There are so many amazing ways you can start making money RIGHT NOW, and so many creative ways to make money at home - some you can start straight away and some that may require a bit of investment in planning and get set up but are sure to be a way you enjoy making a little extra money on the side or even turn into your full-time job. Here are just a few ways! 

Write & sell articles

This one I can definitely back! In my final year of university and even during my internship, I was writing articles for people on the side. Such a great way of doing something I loved while gaining experience and pocketing a little extra cash in the meantime. I made most of my sales through Fiverr but picked up a few regular clients that I worked with regularly and could slowly increase my rate as I gained more experience. 

you could also skip the middle ma and sell your articles straight to websites and magazines. If you have your own fun, unique ideas then why not go for it? It might take some time to build up the experience and confidence in such a competitive field but give it a go! 

Sell products from home

Places like Avon and The Body Shop in the UK have schemes where you sell their products in order to make a commission. If you're a beauty lover and enjoy socialising and meeting new people, this is a fab way of making some money. If you're up for putting some work into getting started, then try it out. 

Sell secondhand items

Old clothes lying around? Books collecting dust never to be read? Sell them! Ebay, Depop - there's so many great platforms to allow you to do this with ease. If you already have a following on Instagram, why not try it through there? All you need is a PayPal account and some old things worth selling to give this a go. 

Sell your photos

If you're already a photography enthusiast or an Instagram wiz, this should be pretty easy to get started! Build up a portfolio of existing photos and new shots. Brands are always looking for UGC content so why not see if you can help out? Drop them a message and see if you can do anything for them! There is also website out there where you can sell your photos to be turned into prints or sell to brands for them to use themselves. Have a search and see what you can do! 

Dog walking

Get paid to be around the happiest, fluffiest animals? Yes please! Ask around your neighbourhood, see if there's anyone needing a hand keeping their fluffy one entertained. It might be a challenge to start but word of mouth will help you with this one. It will be really rewarding in the end! 

Make & sell homemade goods

Turn your hobby into your side hustle. If you knit or sew, why not sell your finished garments or patterns. Are you an artsy person? Create beautiful digital prints for others to buy and print at home. you don't need much to get this business going? 

Are you a baker? Why not create bakes to sell and deliver in your local area. This one is sure to be a hit! 

What do you think of these ideas? Let me know! 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

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I am really trying to manifest the sweater weather and cosy nights with my Autumn posts right now! Last week I shared 30 Things you can do this Autumn to have the cosiest, fun and most autumny autumn you've ever had! After you seemed to love my Summer book recommendations a few months ago, I thought I'd share a few autumn book recommendations of some of my favourites as well as some books I will be picking up myself over the next few months! 

Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider 

- For the YA fans

Lane is sent to a boarding school for sick teens where he meets Sadie and her friends - a group of troublemakers that show Lane that his sickness doesn't define him. This is a great story of friendship and second chances with a perfect autumnal backdrop to enjoy as it gets colder. I read this book many years ago and remember enjoying how easy it was to read and the friends that developed throughout the book. One to enjoy with a chai latte in hand wrapped up in a blanket for sure. 

The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman & Jason Kristoff

- A super sci-fi pick

Autumn always sees me reading more dystopian and sci-fi books and while I read the first book in the series in the peak of summer, there's no better time than now to pick it up if you haven't already. It's a multi-media book involving two mega corporations at war over a planet - a little speck at the edge of the universe. The first book follows Kady and Ezra - teens who have recently broken up but, with a hostile warship in pursuit and a deadly virus breaking out, this is the least of their problems as they try to survive. 

This is a super fun fast-paced book to throw yourself into this autumn. I will definitely be picking up the second book in the series, Gemina, very soon! 

Ghosts by Dolly Alderton

- An autumn release to give a go! 

I received an ARC of Dolly Alderton's debut novel and definitely want to make sure I have some time to read it this season. It follows Nina - in her early thirties, a food writer with a perfect family, new home and neighbourhood. She goes on a date with Max, a true romantic who says from the start he's meant to marry her. As the romance blossoms, it reminds her of her past failed relationship, broken friendships and family problems that lie below the surface. 

This sounds like a great concept that I'm ready to read! 

Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall

- Educate yourself this fall

With all that is going on in the world, this seems my natural next stop in educating myself more about the struggles of black people. Black feminism was touched on very briefly when I did sociology at college but it was merely dismissed as a "different form of feminism" and didn't teach us much more than that. It's a topic I've dipped in and out of but I think this book will be the perfect read for me to really understand the perspective more. 

Day of The Triffids

- Get ready for Halloween with this spookier read

I am definitely not on for horror films, spooky reads or anything remotely related to Halloween. However, this year I'm thinking why the hell not?! I've been wanting to read day of the triffids for years and after finding a dusty copy at the back of my shelf, I think October will be the perfect time to dust it off and give it a read! 

What books do you plan on reading this autumn? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

Autumn has to be my favourite season. The shorter days, colder weather, all the cosy vibes that it brings with it. If, like me, you love Autumn then why not create your own Autumn Bucket list! Tick off as many of these seasonal projects, trips and activities as you can to create the most autumny-Autumn you ever did have! 

To bake

1. Make your own granola. This spiced granola looks perfect for autumn.
2. Bake gingerbread or gingerbread men and decorate with all your fave toppings. 
3. Bake a sweet pie, like this blueberry pie recipe
4. Or, go savoury! Check out some great vegetarian pie recipes here
5. Make the most cinnamon, cinnamon rolls. This is the recipe I use
6. Try making bread. Focaccia is a great place to start. 
7. Cookies! I'm missing Ben's cookies in my life but this recipe replicates them perfectly! A brown butter cookie is definitely the way to go. 


To make

8. Learn to knit! Hats are always fun to make this time of year. I'm about to make a cable knit headband for the first time! 
9.  Paint pumpkins.
10. Decorate your house in mustards, rusts and maroons. 
11. Make the best hot chocolate you have ever made - marshmallows, cream, sprinkles, the works! 
12. Create a cosy den to spend the day watching your fave cosy films and festive picks. 
13. Autumn wreaths is another fun project to try. 

Places to go

14. Explore a nearby forest. 
15. Enjoy the fall drinks at all your favourite coffee spots. 
16. Go to a pumpkin patch.
17. Paint at a pottery studio.
18. Visit a farmers market or a Christmas market. 
19. Brave the cold and meet friends in a park for a long walk. 
20. Go apple picking. 

More things to do 

21. Have a little bonfire, roast marshmallows, watch films outside. 
22. Host a fake Christmas day. Enjoy all the perks months earlier! 
23. Make fall-inspired cocktails. Did I hear you say Bailey's hot chocolate or spiced cider? 
25. Watch that scary film you've always said "nope, too scary". No one says you can't watch it in the middle of the day! 
26. Get prepped for the festive period - buy your presents early, get your decorations down and your ugly sweaters outs. 
27. Make a care package for a friend. 
28. Re-read your favourite books that remind you of fall. 
29. Create a super cosy playlist on Spotify. 
30. Treat yourself to a new candle. Bring the fab smells of autumn into your home! 
31. Wake up early to see the sunrise and enjoy the crisp morning! 

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

*This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own!*

From books to new wardrobe basics, as it's already starting to get darker earlier, I'm already reaching for the hot chocolate and my Christmas pyjamas, I thought I'd share a few of my new favourites over Summer that I think are worth shouting about! 


Beach Read by Emily Henry

I recommended this book in my 2020 summer book recommendations and I'm so glad I did! While it's not actually set in Summer, it was still the perfect romance book and such an easy read to enjoy on a sunny day in the garden or at the beach! I definitely recommend checking this one out if you're in a reading rut and want an easy read to pick up and devour in a day or two. 

When the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

It seems like ages ago I picked up this book but I still remember how much I enjoyed it! Such a unique story of Kya Clark, known as "Marsh Girl" - suspected of murdering Chase Andrews. A beautifully written story of Kya's unusual childhood and exploring family differences. I could definitely see this becoming a firm favourite for years to come! 


I've definitely made a conscious effort over the past year to cut down my spending on fast fashion and focussing on picking up more timeless pieces to streamline my wardrobe. 

ASOS  Denim Jumpsuit

This has been a firm wardrobe staple since the start of the year that I always love wearing - every time it's washed, I'm wearing it right away! It's such a fun jumpsuit to style and I know even as the weather cools, I'll be layering it up with jumpers, turtle necks and a whole lotta mustard (colours)!

Veja Trainers - V-12

These were definitely my lockdown-made-me-do-it purchase. I absolutely love these! Veja trainers are made from vegan leather and are a great everyday staple. I went for the classic V-12s and I've been wearing them whenever I can. While I can confirm that they are not the best for long days out, they are still great to throw on daily and they go with almost everything. I also know that these will be lasting me, hopefully, a good few years! 

Hundred Club tee

I've been eyeing up the Hundred Club tees for ages and when I saw they were sending out a batch last month, it felt like the perfect payday treat! Hundred club is a great company that minimise waste from fast fashion by only printing 100 of each t-shirt or jumper. It makes it such a fun concept and avoids any leftover tees going to waste. The t-shirt quality is insane! It is more expensive than larger retailers but it really is worth it. 

Mini Twist Hoop Earrings by Laura Emily 

I instantly fell in love with these earrings when I saw them on my feed. I was in real need of a new pair of everyday earrings and these were perfect. The quality is amazing and I love the twister element. They are a small hoop as well which makes them great for every day. I absolutely adore these and definitely recommend checking out Laura's other pieces on Etsy


My music hasn't changed much over the past few months, I've been preferring to just select a random playlist on Spotify and listen to whatever they've thrown on there. But, there are still a few standouts to me. 

This Band Camino 

This band has been getting me through working from home - a great soundtrack to enjoy throughout the day. If you haven't checked them out, I recommend doing so. 

Novo Amor

For something slower, or if you like listening to music while you read, Novo Amor's new EP "If We're Being Honest" is the perfect listen to welcome in the autumn. I mean, they have a song called "Halloween" - what's more autumn/winter welcoming than that?! I love having this on in the evenings to wind down. 

Hope you enjoyed this little favourites post and I hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

Every year, my daily makeup seems to get even more minimal. While over the past few months I’ve only worn makeup a handful of times and my skin has been thanking me for that, there are a few new staples that I’ve been reaching for when I want to add a little makeup when I’m going out. Glossier is known for its minimalist nature and simple, basic makeup products and I definitely agree - I’ve been loving some products I’ve picked up recently, so I thought I would share my opinions in case you’re looking to delve into the world of Glossier yourself. 

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer 

I think every makeup post I’ve shared over the past 4+ years has referenced this concealer and there’s definitely a reason for that. It’s such a great daily staple to cover small blemishes, even out my skin tone and aid in helping me look a little less tired. It’s a medium-coverage concealer so is definitely good for both full coverage looks or, like me, a daily look without the need for a foundation as well. 

Revolution Pro Brow Powder 

I’m not too fussy when it comes to brows these days - I’m definitely going for a more natural look and not the concrete-feeling full brows that I once went for. A simple brow powder like this is a great staple just to fill in any sparse areas in my brows. There's nothing really special about this but definitely does the job!

Natural Collection Bronzer 

Another one that won’t be a stranger to those who've seen my previous makeup posts. A simple bronzer that isn’t orange, adding a flush of bronze and an extra addition to any everyday look but not always needed. For just £2 you can’t go wrong with this bronzer for a subtle bit of colour in your face and also a nice touch to add to your eyelids if you'd like. 

Glossier “The Make Up Set” review 

This little trio is a great minimalist staple for those looking to add more low-coverage, simplistic products to their collection or for someone a bit younger, looking to get started in makeup. 3 products that you could easily rock alone or gives you a basis to create your starting make up routine. 

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara 

I’ve already featured this in a previous favourites post - I already had a tube of the Glossier mascara and I already knew it was a fave. With quite hooded eyelids, mascara can cause me real issues with transfer but as this is a more natural-looking mascara with less clumping and focussing on adding length, I haven’t had any issues with this one - lasting until I take it off at the end of the day! If you’re looking for a simple, no-nonsense mascara to give your lashes some definition but not crazy volume, this a great option. It sticks to the basics and does it well! 

Glossier Boy Brow in Brown 

While I wish that I was lucky enough to have fuller brows and could just apply a bit of this brow gel and be done, my sparse eyebrows aren’t made for that - it needs the extra help of brow powder. Applying the boy brow after my powder really finishes off my brows - still looking natural but gives them added shape and seals them into place without feeling like a cemented brick wall. 

Annoyingly, there is only 3 shades and a clear option of the gel and so the brown is a little dark and the blonde, when I tried it in-store previously, is a too light which I could imagine is a problem for others too - finding the options too light and too dark. Extending the range I think would be great! It’s a little tube which is the perfect size for this product but I do wonder if it really is worth it for the amount of product you get for the price. Either way, I’m still loving using it and think it will be a daily staple until it runs out. 

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk 

One of the most coveted Glossier products and I can see why! It’s a little tube of a delight that has reintroduced me to the world of blush. I personally am very happy I picked up Dusk - I already am naturally quite pink so this brings a bronzer flush to my cheeks. Definitely, one to be careful not to overdo - it’s easily done with the application and does take a little getting used to using but I am really loving this both on my cheeks but also as a liquid eye shadow. Also, for the amount you use and the amount in the tube, I for sure think it’s worth the money - it will be lasting me for ages! 

I am loving the minimal makeup life - it creates a great base that passes the test of time and can allow me to go about my day without having to think about touching up my makeup and it’s definitely better now with the added Glossier products! 

Have you tried any of these products? 

Hope you’re doing great, 
Sarah x