How I've Been Reading More This Year

22 May 2020 United Kingdom

While I'm nowhere near the 100+ books a year level that some are, I've definitely upped my reading game this year and it's back to becoming one of my favourite things to do! I'm already half-way through my reading challenge for 2020 and I'm hoping to keep up the good streak. Here are some small tips from me on how to read more this year and how I've focussed my time to read more. 

Use the commute

Since moving to London, my bus ride to and from work has been the perfect source of some good reading time. An hour there and an hour back I almost don't mind as it gives me some structured time to read. Even if some days I just read one chapter, it's more than I would have read otherwise. At the moment I'm currently working from home but I still try and use the hour I would be commuting to pick up my book and read before I start working. 

Read what you like

It may seem obvious and a little silly but for years I've tried different genres and it's only recently I've really understood the kind of books, genres, sub-genres and authors that I really like. I also try and notice my reading habits. For example, after a long, hard-hitting read, I will want to follow up with a short, easy-read contemporary. This has really helped me to avoid a reading slump. It's also fun to constantly search for new books that I know I will enjoy and get excited about to encourage me to keep reading! 


As a slower reader, some longer, week-long read-a-longs just don't work for me. However, small ones with friends are fun. If there's a book you and your friend want to read, why not read it at the same time? I find it really encouraging to do this and it's great to discuss your thoughts with someone at the end. If you want to read with a larger group, a monthly book club is a great way to keep your reading interest alive! 

Swap screen time for book time

At the start, I would consciously have to turn from my phone and read but now more and more, I'm just reaching for my book without a second thought. Whether it's in my lunch breaks, while I'm eating my tea or even brushing my teeth, I'm off my phone and with that, I've replaced a lot of these occasions with reading. It's really made a difference from being able to help me get through a few extra pages that I wouldn't otherwise. 

Be kind to yourself - no pressure! 

If you don't fancy reading one morning, that's fine. Not enjoying the book you're reading? OK! If you want a week off of reading and just want to binge-watch Netflix for a bit, that's more than ok. There is no point pressuring myself to read more and complete a book if it's just not fun to do so - it's a hobby after all. Everyone reads at their own pace and as long as you're enjoying what you're reading, that's the main thing! 

Do you have any tips for reading more? 

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

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