11 Jun 2015

This summer is the summer of me. Wow, how selfish that sounds but just go with it for a moment. Summer after summer has been filled with wasted time. Even last year when I did more than I expected to, I was still not satisfied with all that I did and I want this summer to be even better than the last. This time, I want it to be treated as a project; project me. Where I say yes more as well as surround myself with people I love.

Summer is starting with an adventure straight away as, just three days after I finish college, I'm heading off to China with Sociology. 10 day filled with adventure where I'll experience a culture I'm not all too familiar with and can't wait to experience. Opportunities like going to China don't come around too often so I'm taking the chance now and I'm going to make sure I get the most out of my time there. I received my Visa last week and now I'm itching to get on a plane even though slightly apprehensive by the long flight situation but I think I'll be probably too excited to really care!

Once I'm back, I will be planing trips out with friends and family- people I've not seen in a year after high school who I really want to make an attempt to stay in contact with. I want to go to the zoo or just for a walk and a picnic to keep me busy through summer.

I also want to make time for the small things: reading, documenting summer through photo and film and the big one this summer is writing. I've wrote posts already about this and I've already started to piece together a story and I expect to continue this through out summer. 

While I want to keep myself busy and have a jam packed summer, it's a great time for some thinking. The past year in college has flown by but because of the quick pace, I've not really had time to process my thoughts through out the year. I've still not come to terms with leaving high school and taking a step forward in my life with college. I feel like I'm stuck in the past and I'm sick of being there and I want to do everything in my power to get over these past feelings that have consumed me for so long and start looking to the future and doing what I can to make it a good one. 

This summer I will do everything I can to make it an enjoyable and happy few months. It's a time to organise my life and throw out the old rubbish of the past and replace it with new, pristine memories. It's also a time for me to figure things out in terms of relationships with people and working out if some are really worth it by trying to get back in contact with lost friends.

Summer is a time to do what I love and make new memories: I'm going to China for God's sake;how can it not be a great summer with an opportunity like that to start it all off! This Summer is the summer of me, myself and I- where I put myself firmly first for what has been a very long time and stop being too worried about others and focus more on growing as a person- helping myself get to a good place. 
I really want this summer to be a good one and I hope you do to.
What are your plans for the summer?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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