Mac Fix+ Review

29 Jul 2013

After watching many of the amazing Brogan Tate's YouTube videos and reading her amazing blog, I purchased the Rimmel London 'Fix and Perfect' Primer(£7.99) that she recommended, because ! seem to face very similar skin  and make up problems to Brogan and so I tried the primer and it works treat.So, I thought I'd try out something else Brogan and many others seem to love- Mac Fix+.
This was something I'd been eyeing up for ages; it was the first mac product I had ever bought and I'm very happy that it was. It does what it says on the tin (or in this case the box).It really does sooth the skin, leaving it moisturized and finishes the make up well. I was under the influence, as I have seen many others are too, that the Mac Fix+ 'fixes' your make up in place when this is what a refer to as a 'Mac myth' and nowhere does it actually states this and the name seem to just be very misleading for most people.What it actually does is 'fixes' your make-up; your powder, blushers etc, can leave you looking slightly 'cakey', the mac fix+ manages to take away that powdery residue without disturbing any of your make up. This product didn't leave my skin feeling at all oily and locks in the moisture on my face.

It is actually quite a diverse product and, after speaking to the nice women at the mac counter, I found out some of the different things it can be used for such as if you apply this under a primer it can lock in even more moisture into the skin aswell as finishing your make- up off at the end in the way I spoke about before. You can experiment with different ways of using this such as using a spray of this onto an eye shadow brush which will then act as a sort of bonding agent to make an eye shadow or pigment last slightly longer and give it a slightly stronger colour. I find the Mac Fix+ is also a nice face refresher if you feel your face needs a slight refreshment on the go instead of feeling the need to carry around a moisturizer in your bag.
I get the illusion that the creator of this product put a lot of time and effort into the bottle as they had obviously thought about some of the little things that can be forgotten- such as the lock system so none of the product will be wasted due to leaking. Also, the way the product actually sprays out the pump covers quite a large surface so you will only need a maximum of two pumps to cover your whole face. It also doesn't feel like someone is just splashing water onto your face- like the feeling you'd get from a normal body spray bottle and  instead releases an even, light mist.
What surprised me the most about this product was the price it was. When I think of Mac products, the first thing that steps into my head is how expensive I feel they are .However, for the amount of product you get and the fact a small amount goes a long way with this, the £14.50 I paid is reasonable and will definitely repurchase when I run out.

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