Worth A Read #2

28 Jul 2014

Recently, I've come a cross a lot of amazing and insightful posts which I feel I should share with you as they really are worth a read .

Lauryn's Notebook // Personality Theories. (see full post here)
I will start by saying that Lauryn's flair for writing is incredible especially for a 14 year old; the words she writes just tend to flow so when she decides to write any post similar to the one mentioned, I give it my full attention as I read thought what she has to say. Personality Theories is her most recent post and is one that really intrigued me. While it is quite a lengthy post, it was one that really interests me and I think it's definitely one that you should read yourselves. Lauryn talks about introverts and classifying myself as one as well, it was one I could really relate to especially when it talks about stereotyping introverts as people who just hate other humans.

Jenny Purr // A Guide To Exfoliation. (see full post here)
Jen's blog is always the place to go for unique and helpful content. I can always tell that she really works hard in producing the best quality posts that she can. This post in particular has to be one of my recent favourite posts she has written as, while it mentions the science and chemicals in exfoliants, she words it all in such a way that anyone can understand and make sense of a topic that could be slightly confusing. So if you need to know what the right exfloliant for you is then this is a great post to check out!

Kissing Winter // So You Liked TFIOS...(See full post here)
This is a perfect post an such a great idea in giving people recommendations based on certain elements of the book. It seems that since TFIOS has been written, a lot more people seem to be getting in to reading as it's no longer seen as "nerdy" so this is a great post, if TFIOS was the first book someone has read in a while, to decide what route to take next when considering which part of the book they loved most so if you, yourself have read TFIOS and looking for some similar books, Alannah's post is a great one to check out as well as her blog which is a mixed bag of books and lifestyle posts.

Unlike last time, I'm only including three posts in my Worth A Read post but I feel these are some of the best posts I've come across recently from some of my favourite bloggers and I hope you enjoy them all the same!
What blogs have you been enjoying reading recently? Do you read any of the blogs mentioned?
Hope you're doing great,

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