A Good Night's Sleep.

9 Jun 2014

During my exams, I was trying my best to get to sleep easily so I would feel fresh and well rested when walking out the house feeling a little confident that I would do well in this exam because I had a good night's sleep. Being 16, my mum still has an input in my lifestyle choices and while sometimes I don't agree, I know she's doing what's best for me; that's why when I asked for Sleeping taplets or something a long those lines, she didn't get me that but instead go me the Rescue Remedy comfort & Reassure. This comes with a pippette and you either put four drops in a drink or four drops straight on to your tongue. I've tried both ways and I feel most comfortable putting four drops on my tongue. I can't say this is better than sleeping tablets as I've never tried them but it saves me a lot of hassle just having something that calms me instead of knocks me out as I know some sleeping tablets can make you actually feel worse in the mornings and I didn't want to have that happening to me the mornings of my exams.

Something I've had since I was around 7 years old is the Avon Sleep Therapy Mist. Just a few sprays around the room or on my pillow helps me sleep through the night without waking up in a panic. Lavender is always something people use to help them get to sleep whether as a bubble bath, in their tea or,like me, as a spray. Me and my Mum have both been lovers of this range and I used to have the Sleep Therapy Bubble Bath and chest balm. This is a great alternative to the This Works sleep mist and products and maybe this is one to try before you splash out on something you could probably get cheaper.

I always find a hot drink, tea or hot chocolate before bed really helps me wind down for the night and I've recently been loving drink the Twinings Relaxing Chamomile & Spearmint Tea.  I've never tried Chamomile Tea on it's own but I don't think the taste is very strong in this and i more spearmint. The spearmint is so refreshing and the Chamomile seems to be the taste that does the calming. I really love this stuff!

The last thing I suggest doing before you go to sleep.With your Cup of tea in hand and your room smelling of lavender, I'd read for a bit even if it's for 15 minutes it just helps you, again, to calm and wind down before having a Good Night's Sleep.

What do you do make sure you have a good night's sleep?
Hope you're doing great,

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  1. Love the sound of that avon sleep therapy mist! Also agree with you about reading before you go to sleep, lovely post :)

    Millie x