Juggling a Blog and College.

27 Nov 2014

I started college after leaving high school back in September and when I left school I thought great! I'd have so much more time to blog! I couldn't be more wrong. The subjects are so demanding and I hardly managed to pull together two posts a week because I struggle to even think of next weeks ideas. I know I'm not on my own and there are many of my readers who go to school/college as well as blogging so I thought I would share a few tips that help me try and get all my college work done as well as blog posts.

Be A Time Management Master. I've ever been that bad with time management and I've always made sure I made time for everything but I've found writing numerous to do lists really does help. I also have to prioritise. If I have an assignment due in a few days and I only need a blog post for the next week, of course I will get the assignment done and out of the way. Taking one task at a time and not trying to get everything done all at once means that I can get things done to an acceptable standard and I don't end up wasting time having to re do something.

Schedule. I always mention that I write my posts at the weekend and schedule them for the following week but this really does hep because I'm not worrying during the week that I have all this work as well as needing to write up a post or take some photos. If it's all done at the weekend I don't need to worry about it.

An Idea Bank. Every weekend I try and take sometime to just sit down with a pen and my notebook and think of some ideas; some that I might not be able to use straight away but I could use in the future. Soon I'll have a lot of ideas that I can use when I can't think of anything for that week and you are not left post less during the week.

Don't Stress. Know your limits; know when to step back and take a break from both the workload and your blog. Taking on too much can be something I'd suggest not doing if you're already struggling to juggle a blog and college. If you're posting daily and having to go to school everyday I'd take the time to think if the stress really is worth it; don't make it too demanding because I always have to remember that this is a hobby and something I should be enjoying as a relief from my work.

There are just a few things I try and do to help me juggle and a blog and being a student and I hope they may help some of you too!
Hope you're doing great,

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