When this post goes live, I will be in China. I can't tell you how it's going because, well, I'm not really there yet! However, I thought I would still keep my blog updating and so thought I'd share with you the toiletries I took with me baring in mind I could only take hand luggage so had to deal with restrictions. This might be useful or anyone wanting to pack light or to just take hand luggage.


I keep this a simple as I can by decanting my favourite shampoo at the moment which is the Elvive Nutri-gloss shampoo for oily prone hair. I feel this gives my hair a little extra time before it goes greasy. Conditioner, I'm not fussy with and so I just picked up the Pantene Prov Conditioner for Sleek & Straight hair; I've used this in the past and it's done the job. The John Freda Frizz Ease Serum has become a staple in my hair care for over a year now and I really do think it's helped tame fly aways and baby hairs and last year in the humid weather on holiday, it helped it from going out of control and turning into Monica in Barbados(see reference photo here) and I think it will come in pretty handy in China. You only need a few pumps each time you wash your hair so pumping some into a small pot should be enough to last me. The only other thing I'll be taking is a mini Batiste Dry Shampoo; it's the only dry shampoo I ever use and will be great for those in between wash days and when it just needs a freshen. With my tangle teezer, hair band, bobbles and a few bobby pins that's all!


This is where I admit that I have no intention in taking make up remover in the form of micellar water or oil like I'm sure we'd all prefer and my skin would probably too but, due to the restrictions, I think I can last for ten days with make up removing wipes and so I opted for the Yes To Cucumber Wipes which I've used once before and found them to be really soothing and not harsh on my skin so I think they'll be great and, being in a pack of ten, it's the perfect size to take with me. For cleanser, I have decided to take another new favourite which is the Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash which has been really nice on my skin and so I've put some into a liquid bottle to take with me.
Especially when I'm abroad, my skin tends to dry and so moisturiser is crucial so I'm definitely taking my Garnier Moisture Nourish for normal to dry skin. This perfect for under the make up as well as night if it's not too dry. Then I'm going to take, if I have enough room, the Garnier Moisture Soft for dry to very dry skin in case of crisis and then encase of a huge dry crisis a small pot of my Origins Overnight Hydrating Mask. Lastly for skin care is a sun cream. I don't believe you really have to have a seperate sun cream for your face and your body and so I picked up the Nivea factor 50. I proabably don't need 50 but better be safe than sorry. To go a long with that I will be taking a small pot of my favourite after sun treatment which is the Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel which is perfect and, if we have a mini fridge, it will be living there in case of super burn emergencies to cool me down.


Toothbrush and tooth paste is a given. I'm taking two small 20ml tubes that'll be enough to last me. I've also decide to take a Soap & Glory Body Butter as a little skin treat that I, fortunately have enough room to pack. For Deodrant, I've picked up the Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant which is great for a hot climate and I think will be great if the planes grows stuffy over the 18 hours I'm on them for. I was freaking out when I realised we can only take hand luggage as I thought razors wouldn't be allowed and so panicked and thought I wouldn't be able to shave my armpits for 10 days. But I did my research and, thankfully you can so I picked up the Venus Snap Razor which is prefect for travelling especially with the cute blue case it comes with. Something that will be told will be a God send in China and,for me, anywhere is hand sanitizer- something to always have handy when travelling aswell as just normal wipes- they're life savers.  Apart from make up and other medication, that's all my toiletries and I'm under the limit!

If you're travelling soon, I hope this has helped those of you trying to streamline your luggage. What are your toiletry essentials for travelling?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

When I went away last year, I shared with you my travel toiletries as well as the make up I will be taking which was a cut down of my usual make up routine. This year, I'm only taking hand luggage and so the make up I'm taking is even less than last year so this is the cut down of a cut down if you will with some different products as well.

Every day I'll be applying moisturiser and sun cream to my face before anything else and apply two products that haven't changed; The Body Shop BB Cream(00 Fair) and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer(1 Fair). The BB Cream is as light as they come in application with offering hardly any coverage but a little colour to even the skin tone. I don't want anything heavy when travelling and would rather leave the hard work of covering up any blemishes and dark circles to the concealer so I'm not overloading with make up. This also means that if I become oily during the day, it's less likely to crease and cake and it's only  thin layer. 

For eyebrows, I'm taking my Maybelline Eyebrow Satin (Light Blonde) as this is all I'll need for my eyebrows as, unlike other brow pencils I've used, I don't need to add a powder or gel over the top and, if I do need to, it has a eye shadow on the other end. There is no eye shadow to be taken but I am going to take a mascara in case we go out somewhere or I'm looking ridiculously tired. I didn't want want to splash out so I picked up the Collection Volumising Mascara(Ultra Black) that is also waterproof as I'm someone who always rubs there eyes and so is why I'd rather not where mascara all together but I think I'd like to have the option as I'm not taking eye shadow and waterproof is probably better for me.

Up until last week I was going to take my trusty L'Oreal Glam Bronze because I love that bronzer and use it daily however the packaging has fallen apart and I don't want it's last moments to be crushed in pieces at the bottom of my make up bag and so I picked up the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer (Light Matte). From swatching it isn't really that pigmented which actually may be good for me seeing as I'm pale and I don't want anything obvious. 

The BB Cream isn't very dewy and can last quite a long tie so I don't need a super mattifying powder and so I'm taking my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which, for me, doesn't last as long a other powders I use and so I think it'll be perfect. I'm also going to be taking my Maybelline Baby Lips as, while it isn't the most long lasting hydration, it's enough to get me through the day.

As for make up brushes, I'm taking just 3; My Avon Contour Brush which can contour as well as give a subtle all over bronze with my bronzer, My Ebay Buffing Brush for my BB Cream and concealer and my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush that, even though not as good as the powder brush, is a lot lighter and does the job of just applying a bit of powder. 

So that's all the Make up I'm taking with me. I set off and Saturday and have post queued to keep you entertained while I'm away. If I miss one day please don't hate me but I'm trying my best to write posts for my usual schedule while I don't have my laptop. I will hopefully have wifi and be updating my twitter and probably my more personal instagram account while I'm in China so I'd suggest at least following me for those 10 days I'm away.
How do you cut down your make up? Are you going away anywhere this summer?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

Something I want to start on my blog is monthly book hauls and that's starting this month by sharing what books I've bought the past month to give you an idea of books that will be reviewed in upcoming posts or give you some ideas of what books to buy yourself. 

This month, I had the chance to receive two books from Hot Key Books that I was very excited about. The first of which was Only We Know by Simon Packham which I've already read and reviewed here as it was such a quick read. The second book I was sent I was super excited about being a big fan on E.Lockhart's previous work. how to be bad is written E.Lockhart as well as Lauren Myracle and Sarah Mlynowski. I've never heard of Lauren or Sarah but if it's anything like E.Lockhart's earlier books, I'm in for a treat. It's about three girls: Jesse who's keeping a secret; Vicks who is wild and confident but worried about her absent boyfriend and then there's Mel who is the new girl in town with a lot of money how needs find some friends and get over her fears. They all want to be a little more rebellious and so they take a car and go on a road trip. This seems like a great summer book and I can't wait to read it.

Me, Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews is a book that has recieved a lot of positive reviews from America and it was released in Britain a week or so a go and I picked it up as quickly as I could in order to read it before the film is released as well as seeming like a book I will enjoy. It's written from the perspective of Greg who is seventeen and doesn't have any friendspart from Earl who he makes films with. Then there's the Dying Girl who has cancer and Greg's mum forces greg to become friends with. It's not a love story, I know that but it seems to be a book that includes humour that I will love and I can't wait to get round to reading it.

I went into Waterstones and they had a display of the Penguin English Library editions. In attempt to read some more classics and being 2 for £10 I picked A Study In Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle which is the first Sherlock Holmes story. I watched Sherlock and loved it and wanted to give the book a try- it doesn't look too long and I want to branch out into more crime novels and so I think this is a great place to start. The other book on the offer I picked up was Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I've never really had the intention to pick this up until I saw it a week or so ago. I've also heard it's not the worst book in the world and isn't too hard to read which is my usual problem with classics (Great Gatsby, I'm looking at you.) I know a little about the premise of the book but I'll be going into it mostly blind and hopefully I'll be able to get through it and enjoy it!

The last two books are a bit different from anything I've had before and were a gift from my sister who picked these up in London. If you didn't know already, I'm studying psychology and sociology at college and find both subjects so interesting. Along with my sister being a graphic designer and my interest in these subjects she picked me up Psychology: A Graphic Guide by Nigel C Benson and Marxism: A Graphic guide by Rupert Woodfin & Oscar Zarate. They are such a great idea and are so easy to read as well as being very interested. They're books I can pick up and put down when I want and not feel I have to read it all at once. I love them and they do other books on other topics such as Feminism and other religions which I'm now tempted to pick up and collect them all because they're such an easy way to broaden your knowledge on certain topics.

There are a couple of weeks left of June and, while I'll be buying a few Ebooks for China, I won't be buying any other books this month so I thought I would share this with you now and I might do an Ebook haul in the future. Let me know if you'd like to see more book hauls.
Have you read any of the books mentioned? Any recommendations?
Hope you're doing great
Sarah x

Monday was all about saving money so today is about making money- I find this a lot more fun then saving and I tend to get more out of it. There are the ore obvious ways of making money such as cleaning and babysitting which can be effective and easy ways of making money but there are some more creative ways of making money that I'm going to share with you.


Have a blog sale: Your blog can be a great place to sell your stuff as you're selling to an audience that you know will be interest in the things you're selling whether it be barely used make up, clothes or books. If you include it regularly on your blogs, your readers will likely to be on the hunt for certain items at a discount which you will you be giving to a new home and making a little money from. 

Ebay/Depop: These platforms are other ways to sell your things and are a little more structured. While I've bought from both Depop and Ebay, I have no experience working on the otherside by selling but over the summer I'm going to definitely be adding somethings to ebay that I no longer want and think others may be interested in. There's no point something sitting there collecting dust if someone else could use it and you could make some money.


If, like me, you're a keen photographer, it can be a great way to make your own money straight from your phone. There are a few different apps where you can sign up and upload photos and take part in competitions. If you win, you can receive sums of money around £100. The one I use and favor is Foap. It's a really easy app to use and work your way around. The probability of you winning is probably fairly unlikely due to the number of entrants but I think it's a fun thing to do and, seeing as I'm taking photos anyway, I don't see the harm of at least trying to make some money out of it!


Music Magpie: If you have all your old Pop Party and Now 59 CDs lying round no being listened to anymore, Music magpie is a great way to get rid of them and recieve a small amount of money in return. While you don't receive as much money as if you were to sell it on a site like Ebay, you are guaranteed a sell and some money so if you want to just get rid of old CDs, DVDs and PC games this is a quick fix.

Opinon Outpost: This is no way a real money making website. You get a small sum of money for every questionaire you answer. It really is pennies that you earn but if you're really desperate or just bored one day and don't mind doing some online questionnaires, I'd suggest signing up.

Quidco: This is a recent find and it's really good! It's a website where you receive money back for buying off a site through Quidco. The company receive money for the click-through purchases they get and they give some of that money back to you. Really, you're saving money then making it but you receive after you've put in your order and get a certain percentage of cash back. There's some big websites on there such a Amazon, Boots, ASOS and many more. 


This takes a lot more planning, motivation and time but I think, if everything is done well, can be the most effective way of making money. If you have a certain talent whether it's photography, painting, making paper crafts, there is a basis for your small business. I'm planning on doing some posts going into more detail into setting up small businesses as a teen as I have some experience myself so I'll keep this brief but all you need to set up a business is a money making talent, a place to sell it and somewhere for the takings to go. The best sites are Ebay or, Big Cartel and Etsy; it really depends on what you're selling. I've had experience with Big Cartel and I found it great especially in establishing a brand where as, with my new business venture, I will be using Etsy as you can reach a wider audience and there are sections just right for homemade crafts and products. This is actually a great and productive way to spend your summer and the process of setting up a business, while can be stressful, can be very fun and a great way of making money.

There is just a few ways of making some money as a teenager and I hope they make come in handy for any of you who are wanting to make a little extra over summer and the coming months.
Have you got any other ways of making money? Is there any other good websites or apps?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
Being a teenager in this financial climate is a hard time- sometimes I struggled to scrape together enough money for a cinema ticket! As summer approaches we all want to have a little bit of money to pay our way through trips out without having to rely on our parents to pay for everything. This week on my blog I'm going to share with you ways of Saving and Making money. Today it's ways that I manage to save a little extra money.

Blog Sales

Instead of heading out to Boots or Selfridges for your make up, check out some blog sales which a lot of bloggers have on their blogs. This is a great way to find some beauty bargains as you could get what you want for half the price just because someone may have used it once or twice before- I think that's a great offer! Beauty can be expensive but buying through blog sales can save you quite a bit of money sometimes especially if you aren't sure if you'll like the product and don't want to really fork out the whole cost if you're not going to like it.

Reward Cards

This is more of a long term solution to fund a beauty addiction with cards from Boots and Superdrug being the reward cards I personally use. It takes a while to build enough points to actually be able to spend it on something extra through saving up points. The Boots card has an app to go along side it which you can find exclusive offers for just you that you can load onto your card to get more points or other offers.


While subscribing to all your favourite online retailers newsletters can become very annoying with the endless almost daily emails but they have their perks. You're the first to see what latest offers the have on their website and sometimes receive exclusive offers. It's great when it comes round to your birthday and you get birthday discounts. For me, the best newsletter is The Body Shop's. They always have an offer if not two going on at one time and they are really good with many being 45% off everything! Definitely worth it.

Budget & Prioritise

Impulse buying is not what you want to indulge in when you're trying to save. I always try and go shopping with a physical list if not an idea of what I need to get. Writing a list at home with the things I'd like to buy when I have a bit of money helps me know what I want to buy next. I also try to set a reasonable budget by maybe putting money for books separate to that for make up- this just means I'm not just fueling one addiction but spreading it equally.

Be Patient

Wait for an offer to role around. There's nothing worse then regretting waiting that extra week for a boots 3 for 2 on everything offer to come around and feel like you've really missed out. Wait for something to come in the sale or for an offer to pop up. There's no point spending all your money at once when you could have saved if you'd just waited.

So there's a few tips of mine in saving a little extra money. I've got a few ways of making money coming on Thursday so stay tuned for that!
Have you got any money saving tips of your own?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

This summer is the summer of me. Wow, how selfish that sounds but just go with it for a moment. Summer after summer has been filled with wasted time. Even last year when I did more than I expected to, I was still not satisfied with all that I did and I want this summer to be even better than the last. This time, I want it to be treated as a project; project me. Where I say yes more as well as surround myself with people I love.

Summer is starting with an adventure straight away as, just three days after I finish college, I'm heading off to China with Sociology. 10 day filled with adventure where I'll experience a culture I'm not all too familiar with and can't wait to experience. Opportunities like going to China don't come around too often so I'm taking the chance now and I'm going to make sure I get the most out of my time there. I received my Visa last week and now I'm itching to get on a plane even though slightly apprehensive by the long flight situation but I think I'll be probably too excited to really care!

Once I'm back, I will be planing trips out with friends and family- people I've not seen in a year after high school who I really want to make an attempt to stay in contact with. I want to go to the zoo or just for a walk and a picnic to keep me busy through summer.

I also want to make time for the small things: reading, documenting summer through photo and film and the big one this summer is writing. I've wrote posts already about this and I've already started to piece together a story and I expect to continue this through out summer. 

While I want to keep myself busy and have a jam packed summer, it's a great time for some thinking. The past year in college has flown by but because of the quick pace, I've not really had time to process my thoughts through out the year. I've still not come to terms with leaving high school and taking a step forward in my life with college. I feel like I'm stuck in the past and I'm sick of being there and I want to do everything in my power to get over these past feelings that have consumed me for so long and start looking to the future and doing what I can to make it a good one. 

This summer I will do everything I can to make it an enjoyable and happy few months. It's a time to organise my life and throw out the old rubbish of the past and replace it with new, pristine memories. It's also a time for me to figure things out in terms of relationships with people and working out if some are really worth it by trying to get back in contact with lost friends.

Summer is a time to do what I love and make new memories: I'm going to China for God's sake;how can it not be a great summer with an opportunity like that to start it all off! This Summer is the summer of me, myself and I- where I put myself firmly first for what has been a very long time and stop being too worried about others and focus more on growing as a person- helping myself get to a good place. 
I really want this summer to be a good one and I hope you do to.
What are your plans for the summer?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
I feel like reaching the tenth Recently Read post is such a milestone but then I realise how long I've actually been writing these and realise how little I actually read for a massive book reader. This Recently Read includes some great books this time! 

Finding Audrey // Sophie Kinsella* 
I have already reviewed this book in full here so I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed this book. Firstly, how beautiful is this hardback! I'm not much of a hardback fan due to the cost but I may be converted after seeing the beauty of this one! The greatness of the cover definitely reflects the inside content and I think it tackles topics of anxiety and gaming addiction beautifully and the way Audrey's family was shown in the book, I really liked as it was fairly relate able. I loved the different aspect the book brought with the scripts of Audrey's filming and the humour through out also contributed to making this a really enjoyable and quick read. If you want to hear more of my thoughts, I suggest checking out my full review-don't worry there's no real spoilers!

All The Bright Places // Jennifer Niven 
I'll admit it, I didn't expect good things from this book as books I've previously read that cover topics of depression and suicide have always left me feeling unsatisfied as I've thought they've not tackled the topic well. Because of this, the first 100 pages, I was very picky and cynical about the characters especially Violet who I thought would end up just being a spoilt brat and a pain. But as the book went on, I really understood the underlying messages Jennifer was trying to get across with this book and I felt everything worked. The way she portrayed Theodore Finch I loved as well. I read a review that said that the characters were characterized by their illnesses but I really didn't find that to be the case. I haven't cried so much at a book for a very long time so, if you're thinking of picking it up and, unless you don't care at all what anyone thinks, I would refrain from reading the last 100 pages or so in the presence of others. Overall, I really did like this book and the message it brought with it. 

Only We Know // Simon Packham* ★★✰✰✰
This was a book sent to me by Hot Key Books about a girl named Lauren who,due to circumstances, has had to start a new school where she wants to remain unknown and hopes her secret will remain just that. She see's someone she knew but, fortunately, doesn't recognize her. Lauren starts to get notes and "presents" that suggests someone knows her secret. Sadly, I have more negatives with positives. I was able to guess the story line. If you read past recently read posts, you'd know I can guess story lines quite easily and so I can't really comment. Plus, some aspects still took me by surprise. The other negative, for me, was that, while the topics discussed are important in our society, I felt some aspects were portrayed in an extreme way and I think that took away from the premise of the book. I'm trying to keep this spoiler free so if I tell you the topics it will ruin the book but some parts were realistic and relate to problems with teens of today. I also loved the sense of English high school life of today and I felt slightly nostalgic with certain aspects. While I wouldn't rush to purchase this book, the topics are important and if you have the chance to read it, it wouldn't hurt as it's another quick read.

That's another Recently Read and it shouldn't be long before another comes along. I'm thinking about doing more in depth reviews but I'm going to carry on writing up these posts.   
Have you any book recommendations?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

May has been a quiet month n terms of blog posts and having a life with most time being dedicated to revision and exams but I feel I'm breaking a pattern if I don't post my May round up so here it is!

On My Blog: Not as much a usual but I did post some of my favourite "APPS" at the moment which I'm thinking of doing one dedicated to photography apps if that's something you're interested in. I then posted "WRITING PT.2" where I shared my next step in my first serious writing project; the two parts have been really enjoyable to write and I think I' going to continue with keeping updates on my progress. After my exams, I posted "BREATH" which was just a quick update and saying that hopefully I will get back into the swing of things soon and I think I slowly am! I got the chance to read and review "FINDING AUDREY" which was a great book and I late tweeted the link and Sophie Kinsella, the author, tweeted me back! "FORGOTTEN FAVOURITES" was an idea of mine in where I share the books I once classed as favourites but sadly forget in the hype of other more recent books. Finally on Monday I told you I'm taking part in the "#TBRTAKEDOWN"  Readathon which is my first readathon!

Posts I've Loved: My blog reading has been a minimum as well this month as I've just skimmed through my BlogLovin' feed but I did find right at the start of the month was from Rebecca who's blog I loved and when she posted "Being The Blogger You Want To Be" I was so happy I wasn't the only with the opinion that every blogger doesn't have to follow a certain style. I tried to cover this topic in my post "Finding Your Niche" which I don't suggest you read but instead read Rebecca's. She managed to express my opinion in a much better way.  

Next Month: As posted on Monday, I'm taking part in a readathon so more book reviews and book related posts to come. I'm also getting ready to head China so I'll be posting some posts about my preparation for my trip where I can only pack hand luggage *panics*. I'm also going to reintroduce my "Friendly Advice" series that never really started but I've contacted some friends and fellow bloggers to discuss the topic of writing and getting into it. If you have any topics you'd like to be discussed then let me know!

June Reads: I have the books I plan to read in my readathon but I think I will also try and read Gone Girl and maybe another book or two but I'm not too sure what I'm feeling yet!

Loved: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+

Lusting after: Alpabeth's handmade bookmarks which you can find here;they're such a cute gift!

No playlist this month as I'm trying to find a better way of sharing them with you as well as only having a few songs on my Spotify playlist this month.
What have you been up to this month? I'd love to know! Also let me know any Friendly Advice topics or questions!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

Readathon's seem to popping up left right and centre over the past few months and I've been eager to participate but have always been put off due to the short time frame as well as being overly busy but I discovered through Raeleen at Patfootandprongs07 about a new TBR called the TBRTakeDown created by Shannon at Leanlights. This really appealed to me as I'm desperately wanting to get the unread books on my shelf read and not just the ones I've just ought but the ones that have just been sat collecting dust and with the set challenges Shannon has created with this readathon, it's a great way to get them done. I can be a particularly slow reader but I'm going to try my best to get the books I've chosen for each category read and I thought I'd share those with you today!

A book that has been on your TBR for over a year: Tuesday's with Morrie by Mitch Albom.
I bought this definitely over a year ago if not over 3 years ago. I've tried to pick it up in the past but have soon put it down. I have read other Mitch Albom's books and so I don't see why I shouldn't enjoy this one. It's also quite short so should be a great one to get the readathon on the way. I think this story is based on Mitch Albom's real life and it's about revisiting his old college professor, Morrie, who's in his last months of his life. 

An unread sequel: Day 21 by Kass Morgan.
This is the sequel to The 100 which is what the TV show is based off. I read the 100 and wasn't the biggest fan of the book and much prefered the TV series. However, I bought the sequel for my sister who did enjoy it. This is the only book I have access to that would fit into this challenge category but out of the other four, this is at the bottom of my list to try during this readathon week.

The First book in a series off your TBR: The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
I bought the complete set at the end of last year and still haven't got round to cracking into the series but this is now the great time to get the series started and cross one off my TBR Classics at the same time. It is such a well known, well read book and series that it would be wrong of me to not have a dabble into the story of Arthur Dent as they go hurting through space a Earth starts to break up. 

An "Out Of Your Comfort Zone" book on your TBR: Hollow Pike by James Dawson.
This is a book I've never heard anyone talk about and one I was gifted two Christmases ago but as it seemed to be quite dark and slightly more of the horror genre, it's unlike anything I have or plan to read. I actually lent it to a friend and she said it was weird but was still an alright book. It's about a girl who repeatedly has dreams that someone's going to kill her but she thinks she just paranoid. There is also local legends of witchcraft that Lis chooses not to believe that must play apart in the book. All I know about this book it's what is given on the blurb. It's definitely out of my comfort xone but I'm willing to give it a read. 

A book you most recently bought: All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.
I'm cheating slightly with this one as while it's one of the books I've most recently read, I'm already reading it but I think this readathon is the perfect way to encourage me to finish it faster. This is a well loved bok in the book blogger and booktube community about a Theodore Finch who wants to take his own life and Violet who's devastated after her sister's death. They meet on the ledge of the school's bell tower and that's where their story begins. So far, I have mixed feelings on his book but I've still got a lot to read but I'll let you know!

So they are the five books I've set myself to read this week from the 1st-7th of June. It is very ambitious and so i don't expect to complete all of them but it will at least get me on my way to crossing off some more books on my TBR. Anyone can take part and so if you're not busy with exams or revision I think you should join me in taking part.
Have you ever taken part in a readathon?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x