3 Apr 2019

As the cold weather slowly comes to an end, my skin can definitely tell that it's been a dry and cold few months. Now more than ever, my skin really needs some TLC and with help from the product mentioned here, it's definitely helping it get its hydration and glow back.

Pai Gentle Hydrating Cleanser 

The windy weather recently seems to be really drying my skin out and it’s definitely not summer yet so this doesn’t come as a surprise to me. To try and bring a little more hydration back into my skin, this cleanser is a super gentle and hydrating cream cleanser that is perfect for just this. While I do have more combination skin, I don’t find it irritates any of my problem areas like some products aimed at hydrating do; I think this may be down to the Camellia that's in this. This has been a really good skincare pick for me at the moment to use both in the morning before applying my makeup as well as the evening to finish the day with a smooth, fresh face. 

The Ordinary SPF 

While I should be wearing SPF all year round and I did make an effort to try and remember to use this during winter, I think now more than ever, getting into the habit of picking this up and applying after moisturiser will be better in helping my skin fight against the weather conditions. This is quite a thick product and can leave a white cast on your face but after applying my foundation it not only gives a nice hydrated glow under my makeup but that white cast seems to disappear. I think SPF is one that is something that we should all introduce into our skincare to help add a little more protection against the sun as it starts to appear more in spring. 

Vitamin E Liquid Peel 

While I remain pale as ever through the year, winter especially can leave my skin, as I’m sure is the same with others, a little dull. So something like this Body Shop product can help bring a little more radiance. It’s kind of like an exfoliator but isn’t abrasive so is another good one for those with sensitive skin. I use this by applying the product onto my skin, working it in until it starts to form small clumps on the skin. While it may look weird, after washing away with a muslin cloth and applying moisturiser,  my skin feels a lot more smooth and exfoliated and, hopefully, a little more glowing. 

So these are just three of my skincare picks for the end of winter as we are heading quickly into spring. Are there any products your skin has been loving lately? I'd love to hear!
Hope you're doing great, 

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