This picture of Harry Styles with the caption just summarizes how people may not want to care about what others think but they still do. In the society we are in today, it can be hard to not feel at least a little judged. Going through high school will probably be the worst, being surrounded by your peers.It can be a tough environment- being judged on something as small as having your hair a different way.
 Becoming a person who doesn't care about what people think is a long hard process you have to be able to ignore the criticism from however many people it may come from and this is the hardest as some people feel they have to please everyone. taking it a baby step at a time is always best- don't just go straight into 'I don't care what everyone else thinks' because this could make you look maybe a little self centered in my opinion but by taking small steps you can change without people hardly noticing.

We all wish that one day society will be different and no one will be judged but personally I think there will always be that one person who won't accept someone for who there are. 
Nothing will ever change.

Shyness is something I and many others suffer from. It's a very common thing and confident people don't seam to realise how much it can effect a person where they are put on the spot when they don't want.

Shyness can stop people speaking up about a lot of things that can be a major deal things such as bullies- leaving people wishing they had the guts and the confidence to stand up to the people who have hurt them but this barrier of shyness stops them.

For most teenagers, they(we) think about boys or girls and wanting a girlfriend or boyfriend and a lot of people wish they could talk to certain people to maybe tell them how they feel but it's harder for them than it is to others.

Shyness can stop you doing things in life that you really want to accomplish and it is a massive barrier that you need to pass through to overcome and be on the road to become confident.

"I'm Shy, paranoid, whatever word you want to use. I hate fame. I've done everything I can to avoid it"- Johnny Depp
For me, shyness can be something that comes along when I really don't want it to. It happened once when i was meeting someone for the first time and I thought the whole situation through in my head and then shyness came knocking at my door and i couldn't even hold a proper conversation with them. Also for me I can sometimes be shy at first before meeting someone but that can change within hours when i show my true colours and find a new found confidence to talk to someone properly and have fun and laugh and just joke around.

For me, shyness can stop me from achieving things but as not as much as some people. Shyness is a big deal for some people and people need to realise and if you're shy then you're not alone.

Yesterday (7/12/12) I went to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham with a group from school who had taken art or product design for their  GCSE. We arrived and were shown to the main hall and went along to the Suzuki catwalk area where we would meet just before the show was about to start. We now had time to do a bit of shopping the main show started. I just browsed for a while when i spotted a small catwalk where i stopped and took a few pictures.

In no time at all, it was then time for the main catwalk so we headed over to our meeting point all ready to go. We had better seats than i thought we would have - The furthest to the side and quite near to the front.
It started with guests including Henry Holland presenting, Peter Andre and Daisy Lowe.
So it started including some amazing clothes and some ridiculous aswell and some very nice men in minimal clothing!

The show went on with so many different clothes and i absolutely loved the atmosphere and it was just like a concert in the way the crowd participated.
It told a story about becoming a model going through being recruited to becoming Britain's Best model and included lots of dancing which i managed to get a lot of footage from. It all inspired me to change my life goal (again) to fashion photography- having front row seats to some of the most famous catwalks with clothing for some of the most famous designers, all around the world. It would be a dream! I decided to compile the footage from the day into a video which you can see below:
When it had finished , quicker than I thought, I was definitely in the mood for shopping and they had some crazy offers! The first thing I bought was some models own nail varnishes as being (online) £5.00 each they for 3 for £10 with a free gift set packed full of good products. After seeing a nail varnish in one of Sammi's (beautycrush) videos which was a khaki green colour I really wanted it and luckily they had it at the clothes show and bought it along with three other nail varnishes.
(from left to right: Grace Green, Grey Day and Top Turquoise) These all colours i never really wear but they seem to suit me and I'm very happy with my purchase.

The next thing I ended up buying was an eyebrow kit by 'Cresty Cosmetics' which they said retailed at £50 but they were selling for £20 and seeing as i have very fair eyebrow hair I couldn't resist the buy some as it was semi permanent so would be great for going out for a meal or to a party.

From then on, nothing really stood out for me until the end when I got pointed out by a friend, a bomber jacket and i have been wanting one of these for over a year now and was over the moon when I found one for £30.

I didn't really ended up buying much but by the end of the day I was shattered and my neck and feet were killing me but overall a really good day.
Being my first year going I didn't know what to expect so wasn't sure what to really do which is probably why I didn't buy too much but I'm hoping to go again next year so
  1. don't wear a skirt or if so not with a rucksack
  2. Have better zoom on my camera
  3. Take as many pictures as you can ( the more the better)
  4. Don't wear a coat as it will be too warm inside
  5. Don't be scared to ask the store owners
  6. Get as many freebies as you can 
  7. finally, enjoy yourself more!
Before we left, I went to look at the universities that were there and was pulled toward Southampton Solent University and their course in fashion photography so going from not wanting to go to uni at all, I'm now thinking about it and but this will probably change another half a dozen times in the future.

Thank you for reading