I set off for London on the 2nd as my first stop on my holiday and have been trying to get organised as much as I can in advance for my 2 week trip. During these two weeks, all my posts will be queued unless I say as I might try to jump on to make a quick update post on how my travels are going! 
One of the first things I want to get sorted and organised is what hair and skin care products I'll be taking. While we are travelling to our final destination which is Austria by numerous trains, we are travelling directly home by plane so I have to keep in mind the amount of stuff I am taking so I'm trying to pack as light as I can which includes beauty products.

I'm not a big one for lotions and potions for my hair and I keep it simple by taking a shampoo, conditioner and a serum. The shampoo shown in the photo is the Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo. I'm not 100% sure this will be the final shampoo I take as I find it to be quite drying but I will definitely be picking up a travel sized shampoo for the trip. For conditioner, I love my Frizz Ease Dream Curls Conditioner too much not to take it so I think I will be taking this but putting some in to a travel bottle. My serum is the Frizz Ease Original Serum. It's not something I can really put into another container but it's something I can't live without especially with the heat so I will be taking the whole bottle.

For Shower products I'm keeping things simple; I will be taking a small shower gel and a razor. The razor shown in the photo is one from Venus which has gel bars as, while being fairly expensive for replacement razor heads, it is very practical as I won't be having to carry a shaving gel as well. I'll also probably will take a body moisturiser and I'll be keeping things simple with my E45 Body Moisturiser.

For skin care, I'm trying to keep things simple with my usual Garnier Micellar Water to remove my make up which will be another one I will be putting into a travel bottle. I'll take the cleanser I am using frequently at the moment which is the Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Face Wash which is one of many things that I forgot to include in the above photo. For moisturiser, I'll be taking my usual Simple Moisturiser along with a new (and expensive) purchase which is the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I know my skin will become dehydrated with the amount of travelling I'll be doing. I won't be taking the full tube and will probably fill a small pot for areas that need a real hydration boost.

I've the included some sun cream. My mum is normally the one in charge of packing numerous sunscreens with numerous SPF strengths but just in case my mum some how completely forgets, I have a back up. 
Along with the usual essentials: deodorant, tooth brush toothpaste and cotton pads that's everything that will be going in my new Primark Make Up Bag which is big enough to fit all of this and more including some make up palettes.

And that's it!
It may not seem it but this is a extremely cut down version of the products I wish we could take!
What are some of travel toiletry essential?
Hope you're doing great,

Today is a day I don't normally post on so it must be something exciting I'm going to share!
Asos have teamed up with Diet Coke for a chance for you to win a host of prizes including personalised "share a coke" bottles encrusted with crystals and a unique customised ring pull to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Diet Coke Hunk this year.
The competition started on the 28th however, I only received the parcel and information today but it doesn't matter as you can still join in!
Each day, ASOS will hide Diet Coke "Hunks" in unexpected areas across the ASOS site. To find them, you have to crack the clues given of Coke's Facebook Page and ASOS.com and put the answer directly into the search bar to reveal the hunk who will be wearing a Diet Coke T-Shirt with the customer's name on it.
To be entered into the daily prize draw, those who find the hunk need to simply enter in their details. ASOS select a daily winner at random and at the end of six weeks, one lucky person will win a bespoke nine carat, rose gold diamond encrusted ring pull pendant and a sterling silver chain worth £4,500 designed but award-winning jeweller Katie Rowland.
So why not have a go! You've got nothing to lose just gain and it's such a fun way to have the chnce on winning something worth £4,500!!! Go over to the Coke Facebook page www.facebook.com/DietCoke to join in the hunt as well as for more information or leave me any questions and I can try and help.
Who would you share a coke with?
Hope you're doing great,

This post is sponsered by Asos and Coke, however, they did not force me to share this with you but I thought it would be something you may be interested in!

Recently, I've come a cross a lot of amazing and insightful posts which I feel I should share with you as they really are worth a read .

Lauryn's Notebook // Personality Theories. (see full post here)
I will start by saying that Lauryn's flair for writing is incredible especially for a 14 year old; the words she writes just tend to flow so when she decides to write any post similar to the one mentioned, I give it my full attention as I read thought what she has to say. Personality Theories is her most recent post and is one that really intrigued me. While it is quite a lengthy post, it was one that really interests me and I think it's definitely one that you should read yourselves. Lauryn talks about introverts and classifying myself as one as well, it was one I could really relate to especially when it talks about stereotyping introverts as people who just hate other humans.

Jenny Purr // A Guide To Exfoliation. (see full post here)
Jen's blog is always the place to go for unique and helpful content. I can always tell that she really works hard in producing the best quality posts that she can. This post in particular has to be one of my recent favourite posts she has written as, while it mentions the science and chemicals in exfoliants, she words it all in such a way that anyone can understand and make sense of a topic that could be slightly confusing. So if you need to know what the right exfloliant for you is then this is a great post to check out!

Kissing Winter // So You Liked TFIOS...(See full post here)
This is a perfect post an such a great idea in giving people recommendations based on certain elements of the book. It seems that since TFIOS has been written, a lot more people seem to be getting in to reading as it's no longer seen as "nerdy" so this is a great post, if TFIOS was the first book someone has read in a while, to decide what route to take next when considering which part of the book they loved most so if you, yourself have read TFIOS and looking for some similar books, Alannah's post is a great one to check out as well as her blog which is a mixed bag of books and lifestyle posts.

Unlike last time, I'm only including three posts in my Worth A Read post but I feel these are some of the best posts I've come across recently from some of my favourite bloggers and I hope you enjoy them all the same!
What blogs have you been enjoying reading recently? Do you read any of the blogs mentioned?
Hope you're doing great,
Recently, I've been getting busy in the kitchen trying out all sorts of new recipes including some nice summery recipes and so I thought I would share some with you. It's something a little different to usual but I hope you like it all the same!

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But what do you do if life gives you oranges as well?

Refreshing Orange and Lemonade.
For this I used:
1-1/2 cups of orange juice ( about 4 juiced oranges)
1-1/2 cups of lemon juice (about 7 juiced lemons)
2-1/2 cups of water
1-3/4 cups of water
Soda Water

To start with I juiced my oranges and lemons as I thought it would be a lot nice with freshly squeezed juice. You could use usually orange and lemon juice and, while I did juice some lemons, I didn't have enough so I used lemon juice from a bottle and it tasted just as nice!
After that I then put the water into a pan and set on a medium heat level. After a minute of warming up, I added the sugar to the pan and I left that to dissolved- giving it a stir here and there.
Once that had dissolved, I left it to cool at room temperature before adding orange and lemon juice. 
At this point you can add some of the orange and lemon peel but I preferred not to. 
I then leave it to chill in the fridge for a few hours in a jug or you could leave it in the pan if you'd prefer.
While usual home made lemonade isn't actually fizzy I thought I would add some Soda water for a bit of fizz when serving doing about 1/3 soda water to 2/3 of the homemade lemonade. 
When serving I like to add some ice and maybe some lemon and orange slices as well as some mint and there you go!
(you do get a lot more than what is shown in the photo, I just couldn't help myself!)

Homemade Sweet Popcorn.
For this I used 
3/4 cup of maze
tbsp of sugar
roughly a tbsp of oil.

I start by adding the oil to a pan and left it heat up on a medium setting. 
Once I feel it to start heating I add the maze. While I've specified the amount of maze, it doesn't mean you have to do that much obviously but keep in mind the size of your pan as the maze will obviously expand when it pops.
After another minute or two, I add the sugar making sure I cover all the maze. I then put the lid on the pan and give it a shake to make sure I have all the maze covered in oil and sugar; if you want to add more sugar, feel free!
After giving it a shake, I turn the heat up just below a high heat and wait for it to start popping.
Once the popping has slowed down and you can see most of the maze had popped, I turned off the heat and left it on the side for a minute to cool. A good idea is at this point you could great some chocolate over your popcorn if you want. It is nice!
Once the popcorn has cooled slightly, share between bowls for friends or one big bowl for myself to enjoy and that's it!

So I hope you enjoyed these two quick recipes and I'd love to know if you'd like to see more. What are some of your favourite sweet treats to eat during summer?
Hope you're doing great,

As you probably know (from the amount I've mentioned it) I'm going to a few countries this summer. We are doing a mixture of train and plane travelling from London to France and on to Austria where we're in the perfect spot to drive to neighboring countries. I know, while travelling and with the summer weather, I'm not going to want to go over board at all with the make up as well as being limited without the amount I can pack so here is my travel friendly everyday make up that I will be wearing while I'm away!

To start with I applied my L'oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream as a primer focusing it mainly around my nose, the middle of my forehead and my chin where my pores are very visible. I then took my The Body Shop BB Cream. I said I would do a review on this and I will have it up by next week so look out for that. It's a very low coverage foundation so I think it will be great for travelling as it's so light weight. I used my 17 Stay Time Concealer in Extra Fair  for under my eyes and on any blemishes. Because the BB Cream is such a low coverage, I did have to do a lot of concealing but I did leave some of my blemishes un-concealed as I was going through quite a big breakout at this point. I did an all over bronze with my L'oreal Glam Bronze Bronzer to give my skin a natural glow. I'm not a big fan of blush and while I do have a cream blush that I would love to wear, for a quick, natural colour I use my ELF blush in Candid Coral. I have rosy cheeks as it is so I don't feel I need a pink or coral blush for it to look natural.
For my eyes, I didn't want to do anything to crazy- I just wanted something quick so I used MAC's Woodwinked all over the lid and into the crease. I added my Rimmel Kohl Liner in Nude in my waterline to brighten my eyes and added my Maybelline The Falsies Mascara to my lashes. For my eye brows, I used my Maybelline Brow Pencil in Blonde. I feel I have really misjudged this product as I didn't really like it to start off with as I felt it was too waxy but with a light hand and the handy spooly on the end of the pencil, I managed to get my eyebrows looking very natural.
To finish off I set all my make up with The Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Powder.T I have very mixed feelings about this powder so let me know if you'd like me to do a review. For the moment, it's fine and mattifies my face and sets everything in place. 
In the overview photo of the products I used, I didn't include a lip option as I was very indecisive. I was definitely not opting for a lip gloss as the attract the sun and lead to burnt lips which isn't good. I decided on the Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake 3. The staying power of these is not the best but the pigmentation and colour of these are too good not to wear. 
Finally, I used my Mac Fix+ to refresh my face and I think this will come in very handy while travelling if I'm a little hot as it can cool me down as well as helping my make up from going cakey.
And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post and what are some Summer make up staples for you?
Hope you're doing great,

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting as often as I would have hoped this summer. My Summer Week posts aren't up to a standard of posting because I haven't done much at all so I thought that if you're interested, last week I posted a guest post on Lucy's blog that you can have a look at here. I shared with her readers my summer nail picks! So if you'd like, you could head over there and have a read as well as check out Lucy's blog.
Hope you're doing great,
After my last post I felt I couldn't just rant about something I feel strongly about and not try and help steer you in the direction of some paler products available on the high street and in the drug store.

Starting with the base; it is spoken about a lot already that the shade range in the L'oreal True Match Foundation is great for those with pale skin offering a pale option for pink tones, neutral and yellow tones. I think this is a great one to try is you like medium to full coverage and if you're wanting more insight before going and buying this foundation may be have a read of my review on the foundation here.
If you're a fan of the low coverage BB Creams, The Body Shop's All-In-One BB Cream has a great shade for those paler. The is a new product so I'm yet to develop a valid opinion but judging on the colour of the shade "00" it is great for those with paler skin; it also says it is colour adapting which I will say I think it does to some extent and looks fine on my skin but I think if you do look into purchasing this, I think the more you work it in, the more natural the colour becomes.
Onto concealer; I have a few option with with starting with my Dainty Dolly Concealer in 002. When I first got this concealer I wasn't sure about my colour choice as, like I mentioned in my last post, it' hard to shop online for make up and when I did get this I was surprised it was so light. This is better for those with oilier skin as I do find it quite drying but it's a great option if my other options are still so dark as shade 002 is even a little too light for me! The famous Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer; I don't have to say much about this as most people know how good this concealer is by now and the shade is perfect for my skin. As you can tell from the photo, my collection concealer is a bit battered and I am in desperate need of a new one but it seems when ever I go into shops, my shade is always sold out so I thought I'd try another one and it's the 17 Stay Time 18 Hour Concealer in Extra Fair. I will say for Extra Fair, it isn't the fairest but I think that is down to the fact I always find yellow undertones darker seeing as I have pink undertones. Having saying that,this is a great all round concealer and has vastly become a staple in my everyday make up.
Of course you need something to set it all in place and I always play it safe and opt for a translucent powder and I have just recently started trying out The Soap & Glory "One Heck Of A Blot" Powder which is translucent. I am yet to again form a real opinion but I will say that it probably isn't the best for those with dry skin and so I would of obviously suggest the one and only Rimmel Stay Matter Powder which I absolutely love!
For Blush, highlight and contour, a great brand to try is Sleek's Face Form Kit. I am including this mainly for the shade of the matter bronzer as the other stay practically the same across the other shades in the range. I'm a massive fan of matte bronzers and back last year and earlier this year, it was the only bronzer I would use as I think it's the perfect contour shade for us pale girls. If you're not interested in the blush, then Sleek do a contour kit of just the bronzer and a small highlight so I'd check that out!
Finally- Lips. Lips is something everyone is free to choose but I think a red lip, whatever kind of red, is stunning on paler girls (and I never use the word stunning). This is something I did for my prom; while girls were topping up the fake tan, I wanted to feel confident in my pale skin and so I used a red lip to compliment my fair skin tone and I really loved it! I also think pale people are able to pull off a red lip on an everyday basis. The one shown in the photo is a 17 Stay Pout Lipstick in Infared.

So I hope this has been a helpful post for those of the pale nature Do you know any other good products or us pale girls? Don't hesitate to leave suggestions! I' m always on the hunt!
Hope you're doing great,

It will come as no shock at all to know that I love all things beauty and there's nothing I love more to spend a Saturday scouring the beauty counters in Boots and Superdrug to see what's on offer and what;s new on the shelves of each brand. However, I'm easily put off a brand- ever by the quality but the shade range on offer.
Taking for example Bourjois (sorry for naming and shaming); the blogging world is full of amazing reviews on their healthy mix serum saying it's great for those with dry skin. I think Great! Just the thing I need my foundation to do and that's hydrate! I can't buy it though. Why? Because it seems I am too pale. There's not much more that could discourage me from a range but their colour selection. Of course I understand that they tailor their foundations etc to their average and majority customers. I understand this from doing Product Design at High School that while they try to be as inclusive as possible, they do have to stereotype and I understand they can't cater for everyone's needs and wants and that they see it as a waste of money as the population of those lighter or even darker than their shade selection isn't as grand as those who fit into the colour choices on offer. Bourjois and other brands make so much money and so what I don't understand is why they can't bring out any other shade.
Yes, they're brands sch as Nicola Robert's Dainty Doll make up which is tailored to those more fair skinned than average and I have a few products from their myself. However, it is not a readily available brand where you can just "browse" their selection or swatch the products with it only being available online. Also the fact that there is only a few brands that do such pale shades means that you may not find a perfect formula for yourself. Why do those of us who are paler have to deal with this inconvenience? Also why I know a lot of more expensive brands do a wider selection of colours I don't feel I should have to pay extra to be pale and I should be able to easily walk into the drug store and be able to be even spoiled for choice at the selection of pale products. The same can be said to those who suggest to buy a white foundation to mix but that makes everything more expensive and just another inconvenience.
Some of the fairer skinned girls are OK with wearing fake tan so they can wear their choice of foundation with ease but I don't want to have to change my skin for a foundation shade and feel I have to fit in with the standard shade range. It's almost as if it's our own fault for the colour of our skin and we got to choose this because we thought the inconvenience would be some sort of fun challenge. It's far from our control so why is it that I have to feel almost punished for this? 
So many people I see complain that the shade ranges aren't wide enough with them not offering enough choice for the pale community  and I know they'll be a similar argument for those who have the same problem but on the other side of the scale when they can't find a foundation too dark. The amount f complaints I see, why don't more high street brands start to do something about this?
You hopefully will be able to tell that this is something I feel very strongly about as a very fair skinned person myself and I know there are many who are paler than myself. I think it's time brands start to recognize this problem and start to change this.

I'm sorry this is a very "ranty" post but I feel it needs to be said. What I'm about to say may contradict what I've said but I thought in my next post I will include some make up options for those who are paler and include some brands that are great for paler skin from the high street. I don't just want to rant and not do anything about it so I'm going to try to at least try and help if you have pale problems like me!
I'd love to hear your thoughts on your topic and whether you agree or disagree with anything I've said, feel free to let me know!
Hope you're doing great,
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Even though I am writing this as the rain is coming down outside, it is summer which means a few little changes are made in the beauty department especially for me so I thought I'd share them with you today.

Bronzing Up.
I tend to leave my strong contour days during this time of year and opt for a bronzer that isn't entirely matte and can give me a nice all over bronze. I'm not a big fan of any sort of shimmer so I go for something like the one shown in the photo above which is the L'Oreal Glam Bronze. While I've got to say this can be slightly orange, with a careful hand this can give a lovely all over bronze.

Coral Coral Coral.
I'm not someone to step outside any kind of comfort zone including my make up comfort zone but I've decided I'll try my best this summer starting with applying products with a little bit more colour on my cheeks and I think coral coloured products are perfect for this time of year and I will be reaching for my Revlon Cream Blush in Coral Reef; this was a product that seemed to get a lot of interest when it first came out but I only bought it earlier this year and only really have the right chance to use it now. I also think it's a great coral colour the lips.

Bright Lips.
Speaking of lips, a nice bright lip is great; whether that is a coral to go with my cheeks or another bright colour. I think I'll be grabbing for my Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon. I've been waiting for the right time to use this and summer is a great time to wear it. The one I have is a gorgeous pink and the formula is very glossy and, while something I wouldn't normally go for, it looks great this time of year.

BB Cream.
While a BB Cream is something I would normally grab for with ease on a everyday basis over a foundation, I will be wearing it even more often over summer. I am currently using my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream which I've actually done a full review on here. It's great for summer with all those extra benefits a BB cream has to offer including, usually, a higher SPF than most foundations offer so is great with extra protection from the sun. I am actually soon to run out of the Maybelline BB Cream and so I'm on the hunt for trying something new. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

These are just a few of the changes to my make up this summer. If you'd like an updated everyday make up I will be sure to do that for you as it seems to have changed quite a lot.
What changes do you make to your make up during summer?
Hope you're doing great 

As you may or may not know is that I've been a massive supported of Lewis Watson's music for a number of years and saw him live back last year which I have already wrote a post on which you can see here. I'm also a big fan of having physical copies of CDs and one thing I liked about Lewis did in the past with his 4 song EPs, was he would sign them and add what number you were for example, I was the 309th person to order his first EP and the 139th to order his last. Because of this, it seemed almost a tradition to pre-order his debut album and, being the only signed edition was the £25 deluxe edition I could hardly break the tradition now! 

Because I was an avid listener of his music and wanted to say up to date in up and coming shows and new releases I joined the mailing list which allowed me to see exclusive videos and songs. I also received an ominous letter through the post from Lewis. I knew it was from him and his record label as I'd received one ( actually 3) once before because I'd ordered online. What was included wasn't expected which as a code to listen exclusively to his album prior to release and while I knew I was one of many to be able to listen early, it still felt like a major privilege. So I thought I would share with you my first impressions of the album now; before I started to listen I was slightly scared that his sound would of changed dramatically since his last EP and while, from first listen, it had changed slightly, it was nothing too drastic and I still loved it!
I expected a few of the songs to be ones that I'd heard on his previous EPs including Windows, Into the Wild, Sink Or  Swim and , a personal favourite of mine, Close. 
There was one song called Ghost which I felt like I heard before and after doing a little bit of digging, I remembered that I'd heard it back last summer when it apeared on a Summer Jam mix tape Lewis posted on his Youtube Channel.
Probably my favourite song that was on the album, after a few listens, was the song Outgrow as I loved everything about the song especially the lyrics. 
It wasn't till coming to write this post that I came some what annoyed at what I was getting for my money as, being a huge lover of the music, I a mainly paying for the music as well as the extra perk of a signing and a book of lyrics and pictures. Paying £25 for this was a bit of a push as it was but then when I discovered that, even though this was a deluxe edition, the other deluxe edition without the book cost £10 and included 37 songs- some of which I'd never heard as had never been released. This was left me a bit annoyed as I now feel I have to buy both which means have duplicate songs- some of which 3 times.
While that aspect is annoying I do love Lewis' music and I appreciate everything his done in order to get where he is today with his music. 
I high recommend you at least YouTube search Lewis as his music is amazing and I really do think you should go ahead and buy his album- The Morning. If you're a fan of artists such as Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, Bon Iver then Lewis Watson is perfect for you and your ears.
Seeing as I have pre-ordered the album, it will hopefully be arriving on my door step this morning so I will be sure to be posting a picture over on my instagram so keep an eye out!
What kind of music are you into at the moment?
Hope you're doing great

This week was far from interesting as I spent most of the week having guilty lye ins and just planning some blog posts for the next few weeks. I did get a letter in the mail from Lewis Watson as I have bought from his online shop as well as being part of his mailing list to know up and coming Lewis Watson related business a long with extra videos or music. This letter included something very exciting; it included a code to listen to his debut album prior to release. While I know I'm one of thousands to have been able to be listening to the album prior to release, I still very privileged! I'm going to leave that at that as I'm going to be talking in more detail about Lewis and his album in Monday's post so look out for that!
Being a lazy week, I decided to do something I haven't done in ages and that was give my feet some lovin'. Avon, I feel, are one of the best brands for foot care products and I used a new one which is their Foot Works salt scrub along with their Triple Duty Cream which is actually an old favourite of mine. I then finished of my foot pamper with some nail varnish.
After this, I felt like I was leaving my hands out so I decided to give them some love too.
A curse of being home and not having much to do is the curse of internet shopping and shopping in general. I have ordered so much recently and it's yet to all arrive so I'll probably include that in next weeks post. I ordered a new ipod charger from Amazon as well as some travel cube that I'd heard a few people talk about and, as I am going on my travels soon, I thought they would be something useful to have. While they are not the best quality and were fairly cheap, I know they'll work as well as I want them too. 
I also seem to have suddenly run out of a lot of usual products (let me know if an empties interests you) so I picked up another Garnier Micellar Water as well as the Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser- both of which I have spoken about before. I had also run out of my usual Good Things Cleanser so I thought I would turn to an old favourite for a change in hoping that I can hopefully clear up a lot of my spots over this summer. It is the Clean & Clear Spot Control Daily Wash. I have spoken about and used this before and I know that it normally ends in great results. Let me know if you're interested in a full review!
That was it for this week apart from finishing 13 Reasons Why and moving on to reading The Maze Runner.
To end the week, my mum kindly treated to lunch at one of our favourite places which was delicious!
So a very quiet week this week and I think next week will be just the same.
What have you been up to this week? I'd also love to know if you have an ideas of things you would like to see on my blog over the summer.
Hope you're doing great,

Since the release of TFIOS film and since I've had a lot of free time and been able to get creative, I've come up with a little DIY for a TFIOS inspired wall art that looks a lot like a scroll but I really like the overall look of this and it's very simple to make! From the photos, you'll be able to see that I didn't want to stick to the usual colours of blue, white and black and thought I would switch it up to make it something that will look really pretty in my room.

All I used to make this was:
A selection of fabric
Multi purpose glue / glue gun
fabric scissors
a long piece of wood - I used a long chopstick (it works ok?)

  1. Firstly, I cut out two identical cloud shapes out- one from each colour of fabric chosen for the clouds. Then cuttings out the letters to the words Okay? Okay. in the opposite colours to the clouds. If I'm not doing a very good job at explaining, it's fairly self explanatory and hopefully the pictures above will help you to understand.
  2. Then taking another colour of fabric, which for me was a light blue, I cut about an A3 size piece of the fabric before folding in all the edges to make sure they are neat. At this point, I ironed out my fabric as it was very creased as well as ironing down the folds to make life a little easier when it came to gluing. I did this for 3 of the sides and for the side that was going to be at the top, I made sure I folded over a lot more than the other sides before ironing this down as well.
  3. I went ahead now and glued down 3 of the sides and for the top, I made sure to glue just a thin strip for it to stick but enough room to thread through my wood/ chopstick. At this point, if I had more time, I could of sewed instead of glued.
  4. I now just took the same glue and stuck down my clouds and lettering in the correct positions and giving all the glue now the chance to dry before moving on.
  5. I next fed through the chopstick through the top of the scroll before taking some string and tying it on either end. For security, I wrapped the thread round the chopstick a few times before tying it. 
  6. All that was left to do was hang it and I've finished! 
I hope you enjoyed this DIY post and let me know if you liked this style of post and if you'd like to see more DIYs because I have a few ideas in mind including some other wall art ideas!
Have you watched TFIOS yet?
Hope you're doing great,