I mentioned in my last post that I was, after being inspired by my new Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara, going to accept the challenge of creating a retro style make-up look. When I set myself this task, I thought I would make it my first post including my head in the photo to show the finished look but I decided against it; but baby steps!
Either way, for me this look works and I have tried it a few times to make sure it does for definite!
For the look I decided to do a 'retro 60s' style look and before I started to created the look, I decide I would do a little bit of research and I thought I would even share a bit about the 60s with you to give you, what i would call, a 'retrocation'!
The 'swinging 60s' as it was known brought us change in the fashion world which reflected the social atmosphere at the time. It wasn't till the 60s that teens really started to get into fashion in a big way; people would say this was because the economy of the time was doing well and jobs were easily found and so with their pockets overflowing with their wages, they would go out and buy the clothes they wanted. For girls, this was tights which went onto the leg-baring mini skirt which tended to get shorter as the decade went on. The rise of the mini skirt was down to fashion designer Mary Quant who brought change to the fashion world showing teens that clothes were fun!

For men- it was up until the 60s where 18 year old boys had to spend at least two years in one of the services which was abolished in 1960. When you were in the army you would need your hair cut so now going into one of the forces was not compulsory, boys started to let down their hair(literally) and grow it longer that ever before. For the boys two tribe like groups started to emerge: The Mods and The Rockers; Mods dressed in suits, buttoned down shirts and drove motor scooters whereas the Rockers war leather gear driving the noisiest bikes. These two tribes occasionally caused trouble in the form of riots.

There's a little bit on the fashion of the 1960s and now onto what you really want: the makeup!

Starting with the base; unlike earlier decades, foundation was applied lightly to leave a fresher appearance. They also went for a very matte look and so because there was no such thing as a  'Mac paint pot' in those days, they would apply foundation all over the eyes aswell as the face to give a full matte finish and a matte base for the eye shadow. For my base I used my normal light coverage foundation of the Barbra Daley @ Tesco Foundation.I also used my Collection Concealer and my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (of course).
I next went onto eyes where the 60s saw the blending of different shades which we all still do today! I was inspired by fashion model, actress at the time- Twiggy and her eye make-up for the look I created.
 For the look I used my MUA Undressed palette. To start Next taking shade 3(a light brown) over the lid and then moving onto a slightly darker brown again and putting that through the socket of my eye very heavily as that is how I saw Twiggy's eye make-up as. After I did this, I felt that the look wasn't complete and need a slightly darker brown so if you were to create this look again and feel like a darker brown like I did, I would go for something like Mac's Cork or Charcoal Brown.
Eyeliner would have been applied above the eyelashes being applied thicker towards the outer corner of the eye. It would be applied underneath aswell; from the outer corner till where the lashes stop.
Of course for mascara I used my new Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam mascara as it would be silly if I didn't! In the 1960s, mascara was applied to both the upper and bottom lashes (like most people do today) in rather thick coverings- so much so that would apply one coat, leave to dry and then add another to leave the lashes thick,spiky and dramatic.
There was no mention of bronzing let alone contouring in the 60s but they did like to add a little dusting of blush which would be applied to the apples of the cheeks and be then brushed towards the temples. I felt this way of applying blush was an amazing way and I think I will definitely carry on using it! For my cheeks I used the Natural Collection blush in 'Blushed Cheeks' (Don't knock the cheaper blushes!)
Lips in the era went from a bold red lip in the 1950s to nude lips in the 60s so I decided to just add a little bit of lip balm but I'd suggest maybe something like Mac's Creme Cup.
So,that's everything! I hope you enjoyed this post and, even though there was no pictures with the make-up on, you can get an idea of what it looked like and also learned a little about the 60s. I may do more in the future and might even include my face!
I hope you're having a good day! x

Two posts in a day- I am certainly in a blogging mood today!
In this post I've included some bits I've bought some of which I have included in some of my posts recently but I haven't really shown or gone in to much detail about them properly so I thought it would be wrong of me not to do this post and also to show you a few other little bits and bobs I've bought!

It sucks when you are going through a stage of wanting new clothes or make-up or books and you have zero money but what is great is when your mum has money off make-up at Tesco! Our local Tesco is a Tesco Extra and there is an amazingly big beauty section which is amazing!
 With these vouchers I decided to buy my first Maybeline Colour Tattoo. I had my eyes on these for so long and I am definitely late to join the band wagon but better late than never! I went in with the intention to buy the colour 'On and On Bronze' (which seems to be everyone's favourite) but with a little kick up the backside from my mum, I ended up going for the colour 'Eternal Gold' as I feel I will get more wear out of this colour and is a lot more wearable on a day to day basis as it is so subtle.

My Tesco has also started, to my surprise, selling Sleek products and so instead of getting the Bourjois chocolate bronzer which I planned to buy I ended up getting the Sleek Face Form: Contouring and blush palette in the shade Light. I actually had my eye on the Sleek contour Kit and the Sleek rose gold blush and managing to get all three in one for possibly a lot cheaper was great for me! The bronzer is especially amazing! It is great for my pale, pale skin and it is also matte which is just as fabulous!

Having an Avon Representative on your street is great for my make-up collection but very bad for my pocket! In last months issue, they brought out some new eye shadow palettes which tells you which parts to put on which part of the eye. My comfort zone for eye shadows is definitely browns so I decided to step slightly out that zone and go for the palette called 'Stone Taupes' which has a taupe colour that you would apply all over your eye lid along with a highlight colour and two shades of stone grey for along the socket and the outer corner. The colours aren't the most pigmented but having all the colours in one palette is so handy for on the go and the colours are great for an everyday looks!

This month my crave for make-up and clothes came all at the same time which ,again, was not good for my pocket but Asos sales keeps them weighed down just a little longer!
I'd had my eye on a buying a baby doll style top for ages but I was never to sure if they would suit me but when I saw this one in the sale for only £15 pounds, I had to treat myself!

I was also on the hunt for a new school bag and I'd spotted this one a few months back and thought I would wait to see if it came in the sale. However, when it featured in the amazing Zoe(Zoella)'s latest back to school video, I thought I'd better buy it now before it became out of stock. When it arrived, It wasn't as big as I thought it would be so it probably won't be suitable for school but I will definitely not be sending this bag  back as I know that I will be using this alot in the future. I was also wondering if maybe doing a 'What's in my bag' blog post once I've used it a few times!

The most recent of purchases was actually today and that was the new Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro mascara. I actually have to Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara which is the mascara I always use. So I was thinking of maybe doing a comparison post to see if there actually is any difference apart from the shape of the wand. I also had a brain wave of attempting making a post on a retro inspired make-up tutorial which will be a challenge but I definitely accept the challenge!

Where you can buy all products mentioned in this post!
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'Eternal Gold' || buy here.
Sleek Face Form Palette 'Light' || buy here.
Avon Eye shadow Quad 'Stone Taupes' || buy here.
Satchel Bag || buy here.
Top || buy here.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Mascara || buy here.

Have you bought anything recently? I'd love to know!
Hope you're having a good day and you enjoyed this post!x

As Promised here is my Bus Journey playlist to complete my little school series. I haven't been the best with keeping up with these playlist posts but I've actually slightly revamped in the time I've not been doing them. I posted a few on instagram of the playlist straight out of the book I write them on and people seemed to love them and people also suggested making an 8tracks account aswell; this way you can listen to them online or through the app if you'd like to!

Hope you enjoyed this post! It would be great to hear your thoughts on the new playlist post and if you have any playlist ideas that you would like my to do in the comments!
Hope you're ok, x

Another post in my little back to school series!So I'm going to get right into my top tips!

  1. Stay happy and take a positive approach on school- trying to find a positive in every situation can sometimes be hard especially when it comes to school but it really does help to just take the day as it comes and smile!
  2. First impressions count! On your first day back or at a new school, try your best to make a good impression on your teachers so you don't head straight into their bad books which may make your time at school at lot harder and makes lessons seem longer.
  3. Talking to new people is great way to make the most out of your school year and being able to have great memories with a bunch of people just like you. I'd suggest that the best way to do this is joining some sort of club so the fact that you go to the same club shows that you have similar interests and things in common!
  4. When making friends or going to a new school and trying to create a good impression for other students some people tend to turn into someone they're not so the main thing is to be yourself!
  5. Good Organisation is key! Starting from them simple thing as packing your bag the night before might make life that little bit easier. Making sure you have the right equipment and books for the day ahead will keep you out of trouble and, again, keep you in the teacher's good books. 
  6. Trying to juggle friends and the increasing amount of assignments and homework can be come hard to control- you may want to go out with your friends but there's an English essay that needs handing in the next day. The best thing to do is to do your homework the day you get it, leaving you more time to spend with friends at the weekend!
  7. If you want to get anywhere you'll need to study and study hard! I actually made a post a while ago on methods I use and suggest for revising which you can check out here. At the end of the day, all the revision you do will be rewarding when you get all the grades you want and you can be proud of yourself!
  8. Sleep is essential so even when some of your most boring lessons make you feel like sleeping at least you won't literally and have to be woken up by an angry teacher and a load of laughing classmates.
These are just my top 8 and I'm sure you can think of so many more! 
My School series is coming to an end and blogging is going back to normal with a school playlist post on Saturday! Being the first proper series and school related posts I've really done, they probably aren't the best posts you'll ever read on my blog but I'm learning! 
What are some of your top tips for school?
Hope you're ok,x 

So when I go to school, I don't tend to pack light- I make sure I have everything I need! I definitely pack a notebook just in case I need to take notes for anything other than what I'm supposed to. I also take another notebook which I use for my blog ideas; I always think of new blog post ideas or playlist ideas at the most inconvenient of times and by the time I get home that idea will have left my mind so it's best to quickly scribble my ideas down on the go.
Especially in the first few weeks of school, teacher's are forever asking you to cut and stick sheets left right and centre so instead of having to wait for the teacher to supply you with a glue stick and scissors, you could of easily finished before they'd even given you them if you brought your own!
The obvious ones are pens and pencils because you can't get a through day of lessons without having a pen or a pencil!Highlighters come in handy aswell! You are forever having to highlight a lot and when you're not using it for the right purpose you can doodle all over your arm.
A ruler and a rubber- I don't really need to say such more on that!
For maths equipment including a calculator and a protractor is very similar to glue and scissors as it wastes too much time waiting for the teacher to hand them out to you so bring your own! Also, you're best having your maths equipment as early as possible because then there's no worrying when it gets to your end of year exams and you have to rush out to buy them because your teachers are now refusing to give you them (that might just be my school, I'm not sure)
Finally, a set of colouring pencils; I always find it nice to look through my books when revising and see a little bit of colour just, maybe, underlining my titles as when it comes to revising you can easily see the different titles. Who doesn't like a bit of colour!?
There is obviously a lot of other essentials that you probably would take to school so maybe leave them in the comments below! 
The Next part to this mini series will be up on Wednesday so keep a look out!
Hope you're having a great day, x

I feel like I'm a bit late making a series of back to school posts but seeing as I've only just started school again and the tips I'll be trying to give you are for all year round, I'm sure this may come in handy to some of you!
I think this series will have 3/4 parts to it including this post and then posts on stationary essentials, some general tips on how to survive school and I'm thinking of also doing a playlist post, which I haven't done in a while, for songs I listen to on the way to school and finally, maybe a few lunch box ideas but I'm just going to roll with all of this and see what happens! I'll probably try to post them in the matter of a week or so, so then I can get right back into my normal posts!
Like I mentioned, this post is entirely aimed at mainly the beauty side of things- telling you what I'd wear myself to school and some little essentials I'd suggest to you to keep in your school bag. I guess it's probably best to mention that I tend to not really wear make-up to school and when I do only a bit. The reasons being that I like that wearing make-up to me is a little bit of a novelty and so not wearing it everyday doesn't wear out the novelty; the main reason why I don't wear make-up though is that, along with other schools, my school is very strict on make-up and jewelry as we have a uniform and so we don't get to wear what we like everyday. So for me, and others in my situation, means that there will be no smokey eyes or contouring when wearing make-up for school. However, I have also included a few things that, if I was allowed to wear little more, I would include in my school make-up routine. So let's start!
Starting with what I would leave the house wearing on my face; after completing my morning routine and applying my primer, I will apply my Barbara Daley foundation which, for me, is a light coverage foundation which I bought from my local Tesco. I then apply my Collection 2000 concealer to any blemishes and also under my eyes. I will finish the base by setting it all in place with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. For me, there will be no eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara so I would just curl my eyelashes and draw in my eyebrows using the Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer and that's me all done! However if you are wanting to have a little more, of course feel free to! I would suggest, for eye shadow, using one of the Maybeline Colour Tattoos ( I have eternal Gold which is nice and subtle with a hint of glitter!) because they are quick to use so you can quickly put some on if you're late for your bus. To make sure my make-up stays nice all day long, I will take in make-up bag my concealer and powder just to touch up during the day because I don't want to fully re-do my make-up with foundation and everything because there's more chance of me getting it wrong and looking a little bit silly!
If you're someone who likes a little more make up or is allowed to, I would suggest trying the Sleek Face Form Palette as it includes a bronzer for contouring, highlighter and a blush so it's perfect for school as it is all easily compact into one palette so it's easier to carry it around instead of 3 separate pots.
Along with the powder and concealer, I would also suggest taking a lip balm of some sort - I'd suggest the Palmas lip balm because it's nice and moisturising; if you're wanting a little more colour I'd maybe try getting your hands on the Maybeline baby lips or their lip butters to add a little tint of colour.
Hand sanitizers become my best friend along with hand cream and so I immediately jump to taking my Soap and Glory hand gel and hand food purely because I know they work and smell amazing! Another essential for me is my Mac fix+ as it can stop your make-up looking cakey and so less noticeable as well as being a nice face refresher during the day.
Deodorant is a must! Especially on P.E/ gym days when you are hot and sweaty. Along with maybe a body spray or perfume you'll be smelling all clean and fresh all day long!

I'm not a big hair person and will still to the same hair styles during the whole school year but I'd suggest making sure you're stocked up on hair ties and bobby pins. I also tend to include a dry shampoo just in case my hair gets a little greasy or oily during the day; along with a hair brush (of course this means my tangle teaser) I won't be having any hair catastrophes anytime soon!

So That's all for this post! I hope you manage to take at least one little thing away from this. I'm aiming to post the next part of this series on Monday so look out for that!
What do you wear to school?
I hope you're having a nice day! x

So, as with every summer, I will go back to school and friends will be talking all about their holidays and all the amazing adventures they went on with their friends and families. Some may ask me what I'd been up to the past 6/7 weeks and I'll just reply "Not Much" and from someone looking in that's what they'd see during those 6/7- Not much at all. However, to me I enjoy my summer and all the little days out I would have during my summer so I'm going to share some of my favourites with you!
The first thing I did in summer is head into Manchester for some well earned retail therapy; I tend to have a long periods of time where I spend nothing at all to where I'm ready to spend spend spend and I was ready to do so!

Some summer holidays, I'd go the whole period of time without seeing a single friend and I didn't want that to happen this time so I invited two of my friends round where we tried our best to cook spaghetti bolognese and we played a game of monopoly in the garden.

It is very rare these days that Me and my family all manage to go out together on a family expedition but we managed a day trip to Knowsley Safari Park where I decided to finally finish my film on my film camera. It was such a nice fun day out going through through the baboon enclosure (twice) and seeing the meerkats who were definitely not camera shy!

You can see more of the photos I took that day on my flickr here!
Next thing I knew, my Godparents and they're sons were coming up from Essex to stay with us for a night. We went out for lunch at the harvester which has to be one of my favourite places to eat! I love seeing Godparents family; they are probably my favourite family and I'm always excited to see them because we all get on so well and It's not often we see them because of the distance between us all.

The is a group of us called the 'Nursery Gang' which is made up of people that my sister went to nursery with and where our families met and when I was brought into the world, I was brought into this little group which we get together with every so often for a nice meal. Because of how nice the weather was, we decided to have a BBQ where we played some badminton on a make-shift badminton caught and I also ended up having a water fight which I ended up soaked! We ended the night round a fire playing games, listening to Pink Floyd and toasting marsh mallows on the fire; This is what summer is all about!

These are some of the main days out and are the stories I tell people when they tell me to illaberate on what I did this summer. But the things I don't tend to say are that I:

  • Went on lots of walks late at night and just admired the beauty of the sky
  • Took day time walks where I practiced using my camera
  • Read numerous books
  • Re- decorated my room
  • Wrote endless amount of playlists 
  • Wrote 2 short stories.
  • Watched all the Batman films in succession 
  • Finally watched The Avengers and Pitch Perfect (what a contrast in film choices)
  • Ended up watching the whole 2nd series of Suburgatory (You Need To Watch It!
  • Made THE best chocolate I've ever made in my life!
Summer isn't just about spending all the time with your friends, I feel it's about having some quality 'me' time and forgetting about all your worries for the weeks you aren't in school and overall just relaxing!

Did you have a good summer? And what was your favourite thing that happened in summer? 
Hope you're having a nice day! x