Where I Find My Inspiration

11 Jan 2020

Photo taken at Tim Walker "Wonderful Things" Exhibition @ V&A, 2019

Whether it's finding inspiration for work, photos, writing, blogging or general inspiration - as cliché as it sounds, it really is all around. You just have to keep an eye out for it! Here are a few ways on how to find inspiration. Whether it's blog inspiration and more that I hope will help you get creative this year.

art exhibitions

Since moving to London (have I not mentioned that?), I've been to my fair share of gallery exhibitions, both with others and on my own. All the exhibitions, both good and bad, have been a source of inspiration in some way, shape or form for me. It may have been the inspiration for the basis of a blog post, an experience I had there that I wanted to share or just filling me the motivation to accomplish something. Each artist and each gallery can fill me with different types of inspiration and it's become one of my favourite ways to spend time. 

coffee shops

This can be more of a motivation than an inspiration, but having a change of scenery surrounded by people working, talking, reading and more can inspire me to work. Whether it's from people watching, 'accidentally' overhearings conversations or just sitting with my headphones in but still appreciating that there are people around me. I'm always more inspired in a place like this. 

the people around me 

My friends can be such a great source of inspiration - seeing what they've done themselves and offering a different outlook on certain topics can be great. More recently, the people at work have been a real source of inspiration for trying new things - may be trying a new hobby, suggestion places t visit or just having conversations that spark inspiration. I'm so grateful to be able to get such inspiration so close to me. 

online creators

This is definitely more focussed on finding inspiration in the online community for my blog posts. Bloglovin', while some still despise, acts as my daily dose of inspiration which has given me so many ideas in the past that have turned into some of my most popular blog posts. 

Instagram and twitter too can help me find new creators and new places to find inspiration and fresh ideas. If you're looking for some new bloggers yourself, I shared a few of my favourite bloggers from the past year. 


Before you go and think I'm being all high and might and self-indulging (even though, I see your point), by myself I mean some of the best ideas come from just thinking yourself on your own - reflecting on your days, what you've accomplished and more. 

Looking back at your own work - blog posts, old pieces of writing and photos - to find what it was you liked can really inspire you to work on similar things in the future but even better. You might rediscover a new project that, now with fresh eyes, you can revive! 

Your biggest source of inspiration is yourself - an accumulation of everything you've heard, seen and felt. Taking some time to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings can be one of the biggest sources of inspiration. 

I thought Id' finish by just saying that inspiration isn't something that can be forced but, if you let it, you can easily blog it out and that's definitely not what you want. Surrounding yourself with sources of inspiration - experiences or people - is the best way to encourage your inspiration to run wild!

Where do you find your inspiration? 

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

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