ELF Colour Correcting Powder

5 Jun 2014

A made my first ELF purchases a month or so or go and, when I showed this, I said I would report back to you on how this powder has been treating me. I'd like to start by saying, I've only ever used one powder and that's the Rimmel Stay Matte so it's the only powder I have to really compare anything to but I bought this with an open mind to branch out a little.

I was attracted, not only to the promises of the product, but how different it looks with the four colours and I think it just looks nice! The colours are supposed to individually to a job and then when applied together make everything nice and tone corrected. I did y research and found what each colour is supposed to be for: The blue is to neutralise orange spots? I'm not sure if that's true, I've never had an orange spot; The green is to neutralise redness; The yellow counteracts the blues under your eyes and the pink is supposed to brighten and counteract dull/greyness. 

I have tried each colour for the specific areas as well as just swirling my brush around and applying to the laces that need a powder. When applying it, I use my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush an a quick dust is enough for me. Even using my big Powder Brush, this doesn't seem to cake if applied lightly but that's not saying it doesn't cake and soon enough it does start to cling to dry patches if applied too heavy. Unlike my Stay Matte Powder it doesn't stop concealers creasing but having said that it doesn't cause it either. Also, unlike my stay matte, I do feel the need to touch up as I'm more of a matte kind of girl and as this does brighten I do find I need to re apply sometimes. While I'm comparing it to the Stay Matte, it doesn't seem to last as long; I'm still on my first stay matter powder because I only need a small dusting but I can already see the metal rim of the pan as it can be very powdery if you don't tap of the excess from your brush.

Overall, I don't say this really colour corrects at all but I do feel it's a nice powder especially for Summer as it does brighten. It's just a nice powder and a great one for travelling with the great big mirror that everyone seems to say is similar to the NARS packaging. This wouldn't be something I'd be dying to buy again as soon as it runs out but maybe if I wander across it on the ELF website I might just buy it again so if you're wanting your bog standard (please say someone else uses that phrase) that isn't all fancy then this is great but if you're wanting something that does tone correct I wouldn't suggest buying this.
Have you tried anything from ELF? Is there anything on my blog you'd like me to review or go into more detail about? Let me know!
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