My Blogging Routine.

10 Nov 2014

From skin care routines to morning routines, I'm surprised there has never been a Blogging Routine so here I am making one! I thought it might be helpful for me to share my process of how I write my posts and the different stages my posts go through before published.

1. Ideas. Like most bloggers, I have a notebook just for my ideas for upcoming posts and so I will have a few ideas written up in here that I can turn into an actual post when I feel the time is right. In the book, I mainly just come up with post titles and include a few of the points I will want to make as well as include what products I'll be including if it's a make up look or a favourites post.

2. The Write Up. It usually doesn't take me long to get straight in to write up mode and turning my few bullet points into something that hopefully some one will want to read. Usually, this is full of spelling mistakes but I try and get all my thoughts down before I go on to the next step.

3. Read Over. Admittidley, this is step I sometimes forget and especially if it's a post I'm sadly not very passionate about, I will skip this step and hope there's no noticable errors. However, when I do read over, I check for any spelling mistakes as well as parts that don't make sense. I also sometimes end up re ordering my paragraphs in a hope it will be a little easier to read that way.

4.Photos. Most of the time, this is something I usually do inbetween having the idea and writing it up. I usually have to tidy my room or the part I'm using before hand then just snap some pictures; normally taking the picture from different angles. Usually the last photo I take is my favourite!

5.Schedule. Seeing as I'm still in full time education, it's hard to juggle blogging and college work during the week and so I will always write two posts for my usual days of Monday and Thursday at the weekend and schedule them to go up at 10 that morning. I sometimes schedule posts for over a few weeks if my ideas have been flowing and I know I will soon be too busy.

6. Comments Being scheduled, I'm not having to hover over the Publish button myself but it does mean I'm not there to read comments as soon as it goes live but it's the first thing I do when I get home and I reply to as many as I can on all blog posts that have been commented on not just the one that will have gone up that day because I love comments.

7. Reading Blogs. I think I should include this as I'm a big reader of other people's blog and I read through all posts on my Bloglovin' feed every night. It does sadden me to hear a few other bloggers say they sometimes can't find the time to read other blogs so I make that extra effort to read as many posts I can and interact with my lovely readers as well as other lovely bloggers!

I don't know if this post will be very useful but I myself love to here how different bloggers tackle before hitting the publish button. Because of this, I would love to know, if a fellow blogger yourself, what do you do before you publish a post?
Hope you're doing great,

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