Read about my day out in York and the great food I had. 

If you didn't know already, I'm now in my second year of university at the University of York. It's freshers week at the moment so first years are now roaming about finding their feet. Some of my house and I decide to try and escape the on-campus madness and head into the centre. York Food & Drink Festival is currently on and so we decided to have a look around and eat way too much food. 

I decided to try something different. While a lot of the festival food seemed to be big burgers and meat, I found, not actually at the festival but on the markets a new little company selling vegetarian curries. I went for the Red Lentil Dal and Bombay potatoes. Taking pictures of food isn't really my forte and so I didn't manage to get one before I was eating it.
You'll have to take my word for it when I say I really enjoyed it; the potatoes were lovely and the curry, being something I hadn't tried before, was really nice to eat with the bit of bread that came with it. I wish I had some rice to go with the rest of the curry because it was really tasty and I think I'll be trying to remake this curry myself soon.  

We then spotted a cute little truck selling crepes and so my friend and I decided to go halves on one and we were so glad we did. It was white chocolate, Nutella and strawberries and it was delicious! It was a messy affair but really nice all the same. We struggled to finish it we were so full. 

We headed back into the main strip of the food and drink festival; while only small, there was a lot on offer. Some of the stalls looked so inviting I couldn't not at least take a picture. I liked the way local businesses had come together to offer some great food that you could tell everyone was loving. It was such a lovely atmosphere that reminded me of the York Christmas markets which I'll be definitely heading back to later this year. 

I hope you enjoyed this little day account and the photos along side it. Let me know if you'd like to hear more about what goes on in York in future posts. 

Hope you're doing great,
Sarah X

I thought it was time I share with you some more of my favourite artists and bands at the moment. 

This is a band that’s a bit heavier than what I’m used to but they quickly have become a band I listen to on the daily.  Their song "Birth Certificate" reminds me of the type of song you hear at the start of a 90s chic flick and I don’t have a problem with that at all. If any of you are to know one of their songs, it’s Karma Seeker; a little slower than some of their other songs but still a great one to belt out and sing along to. Some band’s music is made to be performed live and VANT are definitely in that category and that’s why I’m so excited to see them live in the coming months. 

My top picks: Karma Seeker, Do you know me?, Birth certificate & Mess Around


I saw them over the summer at Community Festival in London, their new album was released and now I’m looking forward to seeing them again in November. Like VANT, they may be a little heavy for some, but you can’t deny how amazing they are with their lyrics and performing live. I’m yet to give their new album “Broken Machine” a really good listen but, from what I’ve heard so far, I already love it!

My top picks: Amsterdam, Ban All the Music, Itch & If I Get High


If you like something a little slow, I’d give Lewis Capaldi a listen. Sadly, he only has two songs on Spotify for me to enjoy but they are two beautifully written and beautifully played songs. With great lyrics and a unique sound, I don’t know anyone who could deny Lewis’ talent. He’s already done so well and I can’t wait to hear more from him, hopefully, soon. 

My top picks: Bruises & Lost On You


You may have seen, if you follow me on twitter, that I’m loving Jordan McKampa at the moment. After first hearing him at a Lewis Watson gig earlier this year which he supported (Read about the gig here if you’re interested), I haven't stopped listening. Jordan Mckampa’s voice had kept me company on many train and bus journeys this summer and I’ve grown a fairly big fan of his over the past year. His singer-songwriter vibes added with the Matt Corby feel he brings to a song are just what I like. Jordan is one I want to see live again in the future. 

Top picks: Saint, Midnight & Teardrops in the Hurricane


I’ll admit it, I was, and still am, a bit of a 1D fan (you’ve got to admit some of their songs were catchy!). Harry’s own music was the one I was most looking forward to and it’s the one one that really interests me. I would suggest giving his new record a listen even if you already have biased ideas of the ex-1D member. His sound is a great one and even sounding like Bowie in parts- you might be surprised! It’s such a good mix of slow melancholic sounds with more rock tracks that I think make a great all-around record. 

My top picks: Sweet Creature, Two Ghosts, Kiwi & From the Dining Table. 


Another recent discovery  are this great band. They were another favourite over the summer and I give at least one song a listen daily. They haven’t released as many songs as I would like but everything I hear makes me want to see them live! I can't really say much more other than give them a listen. 

My top picks: Barcelona Girl, Fever & See the Day

If you've heard of any of these bands and artists before I'd love to know what you think of them. Are there any mentioned that you've not heard of an might check out?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

After buying and testing a few new skincare products recently, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. 


After hearing comparisons to the Liz Earle Cleanser which isn't exactly in my price range, I thought I'd pick this up. This has made my skin feel smoother and hasn't caused any breakouts. While I wouldn't say it's one for helping breakouts, it has kept my spots at bay and I haven't had any major problems even around the time of the month. This feels like a much more luxurious product than what I'm paying for and so I definitely feel I'm getting my money's worth with it and it's one I'd recommend for anyone.


What I liked, straight off the bat, was in the shop they had the type I picked up but also a variation for normal/oily skin which is great to see they're covering all bases. Being paired with or without the cleanser, this a fabulous and affordable daily moisturiser that creates a great, hydrated base for my make-up. It reminds me of old moisturisers I'd reach for such as the Olay moisturiser or the Nivea moisturiser for dry skin; I'm happy I've finally found a cruelty-free moisturiser that works as well, if not better, than one's I've used in the past. While the smell is a strong one, it doesn't have an effect on my skin's sensitivity and isn't a smell I hate. This is definitely one I'll buy again as being another inexpensive product almost feels luxury on the skin. 


This claims to brighten the skin as the main aim for this product however it was my friend who had heard it made a good primer. Sadly, this has been my least favourite of the products mentioned in this post. While I can see why it would make a good primer and does leave my skin feeling smooth, it almost feels chalky in texture once dries as well as dehydrated and tight. This isn't one I'll be buying again but I'll still make sure I get my use out of it and I'd suggest maybe giving it ago if you have a more oily skin type. 


The word silicone around beauty is something that would usually make me run a mile. It gives me flashbacks of failed primers that just dry and ball up on my face. However, after reading a few reviews saying this was nothing  like silicone and, with it being fairly inexpensive I thought I'd give it a go and so far so good! I agree, it's not like other 'silicone' primers I've used before- with a more creamy texture and not really silicone feeling at all, it creates a great smoothing effect for make-up to apply over. If this carries on living up to my expectations, this will be a primer I'll be repurchasing in the future. 

So there's a few short reviews of some skincare products I have had on trial in my skincare routine. Let me know if you like the idea of me doing more mini reviews like this in the future! 
Have you tried any of these products before?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

With summer coming to an end, I thought I'd share with you some of the bits I've spent my money on recently before I head back to uni.


I've already shared with you, in previous favourites posts, some of my most recent fashion purchases this summer. After spending some money on the New Look 25% off haul, I ended up keeping just one of the t-shirts I bought which is a simple Yellow Fitted T-shirt that, while, when paired with my mom jeans, I look like a Simpsons character, I really love; mustard is definitely a colour I've been loving this summer! While only £3.70 in the sale (usually, still, only £5), I think this was a real steal for an everyday staple tee. One other thing I picked up from the New Look sale was a little accessory of an "Aloha" card holder. It was only a last minute buy to get my total up to get free delivery and, for only £1.50, I think this was a great little purchase that will come in handy on a day-to-day basis especially at uni and on night outs. 


As per usual, I took a few trips to Superdrug where I picked up my favourite "Pink Fizz" Shower Gel as well as my usual Superdrug Aloe Vera & Mango Extracts Shampoo & Conditioner. All super affordable and do a fab job. I also thought I'd try something new and so I picked up the Naturally Radiant Day Cream for Dry/Normal Skin. I'd seen a few people talk about this and so I thought I would give it ago as my previous Superdrug moisturisers are running low. The Radiant range were on buy on get one free so I thought I'd pick up another well talked about Superdrug product which is their Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser. Supposedly similar to the Liz Earle version, I thought I'd give it ago especially seeing as it worked out as a free purchase. 
A bit of a different purchase for me but when I saw the Charcoalogy Soothing Body Wash from TKMaxx, I had to pick it up. The packaging is what, honestly sold me as it looks similar to more luxury brands such as Aesop and Anthropology. I have to give a *disclaimer* here and say, while there and then I googled whether this was a cruelty-free brand I wasn't entirely sure whether it was or not. But then after seeing it describe as so on one of the websites selling this product I thought I'd pick it up. Sadly, now, I'm not 100% sure whether it is or not but having now bought it, I still want to use it up. Unfortunately, it is also not vegetarian/ vegan as it contains glycerol (a derivative of glycerin) and so, while I made the mistake of purchasing this, I will definitely learn from my mistakes next time I'm shopping in TKMaxx!
In other news, after finding out Collection was not cruelty-free I've been on the hunt for a new concealer which is both cruelty free and pale enough for me. In my hunt I picked up the NYX  HD Concealer as well as, a brand I've not used before, Essence Stay All Day 16hr Concealer. So far, they both seem like good concealers but both have their cons. I'm planning on doing a concealer post in the future where I go in to more detail of cruelty-free concealers. 


There wasn't much I had to buy for going into second for my house other than some new duvet sets and the usually IKEA bits that I wasn't sure would be too interested in. However, I thought I'd share two purchases I think most of you bloggers will like. The first is one most have already seen and purchased and it's the Primark Rose Gold Basket; I thought this would be perfect for my desk to store my pencil cases and anything like my stapler and hole punch. If not for that, it currently works great for holding some of my everyday skincare bits. 
This next thing was seen in TKMaxx and I couldn't help myself. This purple, painted-like box with gold foiling is such a gorgeous box. Is that weird? I think not. I can't say I know exactly what I'll be using this for but with the amount of beauty products and notebooks I have that will need a home at uni, I'm sure I'll find a suitable purpose for this box. I plan on doing a room tour when I move so I'm sure you'll see then what I've decided to use this for!

So that's some of the things I've bought recently; does anything take your fancy?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

So I'm guessing that a few of you will be heading off to university for the first time this year and I can't believe that it was a year ago that I was in the same position as you are now. While I was no pro at Freshers, I thought I would give you a few pieces of advice I wish I'd had for the first week or so at university.



I feel if I hadn't have got to know my flat, I would have very much regretted it. Taking the time to speak to your housemates, if you're living in, is essential. I tried to go to as many nights out as I could during Freshers and I was so glad I did because it was a chance to really get to know everyone. 


This is probably to most over used piece of advice but it's still one to bear in mind; everyone will be nervous to meet new people so awkwardness is normal but know that's to be expected when strangers are put together and you have no clue who they are. It's worth remembering that getting to know people will happen naturally so don't put pressure on yourself to get your life story out as soon as you meet them.


Freshers fair was such a great chance to see, apart from your course, what the uni really has to offer from sports to societies- most universities offer an incredible array of activities for you to get involved at. I signed up for so many society and group newsletters at my freshers fair and, while I've still never attended most of them, I was glad I at least gave myself the opportunity to and I wasn't missing out. While I'll be going into second year I think I'll still be going along to this years freshers fair and see if there's anything new and interesting!


So a little anecdote: I was given some biscuits and a biscuit tin by a family friend to take with me to uni and I have never been so happy it was there. Putting it in the kitchen made it that little bit more homely and communal as we bonded over biscuits a lot during the first week. With only the freshers events really happening, we spent most of our days sat in the kitchen talking and eating biscuits. Some people bake, some people leave their doors opening; anything to be seen as welcoming will give you the chance to really talk to and get to know your flat. 


Maybe later on in the year when you've made some friends on your course you'll be happy sitting in the same seats every lecture but, as no one in my flat did my course, I decided that each lecture during the first few weeks I would sit in a different seat and if someone sat next to me, flash them a smile and, most of the time, it followed with a fab conversation about the night out before or what college they were in (my uni is collegiate a bit like harry potter houses). It was only a week or two into my course that I sat next to someone who happened to be in my tutorial and we really got on. I definitely think switching up where I sit and taking some time to talk to new people really helped. 


A SOLID PAIR OF TRAINERS: Day and night, you're walking about a lot. Ditch the heels for nights out if that's what you used to; you won't last a week in them. Once you've done a night out in trainers, you won't want to go back. 

BLISTER PLASTERS: So you've decided to ditch the heels but that still doesn't mean your feet won't be ruined from night after night. These were a life saver for me. 

FANCY DRESS OUTFITS: We were told what events would be happening during our freshers but it wouldn't hurt to have a lil' stock of some costumes you could throw together even if it is a cheap superhero mask. 

A CARD GAME: While eating through the biscuits we played a lot of card games. A pack of playing cards was perfect to get us through the week but cards against humanity is another student fave. 

FACE WIPES: Appealing to the more beauty/ skin conscious amongst you, please don't make the same mistake I did and not have some of these until the last term of uni last year and instead had to do a full cleansing routine after every night out to get my make up off. Save time and just get some face wipes. They also double up as great desk and window ledge cleaners before you move out. 

SPRITE: So if my sister past on any better piece of advice from her time at uni it was the wonders of sprite and what it does on a hangover. If found this worked for me but, if you're a drinker, your favourite remedy would suffice; make sure you pack your hangover cure to the gallon (better be safe than sorry). 

MICROWAVEABLE FOOD: I'd say, especially for the first night, no one wanted to crack open their new pans just yet so opting for a student staple of super noodles or microwaveable rice or meals is the best option. Failing that, a takeaway with the flat might be a good shout. 

COLD & FLU TABLETS: My lectures at uni are recorded and so listening back to the first terms lectures were tough to understand due to the amount of coughing going on from us all. Freshers flu is definitely a thing so some of these would definitely be worth it. Also keep up your vitamins; orange juice is a must.

So there's a few bits of advice and some of my uni "essentials". What is some advice you'd give Freshers if you've been to uni? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x