I am a PR friendly blogger and I'm open to work with all brands and hear any requests via email. I will, however, only featured products or companies if I feel the campaign will benefit my readers or it will be something they will enjoy to read.

I in no way will mislead my readers and so if a product has gifted or a post is sponsored, I will make it clear by including {AD} next to the product or brand name in the post as well as the title. I will also explain at the bottom of each post how this {AD} has shaped my blog post specifically. 


As a small blogger, I know how it feels to feel overwhelmed by the big bloggers out there and finding ways to get your blogs so now so if you're a blogger yourself and have an idea for a post you would like to post as a guest post on my blog or you have a project you'd like to work together on or you'd like me to write on your own blog I'm open to any ideas of yours and I'm open to working with any brand or blogger however small!

If you wish to contact me my email address is:

I reply to email fairly quickly as well and I'm always up for a chat with anyone!
 Links to all my other social networks are floating around my blog if you want to chat more informally and keep up to date with my blog.

Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
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  1. Hi Sarah, just to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award! Here's where you can view your nomination: - Great blog hun!