My Top 5 Spring Beauty Essentials

5 Mar 2021 United Kingdom

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As the weather warms up, and we spend more time outdoors, let's step into spring with the essentials! If you're like me, your skin is still feeling the effects of the winter; you're ready to say good riddance to the dry skin and hello to the highly coveted glow. To do just that, here are 5 of my essential beauty picks for spring this year! 

Supergoop! SPF 50 

SPF is essential all year round, but it’s worth the reminder as the spring rolls around, and we spend more time outside. Don’t rely on the minuscule amount of SPF in your foundation to keep your skin protected, an SPF of 30+ is the way to go. For me, I have very fair skin so the higher SPF is best for me! 

The supergloop! SPF I particularly love using not only for the formula but the companies backstory and the brand’s ethos I fully support and appreciate. I definitely recommend reading more into this brand and picking up their SPF; they sure did their research into what someone wants in their daily SPF and nailed it! 

MYSA Skincare hand cream

I haven't found a hand cream I love more! Not just for spring, this is a daily staple for me that I have at my desk and apply whenever my hands are feeling dry. The hand cream has such a lovely formula that isn't overly greasy and smells so fresh. You can definitely say goodbye to your dry hands! 

Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic acid

I've tried my fair share of hyaluronic products and this is definitely a new favourite! After using it throughout the winter, I definitely will be reaching for this as we transition into spring and the warmer weather. It applies really nicely with a gel-like consistency that isn't tacky like other hyaluronic formulas I've tried.  Just one pump of the product covers my entire face. Great for day and night use, I love this! 

Q + A lip oil

Another essential is you're still battling the effects of your dry skin, this Q + A lip oil is a fab little product to have on hand. I always find myself reaching for this between meetings or before I head outside - whenever my lips need that little boost of moisture. It has a nice sheen that isn't tacky like lip gloss and so easy to apply. Such a simple product but the perfect beauty essential. 

Beauty Bay Toner

While my skin is on the dry side as we head into spring, I still find an exfoliating toner to be essential. Less harsh than physical exfoliators and great for helping my skin feel smooth without feeling dehydrated. Such a fab staple for spring and a really affordable toner that will last you a while! 

What products do you reach for in spring? 
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