I remember creating this blog as a place to almost talk to myself and to those who were there on the other side of the computer to just read and hopefully just enjoy. However, my blog quickly changed into mainly a beauty blog which wasn't my full intention. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I will carry on beauty blogging as it's something I absolutely love but I don't want to just be a beauty blogger and when I've tried to switch my posts up a little bit, people don't seem to enjoy it as much so I end up just sticking to the beauty. I've always been a listener; someone who could sit for hours and listen to people talk about their problems. I also have always been that friend that seemed to give advice on situations I'd never been in myself but seemed to help people none the less. Me saying this is my way of saying that I would love to do an advice spot on my blog: I know many people would say that it's ridiculous for a girl of 16 to be giving advice when she hasn't even experienced the world.Believe me when I say I understand that because I haven't experienced all aspects of being hurt or being stuck in a sticky situation but a small bit of advice from me or from anyone could mean a lot to a person who hasn't had any help what so ever. All advice is advice no matter how small- or even unhelpful sometimes- in can be; whether it's something as simple as "Don't sit on that bench it's wet" to something as deep and life changing as "Follow your dreams whatever they may be". All advice is advice.

I'm already going off on a long tangent and there's still a few things I want to mention but all the spiel is me saying that I want to do more on my blog whether it is giving advice or cooking or DIYs because I love little textiles projects and I've sadly not been able to show much to you along with my love for photography. My most viewed post is one about categorizing people so maybe you'd like posts similar to that where I just write?Of course I will be carrying on beauty blogging but it's not always the most interesting thing from me to write especially when I'm trying to save money but to keep my blog interesting and getting people to actually read the full post I feel a little bit of pressure t be buying new products. It's got to the point where I've taken my photos for another haul, sat down to write and soon enough giving up because hauls or reviews wasn't the main reason for me starting this blog; it was to share all aspects of the things I enjoy not just the beauty side. If I was to blog about a wider range of interests, it will not only make me happier and enjoy blogging more but will definitely make my bank happy! For this to work and for me to be able to change up my blog while still having your attention and presence on my blog, I need your help by leaving suggestions in the comments or even just saying you'd enjoy and don't mind my blog being a mixture of my interests and not just mainly beauty.

The next thing on the agenda is school. By the time this goes up I will have a week left at school(not including prom) and be on my 2(almost 3) month summer holiday before I go to college which is freaking me out already; but this means that I have time to change up my blog a bit. I haven't changed it up earlier as I haven't had time to think about changing it too much as I was really focusing on my exams. I thought I was the only one who could tell that over the last few months, my posts have been rushed as I've just wanted to get them finished and scheduled before I get back to revision.However, from my views counter, it seems that a lot of you have noticed this too. I hardly ever look at views because it's shouldn't be the reason I'm blogging but should be because I enjoy it but on this certain day I realised the vast drop over the last month of so with regards to page views and comments. So this is me making a promise to you but mainly to myself that I will take more care and time on my posts and make each and everyone, even this one, the best I can! Because I have time now to improve not just my post but also invest in a new blog layout which I have already done as, while my audience is amazing but small, I don't think that matters because whether you have 20 or 2000 readers, you should want them to enjoy your blog as much as possible. I also, in attempt to improve my blog, also bought a domain which I'm sure you will have noticed now. 

As well as changing up and improving my blog over the next few months, I am also planing a little trip with my family. We hardly ever go on holiday and it's normally just a few days in the Lake District or camping in Wales which is fun all the same but there's a whole world out there to explore and why not do it while I have 2 months free. The plan as it stands now is to travel down to London where we'll have a few days being proper London tourists even though we're English and then we'll be travelling across to France to Paris where I have been before but there's still so much to explore. After that, it's all a bit questionable as the first plan was then to go onto Italy and Germany but after looking at a map and realising that's a little silly we thinking of going to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Austria is actually the furthest I've gone away from England so while it'll be nice to go back and visit, I can't wait to see some new places. The main reason for y family going it that, as I said, we're normally bound to England but I'm looking forward to travelling and experiencing it all as it's something I really want to do in the future. It's also so I can make full use of my camera. I've spent far too long walking round my town taking the same photo over and over on separate occasions and I'm so excited to fill numerous memory cards with gorgeous scenery as well as some real tourist photos!

That's really all I've wanted to mention in this post and I didn't expect this to be as long as it has been but hopefully you'll help me if trying to make my blog better and enjoyed this post all the same!
Please leave me any post suggestions and what you think of the changes I've made!
Hope your're doing great,

Before I start this post, I'll admit, I'm not one to have enough time before school to do a full skincare routine and struggle with even this 3 step process because who can really get out of their bed with time to do all that! This is what I do really before I apply any make up as it helps really moisturise my dry skin so it's not visible no matter how dry skin hugging the products say to be. Also, I promise this is not a sponsored post by simple even though it is all simple products. Just to reassure you I can tell you that some simple products really aren't worth the money and sometimes don't live up to their expectation but I've managed to find I few products that I like and work well and are worth the small amount of money you have to pay!

Even though all I've done is sleep, I still need to quickly cleanse and I use the Purifying Cleansing Lotion. This doesn't do much to my skin other than remove nastiness collected through the night and all hydrates the skin a little bit which helps with my dry skin. If you've read my Second Chances #2, you'll know that I bought this ages ago when I went through a sensitive stage and worked great but then it's just been sat in my skincare basket gathering dust until I decided to give it another go and, like I said, it's great for a quick cleanse. 

I next apply this Revitalizing Eye Roll-on. This is good if you need waking up as the metal roller ball, is nice and cold on your skin and works similarly to putting cold teaspoons under your eyes. By squeezing the tube, it release a gel substance that distributes on your skin as you roll it under your eyes. The gel doesn't really do much but I like the roller ball so I've basically paid £3 for something I could just use something in my kitchen draw for. I also think this was the cause to my having irritated eyes about a month ago so it isn't something I'd recommend as while the concept is great, the product just isn't worth it and I'm really just trying to use it up.

The final step to this 3 step process is the Hydrating Light Moisturiser. Even though I will always repurchase this product, I don't think it lives up to it's brands name of being for sensitive skin as when I had a cold a few months ago, I applied this to my know which was very sensitive and damaged and it stung so much; it was something I definitely something I didn't expect for a brand that's supposed to be made for sensitive skin. Having saying that, I do love this moisturiser as it's just the right texture and thickness to hydrate my skin well without it looking greasy and it absorbs nice and quickly so I can apply my make up while it's slightly wet on my skin but has mostly all absorbed to make sure my dry skin isn't visible when I apply my make up.

And that's it! I feel like this is a post full of complaints but Simple's a great brand to try out especially if you're just getting into skincare or looking for a real bargain!
What does your Morning Skincare Routine consist of?
Hope you're doing great,

So it's been a while since I've done a favourites but I'm half term as I'm writing this so I'm managing to write up a few posts as I'm not weighed down in revision as I'm having a day off. I thought this would be a good time to share with you a few things I've been loving!

Soap & Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter: A while back I did a shower routine post where I mentioned I have weird bumps on my arm which after making that post I was curious to what they were and it there was any way of me helping them disappear or not be as visible. I found out it's a very common skin condition and it's called keratosis pilarious and as per usual with things it's not as serious as it seems at all. After reading up about, I found out I was trying to tackle it totally the wrong way and I shouldn't be exfoliating but should be focusing of moisturising as one on the steps I shouldn't be missing. I tried a few different body butters and moisturisers for my arms but this has been the best. It's such a thick consistency and it smells so good! I'm hoping they do this in a bigger version.

Barry M Gelly Shine "Blue Grape": This may sound slightly stupid but this has been a favourite of mine for a while even though I'd never worn it out the house. I think it was because I'd never thought it looked right but last week I wore it out at the weekend and then naughtily wore it to school for a week. The amount of nice comments I got about it saying it's such a nice colour and one they hadn't seen before; even ome of my friends have decided to go out and buy it themselves! As for the formula, Gelly Shine nail varnishes are no stranger to my blog and I'll go as far to say they're my favourite nail varnishes to wear and my collection is forever growing as they seem to be the only nail varnishes I seem to wear.

Elf Blush "Candid Coral": When I ordered this from ELF and my parcel arrived, it wasn't what I expected as it seemed to be very shimmery and that's not my thing. It also seemed to be one of those blushes that one swipe of your brush over the blush and it was all over the palette along with the table and some on the carpet. I put off wearing it after swatching and finding it to be like it is but one day I decided to give it a go and I love it! It doesn't add much colour but it perfect for me as I'm not a lover of blush and just a slight hint of something is perfect for me and this is perfect for me!

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser Nourishing Cocoa: The original version of this is no stranger to my blog but this stuff is heaven; it's everything the original is with the extra gorgeous scent. This isn't a necessity product at all and sometimes I don't think it's really worth the money because of how fast I go through these but I can't stop using it and now with this gorgeous scent to go with, I don't know when I'm going to stop buying this because I just love it!

Ebay Brushes: It was only yesterday that I mentioned these in a haul but I've been using them longer than a day! In the photo is my two favorites which is a flat top brush with a small angled brush. The small only I've been loving for concealer and the bigger one ha been great for applying my bb cream. I've also been trying powder foundations and I've found it's been great for that as well so it's a great all rounder brush. I thin if you can, I wouldn't buy the whole set of how ever many it is as some are much better than others so if you can get them separately, I'd recommend these two!

And that's it! What have you been loving this month?
Hope you're doing great,

I said before my exams started that I probably won't be spending any money during that time. I would like to emphasis the word probably as I did end up spending a few of my pennies on a few things that I'd like to share with you.

17 Stay Pout Lipstick in "Infared": I bought this to try as one of my lip options for prom I bought it after writing my post on eye and lip options but I think if I decide to go for the red lip, this would be the red I used. I've also found my self wearing this on a daily basis when I'm not in school as it's quite a wearable red and because it's more orange than purple, it's quite vibrant so I think it's a great summer red and I know I'm going to be wearing this a lot!

L'oreal Glam Bronze 00: I saw this on a few blogs as soon as it was released and thought it was definitely time to invest in a a new bronzer instead of my usual Sleek matte bronzer. I am yet to make my mind up about this as it's quite orange for me so it's not ideal for contouring so I think Ill be using it as an all over bronze and because it's a little orange, I think this will be a better summer option.

Avon Super Extend Mascara: I won't talk about this too much as it's just a repurchase but it's a great lengthening mascara and if I decide to go for a volumising mascara instead, I still use this on my bottom lashes because the wand is fairly thin so can get in all the nooks and crannies.

Avon Blush Brush: Avon seem to have stepped up their brush game and have redesigned some of their brushes and I loved how they looked in the catalog. I like having a brush for a set job and I don't really have one for blush other than a stippling brush but that's better for cream blushes so I thought this would be perfect. From using several times so far, I'm really liking it as it's lovely and soft and seems to apply the product well. I definitely prefer the new style Avon brushes!

Maybelline Brown Pencil "Blonde": I'm sure you're sick of me using the same old brown eye shadow for my eyebrows because I am so I thought I would try out this Maybelline pencil and it was quite cheap. I've used this quite a few times and I'm understanding why the small price tag as one stroke of the pencil and it feels like it needs a sharpen already. I don't recommend this and won't be buying it again so if you could recommend me some eyebrow products from the drugstore let me know! Before I find a new product, it will have to do for the moment.

White Converse: This a ridiculously late present from my mum and dad for my birthday back in January and I finally ordered a pair! I am so happy I did as they will go with absolutely everything and will be great this summer!

Asos Clutch: I've been trying to find a clutch to go with my prom dress and trying to find a clutch that isn't black or nude that goes with a red lip is hard! This clutch was one of the ones I ordered and me or any of my friends and family could decide whether it would go or not. In the end, I decided to keep it as I think it's a gorgeous clutch that, even if I don't use it for prom, I will use it in the future and for the price I paid, I think it's worth keeping!

Ebay Brush Set: Yes this is was is hiding in the mysterious canvas bag! I've seen so many people using these and I finally caved in and ordered a set and I love them! Some are better than others as some apply my make up flawlessly where as others seem to leave brush stokes which is a bit of pain. I love the smaller brushes as they're great for concealer and I feel as though I can try some other concealers other than ones that come in a tube.

So that's it! This is has been a long while waiting but I've only just had time to write it up a I've been busy with exams and I now have a week off meaning I finally had time to write it. Having a week off also means I'l be doing some more shopping and I'm planning on going in to Manchester to have a big shopping trip for some after prom stuff along with some summer clothes and some general retail therapy so look out for another haul very soon!
Hope you're doing great,

So I've decided it's definite; I'm bringing this 'series' back. This 'series' started back last year and I only manged to publish one dose of Budget Beauty but I'm bring it back with a problem bloggers seem to face: blogging on a budget.How are you to come up with new blog posts without going out buying and testing products? Well I'm always blogging on a budget and so have collected many tips and ideas that I'm going to share with you.

Firstly, one product isn't bound to one post; I take one product and use it in numerous ways and in numerous post. Take a new lipstick for example; you buy it so must create a haul post. It then becomes part of your everyday make up so include in a make up look and soon it's ended in your current favourites. See! Three posts with one lipstick and it doesn't have to stop there!
If you're a blogger who's one for publishing posts on different make up looks eye shadow palettes have endless combinations of colours so why stop with one look from a palette! It's similar to the first tip as you can use this palette in endless posts just in different ways. I can't even count the amount of times I've used my MUA Undressed Palette in post.
Yes, you will get to a point where you want to spend a bit of money for money of beauty that you can show your readers but shop at the right time; go when there's 3 for 2 at Boots or Superdrug so you can save more money for another shop or just buy more! There the cycle of posts as seen in the first tip starts again with that haul.
This is a budget blogging post so when you do go shopping, remember that not just you will be looking for a bargain but so will most of your readers; if you can't splash out on the Naked 3 palette it's most likely that your readers can't too so readers won't always be looking for a review on that but a budget purchase that works just as good as more expensive products.
You blog posts don't always have to be reviews or even new reviews; OOTD, NOTD are perfect for a quick post or maybe try revisited already reviewed products to see if your opinions have changed. If it's blog ideas you're looking for, I'd check out this post here that popped onto my bloglovin' feed a while back and is great if you're not only blogging on a budget but also if you've got a case of "Bloggers Block".

So I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know how any of your budget blogging tips!
Hope you're doing great, 

Throughout the past few months, I've been trying out many different looks for my prom make up and I'm going to share with you the ones I've narrowed it down to and maybe you can help! For the base I've chose to go for and to know what I've used, see my last "Prom Prep" post here as I listed it there and this post I will just be telling you about what I have on my eyes and lips and asking for you help!

For this first one, I took Naked 2 from the Naked Basics Palette all over my lid and then, from the same palette, I took faint in the crease to add some depth. For the lips I used "Rich" from 17. As you can probably tell from the photo, it's a messy one to apply so I think I'd use a lip brush if I decide to wear this one. I love the dark lips and I think it would look great with the black dress to enhance my paleness in a positive way.

For this dark brown smokey eye,  I started my taking my beloved MUA Undressed Palette an used shade 3 as a transition colour.I again used my Naked Basics Palette and applied faint all over the lid next. Then taking this amazing matte black called Crave from the Naked basics, I applied that close to the lash line and smudged it out to make the eye more darker. For this, I wanted to use a nude shade but I don't actually own one so just for testing, I just applied some concealer. I really love this look but I think it's a little too dark for prom and will make me look "emoish" (I'm sorry I can't think of another word for it).

This is the final option and please excuse the dry patch on my nose, I was recovering from a cold. For the eyes I used my new MAC eye shadow in Wood winked and blended that out up just past the crease to give I gorgeous copper colour. I felt it needed something extra so I also added a gold shade over the lid to bring a bit more light to the eye- I used one from my MUA Undressed Palette. For the lips, I wanted a true, bold red but I don't own one so it was a case of layering and for this, I layered my Kate Moss #19 with an Avon sample and 17's Rich I love this look as it seems to look great with my eye colour but I think I need a different red lipstick if I decide on this look.

So that's all of them and no I need your help urgently! Please let me know which look you think is the best and also why because that would help me a lot more. I can see the pros and cons to each  look and I just need to make a final decision. After prom, I will put a post showing you what option I went for to show you! 

Do you know any good nude/ bold red lipsticks?
When this is being posted, I will be sat in a Physics exam arggghh!
Hope you're doing great,

It wasn't until recently that I realised how different my skincare routine has become. There is still some similarities with my old routine, but I thought you'd be interested to see the changes I've made. I don't really have much of a morning skincare routine so this is what I do after a busy day at school or spending the day revising at home and need a refresh. I've also realised how after starting this series back last year, I only ever posted one addition to the series so here's your first installment this year of "Budget Beauty" with more planned to come out over the next few weeks but for this post it's my updated budget Skincare Routine.

To remove any make-up, I use my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water with a cotton pad or two. Even if I haven't worn make-up a certain day, I most likely do this anyway to help remove all the nastiness from my face.
I next use my Good Things Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser which I firm favourite of mine. It leaves my skins soft and very clean. I also do notice a change in my spots with this which is what it's made for. 
Once I've patted my face dry, I will apply my Good Things Clearing Gel if I've got any pesky spots that are sore and angry I love this stuff as it really soothes those spot and it works instantly as my spots are quickly relived as it's absorbed fast if a spot needs the relief. While trying to find the links to where you can buy the products, I can't seem to find it any where online in places where they sell it but I'd keep your eye out in boots if you fancy trying this spot gel.
Finally, I apply my Simple Night Cream. This is a recent purchase that I'm trying out instead of what I'd normally use which is my Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser but I'm really enjoying it so far as it's really hydrating. Let me know if you want a full review!
And Then I'm done and ready for bed! I really like the products in this post and they're all super affordable with them all under £10!

I'm also going to be posting my morning Skincare Routine so keep an eye out for that! What's your favourite skincare brand?
As you're reading this I'll be sat in my dreaded Chemistry exam with Re this afternoon!
Hope your're doing great,

I purchases this BB cream when I was on the hunt for a light base to use for school and this was one of the only ones I could seem to find and reviews online seemed positive overall. I've had this BB Cream for a while and I thought it was time to write up a review! It has taken me a while to decide my opinion on this as my opinion seems to change every time I decide to wear it.

 The BB Cream makes many promises including hydrating all day, blurs imperfections, feels fresh, looks visibly smooth etc. 
I'll get straight to the point starting with the colour; it's too dark for my pale skin even being the lightest available shade. It also definitely does not hydrate all day and I presumed that this was designed for people with dry skin as there was a version for oily skin but I think I presumed wrong as I have a small amount of dry skin and this product makes it clearly visible. I find I can solve both these issues by applying my Simple Moisturiser before I apply the BB cream before the moisturiser has fully absorbed; however, this shouldn't be the case and it should hydrate all day on it's own like suggested it does as well as have a wider colour range. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with very dry skin or those who have dry skin and don't want to have to mess around with moisturisers. It does seem to work well at blurring imperfections particularly enlarged pores but,my opinion seems to differ and sometimes it hides them well and other times it doesn't.

To apply this, I use a cheap sponge as they're best for a low coverage foundation/BB cream and I'm not one to like using my hands to apply make up. Apart from the fact I have to take longer to moisturise, it applies and blends quickly and doesn't leave my skin greasy with only a small amount of shine. This would be a great one for summer as it has a high SPF as well.

When firstly writing this post, I put as my overall verdict that I don't think I will ever decide whether I like this BB Cream or not but with the help of my Simple moisturiser I think I do like this and, unless I can find another BB cream that works for me, I think I'll have stick with this one as it's a nice alternative to a full coverage foundation.
Do you know of any good BB Creams?
I'm currently at in a RE exam so fingers crossed!
Hope you're doing great, 

My exams start on Monday and I can tell you now I'm close to petrified so I've come up with some self-help tips to bear in mind as the exam draws closer. This also might help you if you're in the same position as me!

Don't Panic! This is very easy to do but the worst thing to do. I know it sounds simple but it's far from it but whatever way you deal with is don't do it.

Think of the outcome; if you've done the revision, you'll get what you've deserved.

Still make time for revision; don't focus purely on your next exam as you'll find you won't have left 
time for any other revision so still plan your time well!

A good night's sleep is key! This is the one I'm going to struggle with most as I have one of the worst sleeping patterns and I'm hoping that I will be able to get that good night's sleep that is crucial if I'm going to be awake and ready for my exams.

This links to my last point; don't wake up extra early to get that extra bit of time to revise. You need to sleep the same amount if not more than you normally would and you most likely will have time on the bus journey to school or before your exam starts

No matter how much you need to do, don't torture yourself and still take breaks; maybe not as regularly but still take them! Don't rush yourself having your tea or your shower because you need that break.
Make time to relax, listen to some music read a book! I will most likely spend this time writing blog posts so I'm not deserting you during these next couple of months!

My final tip is something I learnt from a friend of mine; it's so simple and so effective! When you sit down in your exam with the paper in front of you just breath. When your teacher says start just breath; take a moment to breath in and breath out as you open that paper. Don't know a question? That's fine! Move on and come back you still have more than an hour left.

Those who are in the same position as me right now I wish you the best of luck in your exams! My first one, like I said starts on Monday. I'm taking my GCSEs this and the first one Religious Education so hopefully I manage to put my tips into action!
Are any of you taking your GCSEs this year, A-Levels or any other tests? If so good luck and leave any of your last minute tips in the comments!
Hope you're doing great,

It's very often that we buy new products and don't give it the chance it deserves and more often than not I do this and end up with lots of unloved products that I just jumped to a conclusion about. Recently, I've been searching through my make up stash to see if there's any products than have been unloved and maybe deserve a bit more of a lovin' so over the past few weeks I've been seeing if it turns out that I do actually like them or if I was right about them.

Nivea Primer. 
I included this in my Products I Regret Buying back last year. In that, I said that the formula wasn't something I liked with it being a gel like texture and I would prefer more of a cream. It also didn't help with keeping my make up on and actually clumped together before or while applying my foundation. I read someone's review a while back and they said it did this because it had reacted with the moisturiser so I thought I'd give it that second chance and tried it without moisturiser. Sadly, this didn't work and without the moisturiser, my dry patches were severely visible and I still didn't like the consistency of the product. So, after giving this a second chance, I don't think I'll be using this again.

Dainty Dolly Concealer #002.
I had high hopes for this product as I'm one that judges a product by the packaging and so I presumed that because the packaging looked nice, the product would be great. When I first used it, from what I remember, it was far too light and just didn't work as a concealer because of that as instead of hiding my blemishes it just highlighted them. One thing that also put me off using this was that I wasn't too sure the best way of applying this product. It wasn't till recently that I gave this concealer a proper second chance where I found that just using it under my eyes was the use of this product. It also did crease under my eyes which I've never had with a concealer before which was annoying. However, I will still try and get some use out of this product and I've found that if I apply my powder as soon as I've blended in my concealer. It is less likely to crease. So, after giving it a second chance, I've decided that I will try and use this as much as I can but I don't think I would repurchase.

Neutrogena Pore & Shine Cleanser.
Now this is a weird second chance because there was a time that I actually used this a lot and thought it worked as well as I just wanted to get my moneys worth out of it but when I realised it wasn't doing anything that was said on the packaging, I thought it was pointless using it. It wasn't till recently that I felt like giving this another chance an it was even worse than I first remembered; it dried my skin out and didn't leave it even feeling clean. For someone who has dry skin and with a product that helps oil control, it was a bad idea and is definitely not right for those who have even the smallest amount of dry skin. 

No7  Intelligent Colour Foundation "Light".
This, of what I can remember, was my first foundation and after letting a friend do my make up I went out and bought it. When I tried it myself though I didn't like it as it just felt greasy and just didn't seem to apply well with the foundation brush I was using at the time so I left it. Another thing was that it was ridiculously dark for a "Light" coloured foundation. Recently, after re arranging my make up, I rediscovered it and thought it was worth a second chance. Using my Real Techniques expert face brush it applied well; it did seem to be a low coverage foundation but easily build able. It's one of the only drugstore foundations that I've seen with such a low SPF so I'd recommend trying this out if your having a photo day or for prom.I'm glad I kept and left this to re use till now as I have more knowledge about how to apply things and also why it's so dark and that's because it's a very concentrated product and so you only need a small amount and you can easily add more. Saying that, it's still a little dark but not unbearably dark. It now applies well and doesn't feel greasy so I'm putting that down to the brush I used to use. It wasn't until I was looking if this foundation was still available that I saw the price it was and  I'm so glad I didn't throw this out, that I tried it again and liked it because this is probably the most expensive make up item I own and I didn't even realise it! I will probably carry on using this foundation but I'm not sure I'll repurchase again because of the price.

I'd love to know what posts you'd like to see form me in the future!
Hope you're doing great,

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It takes me forever to gather enough empty products to do this post and it seems that once one product runs out so does most things which isn't good for my bank when it comes to repurchasing. There's quite a bit so I'll get on with it!

Hollister Laguna Beach Body Mist: This had lasted me forever mainly because after the craze of it ended in my school back when I was 14, I hadn't really touched it until recently when there was so little left that I thought I'd better just get on and finish it! It's not one I'd rush out and get again but I think this is the perfect gift for someone!

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub: This was something I used in ration as I couldn't and still can't bring myself to by a bigger tub so this was a product I used every once in a blue moon so I didn't get attached to it and by lots more but that didn't help and I did fall in love with it. The smell is gorgeous and I really do want to re purchase it as it was a great scrub. One thing I'm not so keen on is it being in a tab as, being a shower product, it gets full of water and it isn't the nicest thing in the world. I think I may have to repurchase a few of the smaller version again before buying the big tub but we'll see!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: This is something that I don't really think about steering away from even though we do have a love hate relationship. I'll always repurchase and I always find myself buying the mini ones as they're great for on the go. Every time I buy a bottle, I always seem to be a new scent and I can say that I won't be buying the Cherry one again because to me it really didn't smell like cherry. The original one will be one I'd probably buy again though. 

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer: This was a product that I used to think was amazing but I've recently realised that it's not that good really at all. If you want to blur imperfections and it lives up to a few of its other claims but not all of them. I don't think I'll be rushing out and buying this in a hurry which means I'm on the hunt for a new primer so if you have any recommendations let me know!

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Cleanser: I've mentioned this in a favourites before and if you suffer with acne this would be a great one to try. I got it when it first came out a few years ago and it came in a pack with the moisturiser and a gel. I lost the gel but I still use the moisturiser if I do break out as it does help but when I was going through my acne stage a few years ago, this really helped to calm everything down. I don't really have bad breakouts in the same way I used to but if my face decide to explode in spots then this will be the first product I'd go and buy.

Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser for Dry/ Very Dry Skin: This is something that has been in a few posts now and I absolutely love this. If you saw my last haul post then you will have seen that I've already repurchased this as it's the perfect moisturiser under my make up and everyday use as well. I just love this!

Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner: This was just the travel size version as I wasn't to sure if it would be right for me so I didn't want to go and buy the bigger one without tying it.I don't suffer from dry hair but I've started using conditioner again after not being using it for years as it weighed my hair down but this just makes my life easier. I apply this to the ends of my hair and it just, like I said, makes things easier. I've also already repurchased this but I got the bigger bottle this time and I still love it.

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Wash: Saving the best till last, this has to be the best body wash I've used; mainly because of the smell but also because of how foamy and soft it feels. I jut love this body wash. Sadly I don't have a Body Shop near me to go and repurchase but I have a Papaya Body Shop body wash to keep me going but things are just not the same without my tropical infused showers.

So that's it! I'd love for you to let me know any posts you'd like to see me do in the future as I can see writer block approaching as well as exams!
Hope you're doing great,
At the end of last year knocking on to to January, people were getting excited about at a special "club" is all I can think of it as for ASOS where you apply and get invited to join where you can be the first to view collections and get different opportunities to do things with ASOS. I'm a massive lover ASOS so I applied but sadly did not get a response so just left it. However, last week, I received a mysterious parcel from ASOS. Because I didn't know what it was I didn't think about photographing it and instead just ripped the tissue paper off but it came with a lovely letter along with a Barry M nail varnish, face mask and fortune cookie. 

While excited to have received this I was slightly confused I hadn't heard anything from them prior to getting the parcel until Monday where they said I'd been accepted, giving me my password and access to the sight!
I'm not going to lie, I'm not 100% sure what being an ASOS insider entails but I'm excited all the same and I thought I would share this with you all!

Hope you're doing great,