Picture this - it's June and life is the most normal it's felt in over a year. I'm enjoying a coffee in the park. I would have sat inside and read my book, but it was a little busy and the weather is crisp with a slight chill in the air, but the coffee is warming me up. I sit on a bench and read for a few hours, stopping to take in what's going on around me. Families are greeting each other as they sit down to enjoy a picnic lunch. There's a game of doubles going on over on the tennis courts - you can tell they're a little rusty, but you can see the smiles on the faces as the ball hits the net, happy to be back, enjoying their regular Sunday morning game.  Of course, there's a kid crying - come on kid, be happy, we've been locked inside for a year but, what do they know! Did they even know what's going on?

Finishing up my coffee, lukewarm now, I stroll into the town, no longer constrained to window shopping. I browse the shelves of the local bookshop, arms hugging the selection of books I'm taking home with me. This one sounds interesting; oh I didn't know they had a new book out; only £2! 

I pass the art studio and decide to go in. I've never been in before but today's the day. I spend some time flicking through the prints and pretend I can afford the paintings they have. I look intently at a pink splodge on a canvas for a few minutes and leave after telling the lady I'll be back once the builders have finished renovating the third bathroom of my country home. If I stop my weekly trips to the local bakery, I'll have enough money for the splodge in three years.

I cross the road and into the bakery to buy my favourite tiramisu slice. I had one two birthdays ago and have been counting down the days until I could have another. Leaving the bakery I head home after enjoying my small slice of freedom.

While friends start planning trips abroad, family members are finally setting a date for the wedding they postponed a year ago, I'm looking forward to taking it slow and enjoying the small moments that we perhaps took for granted over lockdown. I'll still be baking banana bread at the weekend and enjoying the perks of working from home but, I'm also excited to ease back into normal life. Catching up on gallery visits and meeting up with friends, all at my own pace. 

What are you looking forward to in life after lockdown? 
Thanks for reading, 
Sarah x