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14 Sept 2013

Two posts in a day- I am certainly in a blogging mood today!
In this post I've included some bits I've bought some of which I have included in some of my posts recently but I haven't really shown or gone in to much detail about them properly so I thought it would be wrong of me not to do this post and also to show you a few other little bits and bobs I've bought!

It sucks when you are going through a stage of wanting new clothes or make-up or books and you have zero money but what is great is when your mum has money off make-up at Tesco! Our local Tesco is a Tesco Extra and there is an amazingly big beauty section which is amazing!
 With these vouchers I decided to buy my first Maybeline Colour Tattoo. I had my eyes on these for so long and I am definitely late to join the band wagon but better late than never! I went in with the intention to buy the colour 'On and On Bronze' (which seems to be everyone's favourite) but with a little kick up the backside from my mum, I ended up going for the colour 'Eternal Gold' as I feel I will get more wear out of this colour and is a lot more wearable on a day to day basis as it is so subtle.

My Tesco has also started, to my surprise, selling Sleek products and so instead of getting the Bourjois chocolate bronzer which I planned to buy I ended up getting the Sleek Face Form: Contouring and blush palette in the shade Light. I actually had my eye on the Sleek contour Kit and the Sleek rose gold blush and managing to get all three in one for possibly a lot cheaper was great for me! The bronzer is especially amazing! It is great for my pale, pale skin and it is also matte which is just as fabulous!

Having an Avon Representative on your street is great for my make-up collection but very bad for my pocket! In last months issue, they brought out some new eye shadow palettes which tells you which parts to put on which part of the eye. My comfort zone for eye shadows is definitely browns so I decided to step slightly out that zone and go for the palette called 'Stone Taupes' which has a taupe colour that you would apply all over your eye lid along with a highlight colour and two shades of stone grey for along the socket and the outer corner. The colours aren't the most pigmented but having all the colours in one palette is so handy for on the go and the colours are great for an everyday looks!

This month my crave for make-up and clothes came all at the same time which ,again, was not good for my pocket but Asos sales keeps them weighed down just a little longer!
I'd had my eye on a buying a baby doll style top for ages but I was never to sure if they would suit me but when I saw this one in the sale for only £15 pounds, I had to treat myself!

I was also on the hunt for a new school bag and I'd spotted this one a few months back and thought I would wait to see if it came in the sale. However, when it featured in the amazing Zoe(Zoella)'s latest back to school video, I thought I'd better buy it now before it became out of stock. When it arrived, It wasn't as big as I thought it would be so it probably won't be suitable for school but I will definitely not be sending this bag  back as I know that I will be using this alot in the future. I was also wondering if maybe doing a 'What's in my bag' blog post once I've used it a few times!

The most recent of purchases was actually today and that was the new Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro mascara. I actually have to Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara which is the mascara I always use. So I was thinking of maybe doing a comparison post to see if there actually is any difference apart from the shape of the wand. I also had a brain wave of attempting making a post on a retro inspired make-up tutorial which will be a challenge but I definitely accept the challenge!

Where you can buy all products mentioned in this post!
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'Eternal Gold' || buy here.
Sleek Face Form Palette 'Light' || buy here.
Avon Eye shadow Quad 'Stone Taupes' || buy here.
Satchel Bag || buy here.
Top || buy here.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Mascara || buy here.

Have you bought anything recently? I'd love to know!
Hope you're having a good day and you enjoyed this post!x

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