The Best Of 2013: My Memories

13 Jan 2014

This much more of a personal post so I can understand if you're aren't as interested as you are in some of my other posts but please at least read the end of the post!

This year started off well with my Birthday on January 24th followed by a my first concert of 2013 the day after where I went to watch Two Door Cinema Club at the O2 Apollo in Manchester. It seems like years ago since this happened but I still remember it! Sadly, we were sitting and it was far back but the great thing about the Apollo is that no matter how far back your seats are still great and seeing as though half of ou rrow was empty we moved up and down the row to get the best views. It was a great way to set off 2013!

A few weeks before we were due to finish for summer, I and a bunch of others from my year, were called into the Headteacher's office at school. I had no idea why at all and I soon found out I was given the role as deputy head girl when we came back after summer. It was such a shock that I had been chosen as I thought I was just one of those students that got on with their work and blended into the background. It wasn't the fact that I was given the job as Deputy Head girl but the fact that I had been notice; the biggest shock was that the head teacher actually knew my name!

Also, before I finished for Summer, I was going to see Lewis Watson which I've done a full post on a while back. It was the one thing I was really looking forward to this year and it didn't disappoint! It was also one of the first posts I wrote on this blog and did I think that I would be carrying on this blogging business still now?no!

Time flew by and soon enough, it was summer. I did a whole summer post a while back so I won't go into it but the day we went to Knowsley Safari Park was amazing! Seeing all those meerkats and being able to get some amazing photos of the animals!

After summer, we arrived back at school as year 11- the last year of high school and I don't think any of us expected the shock that we got as work was chucked at us along with stress and a whole lot of pressure. I still have an unpublished post where I went on about how stressed and unprepared I, along with many others, were for year 11 and so this period of stress is a memory of 2013 but just not a good one so I won't try and dwell on this!

This more of a strange accomplishment for a girl of my age and quite sad but  in November I went to my first high school party; it was an experience and a half but I enjoyed myself none the less.

Months past and the stress just grew and grew. Mock weeks arrived and I was panicking. From the sounds of it, I'd revised more than most but I don't if that paid off until I go back in the new year while we're allowed out results.
When Mock week ended- that Friday I headed off with school to the Clothes Show where, What a surprise, I've already done a post on! All the way there and the way back I slept; these mocks had really taken it out of me!

So it was now the run up till Christmas and school work in some subjects died down where as others continued but the workload wasn't as bad and just enough that I could handle. This year ended well with the Andy Jordan concert , of course there's already a post! This was the perfect ending memory to 2013.

Of course there was more memories- small ones where I couldn't stop laughing or crying. When I've felt lonely or have never felt better surrounded with friends. This year has flown by and I'm prepared for the continued pressures of school in the new year. One thing I'm so happy about is how my blog as grown over the past year. Yes, it's not grown insanely quick and looking back I haven't been blogging regularly till the last few months of this year but those few of you who follow my blog and leave the odd comment are the ones that make me want to continue blogging. I want to thank you so much and I'm going to show you how grateful I am with your comments by bringing you lots of new content during 2014 and hopefully it will be a great year!

Hope you're all doing great, 

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