My Favourite Blogs 2019

14 Oct 2019

I always find it fun to discover new blogs to follow and read. If I'm honest, I find it more and more difficult to find unique bloggers that I enjoy reading but recently I've been overwhelmed with how many fabulous blogs there are out there. I've shared some favourite blogs in the past but I thought it was time to share with you a few new blogs I've been loving to read.


Sammy's blog is probably the most recent I've discovered but one I have loved to read. I love the mix of beauty and skincare posts as well as the more chatty lifestyle articles. Her photography and theme are also super clean and pretty, which I love. I particularly love her "Shy Girl Guides" posts - can definitely relate! 


Jade has been the blogger I've gone to when I'm in search of some inspiration - her posts are always really unique, thoughtful and helpful. I also love the posts she shares about improving your blog and I actually subscribe to her newsletter - I love the content she shares on there! She is also fabulous of twitter which is a plus. 

The Curvacious Vegan 

I see Amie's content pop up on my Twitter fairly often and I always pop over to her blog to see what she's been up to. Again, the unique chatty posts I adore and love to read. I just get the feeling that Amie is a great person from her blog and is super lovely. Amie's blog is definitely worth the read! 

The Cozie

Sofia's blog is another more recent find but makes me feel all warm inside when I give the posts a read. If you're wanting some more easy-to-read, friendly posts then this blog is for you. It's another great source of inspiration. 
I may have only discovered this blog the other day but I spent an hour browsing the pages of Rebeca's blog. I love her photography and the way she structures her post. I particularly loved "Finding beauty in the uncomfortable: London". I've recently moved to London so this one definitely resonated with me. 

I haven't seen many bloggers really sharing the love of other blogs for a while - it was something a few years ago everyone was doing! So, I thought I'd bring it back and hopefully help you discover a new blog to read as I share with you my favourite blogs of 2019! 

What blogs do you enjoy reading at the moment?  
Hope you're great, 
Sarah x

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