Book To Big Screen: TFIOS

26 Jun 2014

 When I'm about to see a film that I've read as a book, it excites me to see something that many had just visioned in their head now be visioned on to a big screen; it does make me slightly nervous as well- that the film won't do the book justice or will miss out some of my favourite parts. It seemed like the wait building up to the release date of The Fault In Our Stars was so long and I don't think I've ever been so involved in watching spoilers, trailers, interviews with the cast as much before a film as I have with TFIOS. With TFIOS, all I'd heard from the writer, John Green, was good things and that the film stays very true to the book so I went in to the film knowing I wouldn't be disappointed and I wasn't.
I will warn you now that there may be some spoilers from here on out so if you've not read the book or would like to make your own mind up about the film, maybe skip this one or just take my advice and go and watch it!

The film stayed very true to the book and in some circumstances almost too true as lines that look good on paper didn't always translate well on to the big screen. The whole metaphor scenario with Augustus and the cigarette was such an amazing and seemed like a well thought out, intriguing piece of writing in the books but seemed, dare I say it, a little cheesy on the screen; the same has to be said when Augustus is staring at Hazel. Having said that, I know that the makers of the film really didn't want to upset the fans surrounding this book by changing it too much and there was something nice about knowing what the next line was going to be. I couldn't help but whisper "Okay" when Augustus said "Okay?"- I'm sure you know which part I mean.
The humour in the book was hilarious and I especially enjoyed the plane seen as they set off for Amsterdam as well as when Isaac starts smashing up Augustus' trophy; the way Gus doesn't seem to be phased makes me laugh.
Of course, like any book adaptation, they have to miss bits out. Avid book readers expect a three hour long line by line film of the book and however much we wish for this, I don't think it will ever be shown in the cinema and half of the film will just remain in the deleted scenes of the DVD. I was quite sad to see that some of my personal favourite moments were not included in the film including the whole story behind the swing set. While it was included, it didn't show as much about it as I would've liked but I understand why they cut it. Another part was when Hazel gave the oxygen to the little girl in the airport. I was expecting this bit to be included not just because it's such a cute moment but also because I'm sure I'd seen it on one of the adverts so I was sad not to see that part in but I'm sure it'll be one of those deleted scene gems when the DVD is released.
Of course, this is the Fault in Our stars, of course I cried! I seemed to start the tears a lot earlier to many as it hit a nerve when the "Okay?" words were uttered from Gus's mouth and Hazel returned with the "okay". The big heart wrenching moment was one of the last scenes in the Literal Heart of Jesus along with the scene in the petrol station.
One little thing that I also loved is the way the texts between Hazel and Augustus appeared on the screen as the texting between the two played quite a large part in the film and it was nice to be able to clearly see the conversations between the two of the via text message.
The last thing I would like to mention is how amazing all the cast were in managing to portray such a true interpretation of the book. The choices of actors and actresses were perfect and I can't praise them enough for contributing to such an amazing and beautiful film.
By the time the film had finished everyone in the cinema was a mess; no one wanted to be the first to get up where everyone could see there puffy red eyes or the mascara running down their faces. So from that reaction with not one dry eye in the room is a true representation of how amazing this film was.
Don't miss out and please go and watch and don't do what I did and forget tissues; you will regret that choice massively.
I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sorry if many parts were vague; it was just so there isn't an enormous amount of spoilers but just giving enough information for those who have read or seen TFIOS know what I'm talking about but I hope you enjoyed it all the same.
Have you read or seen TFIOS and what did you think?
Hope you're doing great,

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  1. I liked the movie alot and definitely cried but i am like you in the fact that some of my favorite scenes were not there: ) great post though! I have one similar:

    Juliana Grace