Moving To Mars at The Design Museum [AD]

20 Oct 2019

*AD - I was kindly invited to the opening preview of the Moving To Mars exhibition. However, this post is not sponsored and all opinions remain my own. * 

Since moving to London, I seem to spend my weekends in different galleries and museums - you can never seem to run out of exhibitions to go to! One place I was yet to visit was The Design Museum, so when I got the email inviting me to preview of their new exhibition "Moving To Mars", I jumped at the chance.

The new exhibition is focussed around the design elements that have gone in to and are still being developed for the mission to Mars. From how they will live there to what they will wear, the exhibition looks at these as well as giving us an overview as to the progress towards man going to Mars. It's an exhibition you may expect to see in somewhere like the Science Museum but I think it fits right at home at the Design Museum. 
One element I loved was the message of sustainability. In the opening talk someone spoke amount the climate of Mars and how inhospitable it is; how everything on Mars needs to be focussed on being sustainable, recyclable with an aim to minimise waste there - does this sound familiar? This is what many are trying to on Earth so we don't have to live in these almost uninhabitable conditions ourselves. The message is that being able to survive on Mars in these conditions can teach us a lot about how we need to treat our own planet and become more sustainable. 

My knowledge of fashion is definitely less than I wished but one of my favourite parts was the contribution from fashion studio, Raeburn who focus on fashion repurposing and sustainability. For example, they've taken material from old parachutes and turned it into high-end fashion pieces. As someone who is trying to focus more on sustainable fashion and sustainable living, this was really interesting to hear about as well as see the models wearing the designs from their New Horizon's collection at the event.

This was a really interesting exhibition and I loved how they managed to turn something that could be quite a complicated, scientific topic, into something understandable and truly interesting. There were so many different elements to this exhibition and I love how they chose to break it down to make it engaging and focusing on different aspects of the design from take-off to landing back on Earth.

The event was fairly short for me - I turned up, heard the opening talk and walked around the exhibition. But, with many members of the press interviewing the exhibition collaborators and filming, I tried not to be too much a nuisance. Therefore, I didn't get as long as I would have hoped to really read and explore its full potential, however, from what I saw, I really recommend and I know I'll be heading back to this exhibition again before it closes next year.

If you're interested, the exhibition is now open and will be running until February 2020.

Sarah x

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