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9 May 2020 United Kingdom

All I've been wanting recently is heart-warming yet gut-wrenching films to fall asleep to and shows to binge-watch and regret finishing so quickly after. If you're looking for the same, here are some of my May 2020 picks I think you'll enjoy. 

Never Have I Ever 

I can't lie, I devoured this series on Netflix in one evening, wrapped up in my duvet with ice cream and a big cup of tea. This is the perfect teen TV show that had me literally laughing out loud as well as choking up (by the show, not the ice cream). Devi is a teen who just wants to have a perfect teen life with the perfect boyfriend, good grades and great friends, and she sees it as her mission to get this to happen. But, it's just another teen comedy - Devi is from an Indian-Hindu family and so she's trying to juggle both being the perfect daughter but also wanting to "fit in" as the American she is. Such a great show that I highly recommend.

Normal People

With Normal People by Sally Rooney being one of my all-time fave books, I was apprehensive about this series but after one episode I knew it would be the perfect adaptation of the book and I wanted to cherish it. But, as I was loving it so much and I have a severe lack of self-control, I couldn't help but finish the show super quickly. 

Connell and Marianne go to the same school but have seemingly different lives. There starts their love story but it's not simple, it's real. It was such a gorgeous book and the TV series was no different. I loved it! 


This was the first thing I found myself watching on Disney Plus. A great coming-of-age move for young teens and also anyone who wants to relive their childhood and read Stargirl when they were younger. A film about being different, being yourself and surviving high school. Such a lovely uplifting quick watch that is definitely worth it if you're having a down day. 

The Secret World of Arrietty

Studio Ghibli films are the perfect watch when it's raining outside and you're snuggled up on the sofa. Arietty is a tiny teen who lives with her parents hidden from the humans whose house they secretly live within. They only come out when they are off to borrow supplies from their human hosts. When Arietty becomes friends with 12-year old Shawn, there's worry that this will be dangerous for the family. The Secret World of Arietty was the first Studio Ghibli I watched and it was lovely. It's a cartoon that is so beautifully made that you can understand why they are so popular. This is a great one for all the family.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

I feel like there's no point me mentioning this but I also can't no - it's my go-to film when I need something nice and easy to throw on and enjoy. Also, slight unpopular opinion, but I like the second one! I'm yet to get bored with watching this film and I'm sure I'll be watching them both at least once more before the next one comes out. If you're more of a book-before-film- person, I definitely recommend reading it. I talk more about it in my previous cosy book picks.  

7 Worlds, One Planet

If non-fiction is more your jam, David Attenborough's soothing voice will be the perfect chilled sho to watch. 7 Worlds, One Planet was one of my favourites last year and it's great to watch while you're stuck inside or have on in the background as you clean, work, study. Once you finish this series, you'll be spoilt for choice with all his other documentaries you can watch!

What are your favourite cosy films and TV picks? 

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

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