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4 Sep 2014

As well as being obsessed with reading, music, the internet etc. I am a big TV watcher whether that's online or actually on a TV screen which people don't do much nowadays. I thought I'd write this quick post with some TV recommendations that I've been loving recently!

The 100
This is an American TV series that has started to be aired on to E4 on Mondays and I'm obsessed!Set in the future, it's about how there was a nuclear apocalypse just under 100 years previously forcing those to survive to live on a spaceship. However, resources start to become in short supply along with air to breath so they send 100 teens who were put in prison (some for crimes, others for just being born) down to Earth to see after 97 years if it was now survivable. They of course face many obstacles on the way and it's full of action and drama. It's very dystopian and so right up my street and is one I really recommend watching from the start. I also hoped it was a book and it was so I had to pick that up so respect a review soon and even a comparison?

Soaps are hard to persuade people to get into because it's not like you can watch it from the start (unless you don't want a life for a few years) but I will say that the story lines at the moment are really good and I can't wait to watch it on channel 4 at 6:30 and the episode for the day after early on E4 at 7 o'clock. One of my favourite story lines has involved a young boy, Finn, raping his teacher Joh Paul. Writing this, it sounds a bit far fetched but they make it look so real ad believable. There recent story of domestic abuse between Maxine and Patrick is one that has actually helped people in domestic relationships build up the courage to leave. Also if you want to nice eye candy for half an hour, the Roscoe family are very nice to look at!

Made In Chelsea: NYC
I've watched MIC from the start and I can't help but become addicted. This series, they decided to take it out of Chelsea,London and move to Chelsea, New York. So far so good; Made In Chelsea is one I wait to come back on to my screen. While, of course, most of it is staged, a lot of it reality and the relationships shown on screen are real. It has to be my favourite reality TV Show.

Mock The Week, 8 out of 10 Cats do Countdown and Virtually Famous.
I love a good comedy panel show. My favourite has to be Mock The Week for the comedy aspect the "scenes we'd like to see" part of the show always has me in a fit of giggles and I'm always watching old episodes online.
8 out of 10 cats does countdown,hosted by Jimmy Carr, is also hilarious but just not as much. It takes a show, usually boring, and jazzes it up and makes it one of the funniest things to watch on E4.
Lastly, Virtually Famous is a new show that has nearly finished it's first series. It takes internet videos and incorporates them in to the show and being a big YouTube watcher this show is my kind of thing! It's funny seeing people I know on there (not personally of course) like Sam Pepper. One of the team captains has to be one of my favourite humans and that's radio 1 DJ Chris Stark who has me laughing to myself when he's on the radio and even more on the panel show along side glee star Kevin Mchale and comedian Sean Walsh.

The Great British Bake Off
How could I not mention it! It's been an obsession of mine for years and I look forward for it to be aired at the end of every summer. I get too into it as well; I (along with many) was fuming at the departure of Iain last week after Diana took out his ice cream from the freezer and just left it on the side! Mel and Sue are also hilarious and the show wouldn't be complete without them. You really don't need to like baking to enjoy the Bake Off every Wednesday on BBC1.

So there's are just some of my current TV Obsessions and I know they'll be some new additions in the next month or two with a new series called Glue on E4 along with the return of one of my favourite shows ever:Bones!
What have you been watching and enjoying recently?
Hope you're doing great,

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