In one of my previous posts about my Instagram, I mention about doing a post on my favourite accounts and I thought I'd share a few with you today!

MrBenBrown 180k followers
Ben is actually a youtuber and that's how I discovered his instagram. Even the most simplest of photos, like a regular coffee, is so well taken and edited. He takes care in the photos he includes from just a day in London to his adventures abroad in places such as South Africa and, most recently, Costa Rica.  Among his many skills of owning his own clothing brand and film making, his photography is one that I take a lot of inspiration from when taking photos myself. His photography is something that has not only inspired me to get me creative with my photography but also travel and he's the main inspiration for me and my family deciding to travel to a few countries in Europe this summer.

Alexstrohl 181k followers.
Alex is another account that seems to have an enormous amount of followers and they are well deserved with his amazing photography consisting mainly of hills and lakes. Some of my favourites are those that are so well taken that you can see the reflection of the hills in the tranquil, still lake.He posts mainly landscapes that are taken to show certain places in their best angles. You can tell he takes great care in showing off his greatest photos on instagram and to showcase the best of his amazing talent.

Gregorywoodman 48k followers
Gregory's photos are one that I could look at for ages. I love the way a lot of his photos go by the same theme of a landscape and a person and they add a lot of personality to the photo. The Gregory's photos are edited is probably my favourite of all the instagram accounts I follow and he's an account who deserves as many followers as those accounts already mentioned.

Quietblessings 8k followers
Ana is a wife and mum and she still finds the time to create some amazing photography. He pictures a mixture when referring to what they include but they are all very simplistic and have a slight rustic feel to them. It is an account that is very different to the others that I follow but I really love the photos she posts!

So, here is just a few of my favourite Instagram feeds that I follow. What's you Instagram and who are a few of your favourite accounts?
Hope you're doing great,

This week was a quiet one apart from prom. On Monday, a chill day was needed to calm my nerves for Tuesday which was the day of prom. 
Most of Tuesday morning I spent pacing up and down nervously as there was nothing I really needed to do in the morning apart from do my nails. After my hair appointment at 2 I came home and took my time in getting ready ad I was hoping that my dry skin wouldn't come and haunt me when I saw the photos the next day but luckily for me I was having a fabulous skin day and my make up seemed to go really well.
Time flew by and before I knew it I had my dress on and I was heading out the door. Stupidly, I forgot to change my earrings to the ones I bought but being such a small thing, I ignored it and no one seemed to notice.
I hope this isn't too much information but I chose to wear one of those stick on bras and I could give anyone advice for prom, it's don't wear a stick on bra; from the word go I was having problems and I was so conscious all the way through the night that I wasn't able to dance very well without thinking it will un stick.
Before heading to the prom venue, we met at a friends house before we all headed to another house on a mode of transport which was an old vintage bus. After quickly stopping at the second house to get everyone on board, we headed (a little behind schedule) to the main venue. When I arrived and got off the bus, students from the school and parents were all there and I didn't really know what to do with myself but I spotted my mum and headed over to see her before leaving her and going to say hello to friends. Here I will say that my biggest regret of the whole night was not getting enough photos; during the night I went to the toilet and the lighting was the worst I'd ever seen in showing all your flaws and made me look really greasy. Even though it seemed to do the same to others, it left me declining photos from many which I'm really upset that I did that now as while I said we'd get one at the party later, we never managed to- even with some of my closest friends.
After a meal and a dance, I headed back to a friends where I got changed in to my after prom dress and touched up my make up along with changing my annoying bra to one a lot more comfortable and I was able to enjoy myself a lot more. After the first awkward hour of the party, I really enjoyed myself and I started to wish I wasn't so anti social over the past five years when I turned down so many party invitations because I was scared and now I realise that there was no reason to be. So another piece of advice to those with a few years left of school is to say yes to as many  parties or any outings with friends because I don't want you to go on and regret it just like I am right now.
The rest of the week was a quiet one- recovering from my late night/early morning when I got in at 4 am the next day after an amazing night. 
Hope you enjoyed this post. When was your prom and how was it? I'd love to know!
Hope you're doing great,

 When I'm about to see a film that I've read as a book, it excites me to see something that many had just visioned in their head now be visioned on to a big screen; it does make me slightly nervous as well- that the film won't do the book justice or will miss out some of my favourite parts. It seemed like the wait building up to the release date of The Fault In Our Stars was so long and I don't think I've ever been so involved in watching spoilers, trailers, interviews with the cast as much before a film as I have with TFIOS. With TFIOS, all I'd heard from the writer, John Green, was good things and that the film stays very true to the book so I went in to the film knowing I wouldn't be disappointed and I wasn't.
I will warn you now that there may be some spoilers from here on out so if you've not read the book or would like to make your own mind up about the film, maybe skip this one or just take my advice and go and watch it!

The film stayed very true to the book and in some circumstances almost too true as lines that look good on paper didn't always translate well on to the big screen. The whole metaphor scenario with Augustus and the cigarette was such an amazing and seemed like a well thought out, intriguing piece of writing in the books but seemed, dare I say it, a little cheesy on the screen; the same has to be said when Augustus is staring at Hazel. Having said that, I know that the makers of the film really didn't want to upset the fans surrounding this book by changing it too much and there was something nice about knowing what the next line was going to be. I couldn't help but whisper "Okay" when Augustus said "Okay?"- I'm sure you know which part I mean.
The humour in the book was hilarious and I especially enjoyed the plane seen as they set off for Amsterdam as well as when Isaac starts smashing up Augustus' trophy; the way Gus doesn't seem to be phased makes me laugh.
Of course, like any book adaptation, they have to miss bits out. Avid book readers expect a three hour long line by line film of the book and however much we wish for this, I don't think it will ever be shown in the cinema and half of the film will just remain in the deleted scenes of the DVD. I was quite sad to see that some of my personal favourite moments were not included in the film including the whole story behind the swing set. While it was included, it didn't show as much about it as I would've liked but I understand why they cut it. Another part was when Hazel gave the oxygen to the little girl in the airport. I was expecting this bit to be included not just because it's such a cute moment but also because I'm sure I'd seen it on one of the adverts so I was sad not to see that part in but I'm sure it'll be one of those deleted scene gems when the DVD is released.
Of course, this is the Fault in Our stars, of course I cried! I seemed to start the tears a lot earlier to many as it hit a nerve when the "Okay?" words were uttered from Gus's mouth and Hazel returned with the "okay". The big heart wrenching moment was one of the last scenes in the Literal Heart of Jesus along with the scene in the petrol station.
One little thing that I also loved is the way the texts between Hazel and Augustus appeared on the screen as the texting between the two played quite a large part in the film and it was nice to be able to clearly see the conversations between the two of the via text message.
The last thing I would like to mention is how amazing all the cast were in managing to portray such a true interpretation of the book. The choices of actors and actresses were perfect and I can't praise them enough for contributing to such an amazing and beautiful film.
By the time the film had finished everyone in the cinema was a mess; no one wanted to be the first to get up where everyone could see there puffy red eyes or the mascara running down their faces. So from that reaction with not one dry eye in the room is a true representation of how amazing this film was.
Don't miss out and please go and watch and don't do what I did and forget tissues; you will regret that choice massively.
I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sorry if many parts were vague; it was just so there isn't an enormous amount of spoilers but just giving enough information for those who have read or seen TFIOS know what I'm talking about but I hope you enjoyed it all the same.
Have you read or seen TFIOS and what did you think?
Hope you're doing great,

So apart from a little Prom recap I have planned including some photos of my prom, this is my last Prom Prep post. I thought I would round up everything else up into this one post with all those last minute bits or things I haven't included in any other posts so this will be short but hopefully sweet and you enjoy it all the same.

The Shoes: The shoes, to me, were not a bit part of my outfit as, with my dress being floor length, I felt there was no point spending much money my shoes so I bought these simple black heels from Dorothy Perkins. It was actually surprisingly hard finding plain black heels that weren't too tall but when I saw these for £30, I had to buy them. I will also mention here that I bought a pack of the School Part Feet get patches which, I think, are o stop shoes rubbing which I thought would be a handy thing to wear being not a constant high heel wearer so I thought they'd make everything feel a lot more comfortable.

The Make Up: They always say before a big event you shouldn't use a face mask just before or try any new products. I decided to ignore that last one and decided to buy a new mascara and primer. I thought both of these would really effect my skin and I felt the risk of trying these new products would be worth it. I decided it was best for me to get a waterproof mascara and I thought I would risk trying a new one so I thought I'd try the Maybelline The Falsies. I was thinking about about buying some lashes but seeing as I'd never worn them before and they just didn't appeal to me I thought this mascara would be fine and I think it's perfect to give my lashes a lot more length; not as much volume as it does length but I think it works great. I also thought the L'Oreal Blur Cream would be a good edition in helping to blur out my pores and so far I really like it so I'm planning a full review so let me know if you'd like to see that! I also bought a lip liner from Rimmel but it seemed to bleed so I don't think I'll be using it for prom.

The Hair: just a quick one to say that I've actually decided to change my hair and instead of having it up, I'm jut going to have it down a curly as I didn't feel comfortable having it up- I didn't feel like it was secure enough because of how thick my hair is.

The Jewelry: I knew from the start that I wasn't going to be wearing a necklace because of the high kneckline of my dress but I was up to having a bracelet, rings and earrings. I found the perfect set of earrings and the perfect bracelet in the Topshop sale so I thought they were worth buying even if I decided not to wear them to prom. For the rings, I'll just be wearing a selection of rings I already own and will chose the specific ones on the day

After Prom: It's almost tradition that one, maybe two of our school years pupils has a party after prom so I've been on the hunt for a nice dress and it's been hard trying to find one that's perfect! I hadn't shopped on Forever 21 in a while as I had a bit of a problem with an order once but I was getting desperate. I then found a cami dress which is shown in the photo and you can also see here. I'm not one who likes clothes with thin straps so I will be wearing a cardigan long with tights and my converse. I will keep my make up the same as what I wore from prom along with my jewelry.

So that's it! Almost everything is ready for prom and hopefully, by the time this goes up, my dress will have finished being altered. Yes, we've left it this late!
If you have your prom this week or coming up let me know!
Hope you're doing great,

So this week wasn't the most interesting spending the first part of the week making a dent into my summer reading list by starting with Thirteen Reasons Why. I haven't managed to read much so far but I've really been enjoying it. 
I also decided to make my teachers some cards to say thank you for everything they've done. While I have left school, I spent the second half of the week back in school helping out some teachers as well as getting speeches and picture boards ready to prom next Tuesday.
Going back to the start of the week, I did go on a walk which, because of exams, have not been able to do and enjoy for months so it was nice to take my camera out the house.
There's no picture to do this but I did go to a concert Wednesday night. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may have seen before Christmas that I went to watch Andy Jordan and I really enjoyed myself so I was definitely up for watching him again. So on Wednesday,I headed over to Manchester with some friends to his concert and I hate to say but I was really disappointed. I don't know what it was but I really didn't enjoy it like I enjoyed his first concert. However, his first support George Taylor was great and someone I will be listening to a lot from now on. I don't know whether it was because we weren't as close as I had been the first time, or that the second support I found absolutely awful or the constant pushing from girls that got me so annoyed I spent almost the entire of Andy's set at the back of the room but overall I really did not enjoy the concert.
My week did end on a high when I went to see The Fault in Our Stars on the day of release. I'm going to save all my opinions to a review post I have planned but all I can say that if you've red the book you have to see it! But you don't need me telling you that as I know most of you a eager to see so just see it as soon as you can! We got all the school prom preparations sorted on Friday and I said a brief goodbye to all my teachers as I know I'll be seeing most of them on Tuesday at prom!

So that's what I've been up to this week! Next week I think will be fairly uneventful after Tuesday as after prom I think I'll be very tired!
What have you been up to this week?
Hope you're doing great,

Last summer I did one of these where I included books I wanted to read and if I'd managed to read them. However, last year I posted the post at the end of summer where as this year I've decided to write it at the start and then through out my weekly(ish) accounts, you'll be able to see if I've managed to read the or not!

 The Re reads 
There's some books that are so good that they deserved to be read at least twice. Where Things Come Back is a book I've spoken about before and even said it's my favourite book. Before my exams started, I planned on reading it again so I could do a long over due review but exams came around a lot earlier than expected so I had to postpone reading it but now I have more than enough time to read it!
Another one is The Catcher In The Rye; this was a book I thoroughly enjoyed but I felt I rushed through it and didn't get out of it as much as I would of hoped to so I think it's about time I read it again!

The Newbies
I have an endless list of books I want to of read but sadly my bank can't handle that many books being bought so there is a few definite reads starting with Paper Aeroplanes; I included this in haul back before my exams but again I didn't have enough time to read it before my exam head was on so this will be one I'll be reading. Another is Thirteen Reasons Why. This is a book I have been wanting to read for over a year now and I've only just managed to buy it so it will be one of the first ones that I'll be reading. Along with these two there is a fairly new release called Look Who's Back which is about Hitler returning to Germany in the modern day and seeing things have changed to the complete opposite to what he was trying to achieve when he was the all powerful Fuhrer. After doing a lot of GCSE work on Hitler, I think this will be a nice one to see how the author ties in the history behind Hitler's Rein. At the moment it's only in hardback and so is very expensive so I will have to keep a look out to see when it's on offer.
It's been a while since I've read a new John Green book and I'm very late to the party when it comes to wanting to read Paper Towns. If it's anything like any of his others I think I'll really enjoy it! 
There is a lot more including Maze Runner that I'd love to read before the film and a few others but I think I'm already being a little ambitious.

Second Chances.
I think it's time I've gave some books some second chances starting with Everyday. This is a book that I had high hopes for as people saying it's written similarly to John Green's books but I really couldn't get into it as I felt the love side to this was introduced too early and that's a small pet peeve of mine. While the book it far from realistic with it being narrated by someone who wakes up everyday in someone else's body, it would be nice if something was still a little real about it. Another one I'm willing to give another chance is The Abundance Of Katherines; while I love John Green books, this was one I found harder to get into and I think I'd put it down to the size of the book as it's a lot longer than any of the other John Green books I'd read but , being John Green, I think it deserves another chance.

So there's my 'Book'et List and I thought I'd let you know that the first book I'll be reading is Thirteen Reasons Why. If you plan on reading any of the mentioned books this summer feel free to let me know and we can compare notes!
Hope you're doing great, 

So prom is just over a week away and so I thought I would show you what I'll be carrying in my Clutch bag!

Starting with the bag itself, it is just a simple envelope clutch from Asos. I didn't want a black one as then I'd be fully black. I'm not 100% sure that it actually goes with my dress but at this point, I'm passed caring as I've tried and ordered so many that I've given up and settled with this one. For me, it's the perfect size to carry all my necessary items. 
Of course, I don't want to be taking my whole make up bag; not just because that's a lot but I highly doubt that I'll be doing my full face of make up while I'm at prom. So, I'm just going to be taking those little buts that may need touching up starting with lips; I'll be taking my Seventeen liptstick In Rich which is what I'll be wearing to prom. I will also be taking a concealer and powder. I've been really like this Seventeen Stay Time concealer after having to branch out now that everywhere seems to always be sold out of my Collection Concealer in fair. This has been a great alternative. To set that concealer in place as well as not wanting to look unattractively oily, I'll be taking my trusty Stay Matte powder as well as my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face brush which will be great for touching up powder as it won't add too much. My mascara of choice for the night it Maybelline the Falsies as it really spreads out my lashes and makes them look longer and more voluminous. I also have the waterproof formula just in case my eyes water or I become emotional about leaving school, there will be no catastrophes. The last couple of bits is a travel size deodorant for obvious reasons as well as some hairspray to keep my hair in place.
I'll also be taking my Ipod for photos as there's no point taking a bigger camera when my Ipod camera is just as good. Of course, I will also be taking my phone and also some money but that's it for my Prom Clutch bag.
What are some of your clutch bag essentials?
Hope you're doing great,

I realised that I've never gone in to much detail about my photography apart from the odd instagram plug here in there so I thought, in this post I thought I do an instagram round up, you could say, of my my favourite photos of mine and my mot popular. 

I will start by saying that back 2 years a go I changed up my instagram after one of my followers, who I knew through Tumblr, set up an instagram very different to everyone else's. When he would like other peoples posts, they would post pictures similar to his and they were all gorgeous and just slightly different; not using the same old instagram filters but exploring other filters from other apps. I started to change up my instagram purchasing a few photo editing apps and started use this to edit some of my pictures. I soon became obsessed and my instagram started to change. I ended up deleting all my instagram photos and starting a fresh where most my photos consisted of items placed on my bed and just adding a fancy filter.I almost became a but obsessed with having my feed almost coordinated; if a photo didn't look right next to the one uploaded before, I'd have to delete one of them. A lot of these have been deleted now but there's still a few left!

As I was posting these bed photos, I included a few others of a building in France as well as one fro Yorkshire which soon became my most popular photos. This pushed my experiment more with photography outside my bedroom. This is when my followers had hit about 500 and it was nice to see that people enjoyed my photography. Meanwhile, many people from school grew almost confused as to why I was posting different photos than them and they didn't really understand. I then set up a separate, personal Instagram where I just posted anything and used it to follow friends and left my other account purely to express my love for photography. I also started using my DSLR to improve the quality of my photos also.

Sadly, while still gaining followers, I grew quickly uninspired and ending up uploading regular photos of my newly decorated bedroom from many different angles and uploading once a month which now a a lot are deleted. That brings me to this past month or so where I've found myself back in to the old swing of things; taking, editing and uploading photos. I'm still not uploading as often as I would of hoped to be but it's summer now so I'll have many opportunities to take my camera out and come home to share my photos! While my latest photos aren't getting as many likes or gaining me as many followers as it used to, I enjoy editing and taking the photos a lot more than I used to and, while a bit of a perfectionist still about how my feed looks, I feel a lot more free to post what I want.

I'd love it if you could follow me on my instagram which is in my side bar where you can see my most recent photos but if it makes it easier, my user name is @sarahhjones . Also if you're interested, my more personal instagram account which doesn't have a theme and I do it the usual way with the good old instagram filters it's @sarahndsons.
Would you like to see a post maybe on my photography equipment and cameras and maybe one with my favourite editing apps? Let me know and also leave your instagram accounts in the comments! I'd love to have a nosey! 
Hope you're doing great,

My exams are now over! As of Friday I'm a free women! Well, for 13 weeks that is. For once, the first day of my summer holidays actually felt like it was summer after being woken up by the chirping birds and the sound of a lawn mower. While a 13 week holiday sounds amazing(which it is!), I tend to get bored in the regular 6/7 week summer holiday and spend a lot of my tie just sat o my laptop burning my my legs so I've made a vow to myself to make sure I try and fill my summer while trying to not spend too much money and I thought the best way to accomplish these things is to write a summer bucket list.

More Writing.
It's been a while since I've picked up a pen for enjoyment. Apart from blogging, I've had no time to write what I want. I wish I could finish writing a book this summer but it's a long process and ven more for me when I'm so critical of what I write and end up starting again about four times before just giving up. But while doing my exams, my mind did tend to wander and I've actually come up with a few story ideas that I love to maybe share with you; just short stories or just a chapter or so to see what you think!

More Reading.
Along with the writing, I seemed to have gone on a little reading hiatus during my exams and in that time I've managed to accumulate a few books that I want to read, I few to re read and a few to try and read again where I have failed at ending before. Last summer, I actually made a post at the end of summer called "My Booket List" so I'm planning to do the same this year but do it at the start of summer like a proper bucket list. So let me know if you'd like to see that as it would be a book haul of sorts really.

More Days Out.
Like I said, most summers I get bored and don't do much but I feel this summer will be different as it will be the last time I'll really get to spend time with some of my friends before college as a lot of us are going to seperate colleges. I already have some ideas planned for days out that aren't only fun but also cheap! If you're interested in summer Budget days out let me know and I could write a post about some ideas!

I mentioned this in a last post and if you follow me on Instagram than you'll know that I'm planning on going away and I now know it'll be around August time that we manage to get away on adventures. I'm unbelievably excited even though the trip does include a lot of travelling from country to country but I know that I'll enjoy it all the same and actually being able to take some photos other than just in my back garden or round my neighborhood.

More Content.
I have a lot of posts planned this month including weekly accounts. There a post that I love to read especially the ones that are like "This Week I..." So I'm planning to try and do those every week of summer so I can document as well as share with you what I've done that week. This won't take away a day of posting but will just add one because I have more time, I feel I want to get as much content out as I can so I'll be blogging y usual days of Monday and Thursday and there will or regular posts on Saturday and  Sunday. I plan to make the weekend posts a lot more relaxed by posting my week accounts on the Sunday and if I have any small hauls or small posts then they will go up on Saturday. I think I'm going to start my weekly accounts straight away even though my first week isn't the most exciting with me going back to school to do some volunteering as well as going to a concert on Wednesday!

This is just a main over view of the things I want to do this summer and no really the specifics but I'm planning on doing a lot this summer so I hope you'll enjoy seeing what I'm up to.
If you have finished exams how were they or if you're still doing them, how are they?
Also, what do you have planned for summer?
Hope you're doing great,
Earlier this year I couldn't stop writing tag posts and I even created one of my own at one point which was The Book Lovers Tag; while I don't know of anyone who actually tried the tag themselves, it was fun all the same. I'm here with a tag of similar interests to the Book Lovers Tag which is the Reading Habbits Tag. I'm not sure who created this tag but I found reading them really interesting all the same; to be able see how different people read so I thought I would join in and answer them too.

Do you have a Certain Place at home for reading?
I don't have a place specifically allocated to reading all though I do wish I had my own library like in Beauty and The Beast but that's beyond a dream! I tend to read in bed as it's a place where I can get all cosy!

Bookmark or a Random piece of paper?
The amount of book marks I have bough or been given as gifts is ridiculous but when it comes to me needing one I can't find it all so I do have to grab a random piece of paper whether it's an old train ticket or a receipt. I do have this slightly strange thing where I'll get a random piece of paper and feel I have to jazz it up a bit and I normally just write a quick quote on it because I have a weird love for quotes!

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a certain number of pages?
Most likely, I just can't stop! I normally just read to the end of a chapter or till a page where a sentence finishes write at the bottom and doesn't carry on to the next page. I will normally just read till I'm nodding off but I still can't just stop I have to get either to a page with completed final sentence, the end of a chapter or I have been known to stop at a unit of 10.

Do you eat or drink while reading?
Eating-no. One thing I can't stand is having music on, watching TV or trying to read and have the noise of myself chewing and crunching my food. As for drinking, I love love a good hot chocolate while I'm reading if it's just before I go to bed or a cup of peppermint tea.

Do you watch TV or Listening to music while reading?
I don't actually know anyone who can read and watch TV at the same time but no I don't watch TV. I do, However, listen to music as I can't go without music and I find it helps build up an atmosphere for the book. If you're familiar with my 8Tracks I have two playlists entitled Let's get Lost in A Book which you can listen to 1 and 2. I also ,on my 8Tracks, have created playlists specific to books as well.

One Book at a time or several at once?
I've always been a one book at a time but recently, when studying numerous books for school, I've realised I can probably manage one or two at a time so as it stands at the moment it's one at a time but I think I'll try a couple at once soon and see how it goes however, doing this does mean that I'll finish the books a lot quicker and will have to buy more so maybe it's not the smartest move for my bank!

Reading at home or everywhere?
I don't really go much where I'll know I'll be able to read but while I love reading at home, I read on long car journeys before I feel a little sick, train journeys and, before the exam stress, I read regularly at school at dinner times because I preferred that to going outside. No wonder I'm so pale! While I prefer to read at home, it doesn't stop me from taking a book wherever I go.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?
Seeing as I listen to music, it would be a bit silly to be reading out loud but if I'm familiar with a book- if it's my second time I've read it I sometimes do read out loud and also if I don't fancy listening to some music, I find it hard to read in silence so will just start reading out loud. Sometimes when reading out loud, I actually get a head of myself and just end up reading in my head.

Do you read a head or skip pages?
I can tell I'm not enjoying a book if I do this because if I do skip pages I end up getting confused and if I'm not enjoying the book I'll read ahead, get confused and normally just give up. I do tend to skip the odd word but nothing dramatic like a page unless, like I said, I'm not enjoying it.

Breaking Spine or keeping brand new?
I've always tried to keep the looking brand new but there's something intriguing to well worn book with a broken spine. For me it's one or the other- ruined with yellow page edges or clean and tidy with a perfect spine. I can't deal with half and half! If everything's fine but a corner's bent, I have to make sure I fix the corner or read it well!

Do you write in Books?
School books yes and I actually really enjoy it and I sometimes do get the urge to highlight quotes in books but I never have as I think if I was to do that, it would have to be in a separate copy! I did draw an infinity sign in my copy of the fault in our stars.

So there we go! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even found it interesting to see how I read.
What's your favourite book? I'd love some new suggestions!
Hope you're doing great,

During my exams, I was trying my best to get to sleep easily so I would feel fresh and well rested when walking out the house feeling a little confident that I would do well in this exam because I had a good night's sleep. Being 16, my mum still has an input in my lifestyle choices and while sometimes I don't agree, I know she's doing what's best for me; that's why when I asked for Sleeping taplets or something a long those lines, she didn't get me that but instead go me the Rescue Remedy comfort & Reassure. This comes with a pippette and you either put four drops in a drink or four drops straight on to your tongue. I've tried both ways and I feel most comfortable putting four drops on my tongue. I can't say this is better than sleeping tablets as I've never tried them but it saves me a lot of hassle just having something that calms me instead of knocks me out as I know some sleeping tablets can make you actually feel worse in the mornings and I didn't want to have that happening to me the mornings of my exams.

Something I've had since I was around 7 years old is the Avon Sleep Therapy Mist. Just a few sprays around the room or on my pillow helps me sleep through the night without waking up in a panic. Lavender is always something people use to help them get to sleep whether as a bubble bath, in their tea or,like me, as a spray. Me and my Mum have both been lovers of this range and I used to have the Sleep Therapy Bubble Bath and chest balm. This is a great alternative to the This Works sleep mist and products and maybe this is one to try before you splash out on something you could probably get cheaper.

I always find a hot drink, tea or hot chocolate before bed really helps me wind down for the night and I've recently been loving drink the Twinings Relaxing Chamomile & Spearmint Tea.  I've never tried Chamomile Tea on it's own but I don't think the taste is very strong in this and i more spearmint. The spearmint is so refreshing and the Chamomile seems to be the taste that does the calming. I really love this stuff!

The last thing I suggest doing before you go to sleep.With your Cup of tea in hand and your room smelling of lavender, I'd read for a bit even if it's for 15 minutes it just helps you, again, to calm and wind down before having a Good Night's Sleep.

What do you do make sure you have a good night's sleep?
Hope you're doing great,

A made my first ELF purchases a month or so or go and, when I showed this, I said I would report back to you on how this powder has been treating me. I'd like to start by saying, I've only ever used one powder and that's the Rimmel Stay Matte so it's the only powder I have to really compare anything to but I bought this with an open mind to branch out a little.

I was attracted, not only to the promises of the product, but how different it looks with the four colours and I think it just looks nice! The colours are supposed to individually to a job and then when applied together make everything nice and tone corrected. I did y research and found what each colour is supposed to be for: The blue is to neutralise orange spots? I'm not sure if that's true, I've never had an orange spot; The green is to neutralise redness; The yellow counteracts the blues under your eyes and the pink is supposed to brighten and counteract dull/greyness. 

I have tried each colour for the specific areas as well as just swirling my brush around and applying to the laces that need a powder. When applying it, I use my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush an a quick dust is enough for me. Even using my big Powder Brush, this doesn't seem to cake if applied lightly but that's not saying it doesn't cake and soon enough it does start to cling to dry patches if applied too heavy. Unlike my Stay Matte Powder it doesn't stop concealers creasing but having said that it doesn't cause it either. Also, unlike my stay matte, I do feel the need to touch up as I'm more of a matte kind of girl and as this does brighten I do find I need to re apply sometimes. While I'm comparing it to the Stay Matte, it doesn't seem to last as long; I'm still on my first stay matter powder because I only need a small dusting but I can already see the metal rim of the pan as it can be very powdery if you don't tap of the excess from your brush.

Overall, I don't say this really colour corrects at all but I do feel it's a nice powder especially for Summer as it does brighten. It's just a nice powder and a great one for travelling with the great big mirror that everyone seems to say is similar to the NARS packaging. This wouldn't be something I'd be dying to buy again as soon as it runs out but maybe if I wander across it on the ELF website I might just buy it again so if you're wanting your bog standard (please say someone else uses that phrase) that isn't all fancy then this is great but if you're wanting something that does tone correct I wouldn't suggest buying this.
Have you tried anything from ELF? Is there anything on my blog you'd like me to review or go into more detail about? Let me know!
Hope you're doing great,