While I spent most of last year streamlining my life and wardrobe, there are few bits I felt my wardrobe was lacking for the colder months as well as some transitional pieces that will be great staple additions. The few pieces I've picked up, I love and have quickly become some of my fashion staples. I thought I'd share them with you today! 

Monki Kimomo High Relaxed Mom Jeans

In my 2019 favourites, I mentioned my adoration and undying love for the Monki jeans. Just last week I finally picked up another pair in a more light, mid-wash denim that are the perfect everyday jeans. They are definitely one of my favourite brands on the high street right now and with great sizing and choices for a variety of shapes and sizes, these jeans are definitely worth the investment.

Monki Speckled Stretchy Tee

Also from Monki, while sadly not from their sustainable line, this little speckled tee is the perfect added, everyday tee that will definitely be a staple. It's supposed to be quite a tight fit but I sized up one just for it to be a little looser and better for work. My friend at work said the colour and speckles reminded them of a very good vanilla ice cream and that is my favourite description ever!

ASOS Fluffy Jumper with Balloon Sleeve

I have been eyeing up this jumper on ASOS for a while now and finally picked it up at the start of the year. It's super soft and super affordable, the perfect jumper to layer a tee underneath and thin enough to be able to throw on a jacket over the top. I will be sure to be wearing this for many months to come.

ASOS Striped Long Sleeve Turtle Neck

I've been loving wearing this striped turtle neck under jumpers - it's another great layering piece to keep me nice and warm when I'm waking up to the freezing cold, pitch-black winter mornings. Another perfect staple to add to my wardrobe. 

I love all 4 of these pieces both separately and together - they really work to be interchangeable pieces to create a few different looks with just a few essentials. 

What are some of your fashion staples at the moment? 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

It's been around 7 months since I left university and headed out into that big scary thing called the working world. I, for one didn't want to leave uni - it became a little safety bubble and you could easily forget that there was a life outside of uni and that it will all be coming to an end eventually. 7 months later and I still think I'm adjusting but, here's a lot I've realised that they don't warn you about life after uni while you're still there.

Adjusting back to life can be hard

Whether you're moving back home with your parents, back to a different city or even moving somewhere new again, living with different people, adjusting to a different way of living. Since moving to London and adjusting to the 8-5 working life, it's shown me just how different my routine was at uni - I get up earlier than I ever have before to get to work and the commute is now a thing I have to factor in. Even smaller things like when to eat and what to eat; I thought I'd just carry on having the same amount of time to enjoy cooking in the evenings if not more but how wrong I was - now I'm lucky to even want to prep a meal from scratch.

You will miss it (even the bad stuff)

Call me crazy but I miss the late library nights, the exam stress and the complaining about living in a hovel. Uni definitely had its down points but it all seems like nothing now when looking back and wishing I was back enjoying the simple life as a uni student. I loved the people I lived with even through the arguing, I loved where I was living, I loved life on campus. Even going back to York since leaving just instilled in me that I always want to go back there even if not as a student. 

What is this free time and what do I do with it?

While weekdays go by in a blur while working, the weekends are now completely open and free. Gone are the days that you have to spend the weekend in the library, finishing off essays and feeling guilty for thinking about anything that wasn't uni. The biggest shock for me was over the Christmas break - usually the days between Christmas and New Year, I spent catching up on revision but this year I sat there lost. I felt like I was having a crisis with not knowing what my purpose was and not having anything to do. I guess I have had time to focus more on the hobbies I love - reading, knitting, going to exhibitions - but still, I feel like I should be learning! Maybe it's time I start learning a language...

Success doesn't happen overnight

You think having a degree makes you invincible, like the top trump card that always wins but that just isn't true. So many people struggle to find a job after uni - you might have the degree but do you have 2 years experience? While you think you'll just enter into a grad scheme and be earning enough in a year to even get a mortgage, that just isn't the reality. Grad schemes are limited to certain fields (something I really was not aware of and one of my biggest issues finding jobs). Instead, many finished uni more confused as they were to begin with as to what to do next. 

No one cares about your degree (as long as you have one)

It seems that employers only care about you having a degree and not what it's in or really even the classification you graduate with. Most of my interviews focussed on the degree for two seconds if that before focussing more on the experience I have. I think if I'd applied to my job with just my degree and not that extra experience, I wouldn't have even got an interview.

I guess it shows the importance of experience but also highlights the sad reality that a degree is just a piece a paper to show some prestige but after that, no one cares; no one questions what you have, even checks your certificate - they just want to know if you have a degree or not. Then, once you've got your foot in the door of an industry, they really don't care at all.

No one's prepared for adulthood

Something kids are screaming in maths class back in high school, young adults are still complaining about as they leave uni - that's the lack of education and information given to let you out into the adult world knowing what a mortgage is; knowing the best way to look after your money; what the point of a pension scheme is. Even the small things like what do you do when the washing machine's broken. Who's going to move the spiders now your superhero of a housemate isn't around? 

Everyone's in the same position and everyone's a little lost in adulthood whether you went to uni or not but these are just a few realisations I had after uni that I didn't think of or was prepared for before leaving.

Anything you've learnt since leaving university? 

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

After 8 years of blogging, I can't comprehend how a small hobby that started out as a diary-like outlet has turned into such a big part of my life that I always come back to. Over the years, my content has changed in many ways and I've had so many different blog-related experiences that I love sharing with you. However, after sticking around for so long you tend to see the changes within the community; the underlying blogging politics and so much more. I've had a few thoughts about this and I end up going round in circles as to my answers to some questions I have. Today, I thought I'd share them with you in hopes to not cast negativity on the blogging community but open a discussion about where people think blogging is going, how it's changed, is changing, and ask "is it really what it used to be?".

Full disclaimer: This post is not meant to be negative, instead it's intended to offer my honest opinions. My opinions are just my own and even if yours differ on anything I say, I would love for you to leave it in the comments! 

Is blogging what it used to be? and other related Q's

In short, my answer is no. It's now over 8 years ago that I started my blog. A place to share private thoughts, but after seeing the positive community around blogging, I couldn't help but join in. 

I remember when blog views were more organic - you didn't search for the readers, they came to you. Now, as the online world becomes saturated with more and more bloggers due to the influence of names like Zoella, ViviannadoesMakeUp (Now the Anna Edit) and so many more - is it really the same supportive place as it once? Are you blogging for readers or just yourself?

Of course, everything evolves and changes but sometimes the changes aren't always for the best. 

Where's the moral support?

It's little and rare to see creators truly supporting other creators - not just giving them a shoutout on Instagram to someone of the similar following for mutual gain. Where are the sincere comments on posts? Commenting because you want to and not just because it was from a twitter comment thread. 

We should be shouting more about the small creators we love and supporting the unique content they create and showing them how great the blogging community really is. 

Gone are the days of friendly twitter chats made to be just that - a chat - and not with the sole purpose of promoting your blog but a way of making friends, having a conversation with like-minded people and maybe discovering some new blogs in the process. Instead, timelines are filled with promotion threads as it's one of the only ways so many bloggers are now getting their interactions. 

How has it become such a numbers game? 

Ok, so it's always been like this but more now than ever. In the job I'm in now and just from general reading of blogs, I've seen so many bloggers not linking to brands or sites unless it's a paid link. What happened to blogging being fun? Being about creating content and not about the money content brings. It's amazing that we can make a living from blogging but have we started to put the money first and the content second? Shouldn't it be the other way round? 

I don't necessarily mean in terms of monetary reward as well. There are so many metrics that others from our industry and beyond base a 'good blog' off and I feel this can cloud the judgement of what really is good content and not - followers, likes are all a great indication of reach, interest and performance but shouldn't actual interactions of comments, returning readers be something that really shows the influence and interest a blog has? 

Have we stopped sharing what we truly want and now sharing what brings in the numbers?  Are bloggers opinions as trustworthy as they once were?

Who am I even blogging for anymore? 

When I started, blogging was for me and no one else but as people started to read and I realised what blogging could become, I shifted my content. But now, more and more, I feel I'm writing to no one, not even myself. If anyone's leaving comments it's other bloggers as part of comment threads (see the above point). I don't want you to think this is me seeming bitter about not getting the blog reactions like others as of course, your content may not be attracting the right audience. It can be easy to feel you're not reaching anyone and that you're only blogging for yourself but not getting any self-gain out of it because the content is aimed for others and not yourself. 

Why am I blogging still? 

Honestly, right now I don't know but I can't stop! Because, blogging has been in my life for 8 years (did I mention that?) and I can't see myself parting from it any time soon. I've learnt that the saying "you do you" is very fitting for blogging and everyone's reasons for blogging is different. 

For me, while I fail in verbal communication, I make up for in writing and my blog is an easy place to share my thoughts in writing. I'm so happy with all the doors my blog has opened for me already and I feel I'm returning to a place where to answer the question "who am I even blogging for?" I'm blogging for me. "Why am I blogging still?" just for me! 

To end this on a positive note, blogging has found me so much great inspiration, friendships, confidence and opportunities. While it is changing into an industry and not so much a hobby, I think it's important to remember the positives of blogging and why you blog in order to stay motivated and pleased with all you share. 

There was a lot of questions posed in this post and I'd love to hear your thoughts and answers to any of the questions.

I hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

Photo taken at Tim Walker "Wonderful Things" Exhibition @ V&A, 2019

Whether it's finding inspiration for work, photos, writing, blogging or general inspiration - as cliché as it sounds, it really is all around. You just have to keep an eye out for it! Here are a few ways on how to find inspiration. Whether it's blog inspiration and more that I hope will help you get creative this year.

art exhibitions

Since moving to London (have I not mentioned that?), I've been to my fair share of gallery exhibitions, both with others and on my own. All the exhibitions, both good and bad, have been a source of inspiration in some way, shape or form for me. It may have been the inspiration for the basis of a blog post, an experience I had there that I wanted to share or just filling me the motivation to accomplish something. Each artist and each gallery can fill me with different types of inspiration and it's become one of my favourite ways to spend time. 

coffee shops

This can be more of a motivation than an inspiration, but having a change of scenery surrounded by people working, talking, reading and more can inspire me to work. Whether it's from people watching, 'accidentally' overhearings conversations or just sitting with my headphones in but still appreciating that there are people around me. I'm always more inspired in a place like this. 

the people around me 

My friends can be such a great source of inspiration - seeing what they've done themselves and offering a different outlook on certain topics can be great. More recently, the people at work have been a real source of inspiration for trying new things - may be trying a new hobby, suggestion places t visit or just having conversations that spark inspiration. I'm so grateful to be able to get such inspiration so close to me. 

online creators

This is definitely more focussed on finding inspiration in the online community for my blog posts. Bloglovin', while some still despise, acts as my daily dose of inspiration which has given me so many ideas in the past that have turned into some of my most popular blog posts. 

Instagram and twitter too can help me find new creators and new places to find inspiration and fresh ideas. If you're looking for some new bloggers yourself, I shared a few of my favourite bloggers from the past year. 


Before you go and think I'm being all high and might and self-indulging (even though, I see your point), by myself I mean some of the best ideas come from just thinking yourself on your own - reflecting on your days, what you've accomplished and more. 

Looking back at your own work - blog posts, old pieces of writing and photos - to find what it was you liked can really inspire you to work on similar things in the future but even better. You might rediscover a new project that, now with fresh eyes, you can revive! 

Your biggest source of inspiration is yourself - an accumulation of everything you've heard, seen and felt. Taking some time to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings can be one of the biggest sources of inspiration. 

I thought Id' finish by just saying that inspiration isn't something that can be forced but, if you let it, you can easily blog it out and that's definitely not what you want. Surrounding yourself with sources of inspiration - experiences or people - is the best way to encourage your inspiration to run wild!

Where do you find your inspiration? 

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

Looking for some reading to start the year off? Here, I've rounded up the top, most read and most engaged with posts of the last year that you may like to take a read of yourself or maybe it will spark some blog inspiration for yourself for 2020! 

1. My Relationship With My Body

This was a post that took me a while to actually write - it was something I wanted to share but knowing when you at the height of body confidence is hard to understand and what I learnt from sharing this is that it is ever-changing and there is no peak. I shared a few anecdotes relating to my relationship with eating and my body in this article. The feedback I received was so lovely and supportive. I am so happy I shared it with you. 

2. Ethical & Sustainable Brands on the High Street

I've shared quite a few posts about sustainable living and a hefty amount including cruelty-free products but I think this post was so popular due to it's a real need today. Making more conscious choices can come at a larger price tag but what I aimed to share in this post was some more affordable brands doing it right. The community can be very negative towards brands making changes and point the finger at those yet to be more ethical and sustainable. What I feel is that we should be shining the light on the brands that do it right to show the other brands how it's really done. There are some great brands making changes and I'm excited to see more brands follow in their footsteps in 2020 (Maybe part 2 will be in order?). 

Read more cruelty-free, ethical beauty posts. 

 3. How & Why I Streamlined My Life

This was a pretty recent post but I'm glad you seemed to like it! I shared with you my thoughts on buying less on food, clothes and beauty and focussing on the things I have, and making sure they are versatile and well-loved. Streamlining my life has helped me live more simply and save quite a bit of money in the process - making purchases that really matter rather than just spending little on a lot.
I'm actually so happy this is up there and makes me feel very nostalgic back 5 years ago in the blogosphere where people loved monthly favourites posts, product empties. Now, there's more pressure to bring something different and pay a lot for the products you include. I love that this simple post was one you enjoyed and I'll be sure to be more in the next few years. 

If you like this post, you'll enjoy my 2019 favourites I recently shared. 

5. Why Self-Care Is Productive

As I've started to share more about self-care and wellbeing and I'm happy this was a post people could read to take something from - that self-care isn't selfish and is needed to help yourself breathe, reset and have a break from other life stressors. Self-care is more than just a bath bomb and a facemask and making time for even forms of self-care that aren't exactly 'fun' is always productive in the long run. 

Read more self-care tips for students.

I'm excited to see what my blog becomes as we head into my 8th year blogging!

Do you have a blog? What's your favourite post of the year? I'd love to give it a read and leave a comment.

Hope you're doing great,

*This post contains affiliate links - all opinions remain my own*

For once, I can't start my yearly favourites saying "this year has flown by!" as I actually feel like it's been a very long year - so many big changes, from finishing university to moving to London with a full-time job - it feels like these changes happened forever ago and not just a few months ago when they did happen. So much has changed in such a short space of time. As I look forward to next year, I thought I'd share some of my favourite things I've used, discovered and enjoyed over the past year.


make up

If I think of the two beauty staples that I've kept going back to over the past year, my Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer and Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation are the two that come to mind. Whenever I've reached for something different, I always come back to these two. After starting the year loving them, I've ended the year reaching for them again after trying other products that just aren't as good. I'm sure I'll be using these on a daily basis in 2020 as well. 

Read my most recent everyday make up post. 


My Antipodes Manuka Honey Face Mask is another one I'm bound to reach for again and again, year after year. It's such an amazing, hydrating face mask that also works wonders for my spots making it great for my combination skin. It's such an easy mask to apply day-to-day whenever my skin is looking for a boost. 

Another skincare saviour was the Pai Rosehip oil; I used this to death in the first half of the year as it was so hydrating and nourishing for my skin. It now sits at the back of my skincare drawer, but I'll be making sure this makes a reappearance in my skincare routine as I remember how much my skin appreciated this serum. 


I've missed having a perfume in my life. After running out of my favourite Zadig & Voltaire "This Is Her" earlier this year, I'm glad to have it back in my life after receiving a new bottle for Christmas. It's such a unique everyday smell that is just what I love. I'll be honest, the cruelty-free status of the brand is pretty unknown (I have reached out to them and got a vague response but I keep looking into it) but it's worth also giving a shoutout to Eden Perfumes; they recreate well-known perfumes with more natural and ethically-sourced ingredients. While the recreation of Zadig & Voltaire's wasn't good enough to stop me buying the original, Eden perfumes is a brand I will definitely buy from again and think it's perfect to gift to friends! 


Puma Thunder Rive Gauche

These are probably the most expensive item of clothing I own but I've loved wearing them this year. These trainers were definitely out of my comfort zone but I wanted to give them a go and I love when I wear them - I find they bring something a bit different to an outfit - whether it's with mom jeans or a midi skirt or dress, I think they're really versatile. And, of course, I love that they've got a touch of pink. 

Monki Jeans

Can we all agree that Jean shopping is the worst? Well, with the discovery of Monki's jeans, the dread of jean shopping is lessened. I was so happy to find my perfect pair of jeans from Monki earlier this year - a great fit and the right size and shape at a price that didn't break the bank any more than a pair of the beloved Topshop Joni Jeans. I've lived in mom jeans the past year as they're so comfy so I was so happy to find Monki's great range. Great sizing information in-store and online as well as well-sourced denim. They are such a great pair of jeans that I will be sure to be buying other shades in the new year. 

Read more about my favourite brands of this year


100%, my favourite book of the year was Normal People by Sally Rooney; I've spoken about this in a previous favourites post but I urge you again. If you're looking for your next book club book and you haven't read this, you have to pick it up. I'm so excited to pick up Conversations with Friends in 2020 also by Sally Rooney as I've been waiting for the perfect time to read this. 

Honourable bookish mentions also go to Dig by A.S King - such a good read, unlike any other young-adult book I've read. Also, The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory was the perfect summer read that so light and funny anc helped me find my reading mojo again in no time. This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay also got a 5/5 from me on good reads at the start of the year. I'll be ending the year on his follow up book "Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas". 

I've had such a great reading year, I can't wait to continue into 2020! Follow me on Goodreads to keep up to date on my progress. 


I love music and I especially love discovering new artists and bands, however, I've found his year I've become a listener of habit - shuffling the same few artists over the last year or so and if you've read my previous posts about my favourite albums and artists, I'm sure none of the following will come as a shock to you. 

Sam Fender finally released his debut album this year and I loved it. After seeing him live previously as well as interviewing him earlier this year, it didn't come as a surprise as to how much I loved his album "Hypersonic Missiles". It had all the songs I loved from the tours and some new additions that I haven't stopped listening to. This has to be one of my top albums of the year. 

Alec Benjamin became an artist I listened to whenever I was studying, cleaning, walking. And, I was so happy to finally see him live just last month in Camden - my first concert alone and was definitely worth it. 

Finally, I also saw BTS live in the summer - definitely a concert like no other I have ever been to. Another artist I always find myself shuffling and never running out of tracks to listen to, no matter my mood. 

There's so much more I could talk about but here are the few that I really want to highlight as favourites of the year! What are some of your favourites? 

Hope you're doing great,