End Of School Prom. Summer Week #2

29 Jun 2014

This week was a quiet one apart from prom. On Monday, a chill day was needed to calm my nerves for Tuesday which was the day of prom. 
Most of Tuesday morning I spent pacing up and down nervously as there was nothing I really needed to do in the morning apart from do my nails. After my hair appointment at 2 I came home and took my time in getting ready ad I was hoping that my dry skin wouldn't come and haunt me when I saw the photos the next day but luckily for me I was having a fabulous skin day and my make up seemed to go really well.
Time flew by and before I knew it I had my dress on and I was heading out the door. Stupidly, I forgot to change my earrings to the ones I bought but being such a small thing, I ignored it and no one seemed to notice.
I hope this isn't too much information but I chose to wear one of those stick on bras and I could give anyone advice for prom, it's don't wear a stick on bra; from the word go I was having problems and I was so conscious all the way through the night that I wasn't able to dance very well without thinking it will un stick.
Before heading to the prom venue, we met at a friends house before we all headed to another house on a mode of transport which was an old vintage bus. After quickly stopping at the second house to get everyone on board, we headed (a little behind schedule) to the main venue. When I arrived and got off the bus, students from the school and parents were all there and I didn't really know what to do with myself but I spotted my mum and headed over to see her before leaving her and going to say hello to friends. Here I will say that my biggest regret of the whole night was not getting enough photos; during the night I went to the toilet and the lighting was the worst I'd ever seen in showing all your flaws and made me look really greasy. Even though it seemed to do the same to others, it left me declining photos from many which I'm really upset that I did that now as while I said we'd get one at the party later, we never managed to- even with some of my closest friends.
After a meal and a dance, I headed back to a friends where I got changed in to my after prom dress and touched up my make up along with changing my annoying bra to one a lot more comfortable and I was able to enjoy myself a lot more. After the first awkward hour of the party, I really enjoyed myself and I started to wish I wasn't so anti social over the past five years when I turned down so many party invitations because I was scared and now I realise that there was no reason to be. So another piece of advice to those with a few years left of school is to say yes to as many  parties or any outings with friends because I don't want you to go on and regret it just like I am right now.
The rest of the week was a quiet one- recovering from my late night/early morning when I got in at 4 am the next day after an amazing night. 
Hope you enjoyed this post. When was your prom and how was it? I'd love to know!
Hope you're doing great,

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