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16 May 2020 United Kingdom

Something a bit different but hopefully useful for the bloggers amongst you, trying to up their organic traffic and SEO game, There are some really great SEO tools out there to help you focus on improving your traffic from Google as well as increasing your own domain authority in the process. From both my time as a blogger and working in SEO, here are some of the free tools that are definitely worth giving a go. 

Google Search Console

So a lot of bloggers probably use Google Analytics but I haven't heard of people using GSC. While GA tracks blog views, user journey within your site, GSC focusses on clicks and impressions coming from Google specifically. You can track where you appear in search results for different keywords and what are your best, most authoritative pages. 

While GA is fantastic, if you're looking to focus more on your SEO, GSC is the best tool for you. Track how many errors you have on your site, make sure your pages are being indexed (seen) in Google and also offer some nice simple analysis of clicks. It's pretty easy to navigate and worth setting up. It works great alongside GA to help you really understand your blog traffic and performance to then help you improve. 

Google Trends

This is a great tool from Google that's good to measure the popularity of certain topics overtime as well as being an unexpected source of inspiration. Jump on some search trends of the month to help you create relevant content for other searchers. The higher the search volume, the better chance someone is to see your content. I find it quite fun to play around with this tool and compare different topics and searched-for words. 

Keywords Everywhere

Tools like SEMRush are great for commercial keyword research but I personally don't think it's worth the money for a blogger or influencer. Keywords everywhere is the perfect free tool. Simple google a phrase you want to target and it offers you suggested phrases other people google related to your topic. These words and phrases you can then also work into your article. 

SEO Meta Data Extension

This is another free Chrome extension that's worth having on hand - great to check that all your meta information is appearing to others and Google. Your titles, description and also alt tags for images. You can use this tool to scan your own pages but you can also use on others' site if you're wanting to target similar keywords, or interested in how they layout their content to be well optimised. 

The Mozbar

I have a free personal Moz account for the sheer purpose of using the Mozbar. Domain Authority was originally created by Moz as a way to track a site's authority and so their tool has to be the most trustworthy. Add the Mozbar to your extension and by clicking the icon, you can see any sites' Domain Authority, number of backlinks and spam score. Navigate around their site to also see their Page Authority. Moz is the best, easiest and most used way to track your domain score and the Mozbar makes it even easier for you to see your domain changes in a glance as well as others. 

I hope you enjoyed this SEO post today. Is it a topic you'd like me to cover more on my blog? Let me know! 

Hope you're doing great,

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