I started college after leaving high school back in September and when I left school I thought great! I'd have so much more time to blog! I couldn't be more wrong. The subjects are so demanding and I hardly managed to pull together two posts a week because I struggle to even think of next weeks ideas. I know I'm not on my own and there are many of my readers who go to school/college as well as blogging so I thought I would share a few tips that help me try and get all my college work done as well as blog posts.

Be A Time Management Master. I've ever been that bad with time management and I've always made sure I made time for everything but I've found writing numerous to do lists really does help. I also have to prioritise. If I have an assignment due in a few days and I only need a blog post for the next week, of course I will get the assignment done and out of the way. Taking one task at a time and not trying to get everything done all at once means that I can get things done to an acceptable standard and I don't end up wasting time having to re do something.

Schedule. I always mention that I write my posts at the weekend and schedule them for the following week but this really does hep because I'm not worrying during the week that I have all this work as well as needing to write up a post or take some photos. If it's all done at the weekend I don't need to worry about it.

An Idea Bank. Every weekend I try and take sometime to just sit down with a pen and my notebook and think of some ideas; some that I might not be able to use straight away but I could use in the future. Soon I'll have a lot of ideas that I can use when I can't think of anything for that week and you are not left post less during the week.

Don't Stress. Know your limits; know when to step back and take a break from both the workload and your blog. Taking on too much can be something I'd suggest not doing if you're already struggling to juggle a blog and college. If you're posting daily and having to go to school everyday I'd take the time to think if the stress really is worth it; don't make it too demanding because I always have to remember that this is a hobby and something I should be enjoying as a relief from my work.

There are just a few things I try and do to help me juggle and a blog and being a student and I hope they may help some of you too!
Hope you're doing great,

Recently my blog has been lacking substance. When writing my posts I don't feel as passionate as I used to and every weekend when I come to write my posts for the following Monday and Thursday I'm often stuck these days in thinking of posts that not only I will enjoy but you as well. I thought to give myself a bit of help and maybe yourself, I thought I would give you some ways to get inspired!
  • Always carry a notebook; you never know when you'll have a stroke of inspiration!
  • Try free writing. Just sit and write and see where it gos.
  • Quit Beating yourself up! It happens to everyone.
  • Take Breaks. Don't force it and let the ideas flow naturally.
  • Take Risks. Don't stick to your comfort zone and explore new aspects to blogging.
  • Go Somewhere New. It may bring you new inspiration as well as another blog post!
  • Collaborate. Just because you're uninspired doesn't mean everyone else is so maybe someone can help you.
  • Watch a documentary
  • Re-read your favourite book
  • drink tea
  • sing in the shower
  • have fun 
  • distract yourself. Put it to the back of your mind and suddenly an idea could pop out form no where!
This is just a quick post with tips but I am unfortunately feeling very uninspired recently when it comes to my blog and I some times feel a little lost into what you want me to post as well as what I want to post as well. Hopefully I'll be feeling inspired again soon and maybe you could give me some ways you stay inspired.

How do you stay inspired?
Hope you're doing great,

We tiptoe around the subject of depression and suicide all too much. I understand it's not a topic to discuss at the dinner or talk about on an everyday basis because it is a sensitive subject. However, because of this many don't know what to say or do to help a friend or a member of family through a difficult time like this. It could be that you just found out that someone close to you has been self harming or feeling low or maybe they were brave enough to come out and tell you but either way you still might not know what to do or how to act so I thought I would give you a bit of advice on giving advice yourself to someone you want t help. I'm no way trained to be giving this advice and the ideas I give may not work on certain people but I hope this might help one of you now or in the future.

In The Beginning.
If someone close to you tells you about what they've been going through, no matter how touch feely your relationship is hug them because they'll probably need it. Having said that, a lot of people don't want to tell people because they don't want things to change so maybe don't hug them if it's a dramatic difference to what you would usually do. If you feel yourself hugging is the wrong way to go just say that you will be there for them 24/7 whenever they need someone for something big or small. If they want to get out of the house for an hour you're there or if they want to be left alone the that's fine too.

They are some things I would personally avoid saying or something along these lines:
"You'l get over it"
"People have it worse"
"I went through the same thing last week when I lost my phone"

Saying these things will probably cause them to wish they hadn't told you and may actually make the situation worse.

Giving Advice.
They might ask you what they should do or you may want to help them yourself slightly to just be a good friend. I don't suggest printing off pages of research on depression or telling them to go see a therapist. I also wouldn't force them to tell an adult, whether it's a parent or teacher, unless you feel things aren't improving and you can tell things are getting worse.
One thing I would suggest them doing is keeping busy and distracting themselves. Keep busy will help them forget about those bad thoughts even if it is for half an hour. You can help with this by taking them shopping, for a coffee, to the cinema etc. Suggest for them to pick up a new hobby; baking's a good one or even knitting.

Something else I would suggest is that you could do is ask them if they keep a diary. If they don't maybe suggest it because it's a good way to let all your thoughts out because their might be things they still don't want to tell you. It will help them get it off their chest without telling a physical being.

Opening Up.
This is something I would not force at all because they will tell you when they're ready but all you can do for this to happen is to listen and when I say listen I mean listen. Your friend may give away little hints to why she's feeling bad just in everyday conversations. This can help you realise what makes your friend feel the way she does and hopefully will help you help your friend.

Be Careful.
Everything around mental illness' have to be done with care. It's not something that with you help will dispensary overnight. You have to be patient and help your friend for as long as they need. Don't make any drastic changes to your relationship because they will probably pick up on it and hate it. If you act like you feel sorry for them they'll feel you'r treating them like a younger sister and not a friend and hate it. Treat them the same and just make sure you're there for them. Don't expect them to give you all the answers or any at all about how they're feeling or how it started because quite often, they won't know themselves.

The best thing you do is there for them and make sure they know you're there.
I hope this helps and that you enjoyed reading this post.
Hope you're doing great,

Tags are something I love to do but I always find it hard to find one I like or that I think would interest you. When I saw a fellow blogger answered these questions I thought I would get back in to tags and answer the questions!

1. Which product do you keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection already?
I have to saw I buy more of most products that I really need but, for me, it's probably lipsticks. I tend to buy one lipstick and fall in love in the colour and buy another that I love without realising they're basically the same colour. I also seem to always buy more foundations because I've never found the perfect foundation for myself so I keep trying new ones. 

2.What's one product you couldn't live without?
Probably foundation. I have lots of redness, spots and scars that need covering up and I think I'd rather have what seems to be a flawless complexion over long lashes or perfect brows. 

3. Favourite make up brand?
This one question I've been trying to answer for years but if I'm going off what brand I own the most products of it'll have to be L'oreal. They always seem to deliver and always have more to offer that I want to try. At the moment, I'm really wanting to try their green CC cream for redness r their new eye shadow palette.

4. How big is your make up collection?
I feel mine is smaller than most bloggers but it is by no means small; I have more than what is necessary which includes products that I hardly use. 

5. And how do you store it? 
The cliche blogger way; in muji acrylic storage. I also keep some in draws as well as some baskets. I did a post a little while back about how I store my make up. It has changed slightly since then but it might give you a better idea if you're interested!

6. How many item of make up do you have in your bag at the moment?
I have to say, I'm not one to take make up out with me and I just leave it to ware off because I can never be bothered to touch up- not even my lipstick. Even if I did take it out with me, I'd put it right back where it belongs almost as soon as I get home. So, at the moment all I have in my bag is  lip balm and that's it!

7. If you could raid another bloggers stash who would it be?
It's a toss up between Kate from gh0stparties, Estee from Essie Button and Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeUp all of which are amazing bloggers and have been around for a while to have built up a great collection so I would love to just delve into the depths of their beauty draws to see everything they have!

8. How long does your usual make up routine take and how many products do you use?
I'm pretty fast at applying my daily face so about 10-15 minutes every morning. I use most products on an everyday basis maybe skipping eye shadow and primer so I use about 8 products every day!

9. Have you ever bough make up knowing you wouldn't use it?
I have to admit, this happens quite often. Most recently it's been the Make Up Revolution blush palette. I'm not a massive blush person and the colours weren't really my cup of tea but I stupidly picked it up anyway because I thought it would be a good palette to have. While I have used, I haven't used it as much as I should. I do take the fact I can buy this for granted and I should really consider purchases a lot more than I do.

So that's the Make Up Addict Tag done and I tag all of you!
Hope you're doing great,

It's been a while since I've posted any DIY post so I'm back with a quick and easy Harry Potter phone sleeve. For this all you will need is:
  • A selection of felt: yellow, red, skin coloured and black.
  • Fabric scissors or normal scissors
  • All purpose glue.
It's such a simple DIY it doesn't really need me to say much. I started by folding my skin coloured fabric in half and then placed the bottom of my phone on the fold before drawing round it. I then added a centimeter on that all the way round so there was move for it to move as well as room to glue the sides down which was what I did next.
Once the sides were glued(except the top) I stuck down the front and back hair followed by the glasses and scar. I then cut off any excess around the edges before moving on to the scarf. I cut small squares and alternated the colours as I stuck them down at the bottom of the case of either side and, again, trimmed off the excess. I left it for 15 minutes to let the glue dry before putting my phone in and that was all there is! If you wanted to give it a more professional look and you had some more time you could hand sew around the edges of the case to keep everything in place that was but using the glue makes this a nice quick project and one you can make for friends and family who are big fans of Harry Potter!

I hope you liked this DIY. Would you like to see more DIY posts on my blog?
Hope you're doing great,

It was not so long ago that everything about my skin confused me. How could I have acne prone skin(which usually means oily skin) and then suffer from dry skin? It was a few months ago that I thought it was about time I did my research and what I found explains everything and has helped me a lot as I found didn't have dry skin but had dehydrated skin. Many, just like I did, think these are just the same things but while dry skin is a skin type, dehydrated skin is a skin condition and is why you can have oily skin as well as dehydrated.

The lucky thing about dehydrated skin is an easier puzzle to solve than if you have dry skin as this is to do with the moisture levels in your skin being too low and can be caused by sun damage or exposure to water where as dehydrated skin can most commonly be caused by the products used. Over the last few months, I've been trying to help my dehydrated skin in a hope that it will one day no longer be a problem.

Water: A common reason for dehydrated skin is lack of hydration so in all skin cases, drinking lots of water is very helpful and while I can't lie and say I stick to this, I do think it really helps my skin when I do drink water. It can be hard to want to drink water as it's pretty boring but adding some fruit such as lemon or mint can help add something to the flavor so it's not as boring. Also by carrying a refillable bottle around with you can help you want to drink more water and might encourage you to do so.

What are you putting on your face? I think a big problem for me was the actual products I was using on my face.Many of my products catered to oily skin which often contain ingredients that dry out the skin and may be too aggressive on the skin. Also, products containing alcohol can lead to irritation so I make sure I by alcohol free products. Getting dehydrated skin can also be a blessing in disguise as it can be indicating to you that you need to take it back to basics instead of layering all these lotions and potions on to your face.

Moisturisers: Something I'm now a lot more careful with is moisturiser; before I thought I'd need the thickest moisturiser and while I still like to use one every so often, I now know it can lead to more problems in the form of a breakout almost straight away or in a couple of weeks so I try and use a thinner moisturiser most of the time.

These are just a few tips that  I've found have helped me and my dehydrated skin. I thought this might help some of you because I hadn't got clue what the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin was and so some of you might not either!

Do you have any skin care tips for dry/dehydrated skin?
Hope you're doing great,

From skin care routines to morning routines, I'm surprised there has never been a Blogging Routine so here I am making one! I thought it might be helpful for me to share my process of how I write my posts and the different stages my posts go through before published.

1. Ideas. Like most bloggers, I have a notebook just for my ideas for upcoming posts and so I will have a few ideas written up in here that I can turn into an actual post when I feel the time is right. In the book, I mainly just come up with post titles and include a few of the points I will want to make as well as include what products I'll be including if it's a make up look or a favourites post.

2. The Write Up. It usually doesn't take me long to get straight in to write up mode and turning my few bullet points into something that hopefully some one will want to read. Usually, this is full of spelling mistakes but I try and get all my thoughts down before I go on to the next step.

3. Read Over. Admittidley, this is step I sometimes forget and especially if it's a post I'm sadly not very passionate about, I will skip this step and hope there's no noticable errors. However, when I do read over, I check for any spelling mistakes as well as parts that don't make sense. I also sometimes end up re ordering my paragraphs in a hope it will be a little easier to read that way.

4.Photos. Most of the time, this is something I usually do inbetween having the idea and writing it up. I usually have to tidy my room or the part I'm using before hand then just snap some pictures; normally taking the picture from different angles. Usually the last photo I take is my favourite!

5.Schedule. Seeing as I'm still in full time education, it's hard to juggle blogging and college work during the week and so I will always write two posts for my usual days of Monday and Thursday at the weekend and schedule them to go up at 10 that morning. I sometimes schedule posts for over a few weeks if my ideas have been flowing and I know I will soon be too busy.

6. Comments Being scheduled, I'm not having to hover over the Publish button myself but it does mean I'm not there to read comments as soon as it goes live but it's the first thing I do when I get home and I reply to as many as I can on all blog posts that have been commented on not just the one that will have gone up that day because I love comments.

7. Reading Blogs. I think I should include this as I'm a big reader of other people's blog and I read through all posts on my Bloglovin' feed every night. It does sadden me to hear a few other bloggers say they sometimes can't find the time to read other blogs so I make that extra effort to read as many posts I can and interact with my lovely readers as well as other lovely bloggers!

I don't know if this post will be very useful but I myself love to here how different bloggers tackle before hitting the publish button. Because of this, I would love to know, if a fellow blogger yourself, what do you do before you publish a post?
Hope you're doing great,

After doing a similar post to this on similar artists to Ed Sheeran, I thought I would share with you some more artists but this time similar to Troye Sivan.
Troye was a well known YouTuber before he graced us with his amazing, unique EP TRXYE. His song made on to radios in England and people have been loving Troye's sound. However, having just five songs on his EP, it's left people hungry for more of Troye's unique sound so I thought I would compile a few artists that, if you love Troye, you will love as I feel they share some similarities and may help you find some great new artists as well as feed your hunger for the original sound Troye has.

Jaymes Young.
Jaymes is a fairly recent discovery of mine and I've fallen in love with the sounds he creates which I feel are very similar to those of Troye's. Jaymes has a gorgeous voice that is great any time of the day. His songs range from some being very slow and very melodic where as others have a bit more base and seem to which is similar to that in Troye's Happy Little Pill.
Tracks To Check Out: Dark Star, One Last Time & I'll Be Good

James Blake.
Another James but this James' sound is very different. While James Blake's sound does have some similarities to Troye's this is more of a recommendation that if you like Troye you may like James. His songs are quite chilled and kind of electronic.It has a slight hip-hop vibe I think it's a required taste but one everyone should be willing to try. His sound is an interesting one but it really works and is one to definitely check out.
Tracks To Check Out: Limit To Your Love, Retrograde & A Case Of You.

Shannon Saunders.
I saw Shannon support Lewis Watson back last year and I'd listened to her before. At that point she was a small artist who just posted videos on YouTube really. Her songs ha amazing lyrics and were soft and slow. Now, she seems to have really grown as an artist and some of her more recent tracks I feel are very similar to Troye's and is like the female voice version.
Tracks to check out: Sheets, Colour Me Green & Atlas.

The Neighbourhood.
One of Troye's songs "Fun" reminds me of some of the songs I've listened to by the Neighbourhood. The band that has that really catchy song Sweater Weather. I'm a massive fan of the Neighbourhood and I just love their sound and it's one to go and have a listen if you haven't already.
Tracks To Check Out: Alleyways, Afraid & W.D.Y.W.F.M?

So that's all for today's post and I hope you like the music recommendations. Let me know if you listen to any of them! Are there any other artists you'd like me to share some similar artists to?
Hope you're doing great,

Compared to many, two weeks of travelling with the parents is hardly an exciting adventure but to me it was a real learning curve. With an aim to travel alone in just a few years, this trip was a great way to experience travelling from place to place and has taught me things that will come in very handy when I travel in the future. Now I have finally written up the accounts for the few places I visited over summer I felt it might be useful to myself and maybe those of you who fancy travelling yourself in the future to share some of the things I learnt while I was away.

1. Not Everyone Speaks English: I'd be stupid not to already know this and sometimes I felt a bit guilty having to actually speak in English to waiters when eating out. I'm seriously considering carrying on learning French that I stopped half way through high school and maybe even German. What I will say is that it would probably would have been very handy to have a little phrase book full of mainly the names of different foods.

2. Travelling is tiring and stressful: With my family, I knew things would probably get a little stressful but just not as it did. When trying to find the right trains or when we hired the car in Austria, which way was the right way. I thought that because I would be enjoying myself so much I wouldn't notice my tiredness but I really did. When we got to Austria, after all the travelling, I just crashed out and was happy to be in the same place for a week.

3. Don't just have a plan A, have a B & C: I felt, especially in Austria and France, we lost time due to rubbish weather or things being too busy and then we were a bit lost as to what to do because we expected it to be all sun and no showers but unfortunately that wasn't the case. We only really planned outdoor activities and when we didn't know what to do we'd end up back at the accommodation. This is a big one for me and from now on I'll have three plans when going away; A first plan, a if-it's-wet plan and a if-that's-full plan so hopefully all basis will be covered and I will always have something to do.

4. Pack for all weathers: I definitely didn't expect Austria to be as cold as it was and I wish I'd brought warmer pyjamas and a scarf. When I say pack for all weathers I don't mean pack swimming stuff but then pack a woolly thick coat with ski goggles; I just mean things that might help me in the long run just a little bit like some thinner tops if it's too warm or a scarf if it's too cold.

5. Travelling really does take a lot of planning: I have take my hat off to my dad in managing to coincide trains with car pick ups and drop offs and getting planes. He has a lot of experience with travelling through work or camera trips with his friends in places like China so it was great to have him! There are websites that can help you plan your travel if you're going across a few different countries like we did;you can put in how many days you want to stay etc and it will give you the trains for each place.

5. Trains are a great option: This is more of a tip for you than me because I know I will be using trains if I travel through Europe or across land; it so much more cost effective and hassle free than a plane. Especially with me who had only flown once before and my mum who really doesn't like flying, it was perfect having trains from place to place. This also includes taking the countries train system especially in France which, while you get more beggars and shouting people on them more than in London, as long as you don't take them on you're fine and it's much cheaper than taxi's everywhere.

6. Just Keep Going: There were days where I was tired and just wanted to stay in bed and I hate myself for wasting this time especially when my mum and dad has spent so much on the holiday that I wanted. If you don't get up and explore the countries, you'll for sure regret it after for missing opportunities that you might not have again so go out there and explore.

7.How Lucky I am: This is mainly to do with the beggars on the streets as well as on the trains in France. They're walking round desperate for money and we're sat there having enough money to travel and go on holiday. All I can be is grateful for the amazing time I had and cherish that experience forever.

What are some of you travelling tips? I'd love to know!
hope you're doing great,

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