Playlist Post #2

26 Jul 2013

When I started these Playlist Posts, I wanted them to be something that I would post every weekend but seeing as I'm away in Wales tomorrow, I thought I'd better
As promised, on my last post, I said I would create a playlist of songs that I would most likely listen to and recommend to others to listen to when reading.

When I'm reading, the kind of songs I like to listen to tend to be slow and simple as, I know, if I put a song on that makes me get up and dance, I will get up and dance-distracting me from my book and I don't want that. Most of the songs I listen to are by similar artists to what I would listen to normally, however I do like to switch things up a bit and add some piano music in there. I have always loved song #11 because of the way I feel the song almost tells a story in the way it slightly changes throughout. When asking my friend Joy what sort of piano music she listens to when reading she mentioned song #5 which, when I listened to, sounded familiar like it was from a film or something but this piece is a beautiful one which I know I will be listening to a lot when I'm reading.
I'd love to here what you think of this playlist if you choose to listen to a few of the songs yourself and also what other playlist posts you would like to see in the future.
Hop you enjoy! 

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