20 Jul 2017

Hear my thoughts of my most recent purchase of the Kat Von D Lock it Foundation and why I decided to splash out on a more high-end foundation as well as my experience at the Kat Von D counter in Manchester. 

As you may be aware, I'm making the transition to a fully cruelty free make up collection. One thing I had been yet to part with, however, was my well-loved L'oreal True Match Foundation. This has been my constant go to for years when I'm wanting a higher coverage for a night out. I've had trouble in the past finding a high coverage foundation that doesn't cling to my dry areas as well as not lasting long enough. The last time I decided to splurge on a high-end foundation, it didn't end well as it still sits on my shelf being used a grand total of once (I'm looking at you Illamasqua). This has since given me apprehensions of buying foundations as well as being colour matched.


I decided it was finally time that I venture out and find a new foundation. I did a lot of research prior and had intentions of buying the Nars Sheer Glow before they decided to be annoying and start testing on animals. The Two Faced "Born This Way" foundation, as a lot of the reviews suggested, had a great finish for those with drier skin. However, when I went to buy it, the lightest shade stocked in the Debenhams I went to was not light at all and they didn't stock the actual lightest shade. This wasn't going well in terms of hunting down my perfect foundation.

It was then I spotted a Kat Von D stand. It turns out they'd only recently launched at this Debenhams branch in Manchester and, as I'd been eager to look at the Kat Von D range, I headed over. I immediately saw the "Lock It" foundation and saw the fabulous range of shades. A lovely girl came over after my friend and I had looked for a few minutes and I asked if she could colour match me. She started to take a small section of my own make up off and swatched three of the shades onto my face. We, together, decided that two of the shades were too dark and too yellow toned but the last one was a perfect match. I appreciated that she didn't pressure me to rush to make a descision and let me almost come to the decision myself that it was the right shade. After my Illamasqua experience -where the lady there chose a shade 3 shades too dark and she decided that was right only for me to discover it wasn't right at all- I was happy that I had chance to view the foundation for myself. 

Like I said, she didn't make me rush my decision. She next took off my make up on one side of my face, applied some of the "Lock It" primer (which is now on my Lust List; it was so soothing) and applied layer by layer the foundation to one side of my face. She stopped between layers to let me have a look and decide whether I wanted her to add moreas she knew I was after something full coverage. After I got the desired coverage, she then removed my make up on the other side and evened it out. Because I now just had a flat face of foundation, she offered to contour my face which excited me because I loved the look of the "Shade and Light" palette and it looked so lovely on my skin!

There was no doubt I was going to be buying the foundation and the experience left me wanting to return to buy more Kat Von D products in the future. The time she took to make sure I was really helped me make my decision and this experience has restored my faith in make up counter service.


The shade I bought was Light 44 Cool  and it's a perfect match to my skin and of very similar shade to that of my L'oreal True Match in 1C Rose Ivory. It is described as a matte finish which did have me wary as that's something I usually steer clear of. However, I could see from application, with a good moisturiser and primer, this wouldn't be a problem from my skin. I can now say, that's exactly right. On it's own it looks as though it is clinging but after finishing my makeup, it's not noticeable and has a lovely finish. 

It's easily buildable foundation and, while the formulation is thicker than any other foundation I've used before, it doesn't feel thick on the skin but instead feels surprisingly light weight and almost skin-like which I love. 

I also believe this foundation stands the test of time. When on a night out with this one and, 8 hours or so later, the only thing to have budged was my eyeshadow; everything else was intact and not much shine was showing through.

All in all, I feel this is a fabulous foundation that I will definitely be reaching for every time I need a more full coverage base and it was worth spending the extra money on. I'm now one step closer to having a fully cruelty free make up collection. I also can't wait to try out other Kat Von D products in the future!

Is there any Kat Von D products you think I should try next? What is the full coverage foundation you usually grab for?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

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