'I don't care'

15 Dec 2012

This picture of Harry Styles with the caption just summarizes how people may not want to care about what others think but they still do. In the society we are in today, it can be hard to not feel at least a little judged. Going through high school will probably be the worst, being surrounded by your peers.It can be a tough environment- being judged on something as small as having your hair a different way.
 Becoming a person who doesn't care about what people think is a long hard process you have to be able to ignore the criticism from however many people it may come from and this is the hardest as some people feel they have to please everyone. taking it a baby step at a time is always best- don't just go straight into 'I don't care what everyone else thinks' because this could make you look maybe a little self centered in my opinion but by taking small steps you can change without people hardly noticing.

We all wish that one day society will be different and no one will be judged but personally I think there will always be that one person who won't accept someone for who there are. 
Nothing will ever change.

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