I seem to have become the queen of blogging breaks. While most of these breaks are never intentional and are mostly due to life being life and getting in the way, after each break, I always come back ready to get creating content again. I'm definitely an advocate for not over-doing it with blogging and to regularly take a step back and enjoy everything else. So, today I thought I would share with you some of the benefits I think there are to taking a break from blogging every once in a while.


While blogging is always fun, you can definitely start to feel pressured to post regularly. When you start to run out of ideas or energy to blog, it can cause you to fall out of love with it all and, honestly, the reader can tell. By giving yourself some time to forget about the blogging world, it can really help you to relax. There is probably other stresses going on in your life such as work or uni and so putting blogging on the back burner can help you focus your attention on those which will benefit you in the long run. 


Blogging without a break can really cause you start resenting your blog but, when taking a break, I always realise how much I miss it. Putting my energy into sharing something I love is something I don't think I could get tired of. It's nice to have some time to go back and look at old posts, laugh at your terrible grammar and photography skills and also enjoy seeing how much content you have created. It's such a great motivator for making me want to continue writing more. 


This is a big one for me as well. Looking back at the content I've created and deciding which parts I love to write, which bits not so much as well as what the people reading also seem to love. It gives me some direction as to where to head with blogging when I start back up again. The break really gets me ready and excited to start writing new content that I may have not tried before. 


Now this is the fun part. You come back to blogging and now is the time to switch things up if you fancy. For me, I love being able to come back and offer something new. While taking a break, it doesn't mean I've stopped thinking of ideas and now I'm excited to share them with everyone. I find that my best ideas come to me when I'm not expecting them. Still keeping track of any blog ideas is always helpful when it comes to writing content again. It can actually lead me to posting even more than I did before as I've stopped forcing myself for writing for the sake of it but now writing about new things that I'm so excited to share. 

So if you're a blogger reading this and having the realisation it's been a while since you last took a break from your blog, maybe take this as a reminder that you deserve some time off. Not only this but taking a break really does have its benefits. 

When was the last time you took a break from blogging? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

Here's a few beauty items I've been loving recently and I think you will too. 


This product was kindly gifted to me by an old friend who has created her own range of products aimed at targeting redness and dry skin as it was something she struggled with throughout high school. I was so excited to give her products a go as they use all-natural ingredients as well as being cruelty free. I love all the products in the range but especially the hand cream. It's got such a fresh lemon scent and it leaves my hands feeling lovely and moisturised. I've actually also been applying it to eczema patches on the tops of my arms and I've really felt a difference so it definitely goes beyond just being your average hand cream. If you're someone who has dry hands and redness or knows someone who does, they do gift sets with all the essentials which make a perfect Christmas addition. You can visit her website here


This was actually the result of falling for some Instagram advertising but I'm so glad I discovered this brand. It's a monthly razor subscription where, each month, you receive a new set of razor heads so that you're constantly stocked up. Not only is it super efficient and easy to sign up, but the razor heads along with the rose gold handle I chose, are a real treat. This is probably my favourite razor I've used as it really glides along the skin and, since using it, I have had no sign of cutting while shaving or in-grown hairs. What is also great is how easy it is to cancel, postpone a month if you're stocked up or switch your razors for one of the beauty products they offer. I already have their pre-shave scrub and post-shave balm and I love them all. This is a subscription that I think is really worth it and I think I'll be using it for the foreseeable future. 


While, sadly, there has been the news of The Ordinary and Deciem shutting down, there is still The Ordinary products floating around the online retailers. If there's one thing I'd try your best to get your hands on it is this Glycolic Acid Toner that I previously mentioned in my EVENING SKINCARE ROUTINE. It's been great at keeping spots at bay as well as helping with any hyper pigmentation or texture-issues I've been having. I'm already half way through my bottle so I'll definitely be trying to pick up another bottle before they all sell out. 


I have had a long loving relationship with the Barry M Gelly Shine nail varnishes and I thought it's time to reiterate my love for them. After picking up one of the shades for my friend for her birthday to only borrow it off so many times we've collectively nearly finished the bottle in a month, I thought it was time to pick up my own. The shade we both loved is called "Nutmeg" and it's the perfect muted pink-nude which is great all year round for an everyday nail. When picking this up I couldn't help but also fall for the shade "Rhubarb" which is a gorgeous autumnal colour that I was definitely missing. Another new favourite is their "Ginger" which is more of a rust colour which is another great one for autumn/winter. The formula is just amazing and is pretty long wearing with, as the name suggests, a great shine. As an extra bonus that I've also recently discovered is that they are also vegan!


If you saw my previous "10 WAYS TO CUT DOWN WASTE", while I've always been careful about the waster I create, I am making even more of a conscious effort. One thing I love about this faith deodorant is the idea of the packaging; instead of wasting the whole deodorant container you can buy refills of the roll on to help cut down waste just that little more. While it's not the most effective and strong deodorant, if you just need a little protection it's a great one to try; with all natural ingredients and scents, it's definitely worth a go. 

So there's a little about some of the products I've been loving lately. Have you got any recommendations for me to try this month? 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

Products marked * have been kindly gifted to me. However all opinions remain my own. 
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