2019 diary to help be productive
I feel every day has its purpose. While Mondays are for getting started and Saturdays are for having some fun, I'd say Sundays are the time I try and get my life in order and get myself prepped for the Monday. Whether you're working full time, a student, a freelancer, if you have Sundays off, it gives you the perfect opportunity to make the following week go smoothly. This post is acting a little follow to my "Ways to Love Mondays" post as I mentioned there how important the Sunday is. 

Sunday is the perfect day to find time for yourself. While I try to make sure I'm doing on Saturday, Sunday is my down day- my prep day, my self-care day. And, while I'd love to just spend it in bed and relax, I can still have a chilled Sunday while keeping productive. Here I share a little Sunday routine that allows me to get the most out of the day while still enjoying it. 


A lie-in
OK, so I already said no lounging around but there is nothing wrong with a few extra hours in bed. While so many people are for the early mornings to make the most out of the day, I get it, but me making the most out of my Sunday is staying in bed. I've probably not enjoyed sleeping and really appreciated my chance to sleep so Sunday is the best time to treat myself to 20 minutes or an hour(or two) extra in bed. If I want to sleep longer, my body obviously needs it- a late start isn't necessarily a bad one. 

Enjoy your breakfast 
I love a Sunday roast as much as the next person; it's such a hearty meal that I've probably craved after a week of rushed meals after work. But, for me, I've actually found myself loving a bigger and more of a treat breakfast on a Sunday. I've probably been shoving the same breakfast in my mouth before flying out the door the whole week so, making time to try something new or an old breakfast favourite is the best thing to do on a Sunday morning. Homemade pancakes, waffles, poached egg on toast as all some of my favourites. Something like this makes the best start to my Sunday and will keep me full for a while so I can get on with everything else I want to.

No one wants to do it. But, you'll thank yourself later. It doesn't have to take hours but just getting the house in order and clean really makes me feel better and can help me settle down in the afternoon. I've probably neglected a lot of my space throughout the week so fluffing the cushions, vacuuming the floors and a quick polish can work wonders. I always love this time to listen to some music; whether it's a new playlist or some old-time favourites, it makes a change to my usual commuter playlist. If you want to see what I'm listening too, check out my Spotify. 


The Big To-Dos
Cleaning done, coffee brewed, I now find somewhere to sit comfortably (usually the sofa) and go through my diary. Are there any events in the next week? Any jobs I haven't got round to yet that I can finish today? Anything I have missed completing during the week, I try to prioritise them to start on Monday. One thing I try not to do is stress myself on Sunday. While it may show me I have a lot of to-dos, Sunday is to help me get it in order so I can manage it better tomorrow. 

Schedules & Plans
It's time to check when I'm free. If there's anything I need to do during the week, I can slot it in when I'm free. Not just putting in social plans but when to blog, when I want to be in the office by during the week. Even if a rough plan, it can help create some sort of routine through the week so I am nowt forgetting anything important or worried I can't fit everything in (which is never the case usually- I'm not much of a social butterfly!). 

Meal Prep & Planning
Checking what I have in the fridge and my cupboards, what needs using up and what I need to buy can help me effectively plan my meals so that I am not wasting any food leftover or buying too much. Sunday is usually the day I actually go and do my shopping (if I didn't on Monday). This is so I can start prepping any large meals. I tend to cook something on the Sunday in bulk that I'll have again on Monday and another night later that week or that I will freeze. It just helps if I get too tired or just can't be bothered later in the week so I'm not struggling to find something to eat. 

I also find cooking quite therapeutic so, to me, meal planning and prepping is not a chore but almost self-care.  Do you enjoy cooking or are you an avoid-at-all-costs kind of person? 


People call it 'self-care Sunday' for a reason; it makes sense to end the week relaxed and prepared for the following one. Everyone's way of winding down differs. For me, taking some time to catch up on TV, read a book and even blogging can help me focus my attention away from work, life- anything that else that might have me a little stressed. 

A Goodnight's Sleep
I'm planning a whole post on my PM routine to show how I have created a routine that allows me to switch off and sleep well. Sunday is the perfect time to get your body clock adjusted and create a healthy sleep pattern. I make sure I don't stay up too late so I resent the Monday morning commute but still making sure that I have some time to myself to wind down slowly. 

So there's a look at my typical Sunday routine to help make the most of this chilled day and getting ready for the week to come. 

What does your typical Sunday look like? I'd love to hear about what you get up to!
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x
If you read my previous post "THINGS ARE HAPPENING" where I rambled a little about finishing university, you will have read that I have moved to London after living in York for three years while at university. Throughout my three years in York, I feel I have definitely become well acquainted with the area. With this, I thought it's time I shared with you my favourite spots in York that, if you're visiting are definitely worth a gander. These picks are also suitable if you're already a local but maybe want to know about a few of my recommendations of things to do in the area.

The Shambles Food Market 

If you're already planning a trip to York, you will no doubt be heading down The Shambles at some point. Known as the place that inspired Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books, The Shambles is a hit with the tourists. However, apart from just visiting the cobbled streets filled with shops, I recommend taking some time to explore the small but great market, specifically the small food court. When I first came to York, this was just a couple of stalls but it has since expanded to have stalls of different cuisines to please all. My friend and I are massive fans of the Thai stand that do a great sweet chilli chicken and pad thai.

If you are a local and working in the centre, this is a great alternative to your regular meal deal at lunchtime. They offer some great filling options for reasonable prices while you are also supporting some local restaurants and businesses.

The York Art Gallery 

This is a place I wish I went to sooner than I did as well as more often to fully appreciate the different exhibitions the gallery had on. From the handful of times I visited, the staff were extremely friendly and were up for a chat about the art and different exhibitions. In the past, they've had a Quentin Blake exhibition, which was great for the kids, as well as Aesthetic Magazine exhibition which I really enjoyed and allowed me to discover some new artists that I now love and follow their work.

It's not a big gallery but for a small city, it's a great addition. It's worth keeping up to date with the exhibitions on when visiting and dropping in during your stay. For those living and studying in York, you are able to get discounted, if not free, entry into the gallery along with other museums across the city. It's definitely worth looking into and you can find more out about this here.

The Waterstones Cafe

I know what you're thinking. "This is a weird recommendation. Isn't it just a Costa?". The cafe in the York Waterstones is much nicer than other Waterstones that do just have a Costa. It's a lovely coffee shop on the upper floor of the shop that is the perfect location for a drink and cake with a great view of the main shopping street of York below.

I spent many a day hear during my degree. If was wanting a to get out of the house for a change of scenery or if I had some time to kill before a shift at my part-time job, I always ended up here either with my laptop working or my head in a book. The coffee also isn't badly priced at all so it was great to grab a drink then head to peruse the thousands of books while resisting the urge to buy any more.

I also want to add an honorary mention to Spring Espresso which is a coffee shop I spoke about in "THE BEST PANCAKES IN YORK". This is another great location for a coffee; in my opinion, they do the best, iced mocha I've ever had.

Rowntree Park 

This is the perfect place to spend a summers day in York. With a park and play area for the kids to explore and enjoy, lovely gardens to walk through as well as a walk along the canal to get here by foot, it's the perfect open space to enjoy in the sun.

My friends and I have been there for a picnic in the past as well as a game or two of frisbee when it's been warmer as well as a visit to the reading cafe that's within the park when it's a little chillier or we just want to grab a drink.

The museum gardens are the usual place tourists chose to visit in the centre to soak up a few rays but, if you don't mind a short walk, I highly recommend going here to enjoy your picnic. It tends to be a lot quieter while being a lot bigger and, in my opinion, a little nicer to be just a bit out of the city.

Have you ever been to York? 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

Here we have some life ramblings of things happening at the moment... 

If you had spoken to me a month ago and asked me the dreaded question of "So, Sarah, what are you doing after university?" I would have to make something up about looking for a job and nervously laugh as the real answer is actually "I have no clue".  I had ideas of plan A, B and C in my head but I had no idea whether these were real plans that were realistic or would work for me. I actually have ended up with an outcome that I never had planned and so I thought I'd share with you how things have changed in the past few months and how they are going to carry on changing in the future. 

Graduating for University
If you didn't know, I've spent the past three years studying Psychology BSc at the University of York. As of last Thursday, I am officially a graduate and I have said goodbye to the university that I adored. On the whole, I really loved spending the last few years here as well as living in such a lovely city. More sadly, it's time to say goodbye to that beloved student discount; I really don't know what I'll do without it! 

After quite a stressful and tough final year, I shocked myself by managing to come out with a first in my degree. I'm so happy that all my hard work paid off! I loved my degree as it was so fascinating and I was always learning something new. While I'm giving my psychological brain a rest, for now, my love for the subject will always be there and I may revisit the subject in the future. 

I am thinking of doing a more in-depth post about my time in university and what third-year specifically taught me as well as some honest thoughts about my university so keep an eye out for that one. 

Getting a Job 
I'll keep this brief but yes, I manage to find a job! An internship to be specific but one I think will open a lot of doors and will be a really fun and interesting position in a really creative company. 

I think I may do a separate post on this later down the line once I'm settled into the role but, honestly, if it wasn't for my blog, I don't think I would have been able to get this internship and the position I did. I'm so excited to start this internship next week! 

Moving to London
I remember saying a few weeks ago "I could never move to London" and two weeks later I was planning on moving down there. As I started looking for jobs, it seems very evident that, while I'd love to stay in York, London was where the experience was and the jobs I wanted. 

While most people do move back home with their parents, after managing to save enough money from my part-time job to put a deposit on a flat, I couldn't see myself adjusting back to living with the family. I thought it seemed perfect to challenge myself a little by moving out completely after uni and moving to London. Along with getting this internship in London, it seemed only right. 

I'll be moving down this Thursday and I can quite frankly admit that I am scared with just the weekend to adjust enough to start my job the following Monday. I don't think I'll be more ready than I am now so fingers crossed it all works out. 

A lot of big changes are happening at once and, for once, I seem to be embracing it (with still a pinch of apprehension). As university ends, my new chapter in London is soon to start and while I'm incredibly nervous to be living in a completely new and unknown environment, I'm also excited to see how it all goes. 

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

I feel like we all like to recommend new music to people; whether it's something completely different to what they are used to or something you think they'd like as it has a familiar sound to their other favourites. Here, I thought I'd share with you five albums that are not only great for the summer but suitable for different music tastes. Hopefully, you'll discover a new album or artist that you haven't given a listen to before. 

Jeremy Zucker // Motions

Jeremy Zucker has a chilled tone that I have loved to have in the background while I clean, work or read. The album Motions includes tracks that make the perfect late night playlist.  While it was released back in 2017, it’s only a recent discovery for me along with his more recent tracks that I’ve also been loving. If you’re looking for an artist to add to your late night, chilled playlist, Motions is the perfect album for that.

Favourite Tracks: Heavy, Idk Love & Stay Quiet

LAUV // I met you when I was 18

Like with Jeremy Zucker, LAUV’s album is perfect to have on in the background and enjoy. This album has a mixture of slower songs that I enjoy the most, as well as some more upbeat tracks like Chasing Fire that are great for the summer and long car journeys.  It’s the album that I can have on while I’m tidying and I’ll soon catch myself bobbing and even singing along to. 

Favourite Tracks: Never Not, The Story Never Ends, Chasing Fire

BTS // Map of The Soul: Persona

I’ve already mentioned this album in my last “READ, WATCH, LISTEN“. Since that post, I actually saw BTS live and since then, I’ve not stopped listening to this album. It doesn’t matter that it’s by Korean artists and spoken in Korean; the songs are still super catchy and I don’t see myself stopping listening to this anytime soon!

Favourite Tracks: Intro: Persona, Home & Mikrokosmos

Khalid // Free Spirit

Since his last album, I haven’t stopped listening to Khalid. He was in my top 5 most played artists on Spotify last year and a lot of that was down to it being the perfect album to listen to while revising. While I know most people can’t work with music on, it was never too distracting and was just a nice chilled album to have on in the background. His new album Free Spirit I treated in a similar way, but with a few more upbeat tracks, they also made the perfect summer songs to play when with friends or for a good sing-along in the shower!

Favourite Tracks: Intro, Right Back & Bad Luck

Loyle Carner // Not Waving, But Drowning

While you might be thinking my picks so far are chilled, this one tops them all. Loyle Carner was introduced by my housemate (thanks Ben) and, with his most recent album, I haven’t stopped listening to. It reminds me of Frank Ocean’s Album Blonde with a mix of music and filler talking tracks.  It’s the perfect album to enjoy in the evenings while I’m reading or just taking some time for myself. I love how it’s like a story; start from the beginning and listen to the end. Also with a track featuring Sampha, of course, I’m going to love it! It’s definitely one I recommend giving a listen. Loyle Carner just released some tour dates so I am highly considering seeing him live soon. 

Favourite Tracks: Krispy, Ottolenghi, Desoleil (Brilliant Corners)

What are your current favourite albums? Leave me some of your own recommendations!

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

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With the transition into summer well underway, I thought it was time I shared some of the products I have been reaching for on the warmer, sunnier days to help my skin glow and feel summer-ready. I have been choosing, as always, to opt for a lighter base and focussing a little more on my skin and body care to help me achieve a natural glow. 


As the weather picks up, more skin tends to be on show and so I like to make sure that my skin is well protected and well moisturised to help me feel a little more confident in my skin. 

This has been really great to apply to my legs before shaving, to get rid of any flaky dead skin and start with a fresh smooth base for any shaving products, moisturisers and tan. I've also been applying this to the tops of my arms. I have a very common skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris where the use of harsh exfoliants can only make it worse. However, every so often a little more exfoliation is nice and, with this scrub, it leaves my arms feeling lovely and smooth. 

This is probably one of my current beauty obsessions. Gone are days that I can be bothered to fake tan and have to deal with the patchy consequences when it all goes wrong. After picking this up in HomeSense a month ago, I have been absolutely loving applying this. Unlike other tanning lotions or fake tans, this is a really hydrating tinted lotion that not only smells amazing but leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft. Application has also been a breeze; by applying in circular motions and making sure I wash my hands thoroughly after, I've had no mishaps in the forms of patches or streaks. Even after a shower or two and no reapplication, I can still see the subtle tan and glow it gives. With small shimmer reflexes, as well as almost a blurring effect, I'm really loving this product right now. 

It's warm and muggy. The last thing you want to be doing is hanging around waiting for your body lotion to dry. This is where this fabulous spray-on lotion comes in handy. There was quite the hype around these a few years back and I still haven't stopped enjoying this product on days I need to moisturise but don't want to wait forever for it to dry. This Spray on lotion from Superdrug is super affordable and has lasted me for ages and so I feel it's a great addition to your summer body care as well as being a great product to take on your travels. 


For me, skin care in summer is probably the most important. I don't like to have a face full of makeup in the heat and so, if I can get my skin in a place where I am happy to not wear makeup, then that would be amazing. At the moment, I have been opting for products that promote skin glow as well as hydration. 

You may have seen this in my 3 TRANSITIONAL SKINCARE STAPLES and, while we have transitioned into the hotter climates, this is still making its way into my skincare routine. As the summer weather can be muggy and the air is highly polluted, I find this a great non-harsh exfoliator to remove any impurities. Also with vitamin C, it's promoting your skin's healthy glow which, if you haven't caught onto the theme yet, is perfect for the summer. 

In winter, this was great for hydration and now into summer, it's also great for that added glow. After I apply this, I automatically feel my skin is in better condition and that I don't need to wear makeup. It is such a simple oil that I am really enjoying using. Applied morning and night, I really feel the benefits under my make up during the day or in the morning after applying the night before. 


Like I said, I tend to put down the makeup brush and pick up a good cleanser in the warmer months. However, on days where I need a little something, I love using these two products especially.

I've already shared my love for this on multiple occasions including my MINIMALIST SUMMER MAKEUP post the other month. Since wanting to branch out from using my The Body Shop BB Cream, this has been a great alternative. It helps give my skin a natural glow as well as the colour and enough coverage I want in my base before applying concealer. I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a lightweight base that doesn't require constant attention throughout the day. 

NYX illuminator
This acts as a 2-in-1 blush and highlight for me. With quite chunky gold reflexes, I don't go too heavy handed with this. However, for every day, a little applied to my cheeks and cheekbones adds a little flush of colour as well as adding to that glowing look. It has such a pretty and natural orange/coral colour that I find it really flattering especially for a summery look. This seems to be discontinued but the old favourite Sleek Rose Gold Blush* is a good alternative. 

So there is a breakdown of some products that I reach for in summer and that I am currently loving in this warmer weather. 

Are there any products you find yourself loving in the summer months? Leave your recommendations!
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x