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26 May 2014

So it's been a while since I've done a favourites but I'm half term as I'm writing this so I'm managing to write up a few posts as I'm not weighed down in revision as I'm having a day off. I thought this would be a good time to share with you a few things I've been loving!

Soap & Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter: A while back I did a shower routine post where I mentioned I have weird bumps on my arm which after making that post I was curious to what they were and it there was any way of me helping them disappear or not be as visible. I found out it's a very common skin condition and it's called keratosis pilarious and as per usual with things it's not as serious as it seems at all. After reading up about, I found out I was trying to tackle it totally the wrong way and I shouldn't be exfoliating but should be focusing of moisturising as one on the steps I shouldn't be missing. I tried a few different body butters and moisturisers for my arms but this has been the best. It's such a thick consistency and it smells so good! I'm hoping they do this in a bigger version.

Barry M Gelly Shine "Blue Grape": This may sound slightly stupid but this has been a favourite of mine for a while even though I'd never worn it out the house. I think it was because I'd never thought it looked right but last week I wore it out at the weekend and then naughtily wore it to school for a week. The amount of nice comments I got about it saying it's such a nice colour and one they hadn't seen before; even ome of my friends have decided to go out and buy it themselves! As for the formula, Gelly Shine nail varnishes are no stranger to my blog and I'll go as far to say they're my favourite nail varnishes to wear and my collection is forever growing as they seem to be the only nail varnishes I seem to wear.

Elf Blush "Candid Coral": When I ordered this from ELF and my parcel arrived, it wasn't what I expected as it seemed to be very shimmery and that's not my thing. It also seemed to be one of those blushes that one swipe of your brush over the blush and it was all over the palette along with the table and some on the carpet. I put off wearing it after swatching and finding it to be like it is but one day I decided to give it a go and I love it! It doesn't add much colour but it perfect for me as I'm not a lover of blush and just a slight hint of something is perfect for me and this is perfect for me!

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser Nourishing Cocoa: The original version of this is no stranger to my blog but this stuff is heaven; it's everything the original is with the extra gorgeous scent. This isn't a necessity product at all and sometimes I don't think it's really worth the money because of how fast I go through these but I can't stop using it and now with this gorgeous scent to go with, I don't know when I'm going to stop buying this because I just love it!

Ebay Brushes: It was only yesterday that I mentioned these in a haul but I've been using them longer than a day! In the photo is my two favorites which is a flat top brush with a small angled brush. The small only I've been loving for concealer and the bigger one ha been great for applying my bb cream. I've also been trying powder foundations and I've found it's been great for that as well so it's a great all rounder brush. I thin if you can, I wouldn't buy the whole set of how ever many it is as some are much better than others so if you can get them separately, I'd recommend these two!

And that's it! What have you been loving this month?
Hope you're doing great,

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  1. I really want to get the Ebay brushes you mentioned! And I have similar bumps on the back of my arms too, and they always have such fancy/complicated names for common conditions so whenever I look up something I always think it's something really serious...but yeah I will definitely try moisturising more"

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.