I've Changed My Mind.

25 Sep 2014

I can be such an indecisive person and when it comes beauty products it's no different; having to come to a decision on a review as to whether I will carry on using a product or not is a hard decision to make and so my final verdict can change and so after looking back at some past reviews and posts, I've found my opinion to differ from what it was before so I thought in today's post I would right some wrongs and wrong some rights.

Let's start with a big apology to the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot. From my review I wrote here, I seem to have really slated the powder and my face is scrunching up as I write in embarrassment that I was so harsh about the powder. I think the fact it had a higher price tag than what I am used to paying, did sway my judgement and caused to me be a little more critical of the Powder. In the post I wrote that this powder is cakey and sticks to my dry patches which I do still stick to as if my foundation doesn't go on smoothly, neither will my powder. However, I will disagree with myself when I say it doesn't last a long time as, while I don't top it up during a typical day at college, it lasts just as long as any other powder. While I probably still won't be buying this powder again, I will carry on using it because it still works well at keeping my make up in place.

A product raved about in the blogging world is the beloved Tangle Teezer. I, along with many others, had(or have) a huge obsession with the Tangle Teezer. When I first bought it, I remember thinking that there's no going back to a normal brush, this is great. While it was at the start, now I find it really doesn't work with my hair. As the name suggests, it should teeze your tangles and help de-knot your hair but for me it no longer lives up to this as instead of getting into my tangles, it just brushes over them and bends the plastic bristles around it. I would left thinking that my hair is not free until I run my hand through my hair and a knot is still there. At the moment, I'm still using my Tangle Teezer but I don't think I will be for long.

Another one for a disappointing change of events has to be the Clean & Clear Cleanser. I have mentioned this cleanser quite a lot-saying that the cleanser, along with the moisturiser and spot treatment, helped my skin a lot when I went through my acne phase.So a few years after using it for the first time and the amazing results it gave, when my spots started to get a little out of control, I thought this would be a fail safe product to fall back on and I was wrong. While it didn't cause any more breakouts then I usually would get, it didn't help my skin in any way as much as it had in the past so I was disappointed when this didn't work as well. Whether it's because my skins matured r the formula has changed, it just wasn't working for me any more.

We started with a positive so let's end with a positive and that is my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. If you read my full review of this product, you may have picked up how indecisive I was about this products. Even though I did write that if I can't find a better BB Cream, then I'll just pick another of these, I still hadn't convinced myself. But as my tube runs low, I realise how much I will miss the option of wearing this product as I've now come to the conclusion that it's a great BB Cream; if I ever can't find a better BB Cream, I'll be heading back to the Maybelline section and picking another up. For a BB Cream, it's such good coverage and while the shade range doesn't go as light as I would like it to, with a good blend down the neck, it's all fine!

So that's all let me know if you enjoyed this post!
What are some products that you misjudged?
Hope you're doing great,

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