I saw Alice from byalicee do this tag which was created by The Bushing Giraffe and I loved it so here I am with my answers!

1. Name a beauty regime you rarely do.
I guess there's a few and what that stands out is doing all over body moisturisers; I always find it too much effort!
Also  never apply lip liners and then complain my lip product doesn't last so maybe this a wake up call for me to go and buy some!

2. Is washing your brushes something you do regularly?
Well I have a on the spot brush Cleaner which is a NO7 product but apart from that not very often- only when I feel my make-up isn't applying properly but I'm determined to was them a lot more often!

3. How long will you last with chipped nails?
Chipped toe nails sat as long as they possibly can seeing as I never don't wear socks so no body sees them but with my fingernails, I'd last a week at a push before it starts to bother me and I have to re apply

4. How long will you put off buying/ replacing a beauty product even if you need it?
With make-up products I will put off buying it again and try and get every last drop out of the tube or bottle before I admit to myself that I do need to buy a new one. With skincare though; as soon as I finish something I know I need to buy another as soon as possible!

5. What is your worst beauty habit?
It's probably applying make-up taking it off and re-applying when it doesn't go the way I want as I can guess that this isn't the best thing for my skin!

6. What is one non-beauty thing you put off doing?
Definitely homework or tidying my room. If it's something I don't tend to enjoy, I will put if off as long as possible.

7. When going out, do you leave everything to the last minute?
I make sure I have everything done on time but still I always am last minute with my make-up and I never understand how it happens. Well.. that's a lie. It' because twitter exists!

8. Can you commit to spending bands?
I'm proud to say I can! This is probably made easier because I don't have any drugstores or clothing shops close buy so I have to travel at least a bit to get to my nearest shop to buy something.

9. How organised is your make-up/nail varnish collection?
I actually think mine is quite organised especially my nail varnish which I got the idea for my storage my Rhiannon 'FashionRocksMySocks'. Most of my make-up is quite organised but ther are some bits that need a bit of work and as soon as I've done if you'd like to see a make up storage and collection post, please let me know!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Hope you're ok,
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It's sad that everyone feels they have to start Christmas and birthday hauls like this but in no way am I showing off with the presents I received for my birthday this year; I have decided to show you because I feel you may be interested in what I got. 
On a happier note, I'm now 16! Not being a big lover of birthdays, I found it weird how excited I found myself the days leading up to my birthday- I think it was because of the realization I can finally buy a scratch card!
Being on Friday, I wasn't up for big celebrations and neither was my exhausted mum and dad but they invited a few friends down and I joined them after I'd had my bath which I'd been looking forward to all week- especially after we had circuit training that day and I also had the pleasure of witnessing a women give birth in science (I hope these aren't signs!). Mum had bought Caterpillar cake (at my request) and so we got stuck into that aswell. I also had the lovely surprise the next morning of pancakes for breakfast!
But anyway, onto the presents!

Cath Kidston 'Notting Hill' Make up bag: This was something I've been after for a while now and it was the perfect present to add to my list for my birthday. When I did open it, I was actually surprised to see it was blue as I was expecting white but I actually prefer the blue as I haven't seen many people with this version before. If you want to see a What's in my make up bag, feel free to let me know!

Heated Owl: I actually already had one of these that I'd been using over the past few days in the mornings when I'm waiting in the freezing cold for the bus to come to take me to school. Over those days, I started to notice the lavender smell had started to fade and was replaced with the smell of burnt rice so a new one has come along at just the right time and looking at how the whether is going,I'll be getting a lot of use out of it I'm sure.

Topshop Socks and Make up Bag: I think it's a make up bag but it's the perfect size for my pencil case for school and I really love it along with the cute frilly socks. I've owned a pair of the ever so talked about Topshop socks so this will be a first!

Rainbow Rowell books: As you can probably tell, they aren't featured in the photo but is just small print outs of the book covers. A note came with them saying they were on there way and I can't wait to read them and, of course, review them! I can't wait to read both of these as as I'e gone off an a more dystopian novel route; reading The Hunger Games and Divergent and I want to go back to my contemporary novels for a while and I think these are the perfect book to get me back into them!

James Blake Album: This is an album that's interested me for a while now as his sound is so chilled and unique (similar to the xx I guess) and in fact I'm listening to it for the first time as I write this post. This is an album that would be perfect for the bath or just having a chill, writing blog posts!

David Walliams Audio books: I know what you may be thinking; these books are slightly too young for me, I know but I read my first David Walliams book 'The Boy In The Dress' when I was 12 and I love it and I've read Billionaire boy as well so how could I not read the rest of his. They may be aimed at young people but anyone could read them and not be able to contain their laughter in some parts. I can't wait to listen to these and maybe even read along with them.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: Saving the best till last; this was by far my favourite present as it's just perfection! Yes, the coloured aren't the most excited but they are still great for every day use and for base colours and travelling! I am so happy I got this palette and I know I'm going to absolutely love it!

So that's what I got for my birthday. Let me know if you've got/read/listened any of the things I've mentioned your self!
Hope you're doing great,
Yesterday (Saturday), I headed into town to spend a bit of my birthday money (birthday haul tomorrow) and I was going to include these things in my birthday haul but I thought I'd split it up so you could have a post this weekend!

Unbelievable! The Bizarre World Of Coincidence:  We have this local shop called The Works which is just like a WH Smiths that is full of amazing offers and every so often They have an 'Everything Must Go!' so I picked up this book on a whim. It contains stories of surprise surprise, coincidences for example one of the stories is about a man who catches the same baby falling out a window exactly one year apart. It just interested me and at only £2.99 I thought it was a steal.

The Complete Digital Photo Manual: This was another book I picked up from The Works and I'e been looking for a book like this but they've always been so expensive but this one had been reduced from £17 to £6 so I thought it would be perfect as I'm wanting to improve my photographic abilities this year and I'm sure this book will be very helpful!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in C1: This was the lightest shade they had and it's perfect for me! I've been eyeing it up for ages and I made a promise that I would buy it as soon as my birthday was over as I'm scraping the last bits of my normal foundation. I thought this foundation may be a little too light or too pink but, I've tried it out once and it seems to be great. Let me know if you want a full review!

Collection Fast Stroke Black Eyeliner: This another product I've been eyeing up for a while and at £2.99 and some money left on a boots gift card. I thought I'd try it out as I've always been an anti-eyeliner person as I have quite hooded eyelids and you can never really the eye shadow that I apply with the eyeliner; but I feel, as it's a new year, I'll give it another chance to win my heart!

Collection Longer Lash Mascara: I saw Nick using this in a Pixiwoo video and the change in her lashes were ridiculously massive; I thought I would try it out myself as I love my Avon Extend Mascara and I fancied an alternative. This mascara is a weird one for me- it applies quite strangely as it doesn't really catch my lashes in between the bristles like other mascaras do and you don't feel as if there will be a difference but there is as my lashes extend amazingly well and think I will grow to love it.

Sleek 'Garden Of Eden' Palette: I've been looking forward to getting my hands on this new release since before Christmas when I was on the look out for some green eye shadows. I was on the verge of spending my pennies on the green coloured smokey eye set from Bourjois but now I'm so gad I held on that little bit longer and got my hands on this palette. I'm going to have endless amounts of fun with the endless combinations of colours with this palette. As normal, if you would like a full review and swatches let me know!

If there's anything mentioned that you would like to here more on leave your questions in the comments or ask me if you're wanting full reviews as I'd be happy too!
Hope you're doing great ,
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I'm starting this post with something completely unrelated but it's my birthday tomorrow and I can't believe I'll be 16! Expect a birthday haul on Monday of course!

Even though it doesn't feel like winter as I'm still yet to have to wear a hat and scarf outside, my skin is still suffering from this weather and it doesn't seem to have been getting enough moisture without the help of a few products so here's some of the moisturising products I've been to tackle the winter dry skin.

 Do I really need to explain to you and tell you that I have chosen the obvious Soap & Glory Hand Food. This stuff is amazing and I have proof! My friend suffers from severe dry skin on her hands and arms and see found it hard to eliminate this dry skin as most moisturisers are scented but she tried this one and, even though it's scented amazingly, it didn't cause her any discomfort and her dry skin nearly disappeared completely 

 I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I never use to you conditioner as I found it made my hair greasy and weighed it down a lot but recently I've been using this Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner with just any other shampoo. If you're wanting a moisturising shampoo, the Treseme shampoo for dry hair worked amazingly for me!

When I saw GlitterAlittle use the Garnier Moisture Match Moisuriser for Dry Skin in a lot of her YouTube videos and when my skin hit dry rock bottom, I decided to buy this. I've got to say it doesn't fit my skin type completely and so leaves my skin l feeling a little greasy but applying this before I go to bed means most of the left over product sinks into my skin overnight and is not greasy in the morning but nice and smooth.

 Any lip product works great for me and recently I've been grabbing my Baby Lips in 'Hydrate'. It works fine and I really like it but after a while I find the smell goes a little funny. Am I he only one who thinks this? I'm wanting to try the intensive care Baby Lips so if you have used this could you let e know if you like it maybe!

 I have two products for this starting with the Nivea In-Shower body Moistursier; I've mentioned this before as it's great when it's cold and don't want to have to stand in the cold while you're doing an all over body moisturise when you can do it the warmth of your shower. I've also included this Body Shop Body Butter which I've been loving as it smells amazing as well as being an amazing body butter. It also sinks into my skin surprisingly quick seeing as I find the product quite thick but I really do love this!

I hope you enjoyed this post and do you have any great moisturising recommendations?
Hope you're doing great,

1. Who are your most influential bloggers? Who are the ones I rely on for reviews and swatches?
There's obvious a few but for recommendations it has to be Brogantatexo. Sadly she dosn't post as much as she used to but when she was, her recommendations were perfect for me seeing we seem to have a similar skin type. For amazing reviews and swatches it has to be Milkteef; her reviews are always clear and so are the swatches but seeing as she tends to post mainly high end products, I drift towards Lilly Melrose's reviews for some drugstore products.

2. Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers or do you look for reviews if others?
I have to say I do check a few different reviews if I'm not 100% convinced the product is right for me but quite a lot of the time, if i see the product in stores and remember a blogger writing about it, I often just bite the bullet and buy it!

3. What is your favourite item you have bought as a consequence of blogs?
There is quite a lot  as I do find most beauty buying ideas from the blogging world but probably seeing the amount of people talk about Mac Fix+ when I first joined the blogger world made me really want to buy it. I did write a full blog post a while back which you can read here.

4. What is your least favourite you have bought as a consequence of blogs?
Probably my Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon as I saw the hype carry on for so long and I ended up caving in. The colour I chose didn't suit me and the consistency isn't the kind I go for- it has a glossy finish and seeing as I'm more of a lipstick person, I'm not that keen. I have already mentioned this in products I regret buying which you can find here.

5. What are some items you recently bought because of blogs?
The latest was probably Maybelline The Rocket Volume Mascara which I picked up just a week ago. I'm still not sure whether I like it or not as I can never tell when a mascara is brand new but we'll see. Also a Revlon Lip Butter in #001 Pink Truffle; I have a love hate relationship with these as, like I said, I'm not a glossy finish fan and also the price you pay for such little product is ridiculous. I would never have drifted towards the baby lips lip balms from Maybelline if t wasn't for the endless blog post and I absolutely love my lip balm in Cherry Me. Finally the Tangle Teezer hype was another that I'm so happy I decided to purchase one of my own.

6. Have you ever given in to a blogger hype?
The question above seems to really answer this question but I have to mention the Barry M Gelly shine nail varnishes which I was sucked into soon enough and I absolutely love them!

7. Have you ever avoided a Blogger hype?
I'd say any hype with higher end products from brands such as Mac and Nars as I'm not one to splurge on make-up but he biggest is probably Bioderma that everyone seems to love but I just stick with my L'oreal dupe!

8. Is everything ou buy based of blogger reviews or are there sometimes you buy without checking reviews?
If I know what I'm looking for before i go shopping and it something that may effect my skin or such, I will read a review or two but if something catches my eye when I'm out I'll just pick it up without reading a review or if it's on offer!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I'm going to tag you all!
Hope you're ok, 
So this is my first 'Weekend Special' posts. These won't be every weekend but may go up if there's something small that I'd like to share with you as a little extra just like this haul!Since Christmas, I've done a little bit of shopping; I sadly didn't manage to get to the Boxing Day sales so it's not a massive haul but I've got a few little bits that I would feel like I'm betraying you if I don't share my purchases! So here is the few little things I've bought recently.

The only thing I bought from boots was the Soap & Glory Hand Food (£2.50). I actually bought 3 of thee just to take advantage of the 3 for 2 and I know I'll use it up!

When buying beauty products and I can get them from Superdrug because either they are the same price or cheaper there and also, I feel, they have a lot more choice of brands at Superdrug but anyway the reason I went in to Superdrug was to get a few bits for a post but also I wanted to try out a new mascara.
Seeing as so many people seem to love it, I thought I would try the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara (£7.99). I'm not too sure whether I like it yet; it takes me a while to get used to a mascara so we'll see!
The next thing I got was the Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Hydrate'(£2.99). I have already have the Baby Lips in 'Cherry Me' but I thought I'd try a new one.
I also bought the Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser (£2.98) as my dry skin has got worse as we've got more into winter. I see GlitterALittle rave about this a lot being her favourite moisturiser so I thought I'd give it a go!
Last thing I bought from Superdrug was the Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner (£2.99) as I thought, as small beauty resolution, it would be better for my hair to actually condition at least the ends of my hair to keep my healthy so I picked up one that I've heard good things about and I thought, as a starter, I would just pick up the travel sized bottle.

The Body Shop.
When I was down in Essex for the New Year and when we had a day shopping, we went into the Body Shop where I'm not a regular customer but I love their products and I couldn't resist when there was some offer like buy 4 items and get 40% so me and my mum went a little crazy. I bought a gift set for £5 which was the Mango butter butter and lip balm. I used to have the Grapefruit lip balm and I loved it so I thought I'd get that. I then bought two shower gels- a passion fruit one and a papaya. We are big fans of the body shops in our house and always have one of the mega sized shower gel bottles in the showers but I saw these two and they smelt like the amazing tropical smelling shower gels that I love so of course I bought these!

I was in desperate need of a new purse as I've had one from New Look since I was about 12 and I still love it but it was time for a change and I thought this purse from Asos (£15) would invite a little colour into my handbag. I'm keeping this short as I've got a What's in My Bag post coming up in the next month so include more information and pictures in there.
I also have been wanting some above the knuckle rings and when these were £5 for I thought it was a steal. Unfortunately though they aren't above the knuckle as they'd old out of the small sized ones. However, I love them all the same as they sit comfortably just under more knuckle and I know I'll be getting a lot of wear out of them.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you're doing great,

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It's probably becoming slightly boring to see my posts about New year at this point with post over the last few weeks have been purely based on my 2013 favourites and I'm finally thinking to the future and I'm now going to quickly summarise some of my resolutions in the blogging world and also just personal ones so I hope you enjoy!

1. Plan ahead! 
This refers to blogging and personal life.It's coming up to the end of year 11; the last year of high school and the time when my GCSEs take place so I'm going to plan ahead with revision times so I make sure I use my time wisely! Blog wise; many times I've left doing a blog post to a night or two before I'm scheduled to so I think maybe putting a little more effort into planning ahead will possibly make my life a lot easier as well as improving my blog. Still being at school, when I receive a diary as a Christmas or birthday present I tend to not use it but when I got a cute Cath Kidston one for Christmas I thought it would be perfect to plan blog posts.

2. Schedule.
This one is very similar to the last as I'm going to try and schedule revision times as well as trying to keep a strict blog post schedule. I have set up a survey which, if you don't mind, can take here. One of the questions is which posts would you like me to post on and I think I'll be posting Mondays and Thursdays and maybe the odd unscheduled post on a weekend but those days will be set for the time being and if they do change I'll be sure to let you know!

3. Be Healthier.
This is a very cliche resolution but I say it every year and it's one I try my best to uphold but this year I've decided to push my self a little further with its.I'm not the most unhealthy person but I'm a fan of the odd bit of chocolate. I take my own lunch to school so it is a lot easier to have a healthier lunch and so are not sucked in by calorie loving food that is served in a canteen. I would class my lunch as healthy any way; being made up of a chicken salad, an apple, maybe some carrot sticks and a cheeky chocolate biscuit but I being healthy does include exercise. I class P.E lessons as a healthy advantage to help you with your fitness for free. In our school when you reach year 11 you get to choose which sport you do and each day you have PE so for example I have PE on Tuesdays and I do handball,  basketball on Thursday and Hockey on Friday. As well as trying to raise my fitness through school, I will be definitely looking for some help from Blogilates so I can do some excercise from the comfort of my own home without being embarrassed of people surrounding you like you would be at the gym.

4. Put Myself out there.
I'm forever hiding away in a corner; staying in at dinners just to read a book or to do a bit of work which is all good but I should try a little bit at least to be a bit more sociable. I also want to try and be a little more confident with myself and not hide in the shadows of others.

5. Do more what I love.
This is referring to my love of writing and reading. These tend to suffer especially when it comes to my exams and they have always been my little escape but I don't manage to escape for long when my heads being overloaded with homework. I have been wanting to write a story, at least a short one, for a while now and I've never to either get my ideas down on paper or being able to think of a clear story line so I'm going to try my best this year to at least star a story that I'm proud with!

6. Sleep more.
My sleeping pattern is awful and it's just making my school life even harder because I'm so tired I just want to curl up and fall asleep on the desk. I think it would benefit as well as the people around as I won't be as tired, resulting in my being a lot less grumpy!

I'm going to keep this posts down to 6 but there are loads of little things that I would love to accomplish or do better in 2014 for the sake of myself and others!

What are some of your new years resolutions?

hope you're ok ,
This much more of a personal post so I can understand if you're aren't as interested as you are in some of my other posts but please at least read the end of the post!

This year started off well with my Birthday on January 24th followed by a my first concert of 2013 the day after where I went to watch Two Door Cinema Club at the O2 Apollo in Manchester. It seems like years ago since this happened but I still remember it! Sadly, we were sitting and it was far back but the great thing about the Apollo is that no matter how far back your seats are still great and seeing as though half of ou rrow was empty we moved up and down the row to get the best views. It was a great way to set off 2013!

A few weeks before we were due to finish for summer, I and a bunch of others from my year, were called into the Headteacher's office at school. I had no idea why at all and I soon found out I was given the role as deputy head girl when we came back after summer. It was such a shock that I had been chosen as I thought I was just one of those students that got on with their work and blended into the background. It wasn't the fact that I was given the job as Deputy Head girl but the fact that I had been notice; the biggest shock was that the head teacher actually knew my name!

Also, before I finished for Summer, I was going to see Lewis Watson which I've done a full post on a while back. It was the one thing I was really looking forward to this year and it didn't disappoint! It was also one of the first posts I wrote on this blog and did I think that I would be carrying on this blogging business still now?no!

Time flew by and soon enough, it was summer. I did a whole summer post a while back so I won't go into it but the day we went to Knowsley Safari Park was amazing! Seeing all those meerkats and being able to get some amazing photos of the animals!

After summer, we arrived back at school as year 11- the last year of high school and I don't think any of us expected the shock that we got as work was chucked at us along with stress and a whole lot of pressure. I still have an unpublished post where I went on about how stressed and unprepared I, along with many others, were for year 11 and so this period of stress is a memory of 2013 but just not a good one so I won't try and dwell on this!

This more of a strange accomplishment for a girl of my age and quite sad but  in November I went to my first high school party; it was an experience and a half but I enjoyed myself none the less.

Months past and the stress just grew and grew. Mock weeks arrived and I was panicking. From the sounds of it, I'd revised more than most but I don't if that paid off until I go back in the new year while we're allowed out results.
When Mock week ended- that Friday I headed off with school to the Clothes Show where, What a surprise, I've already done a post on! All the way there and the way back I slept; these mocks had really taken it out of me!

So it was now the run up till Christmas and school work in some subjects died down where as others continued but the workload wasn't as bad and just enough that I could handle. This year ended well with the Andy Jordan concert , of course there's already a post! This was the perfect ending memory to 2013.

Of course there was more memories- small ones where I couldn't stop laughing or crying. When I've felt lonely or have never felt better surrounded with friends. This year has flown by and I'm prepared for the continued pressures of school in the new year. One thing I'm so happy about is how my blog as grown over the past year. Yes, it's not grown insanely quick and looking back I haven't been blogging regularly till the last few months of this year but those few of you who follow my blog and leave the odd comment are the ones that make me want to continue blogging. I want to thank you so much and I'm going to show you how grateful I am with your comments by bringing you lots of new content during 2014 and hopefully it will be a great year!

Hope you're all doing great, 

I've been loving a lot more that beauty and skincare things throughout 2013 so I thought I'd compile it all down into this post! If you notice with my others, I have just going off each product but with some of the following there's more than one such as I've been loving more than one film this year so I'm going to try and catergorise them. That probably made no sense to you so let's just go with it!

Of course 'Where Things Come Back' has to be in there after it becoming one of my all time favourite books (mentioned here). I also enjoyed reading Ketchup Clouds and The Five People You Meet In Heaven which I've mentioned in a post here; also Looking For Alaska surprised me with the story line and I have to include it!(full review here).

This year I discovered an obsession with James Bond and Batman: The Dark Night which we some of my go to films. The Perks of Being A Wallflower was released onto DVD at either the end of 2012 or the start of 2013 but I didn't see it until 2013 when my friends got it for me in January for my Birthday. It's one of those films I can watch whenever! Finally; Evolution. This is more of an all time favourite than anything else because I've loved this film for years but this film comes with memories when a certain scene, that isn't even that funny, comes on and me and my sister end up in fits of giggles. It such a good film that includes some hilarious moments and I definitely recommend you watching it!

The long awaited Bastille Album came to my door step in March with a special signed copy. I'd been a fan of Bastille a year prior to the Album being released and I still love them with me planning to see them in February of this year. Lewis Watson has to be in here aswell as I can listen to him non stop all them time. The only one that properly stand out to ones that have been newly realeased this year as I haven't bought many new CDs over the passed year- since last Christmas and since HMV sadly shut down.

My Dr Martens have to be including as I've worn them everyday for the past year and a bit- wearing them all the way through year 10 at school and still wearing them now in year 11 and they're still going strong! I couldn't not include them as they've been my best friend over this past year!

Nail Varnish
I never know whether to class nail varnish as beauty so I thought I would just include it in this post but two nail varnishes that I have loved has been the Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Varnish in Blueberry which I've worn non-stop since the collection came out it in the drugstore. The colour isn't one you'd see everyday in a nail varnish collection and for the price it is, it's amazing quality! I have to include this Maybelline Forever Stong Pro in Lilac Charm one which I got in one of those bargain buckets in Tesco and this has to be one of the nicest colours I own as it's such a nice summery pastel. I haven't worn this in a while, however, because I don't want it to run out if I can't find a replacement! But I did wear this in the first half the year non stop and I still love it!

It was about a year ago when I purchased this Ralph Lauren #2 perfume on the way back from France on a whim when I was on my way back with all the money I went with still with me and I 'm so glad I did. I've nearly finished my second bottle and when wearing it daily and get compliments from people at school. I'm not even going to try and describe the fragrance so if you're curious just go and give it a sniff in the shop! Especially when my Vera Wang ran out, this kept me going and I've loved all throughout this year!

Hair care
Finally, how could I not include my beloved Tangle Teezer. Before this year, doing my hair was such a chore trying to break through knot after knot but with this beauty, that has changed dramatically and now I can't stop brushing my hair! If you take one recommendation from these past favourite posts, it is the Tangle Teezer.

So that's it! All that's left to do is my yearly round up of some of my favourite memories of 2013 and then it will be time to stop thinking of the past and more about the future(oh, how cheesy!)
What have you been loving this past year?
Hope you're ok, 

One of my main resolutions for 2014 is to make my blog the best I can and so I hope I can have a little bit of help from you! I know I don't have many followers at all for this blog but the few I do are great so I'm hoping you can help me!
I've been having trouble working out which blog posts you prefer or what days are best to post as ,as you might  be able to tell, I try to post at least once on the weekends but this hasn't really happened. Once I've got a structured schedule I'll find it easier to schedule posts which I know might be cheating but I do need to focus on my exams but I don't want my blog to suffer so I want to try and schedule as many posts as possible. 
I do realise that most bloggers post more frequently than once a week but I sadly can't post more than twice a week otherwise I'll be out of ideas in no time and I'll be struggling to fit in time between studying to fit in writing more blog posts. 

I thought instead of having you write in the comments, I would try and more structured approach in my efforts to become more structured this year in the forms of an online survey.

The link to it is here and I really would appreciate your thoughts! I know it's a boring post but hopefully one boring one means lot more exciting ones!

Hope you're all doing ok, 

It's been a while since I've done a full review on anything and when I was given the Lush Lip Scrub for Christmas I just couldn't leave it without doing a little review. This has been something I've been wanting for years as my lips have always been in bad condition but I don't really have a Lush close to home and always forget when I'm in Manchester City Centre- so it was certain item on my Christmas list. 
Of course, I was drawn to the bubblegum one when I was asked by my friend which one I wanted as it smelled so sweet! 

This is probably such an overpriced product with it being a bit of sugar and oil that you could make yourself but why waste your time when it's right there, neatly, in a nice pot!
It isn't really a product you can use out and about as it will just look like you haven't wiped the sugar from your doughnut off from around your mouth but applying this just before I go to bed and some lip balm on top , seems to be enough to last my lips nicely for the whole day and only needing lip balm during.
It's safe to say that this works and nothing much more too say other than it does what it says and removes the dead skin from your lips and helps the dry skin too- it's just like a face scrub for your lips! It has such a nice flavoring to it that makes you want to smother your lip in it! The only criticism is isn't sugar bad for your teeth? Either way, this product has quickly become a staple and a lip savior as it leaves my lips feeling soft, moisturized and in an overall healthy condition!It's great especially for this time of year when it's cold and your skin seems to be more drying.

This is a quick review but I hope you enjoyed it. Have you tried the Lip scrub or do you know any other good dupes for this? Also, let me know if there's anything else you would like me to review ad if you enjoy these posts!

Hope you're ok, 

This probably going to be one of the shortest post of the ones I have planned in my Best Of 2013 as it hasn't been until the last part of this year that I've started to pay more attention to my skins and what is best for it so here we go!

L'oreal Micellar Solution 
When this came up in the blogging world as being similar to Bioderma, I jumped at the chance to buy and I haven't shut up about it since! Before using this I just used make-up wipes but this is so much better for my skin and I can tell. I have already done, a while back, a full review which you can read here. I promise next year that I will try my best to stop talking about this!

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Scrub
Before this, I'd always used quite a harsh exfoliator every once  a week or something but this is not as abbrasive and I really did see results from day one. A lot of the Neutrogena products like their many daily washes never worked for me but this really done and making my pores seem visibly small and my skin is left so smooth! I bought this a few months ago and I loved it straight away!

Good Things Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser
Again, I've spoke about this before on many occasions but this has been a staple form 2013. It has no exfoliating beads or anything along those lines but still manages to leave my skin silky smooth and well cleansed. My spots haven't been that bad this year- I always have a few but not as bad as they used to be. However, I still have had the odd manaic breakout and this has always really helped!

Savlon Antisceptic Cream
This may seem a little weird to I guess but this stuff is amazing. Up until last month, I used it on spots when I was getting desperate but it has now become a big part of my everyday skincare routine- using it before my moisturiser to help lock in a little extra moisture in places that are the most dry but most of the time, I just apply it all over my face to help my spots aswell. Because it is so thick you hardly need much for your whole face so it lasts for ages! This is a serious must have!

So this was just a quick one like I said but next will be mostly everything else such as books, films, music etc.

What has been your favourite skincare products this year and do you agree with my opinions on the above products?
Hope you're ok,