You can tell it's half term because you're being treated to two posts this week!
We've all been there; rolled in from a late night out absolutely shattered and no motivation to perform your night time ritual and all you want to do is to be asleep in your comfy pyjamas in your warm bed as soon as possible. So I've come up with a quick 5 step process for you to be ready to hit the sack as they say!
(Taken from Megan's festival themed party 27/10/2013)

Step 1. Remove that make-up! I would normally use my Micellar Solution but to quicken things up I'd just use make-up removing wipes and I find these Boots own work just as well as any others!
Step 2. Cleanse! If you feel you're too tired enough to do this or your wipes have cleansed your face enough then you can skip this step! I've included three different cleansers for different skins. If you have oily skin I would suggest the Clean & Clear Blackhead clearing cleanser as it is oil free. For those sensitive skinned people the Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion is the one for you! If you want to maybe go that extra step into toning, I'd suggest this Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing and Toning Lotion.

Step 3. Moisturise! Because you're not doing an intense night routine, I wouldn't suggest using a heavy moisturiser so I'd recommend this Simple Hydrating Moisturiser.

Step 4. Tie up that hair! For me I would tie it straight up in any old bun without even brushing it but if you've used hair spray, it's probably in your own interest to brush it out that night because you'll be having a fighting match with it in the morning!

Step 5. PJs and bed! The step we;ve all been waiting for so we can fall asleep after a long and eventful night.

I hope you liked this post and let me know what you do on an everyday night or after a late night and if it's any different! 
Hope you're ok,x

I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago that it was probably best for me not to do any Halloween inspired posts seeing as I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween and have only been trick or treating once in my life. However, yesterday as I was looking at my collection of eye shadows that I've hardly ever used, I was wondering what I could create out of all the shimmery eye shadows that I would never wear normally;then I had that light bulb moment to create a last minute Halloween look in the style of a Greek Goddess. This is a very simple look and will be easy to recreate.

I thought we'd start with my favorite part of this look! I applied my normal foundation, concealer and powder for my base so you can use whatever you would normally use for these. I then moved onto eyes where I used my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold and ,using my finger, I sweeped that across the entire lid. I then took My Avon Colourtrend eye shadow,which I've for a number of years and never used, on top of that- again, across the entire lid. I then took My MUA Undressed palette (as always) and selected the two bronze colours (6 and 7). Mixing those together, I applied them to the crease to create a little bit of dimension. Then taking my Barry M Dazzle Dust, I used this as an intense inner corner highlight and  took it onto the the inner third of my lid. Finally I applied this model's own glitter that I got free from the Clothes Show last year and applied that on top of the whole eye look. So, that is quite a lot of eye products but it's worth it to get a great Goddess look! You also get a lot of fall down but I actually feel it adds to the look. You can then finish of with Mascara and Eyeliner of your preference.

(Sorry for the blurriness of this picture!)
Now onto the rest of the face! I look my Sleek bronzer from my face form palette and applied that to anywhere that the sun would normally hit. I then took this VIVO baked bronzer- which is a great dupe for the MAC Mineralized skin finish in Soft and Gentle- which is really cheap and available at Tesco. I applied this to anywhere that I had bronzed so like the tops of my cheek bones, my temples and down the nose. I guess it doesn't matter how much you use because it is a Halloween costume but you definitely don't want to look like a disco ball! If you want to go that step further, you could use something like the Model' Own glitter I used on my eyes and apply that to places where you applied the highlighter.
I have few suggestions for lips as it depends how 'full out' you want to go. If you want to be in full Goddess mode I would take the Maybelline Colour Tattoo as used before and apply this to your lips (make sure you've applied a lip balm before this) and then taking the Model's Own glitter, placing this all over the lips aswell. If  you want a much more subtle look I'd suggest either a nude like MAC's Creme Cup or a brown toned lipstick like the Kate Moss Lipstick in #19.

For hair, you could be very imaginative with this by making a DIYed head crown or even adding gold wash out dye but seeing as this is a last minute idea, I simply went for a middle parting where I took a section of hair from the front on each side and doing a simple plait and clipping them both to the back on each side.


The outfit is fairly simple also. All you need to do is dig out a white dress and sandals that you might of worn last summer and a load of gold jewelry. For jewelry, I'd definitely suggest an arm cuff because I think they work well for this look!
I also found these really cute arrow earrings from a Primark set that I thought would be perfect for this look!

And now we're finished: you're last minute Halloween costume is complete! What are you going as for
Halloween? x

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P.S I apologise for not posting as regularly as I should as I've seem to have Bloggers block but I have a few great ideas that, as it's now half term, I will be writing up and scheduling so I don't miss too many weeks out!
This is probably the wrong time of year all together as this playlist seemed to turn into a very summery playlist but maybe if you're still distraught that summer is over than this is perfect for you. I still decided to still post this playlist as in my playlist book it was named 'Be Happy' and I feel these are all songs that you can pull out the worst of your dance moves or just move your head side to side while you do some school work.
I Hope you enjoy this playlist, do you have any playlist suggestions?x

So, this is the second book I've read by Annabel Pitcher- following on from the book Ketchup Clouds which I thoroughly enjoyed. A bit on the background: It takes place five years after bombs went off over London killing 62 people, one of which was Rose who had a twin sister Jasmine and a younger brother Jamie.  Rose’s death has a tremendous effect on all the family, and both parents deal with their anguish in their own way. Jamie’s father turns to drink, whilst his mother turns to another man, and abandons both her surviving children and so the remaining family relocate from over populated London to a sparse area in Grasmere, the lake district.
Ten Year old Jamie is the narrative voice to the book and you watch him start a new school in a new area of England with his cat Roger seeming to be his only friend and try to get his mum back.
The Whole idea of the book was so simple and seemed so different from Ketchup Clouds. Overall, I enjoyed the book and how it covered issues of racism with care but also found humour in it-stopping it from getting too serious.
One Negative to this book is the look of it as, yes Roger the cat does play a part in this story, but I don't think enough to base the packaging a lot around him including cat prints along the pages on the book. I can't really complain too much though because I love books with little touches like that.

I do prefer Ketchup Clouds over this and I don't think it's one of my favourite books that I've read and, sadly, I feel it will become a forgotten book in my collection. However, this is just my opinion so why don't you read it for yourself and make up your own mind!
If you're wanting a quick simple read this is perfect but if you have read this and are looking for a book similar I would suggest Wonder by R.J Palacio as I feel there are very similar, both tackling the issue of being a member of a new school. But I'd definitely recommend reading Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher.
I am so sorry that this post is very short! I seem to have bloggers block and couldn't think of anything else to post but didn't want to leave with you anything this weekend! 
For music to listen to while you're reading, check out my reading playlist! 
Hope you're ok this weekend, x

I don't tend to do favourite posts because I'd like to know a product definitely works before I share it with you so that's why this is only the second 'Currently Loving' post but I hope you enjoy it all the same and I'm going to get straight into it!( Prepare for a lot of '!' because I just get excited about these things!)
Sinful Colours Nail Varnish #300 'Easy Going'- I mentioned this in my last haul and how I bought it really at the wrong time of the year but that hasn't stopped me wearing it non stop and absolutely loving it! This is 1 of 2 sinful colours nail varnishes I have and I can tell it will be one of many. The formula is amazing and, even though it doesn't have 'fast dry' plastered all of the packaging, it drys so fast and is a definite on-the-go nail varnish; two coats and you're done! 
Maybelline Baby Lips 'Cherry Me'- Another product that I mentioned in my last haul but another product I absolutely love! I didn't want to admit my love to this lip balm because I love my Palma's lip balm but the fact this has a slight colour pay off gives it the edge! I also mentioned this is on of Autumn posts and it's definitely a nice subtle red for autumn so unlike the nail varnish it does fit in with the season!
Simple hydrating Light Moisturiser- I've never been someone to venture much on the moisturising side of things and just had a few that I used. I'd use a Nivea soft moisturiser that came in a pot which I found over time went greasy and was also very heavy for a day moisturiser. I also had the Garnier fast drying moisturiser that started off well but I find now I have to apply it at least twice for any kind of moisturising to actually happen. I find this moisturiser is the perfect balance between the two and is fine for wearing during the day as well as applying before I go to bed.
Good Things Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser- I have always loved this product as no matter how many times I've used it, it gives the best results and my skin feels so much softer after! I would use this once a week normally even though the packaging says everyday. However, recently I've seen to become addicted to the softness of my skin this gives and been using this every day. All I can say is this works and I really recommend this! This is the first of the 'Good Things' products I have and I was attracted by the smell so if you don't want to buy it at least go and give it a smell because it is gorgeous!
John Corey Whaley 'Where Things Come Back'- So I love to include a music and book favourite and at the moment I've been loving Where Things Come Back. I read it for the second time recently and I love it and it is definitely my favourite book! The plot line is so well thought out and so amazing! I feel like I should do a full book review on this book so I'll look into doing that of course! I've never seen this book in shops and I found out about it through a girl on Instagram and this book really does deserve more recognition and I feel it's my duty to preach my love of this book to you!
Lewis Watson 'Four More Songs'- Lewis Watson will always remain one of my favourite singers. Not being as well known as most people makes it easier for me to follow his music but also gives me the chance to introduce you to a new and amazing singer. I wrote a post about his concert that I went to a few months back and my love has still not ended. This is the fourth EP he has made and there is a new one on the way. I can't really give you a favourite song of his or one off this EP because his songs just get better and better and all I can say is go listen to him!

What have you been loving this month? Let me know if you want a full review of any of these or if you have any recommendations of products or posts I should make I'd love to hear! Hope you're having a good day, x

When it comes to autumn, I can't stop eating anything apple flavored whether it's with cinnamon or raisins; so for breakfast I will head in the direction of apple flavors.

For Breakfast at the moment, I would head towards this Sainsbury's own 'Red Apple & Raisin Granola' and with this I'd just add a scoop or two of natural yogurt. Sainsbury's also do a 'Apple & Cinnamon Crunch' which is very much a cluster cereal that I would normally have but I've been liking this granola for the moment. If I was in a rush out or just looking for a snack I would have one the 'Alpen Light Apple & Sultana breakfast bars'. These are very small and last about two seconds but they do fill me up to keep me going and at only 70 calories, how can you go wrong? 

This is only a short post but I thought I would include a really quick and easy recipe for you to maybe try. This is actually a Tesco recipe that my mum discovered many years ago and there are so delicious I feel I should share the recipe for these 'Apple & Cinnamon Pastry Tarts' with you!

What you will need:

  • Puff Pastry (feel free to make this yourself!)
  • A Cooking apple
  • Lemon or readily bought lemon juice
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter 
  • Caster Sugar 

How To Make:

  1. Preheat the oven to 220°C or gas mark 7. Finely slice the apple halves into equal sizes and then gently toss them in a bowl along with your lemon juice; this will stop the apple from going brown.
  2. Cut out 4 puff pastry circles and place on a baking tray and arrange the slices of apple in a circle, slightly overlapping.
  3. Melt a small amount for butter and use this to brush over the apples and pastry. Now, add a generous amount of cinnamon and place in the over for 15-18 minutes.
  4. Once removed, dust the tarts with some caster sugar and voila! These are nice served with custard or ice cream and even nice cold!

Hope you enjoyed this food post! What do you like to eat during Autumn? x

So I've been through all stages of buying this month from make-up to clothes to skincare to books; so ,I thought I would would share what i'd bought with you because it would be rude not to!
 Maybelline Baby Lips 'Cherry Me' £2.99 - I've been wanting to buy one of the baby lips for ages and when I planned on doing a post including this lip balm, I thought I better go out and buy it! Cherry has to be one of my favourite scents and having it wafting under my nose all day long is heaven! It is such a moisturising lip balm and I love that it has a slight colour pay off. Obviously, being a lip balm, it doesn't have an amazing pigmentation to it but it is just a very subtle colour that is just nice to carry around in your handbag.
Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick #13 'Vintage Rose' £2.99- This was definitely an impulse buy as the only reason I got it was because of the pretty name and didn't pay too much attention to the colour as I soon found out it was a dupe for the Kate Moss Lipstick in #19 which I also known. However, it is a good lipstick especially for the cheap price it was so when my Kate Moss lipstick runs out, I have this back up!
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'On and On Bronze'- When I bought the eternal gold colour tattoo, I thought it would be the best colour for me because it was the most subtle but I decided to get the bronze colour that everyone seems to have and I'm so glad that I have. They are so creamy and so quick and easy to work with! I think I'll be next investing in the colour in 'Eternal Pink' or 'Pomegranate' 
NYC Quattro Eye Shadow #815 'Best Of Broadway' £2.99- It's weird how I would always spend hours in superdrug finding a cheap but good eye shadow palette that gives you an amazing eye look and I've never found myself looking at NYC but this day it just court my eye and I fell in love with the shimmery slightly purple/brown and I had to buy it! Overall, this products in all ways- as an eye look all together and the colours separately aswell
Sinful Colours Nail Varnish 'Hazard' & 'Easy Going' £1.99- So, it's now autumn so of course I decided to buy some summery coloured nail varnishes! When I saw these in boots I had to investigated because I'd been wanting to try these nail varnishes out for ages but I'd never found the right colours for me because a lot of them are slight sparkly and that isn't the kind of thing I like. But, when I saw these colours I fell in love because I'd been looking for an coral coloured nail varnish for ages and this was perfect for me! I also loved the pale pink 'Easy Going' and it reminded me alot of Essie's Fiji so of course I bought them for the bargain that they were!
'Everyday' by David Levithan £5.75- When me and my mum took a trip into Waterstones, my decided to treat me to these books because she's realised how stressed I've been getting with school and I need something to do when I'm not get annoyed at the amount of work I had. This book definitely caught my eye with the fluorescent orange cover. The book is about a person who is neither a boy nor girl or has a name but each day they wake up in another person's body and spends the day as that person. They'd spent their life getting on with what they had to do until they fell in love and things started to change. I'm in the midst of reading this book and I'll definitely review it after.
'My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece' by Annabel Pitcher £6.99- Annabel Pitcher is the same author who wrote 'ketchup clouds' which I loved so I was eager to read this book! It's about the aftermath of an accident that occurred. The blurb doesn't give much away but it's supposed to be a great book so we'll have see!

Neutrogena 'Pore and shine' Daily face wash £4.49- I have nearly run out of my amazing 'Good Things' face wash so I decided to branch out a little. After loving a few of their products in the past, I thought I would try this face wash by neutrogena which claims to unclog pores and reduce shine. I mainly bought this for the pore aspect to it as I don't suffer with oily/ shiny skin. This leaves my skin leaving nice and soft after a few minutes with it briefly leaving my skin tight but once applying moisturizer it is fine. I haven't used it long enough to see an accumulate difference but I'll just have to give it chance!


Primark Shirt £8- My friend was having a festival themes party and I needed a new shirt for the occasion so I headed straight to Primark where I found this beauty! I never have much look with Primark clothes and finding hidden gems like this so I was over the moon when I found this!

 Urban Outfitters Pinafore Dress £48- When I saw this on Zoella's latest video I had to have it! I feel it's the perfect piece for Autumn and to layer with a white tee and a cardigan and so much more! When it came I wasn't completely sure about it but over the few days I've had it, I've grown to love it and I can't wait to layer this up all through autumn. 
Urban Outfitters Globe Watch £26 - I've recently had this weird obsession with things with maps on it so when I was in need of a watch an saw this, it was love at first sight! I also feel this is a really good price for a watch especially an Urban Outfitters one!

Hope you enjoyed this haul! What have you bought recently? x

Every year, Mum, Dad and I host a Macmillan coffee morning at our house and they happen all over the country on the same day which is why it is known as 'The world's biggest coffee morning' and this year it was 27th Sept. Unfortunately, we weren't able to have our coffee morning on that date but we aren't ones to break the tradition of the annual coffee morning so we decided to have it this Saturday- today.
If you didn't already known, Macmillan is cancer supporting charity and raises money for cancer patients to be provided with a paid Macmillan nurse who they can talk to about any queries and help them through the tough time they face and all this for one person just costs £100.  The idea of a coffee morning is so simple and so effective to do just a little bit for such an amazing cause and all you have to do is make a few cakes and boil the kettle and just invite some friends!

If you're interested in hosting your own coffee morning next year, you can get a free pack which comes with invites, balloons, bunting ,cake cases- all for free! have a look on there website here.

hope you enjoyed this little post, I really want to tell you about this and I'll be posting the full total soon so come back and check if you'd like to know! x

Autumn is my favourite for absolutely everything! the only thing missing to make this season perfect is Christmas but you can't have everything! For this post I'm going to focus on my favourite products and style of make-up I like to use in Autumn.

I contour my cheeks all year round but there is something about using it autumn that I prefer!
For product suggestions on contouring bronzers, I'd try either the Sleek Face form kit, Contour kit or maybe the Bourjois chocolate bronzer.
I seem to be all about the brown eyes in autumn and I tend to head towards my MUA Undressed palette aswell as the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'On and On Bronze'. Any of the Naked palettes would also be perfect for Autumn! Going along with the brown eye style, if I'm wanting to add a little bit of eyeliner I would prefer to use a brown eyeliner rather than a black but I would still keep with a black mascara and at the moment I've been using the Rimmel Scandal Retro Glam Mascara.
The most dramatic change to my Autumn make-up is definitely the Lips and I feel Autumn lip colours are fabulous. During all other seasons I would love to put on that deep red lipstick but feel it's a little too daring. But when it comes to Autumn there's no stopping me!

Starting from the left we have a dark berry colour from the 17 available at boots in the shade Rich. This is darkest colour I have and is my absolute favourite lipstick! Another berry colour I would suggest is the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in Galaxy for more of a purple berry colour.
The next colour along is the Avon lipstick in Rouge; I only have this in a sample size but it's the perfect size for a handbag. The colour pay off is not the best but the overall colour and look of the lipstick is great!
The next two are very similar starting with the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in #19. This is my favourite lip colour all year round and is great if your one who loves a nude lip but wants something a little autumnal. It's the same with the next one which is from Collection in the #13 Vintage Rose. This is slightly bit lighter than the Rimmel one. It was definitely an impulse buy as the only thing, apart from the colour, that attracted me to it was the name;like seriously,how pretty is the name!
Lastly is the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Cherry Me. Being a lip balm, the pigmentation is hardly anything but if you aren't very daring or suffer from dry lips, this would be fabulous for you as it is such a moisturising and has the most amazing cherry scent to it.
I hope you enjoy this first installment in my small Autumn series. Hope you're having a good day! x