still won't be buying this powder again, I will carry on using it because it still works well at keeping my make up in place.

A product raved about in the blogging world is the beloved Tangle Teezer. I, along with many others, had(or have) a huge obsession with the Tangle Teezer. When I first bought it, I remember thinking that there's no going back to a normal brush, this is great. While it was at the start, now I find it really doesn't work with my hair. As the name suggests, it should teeze your tangles and help de-knot your hair but for me it no longer lives up to this as instead of getting into my tangles, it just brushes over them and bends the plastic bristles around it. I would left thinking that my hair is not free until I run my hand through my hair and a knot is still there. At the moment, I'm still using my Tangle Teezer but I don't think I will be for long.

Another one for a disappointing change of events has to be the Clean & Clear Cleanser. I have mentioned this cleanser quite a lot-saying that the cleanser, along with the moisturiser and spot treatment, helped my skin a lot when I went through my acne phase.So a few years after using it for the first time and the amazing results it gave, when my spots started to get a little out of control, I thought this would be a fail safe product to fall back on and I was wrong. While it didn't cause any more breakouts then I usually would get, it didn't help my skin in any way as much as it had in the past so I was disappointed when this didn't work as well. Whether it's because my skins matured r the formula has changed, it just wasn't working for me any more.

We started with a positive so let's end with a positive and that is my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. If you read my full review of this product, you may have picked up how indecisive I was about this products. Even though I did write that if I can't find a better BB Cream, then I'll just pick another of these, I still hadn't convinced myself. But as my tube runs low, I realise how much I will miss the option of wearing this product as I've now come to the conclusion that it's a great BB Cream; if I ever can't find a better BB Cream, I'll be heading back to the Maybelline section and picking another up. For a BB Cream, it's such good coverage and while the shade range doesn't go as light as I would like it to, with a good blend down the neck, it's all fine!

So that's all let me know if you enjoyed this post!
What are some products that you misjudged?
Hope you're doing great,
Autumn's coming very soon. While the days are still warm and the trees are still green, it's getting darker earlier each day so I thought it was time I switched up my make up for my favourite time of the year and this is what I what I would opt for if I was to actually leave my cave and head out at night.

Of course, I'm theoretically going out so a high coverage foundation is what I need so of course I choose to go for my L'oreal True Match Foundation paired with my 17 Stay Time concealer for under my eyes as well as to cover any blemishes. Eye brows, it's a simple groom though and a matte brown eye shadow to fill them in.
 For the eyes, I started with a product I've only used once or twice and that is my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate. I absolutely love the colour but have never found the right opportunity to wear it but I think I will be grabbing this cream eye shadow a lot this summer. An old favourite next; my MUA Undressed palette where I took shade 10 which is a sort of dark shimmery brown/pink . I applied this to my out V  before moving on to shade 9 (a shimmery cranberry colour) which I placed in the middle and outer thirds of my lids. A bit of Maybelline The Rocket Volume Mascara on my top and bottom lashes and the eyes are done!
Autumn is the time for contour so I took my usual matte bronzer from the Sleek Face Form Palette into the hollows of my cheeks, temples, round my chin and down the sides of my nose. I then took the highlight from the same palette and applied it to the high points of my face. I then set it all in place with my Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Powder. The lips it was another old favourite which was my Kate Moss Lipstick #17 which is a mature nude. The camera doesn't really pick the colour up very well on the photos but it's a gorgeous browny pink and is my most worn lipstick that I especially love during this season.

And that's it! Of course, I switch up my everyday make up for during the day as well so let me know if you'd like to see that soon!
What do you use when you go out in Autumn?
Hope you're doing great,

It has been ages since I've done a music related post; whether that's sharing a new playlist with you or otherwise it's been a while and so I've come up with a way of sharing with you a lot of different bands and artists in a way that isn't just listing off my favourites. I took inspiration of this idea from the lovely Alannah over at KissingWinter who gave book recommendations to TFIOS in a similar way so I thought I'd use that idea and I will, hopefully, frequently share some music recommendations in a way so that if you like Ed Sheeran you'll A B and maybe C if you get the gist and Ed Sheeran is the artist I've chosen for today's post. The singer/song writer who is known across the planet as the ginger haired English singer who has a serious talent of singing and playing the guitar. Everything about his music is amazing; from his lyrics to his voice- he's stolen the hearts of millions!
So, If you like Ed Sheeran's music, you may also like...

Saint Raymond.
Callum is his real name but is known in the musical world as Saint Raymond has been the key artist on my summer playlist. His upbeat songs are perfect for the summer months but who says you can't listen to them in winter? The arrangements are amazing and, just like Ed, is a keen guitar player. Funnily enough, after discovering my love for Saint Raymond, a few months later it was announced that he would be supporting Ed Sheeran on some of his tour dates.

Tracks to Try: Fall At Your Feet, Bonfire Hearts and the latest single I Want You.

Harry Seaton.
Ed started his career as a singer with just a small group of fans. It was when A Team was released, that his support blew up and grew in thousands by the day. A lot of people would of wished they'd discovered Ed earlier so I'm giving you the chance to discover the upcoming singer/song writer that is Harry. I discovered Harry's music a year or so ago through fFacebookand I haven't looked back. The covers he posts on YouTube are ridiculously good! He changes some of them so much, they are almost unrecognizable wants his put his Seaton Stamp all over it. He also has a real knack for original songs and has published some of these on his YouTube as well as iTunes. He is set to release an EP some time soon.
Tracks to Try: Cover of Shaggy It Wasn't Me, Summer Nights and newly published single The Storm.

Lewis Watson.
This is a quick one because all I seem to do is go on about Lewis; a singer who I've backed for years. He actually seems to have had some support from Ed Sheeran himself over the years with tweets back and forth between the pair. If what draws you to Ed is the lyrics, Lewis really is the guy for you! His Lyrics are unbelievable, telling endless stories through his songs and paired with his voice is heaven! With his debut Album being released earlier this year, I expect big things for Lewis' future!

Tracks to Try: Outgrow, Stones around the Sun and Sink Or Swim.

Shawn Mendes.
This is probably to one that most of you re already aware of as Shawn is grew in popularity on Vine and has recently released a four song EP. The way he sings reminds me so much of the was Ed does especially when the tempo increases and turns the singing in to almost a wrap. Shawn's music is perfect and I feel like a bit of failure when I realise he's 16, he same age as me, and he's already got to where he want. He is a really deserving singer singer-writer and has raw talent.
Tracks to try: The Weight, Show You and Life of The Party 

So that's it for this post; please let me know if you'd like to see more of these and if so, who would you like to see me give some related artists for!
Do you know any artists like Ed Sheeran? Or have you heard of any of the artists mentioned?
Hope you're doing great,
I've always been keen to get in the kitchen, cook, bake and come up with my own meal ideas but during term time, I'm always wanting quick food fixes and it's not a first priority to be experimenting in the kitchen. Over the summer, however, not only myself but the rest of the family have been stepping outside our food comfort zones and delving into new recipes. Because of this, some favourites have emerge and I thought I would share some of these with those of you who are big food lovers!

The Hair Dieters Recipe Book.
While I'm not very familiar with the Hairy Bikers and all I know is that they are cooks who have motor bikes. While that is as far as my knowledge goes, my mum and dad are both familiar with the Hairy Bikers and their recipes. When this book came in to my mum's sights online at a ridiculously cheap price, she had to get it and we haven't stopped taking out recipes since. The recipes are all simple and all so adaptable as we've found if we aren't keen on having pork, you can easily swap in chicken and you can take things out and add things in to make it your own. As well as being able to make it your own, some of the recipes don't need changing because they are delicious as they are. As a family, we loved the Moroccon chicken and couscous recipe along with the bacon hot pot. 
It is a recipe book full of dieting options but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some of your favourite recipes as they off alternate recipes for many take away options which they refer to a "Fake aways". The book is packed with amazing recipes and I haven't come across a recipe book that has more than two or three recipes I enjoy apart from this one and I really recommend it!

Onken Strawberry Yoghurt.
Yes, this is just your bog-standard strawberry yoghurt and there isn't some special magic ingredient in it that makes it taste like chocolate but for some reason I prefer this strawberry yogurt a lot more than I have any other. I used to be fussy about yoghurts with bits in but after having this, I haven't complained since. The size of the pot also makes it great to add a spoonful or two to my granola or into my smoothie. One thing I've enjoyed doing is making small yogurt drops which is an easy snack by just making small button size blobs of yoghurt on a baking tray and then just freezing them!

Breville Blend Active.
Speaking of smoothies! I'd been lusting after the Nutri Bullet since I was really getting in to smoothie making and when I saw this blender that Breville had to offer I had to try it as a much cheaper alternative. My and my mum ordered from Teso Direct and with her years of saved club card points and numerous vouchers, instead of costing £29.99, it was just £4! Since getting this I haven't stopped with the smoothie making and after a long walk home from the train station after college, there's nothing nicer and more refreshing then a smoothie. You get two bottles and lids in the set which I think is an amazing offer. I'm so glad I bought this and I've been able to experiment with different recipes and if you want me to share some with you let me know!

Colman's Season & Shake Paprika Chicken.
These season and shake bags are great! They are hassle free and quick to prepare. I've tried a few but the paprika chicken is by far my favourite. Me and my sister would usually cook about three or four chicken breast for each bag. Having some for our tea and then putting the other leftovers in a container(so it doesn't dry out) and into the fridge to then either re warm for another tea or to have cold on a salad which is my favourite thing to do! I'm not sure these are extremely healthy but the chicken is always so delicious!

Sticking to the paprika theme; paprika is one of my favourites. I seem to have an urge to add it to everything! When we were out of the season and shake bags I tried to recreate my own on a griddle pan adding paprika to the top. I had it with brown rice and sugar snap peas and I added paprika to the peas as well as the chicken and it was amazing! Paprika on chicken, paprika on sugar snap peas, paprika on everything! I just love it!

I have so many more food favourites so if you'd like to read about some more, let me know and I'll get on it!
What are some of your food favourites?
Hope you're doing great, 

The morning of the 5th, we were off on to the tube to St Pancras station to catch the Eurostar to France. It was a pain free journey which I spent reading and watching some last episodes I'd downloaded on to my Ipod before we left. It was quick and before we knew it we'd arrived in Bastille where we'd be staying for two nights. We got a taxi to our cheap, very standard hotel where after dumping our bags and freshening up, we headed straight to the French metro to get a train to Paris. After taking, we arrived in Paris and we headed straight to the Eiffel tower which was a two minute walk away. We walked through the park that faced the Eiffel tower passing those intimidating men offering you bracelets and Eiffel Tower key rings which was one aspect of France I've hated every time I've been.
We'd already planned to catch a boat to take us along the river Seine as we thought it would be the best way to see everything in a short space of time. I'd been on one of these before and was hoping for it be open top and great for snapping photo after photo. However, sadly, while we manages to get on to the boat, the seats on the top were full up and so we spent the hour and half of the boat journey stood downstairs trying to get a good view. Once it had finished, we were starting to get hungry so we ended up stopping at a restaurant just down from the metro station. I had lamb and green beans and it was gorgeous! The best thing about France restaurants is that they always just give you bread and if you eat it all, it's no problem they bring more!
We headed back to the hotel after taking the metro where I got ready to bed, watched a film on the laptop and fell asleep. For such a budget hotel with nothing really given to you other than your room, the beds were incredibly comfy!
The next morning we woke up to rain which really set the mood for the rest f the day. We caught the metro again but this time we headed to Sacre Coeur. This along with the Eiffel Tower are the worst places for men trying to stick a bracelet on your hand and making you pay an extortionate amount along with people selling Eiffel Towers again. There was a small place to eat so we went there to have a late breakfast; I thought it was tie I had a nutella and banana crepe! It was still raining but we headed inside Sacre Coeur to have a quick look around. It wasn't like walking round abbeys or cathedral's in Britain which I actually really enjoy; they seemed to be very strict about being very quiet. It kept us out of the rain for a while before we decided to find something else to do. None of us were really in the mood and the weather really didn't help but we headed to Notre Dame to get a closer look. The queue was ridiculous snaking in and out and we weren't that desperate to see inside so we just headed back to the hotel. A few hours of down time and then we headed back out in to Bastille where we were staying to stretch our legs and find somewhere to have tea. I thought I'd go for the very traditional option of Fish & Chips! As you can tell I'm not very adventurous when it comes to foreign cuisines!
France was probably my least favourite place to have visited on this trip and I think the weather payed a big part in that as it really dampened the mood, quite literally. Also having been there numerous times now, I'm starting to get bored of it which is quite sad but having said that I know I'll be going back their on my own once I've scrubbed up on my French to see all the little things I missed!
We headed back to bed because it was an early start to get the train to Switzerland!
Have you been to France? What did you do there?
Hope you're doing great,

I've always been slightly different; just little things that have made me seem abnormal to my other friends. From primary school my friends would laugh about what they saw on Disney channel the night before while I would read or write or draw. While they didn’t say at the time, they knew I was different and it was something they didn't understand. Sometimes, I felt unintentionally left out as they spoke about their interests that they shared which I didn’t seem to share with them because I was different; I collected rubbers for God’s sake! 
Up into and through high school, my friendship group stayed the same even though it grew more obvious that our interests and personalities were very different. I would actually try and fit in and try and do things that they'd do just to feel included. I thought it was weird to be different- feeling like I had to leave a double life by speaking about boys and what new handbag they bought and then going home and reading till the early hours of the morning along with running a secret Tumblr blog. Don’t get me wrong, like any other girl, I love a gossip and to talk about boys but it wasn’t what I loved to talk about. I could have spoken for hours about the book I finished the night before and what music I love.
Half way through school, I gave up hiding and was myself because who cares if you’re different? It’s better than being a copy of every other person on this planet. I would start to read on the bus to and from school not giving two hoots about the girls laughing and looking down their noses on the other side of the bus. I wore Dr.Martens every day and I wore band t-shirts and flannel pull overs on own closed day showing I was proud of my music taste. It was at this point that I didn't actually realise I was changing and becoming different it was only when one of my closest friends told me when she stayed
“You have little quirks” she started, “Things me and the others notice that I don’t think you realise you do but you’re different to us; you can act how you want to and be different and it’s good. We like that your different, it makes things interesting”
It was at that point that while I realised, I was different to my friends, they were still my friends and they didn't care if I read my book in form sometimes or got really excited when I would tell them I was going to watch a band that they’d never heard of because they were glad I could be myself.
It was at that point I felt they accept my differences and we were still friends. Some people did leave; we were to different and had very little in common but sometimes it's good for people to leave so you can fill that space with someone more like you and some one who loves the things you do.While you lose some, you gain some and while I felt different, there was others who shared the same interests as me and it was great when I started to find people who were just like me and I didn't have to hide who I was anymore.
So what I’m trying to say is don’t be afraid to be different; different is good; different is the best. Being yourself is the best thing you can be because if something happens, you can think at least I was myself! If anyone questions why you’d do something because it may seem a little abnormal, they aren't someone you need in your life because being different and being able to be yourself is an amazing feeling and you shouldn't hide your differences.
Try not to care what others think and just be yourself!
Let me know if there's any topics similar to this that you'd like me to talk about!
Hope you're doing great,

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As well as being obsessed with reading, music, the internet etc. I am a big TV watcher whether that's online or actually on a TV screen which people don't do much nowadays. I thought I'd write this quick post with some TV recommendations that I've been loving recently!

The 100
This is an American TV series that has started to be aired on to E4 on Mondays and I'm obsessed!Set in the future, it's about how there was a nuclear apocalypse just under 100 years previously forcing those to survive to live on a spaceship. However, resources start to become in short supply along with air to breath so they send 100 teens who were put in prison (some for crimes, others for just being born) down to Earth to see after 97 years if it was now survivable. They of course face many obstacles on the way and it's full of action and drama. It's very dystopian and so right up my street and is one I really recommend watching from the start. I also hoped it was a book and it was so I had to pick that up so respect a review soon and even a comparison?

Soaps are hard to persuade people to get into because it's not like you can watch it from the start (unless you don't want a life for a few years) but I will say that the story lines at the moment are really good and I can't wait to watch it on channel 4 at 6:30 and the episode for the day after early on E4 at 7 o'clock. One of my favourite story lines has involved a young boy, Finn, raping his teacher Joh Paul. Writing this, it sounds a bit far fetched but they make it look so real ad believable. There recent story of domestic abuse between Maxine and Patrick is one that has actually helped people in domestic relationships build up the courage to leave. Also if you want to nice eye candy for half an hour, the Roscoe family are very nice to look at!

Made In Chelsea: NYC
I've watched MIC from the start and I can't help but become addicted. This series, they decided to take it out of Chelsea,London and move to Chelsea, New York. So far so good; Made In Chelsea is one I wait to come back on to my screen. While, of course, most of it is staged, a lot of it reality and the relationships shown on screen are real. It has to be my favourite reality TV Show.

Mock The Week, 8 out of 10 Cats do Countdown and Virtually Famous.
I love a good comedy panel show. My favourite has to be Mock The Week for the comedy aspect the "scenes we'd like to see" part of the show always has me in a fit of giggles and I'm always watching old episodes online.
8 out of 10 cats does countdown,hosted by Jimmy Carr, is also hilarious but just not as much. It takes a show, usually boring, and jazzes it up and makes it one of the funniest things to watch on E4.
Lastly, Virtually Famous is a new show that has nearly finished it's first series. It takes internet videos and incorporates them in to the show and being a big YouTube watcher this show is my kind of thing! It's funny seeing people I know on there (not personally of course) like Sam Pepper. One of the team captains has to be one of my favourite humans and that's radio 1 DJ Chris Stark who has me laughing to myself when he's on the radio and even more on the panel show along side glee star Kevin Mchale and comedian Sean Walsh.

The Great British Bake Off
How could I not mention it! It's been an obsession of mine for years and I look forward for it to be aired at the end of every summer. I get too into it as well; I (along with many) was fuming at the departure of Iain last week after Diana took out his ice cream from the freezer and just left it on the side! Mel and Sue are also hilarious and the show wouldn't be complete without them. You really don't need to like baking to enjoy the Bake Off every Wednesday on BBC1.

So there's are just some of my current TV Obsessions and I know they'll be some new additions in the next month or two with a new series called Glue on E4 along with the return of one of my favourite shows ever:Bones!
What have you been watching and enjoying recently?
Hope you're doing great,

It's the time that many dread; it's back to school time. For me, I start college tomorrow with an induction day where only first years are in the college; it's just a day where we sort out timetables and meet people and the hard work starts officially on Wednesday. I'm not as prepared as I feel I should be with only purchasing a few new notebooks and the books for my English Course. Now I'm in college, I think I'll be wearing make up as I hardly ever wore any in High School so I thought I'd share with you what I think I'll be wearing on my face during college and it might give you a few ideas.

I start with my L'oreal Blur Cream to act as a primer so my make up will hopefully act a little longer than usual.
I want something quick and fast because as I value every extra minute I can get in bed in the mornings. I would probably just grab for my Body Shop BB Cream which I think is a great option for those of you who are younger and maybe still in high school. I'm going in to college with not the best skin condition so I want something with a little more coverage but isn't full coverage and I can buff in quickly so I think I'll be opting for Rimmel Match Perfection in 010 Light Porcelain. This is a new purchase and was only £5 in Boots on offer and the shade is great for my pale skin! I still need concealer so it's my usual 17 Stay Time Concealer for under my eyes and on any blemishes. 
Let's get all the cream products out of the way first! I want a natural flush of colour; nothing to obvious because I'm not a massive blush fan so I think the NYC Stick Blush is great for college. I blend that in with a stippling brush before going in with my L'oreal Glam Bronze to bronze up my face in the usual areas. To set everything in place, I use my current favorite powder which is the NYC Smooth Skin Powder.
Eyebrows is the usual with a matte brown eye shadow for a natural look. I'm looking for a new eye brow kit or matte brown eye shadow so I'd love to know what you recommend! 
I don't think I have time for eye shadow so I just line my waterline with the Rimmel Kohl Liner in Nude.
Mascara is always personal preference I think and, for me, if I'm wearing make up all day, I can't deal with a heavy mascara that I am aware is there which is something I find with volumising mascaras so I decide to go for a subtle, lengthening mascara; Collection Longer Lash Mascara.
Lastly the lips; I don't want anything fussy and for most days a lip balm will do but on the odd occasion I fancy changing it up, I think I'll be reaching for my Revlon Lip Butter as I thin a lip gloss would be great for college but, if you know, you'd know I'm not a big fan of lip glosses so the lip butter is great for me and it moisturises, it's easy to apply and it gives my lips a similar look to that of a lip gloss just not the sticky texture I'm not a fan of.
Will you be wearing make up to college or school?
Hope you're doing great,