School Survival: My Top Tips.

11 Sept 2013

Another post in my little back to school series!So I'm going to get right into my top tips!

  1. Stay happy and take a positive approach on school- trying to find a positive in every situation can sometimes be hard especially when it comes to school but it really does help to just take the day as it comes and smile!
  2. First impressions count! On your first day back or at a new school, try your best to make a good impression on your teachers so you don't head straight into their bad books which may make your time at school at lot harder and makes lessons seem longer.
  3. Talking to new people is great way to make the most out of your school year and being able to have great memories with a bunch of people just like you. I'd suggest that the best way to do this is joining some sort of club so the fact that you go to the same club shows that you have similar interests and things in common!
  4. When making friends or going to a new school and trying to create a good impression for other students some people tend to turn into someone they're not so the main thing is to be yourself!
  5. Good Organisation is key! Starting from them simple thing as packing your bag the night before might make life that little bit easier. Making sure you have the right equipment and books for the day ahead will keep you out of trouble and, again, keep you in the teacher's good books. 
  6. Trying to juggle friends and the increasing amount of assignments and homework can be come hard to control- you may want to go out with your friends but there's an English essay that needs handing in the next day. The best thing to do is to do your homework the day you get it, leaving you more time to spend with friends at the weekend!
  7. If you want to get anywhere you'll need to study and study hard! I actually made a post a while ago on methods I use and suggest for revising which you can check out here. At the end of the day, all the revision you do will be rewarding when you get all the grades you want and you can be proud of yourself!
  8. Sleep is essential so even when some of your most boring lessons make you feel like sleeping at least you won't literally and have to be woken up by an angry teacher and a load of laughing classmates.
These are just my top 8 and I'm sure you can think of so many more! 
My School series is coming to an end and blogging is going back to normal with a school playlist post on Saturday! Being the first proper series and school related posts I've really done, they probably aren't the best posts you'll ever read on my blog but I'm learning! 
What are some of your top tips for school?
Hope you're ok,x 

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