Is there really anyway this counts as a series if the last time I managed to read enough books to tell you what I've read was back in September. I'd say I've just not been reading I have- just books that dull even me as I read them for my course. I've found it hard to find time for reading what I love. Here are the only three books I've managed to read in the last 6 months (wow, that pains me to see how little I've read).

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I had this on preorder and it was released within the first month of me starting to uni. I'd tried to read other books before this but this one seemed like an easy read. After loving All The Bright Places I really couldn't wait for Jennifer Niven's last book. Ironically, as I tried to escape from psychology reading, this focused on a problem I cover in one of my topics. Jack has a condition where he is unabe to recognise faces even his own mother but no one knows; not knowing who everyone is doesn't seemed to be something Jack thinks will gain him popularity. Then there's Libby; a girl who everyone sees her as nothing more than the big girl. Both of them have secrets but they become unlikely friends. This was such a typical teen romance that was pretty predictable but that didn't stop me enjoying it. There were parts that I could relate to and parts that I laughed at which gave me the perfect release from my work. If you've not already, this would make a perfect easy read as we head into spring/summer. 


This is a book so raved about across social media. When I received it for my birthday, I thought it would be a great one to dip in and out of. It is split up into sections; I read the first two in one night and the next the following day. It was so easy to read. It explored topics of mental health, relationships, sexuality and feminism. I would like to add a trigger warning to this book as some topics may hit a little too close to home with some readers. Overall, I did enjoy the poems however some came across a little too angry for the message they were trying to make or a little too self-obsessed. While I did like this book and would recommend it for those first starting out reading poetry, I don't think it deserves the massive hype it has behind it. 



I saw this book in a discounted bookstore just the other week and seeing as poetry has become the best and only thing I have time to read recently as well as hearing a lot about Leornard Cohen's work, I decided to pick it up. It followed him as he travelled around countries focusing a lot on sexuality in the poems which I didn't realise was on the main topics but oh well. I loved the contrast of thought-provoking poems mixed with the light hearted ones with some poking fun at the seriousness poetry readers take to finding out the underlying meanings. I had to giggle at that because that's exactly what I was doing. While I'll admit, I didn't read it from start to finish, it's defnitely one I'll be dipping in and out of again. It's one I'd definitely recommend if you stumble across it. This has really made me want to continue picking up poetry to read over the next year. 

What have you been reading recently? I'd love to know some easy read recommendations!

Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x