I don't think I'm cut out for this monthly favourites malarky because a lot of the things I love from one month are the same for the next. Either way, there are a few bits I've been loving this month especially that I want to share with you. 

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray has been a god send for night's out at uni and it's sad that this has finally come to the end of its life. For the £8 present I got for my birthday it has lasted exactly a year running out on my birthday. I've mentioned it numerous times before but I thought I'd mention it one last time. I'd say I'd be buying it again but I'm not 100% sure I need to as I now have my next favourite. 

Superdrug's Vitamin E Refreshing Toning Mist has a similar feel to the Urban Decay setting spray as well as a cheaper, cruelty-free alternative to my Mac fix+ that I feel has now had its day. It gives my make up an extra dewy look to finish my face off as well as giving it a refreshing tone before bed, as well as pre and post-make-up application. Such an affordable extra to add to my everyday routine. 

Last on the make-up front is a rediscovery with the Elf Cream Blush; I've never been a blusher lover but this gives my cheeks that extra flushed glow for every day. It is quick and easy to apply so great for on the go. 

My 5-year-old purse had been looking a little worse for wear but I couldn't find one I loved. I was ready to splash the cash on a DKNY purse I saw when I saw a less expensive alternative in Accessorize. While on the smaller side for what I'm used to, I'm so glad I finally have a purse that doesn't spew change all over the bottom of my bag and I think I'll be using this one for the next 5 years. 

I've been getting bored of jeans and when I saw these trousers in these dark navy pinstriped trousers from H&M, I thought it was a great chance to step out of my jean comfort zone and try something different. I think I've now been converted; they are super comfy! It's like wearing your pyjamas out in public but in a more socially accepted fashion. With a plain black top and trainers, I think it's a great look and one I'll be wearing for a while. 

Above all, my favourite item of February has to be my Dark Grey Adidas Gazelles. Super comfy and, with the blessing of small feet and student discount, a decent price which tempts me to pick up another pair. Since I accidentally dyed my white vans pink, I have not taken these trainers off; they are a perfect everyday pair of shoes and a colour that goes with most. 

So there are a few things I've been loving this month. What have been some of your favourites of February?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

Products mentions & similar to.

Last month I shared with you my current skincare routine in my "CRUELTY-FREE SKINCARE FAVOURITES". Moving away from skincare, I thought I'd next share with you my hair care favorites and the products I love to use. 


For a while, I have been loving using my Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar. While an exclusive to the Lush Oxford Street store, you can still pick this up online here. I find I have quite oily hair and this really has helped rein the oil in and giving my squeaky clean hair. It's also great for helping any dryness on my scalp as well as help sooth. The shampoo bars are definitely worth the money as I've found them to last a long period of time. I've also picked up the Jason and The Argan Shampoo Bar for my birthday. If you're looking for a shampoo bar to soften hair and restore shine maybe check this one out. I'm yet to give it ago but will report back when I do. 
If you're looking for cheap cruelty-free products, Superdrug is the go to and when looking for an alternative shampoo I found Superdrug's Extracts Aloe Vera and Mango Shampoo for oily/normal hair. This reminds me of my childhood shampoo Alberto Balsam and I love it. Similar to the shampoo bar, it leaves my hair perfectly clean and helps control oil. 


I don't think I'll ever need another conditioner again other than the Kind Natured Nourishing Ylang Ylang & Sage Conditioner. I stumbled across this in boots and it's been a gem. I mentioned this is my JANUARY FAVOURITES but it's been great at restoring hydration to my ends due to the change in water. While the smell to some is a little funky, I think it adds the natural nature of the conditioner. It works really well and, while seem to be sold out every time I go to repurchase, I think I'll be sticking with this one for a while. 


Batiste is still a staple. From my research, I've found this to be cruelty-free to my happy surprise. I've not found a dry shampoo that lifts and restores my worn hair better than this. If I come back from a day of lectures and don't have the time to re-wash my hair before going out with friends, this gives it back the life that the lectures have drawn out from it. 

My hair care is as simple as always but it works for me. What are your current haircare staples?
Hope you're doing great,

Sarah x


As if it's already February. January was filled with exam stress and settling back into uni life. It was also my 19th birthday on the 24th and I received some great presents from friends and family. February I hope will be a little more organised than January and I'll hopefully get everything I want to accomplished. I've never been one for monthly favourites but maybe this year will be different. 


Thanks to one of my housemates, I finally had a diary to get me organised with uni and general life. Unlike usual diaries, you don't have to use this every day; you add the date in yourself and so for days I'm just watching Louis Theroux documentaries, I don't have to feel like I've wasted a page. I also get bored with diaries quite easily but I think the layout of these pages makes it more fun and easy to organise. Each page has a timeline of the day, a to-do list section, objective boxes which I've actually been using to plan my meals and then a notes and doodle section. I think this is a fab alternative for a diary and there are so many different patterns and covers to choose from. 


While here it makes as a good background prop, since receiving it for Christmas, it has been a staple in my wardrobe. It so soft and cosy and great for the windy weather. Not only that but I love the more beige/pink tartan that it has and it adds something a bit different to other tartan scarves I've had. I'll be continuing to wear this for the rest of winter and spring and then again when Autumn comes around.


Another Christmas present is this body butter that has the sweetest, nicest smell I can't stop using it. I'm also happy to find that the Ted Baker Website confirms they're cruelty-free! This is something I didn't know but am glad to find out. Every time I step out the shower and dry myself, this has been what I've been applying for the past month. It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. This Body Butter is one to rival my favourites from the Body Shop and Soap & Glory. Speaking of Soap and Glory...


If you know me, you know I'm not a massive lip gloss fan but I think I may be converted. This lipgloss gives me such an hydrated look and paired with a pale lipstick, it's a winning combo. With a quite overwhelming tingling feeling to the lips, they are plump and full with just a coat of this. While lip gloss is something you have to reapply quite often, I've found it leaves my lips hydrated and plump even after it's worn off. This small version came inside the suitcase bundle they brought out at christmas; if I ever run out I would highly consider repurchasing the full size. 


Another from the suitcase was this face wash which I've been dying to give a go for ages. It smells so nice and leaves me with soft skin and the perfect base for makeup. I've talked about this further over on my "CRUELTY-FREE SKINCARE FAVOURITES". It's been a month since I've started using this and I've still got a lot left in the bottle; it was definitely worth the money. 


Since moving to York for Uni, my hair has struggled to adjust the slightly harder water. However, since finding this conditioner in Boots, the hair problems have been limited. It does what it says on the tin and really nourishes my hair. It's a product with a real organic feel, whether that's the natural smell of Ylang Ylang & Sage. While the scent isn't for everyone, I've really grown to love it and the formula doesn't need any chemicals to help it work wonders. My Haircare routine is now completely cruelty-free; look forward to seeing that soon!

What have you been loving this month? How was your January?!
Hope you're doing great,

Sarah x


*This contains products kindly gifted to me by ChloBo but all opinions remain my own*

I've been on the hunt for a new staple jewelry piece for a while now and when ChloBo kindly offered to send me on of their bracelets I jumped at the chance. Coinciding with my birthday, it's made a great birthday present.
First off the packaging; it's to die for. If you're looking for a gift for someone this is perfectly packaged for just that. I adore the draw-style box that the bracelet comes it- you can see that ChloBo take extra care in making sure they offer a luxurious experience when buying their jewelry. 

You can feel the quality as soon as you touch it. Compared to similar but cheaper bracelets I have had in the past, this is one I can tell will last a long time and one I won't want to take off. The bracelet and the rose gold plated beads are super sturdy; it would take a lot to pull this bracelet apart. ChloBo kindly let me pick out my gift. I finally decided on the Rose Gold Plated on 925 Sterling Silver Charm Decorate Hamsa Hand Bracelet ; I already own some earrings with this symbol on and the bracelet goes with them really well. The bracelet came with a booklet which explained the meaning behind each of the symbols that are available on a bracelet on their website (You can see more here). Let's hope the hamsa hand brings me that good fortune and good health that the symbol is said to represent!

What I love is that this bracelet goes with just about any outfit I through on. Because it's quite dainty, it adds just that little extra to an outfit whether it's my usual black jean, shirt, scarf and trainers or something more dressy for a night out or even going to the gym. It's a perfect piece for any occasion. Also, it's Rose Gold- need I say anymore!! The trend is taking over more and more and I'm perfectly happy with that- I hope rose gold never goes out of fashion and the sad day it does I think I'll still wear this bracelet as it's such a timeless piece that I think I will be wearing non-stop for the next year or so.

It is on the pricey side (£90). However, I haven't taken it off since I received it and it's definitely a staple jewelry piece that will get its wear. You can also know that you're paying for a quality piece     made well. Instead, of heading to pandora for Valentine's day for your partner, ChloBo offer some great unique pieces that give you a great alternative. You can really see the thought the company puts into delivering a well-rounded product- both in quality but also packaging.

This has to be one of my favorite Birthday presents from my 19th so thank you ChloBo!