So after failing to post a favourites in January, most of these are roll-overs from then but have remained sturdy favourites during the first two months of the year and I thought it was time I share these with you. 


I've been after this fragrance for a while now after first smelling it back last year. It has quite an unusual smell with, I'd say, a very vanilla element to it among other things. I received this as a present for my birthday last month and, due to it's price tag, told myself I'd reserve it for special occasions. Sadly, I haven't managed to control myself from spraying the odd bit just to go to a lecture. It has got me a few compliments which is always nice and hopefully the bottle will last me a while.  It's such a lovely fresh smell that will be great as we go into spring. In terms of the cruelty-free nature of this product, I did reach out to the brand to ask their stance on animal testing and they did tell me they don't test on animals. However, more research might need to be done on this brand if you want to be super sure they don't. 


One brand I can be sure of their cruelty-free status is Superdrug and their products never fail to disappoint. After I loved their naturally radiant day cream I thought I'd give this ago and I've loved it. It's an extra step in my skincare that adds an extra boost of moisture which has been leaving my skin lovely and soft.  It's such an affordable product that has such a luxurious texture. It's definitely one I'll be picking up again. 


My skin hasn't been the best recently; breaking out and drying out whenever it can, it's been causing me some problems. When I read about this, I thought I would give it ago and I've been really loving it this past month. It applies almost like a night cream with such a lovely smell. Unlike a usual mask for spots, it has such moisturising qualities while still giving you a tingle that usually indicates something is working. I have noticed that, after use, my skin is a lot softer with redness reduced as well as looking a bit brighter. While the moisturising effects don't really last, it is still a really nice product. While a little pricey that what I'd usually pick up, it's been one I'd definitely consider getting again. 


After finding out back last year collection was not cruelty-free, I have been on the hunt for a new concealer. I've mentioned so far a few different alternatives but I've still not find one that has worked just as well. One of the ones I did decide to try was this one and I've really enjoyed using it. It has such a smooth texture and, while it's not the best for spots, it does add more coverage to my face as well as being light enough to even highlight my pale skin. I'm already on my second bottle so I think it's going to be sticking around for a few months in my make up routine!


I've always been one for more natural eyebrows and never really taming them in anyway. However, after discovering this product, I've been definitely taking more care with them. This product can seem to make any untamed eyebrows look good. It has such a thick formula that a very little amount goes a very long way. It's also definitely waterproof; after some down pours have hit York, I've turned up to lectures with all my make up running down my face but my eyebrows have also been great! It's such a good product for those who like a bolder brow and, with a light hand, it's fairly easy to apply and get your desired brow shape. 

So there's my favourites for February. I hope you had a great month! Have you tried any of these before?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x