Must-Visit Bookshops in London

1 Mar 2020

What's better than spending a weekend discovering the hidden books of a city home to some of the best bookshops. London isn't short of some fantastic book shops that any book lover will be in heaven when visiting during their time in London. From classic bag-names in London to small independent booksellers and publishers, here are some of my favourite bookshops I've visited so far in London that you will be sure to want to visit too. 

Hatchard's Books, Piccadilly

Let's start with a classic, Their Piccadilly store feels like you're walking into a book lovers dream. This is London's oldest bookshop and home to thousands of books spread across 5 floors; old and new, favourites and first editions from every genre you could ever want. If there's a bookshop you'll want to spend hours in, this is your best option! It's one of the most famous book stores in London and with good reason.

London Review Bookshop, Bloomsbury

Not far from the British Museum, London Review Bookshop is a great stop when exploring the city. They have a great selection of new releases and many from smaller publishers and authors. A great little shop off a quiet street in London (or, as quiet as London streets can be!). Lovely staff and some fabulous tote bag options for all the books you will be sure to buy! It's also has a cute little café if you're looking for somewhere to stop along the way as well.

Daunt Books, Marylebone

Another famous London bookshop that's a hit with the tourists. With gorgeous classic interiors full to the bim with books, it's not a surprise that it is. What I loved most about this Daunt Books was the amount of international literature they had from all continents and countries - if there's a specific foreign book you're looking for, there's a high chance you'll find it here.

Gay's The Word, Bloomsbury

This is one of the only bookshops in the UK dedicated to LGBTQ+ literature - whether it's the character or the authors themselves. It's a small independent book shop but is filled with so much, from young adult releases to classic literature from authors such as Truman Capote and Oscar Wilde. Such lovely staff (and customers!), it's definitely one to check out and support!

Persephone Books, Holborn

If you visit here, you may recognise some covers from Waterstones's bookshops but here is the original publisher and bookseller of out-of-print female authors - female authors' stories and publications forgotten over time and republished in beautiful editions, each with uniquely printed endpapers to make each author's book that extra special. It was so fascinating to read the blubs of the books and feel shocked thinking "how was this forgotten!". Definitely different from the other bookshops on this list to make it a truly unique pick and one worth the visit.

House of Books, North London

Now, this is quite a specific pick out of the centre and out of the way from many tourists, but for the London locals looking for a new bookshop stop, House of Books is a great book shop for discounted yet still great books. With shops in Crouch End and Muswell Hill in North London, if you fancy the trip for some cheaper finds in a little neighbourhood, it's definitely worth especially for the number of books you'll be sure to walk away with. 

So, there are just some of my favourite books shops I've discovered in London that, if you're a book-loving tourist or a local, are worth the visit. Is there any I've missed off this list? 

I will be sure to update this with more recommendations in the future as I discover more of London's bookish gems.

Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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