Over the past few weeks I've been having to focus on school work a lot and my posts have been scheduled. However, my posts have now run out and I can't promise I will be able to write and publish some for the next couple of weeks while my Mock Exams are happening. I will try my best to post if and when I can but this is just a little heads up. While I'm writing this little update post, I would think this is a great time to ask you if you have any ideas of posts you would like me to make or anything you would like me to review for you or just give me a little bit of feedback on my blog; any little comment I highly appreciate! So now before I get my head stuck into my books i'm going to enjoy my smoothie and toast while watch The Avengers!

Let me know if you're having any tests at the moment!
Hope you're ok,x

Impulse buys are the work a Satan in the fact I will see something and just buy it. Sometimes these can have great outcomes and I could discovered a new Holy Grail product. Sadly, this is not always the case and I'm left disappointed and with,most of the time, moneyless.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon.
When these arrived in shops, I'd never tried anything like it before and was keen to try it out. I never venture out of my comfort zone when it comes to things especially lip products and I always go for a certain array of colours but, on the day of purchase, I must have been feeling out of character as I decided to buy a vibrant shade and I decided to buy the colour 'red sunrise'. I instantly regretted this when I got home and I've never worn it outside the house and for £7.99, it was a pretty expensive impulse buy and left me in an expensive state of disappointment. Funnily enough though, it hasn't put me off thinking about buying another in a different shade that would suit me better because I feel the formula is great!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'Eternal Gold'.
Apart from using this shade of colour tattoo for my Greek Goddess post for halloween, I'd never used it before. I'm going to be a loving daughter and blame this purchase on my mum as I had my heart set on buying 'on and on bronze' (which I did later buy) but my mum thought that the gold would suit me better. Using this only once, I could sell this on but I am still annoyed at myself for buying this. I'm not too disappointed because it did give me an insight in what to expect when I did buy another colour but I still wish I would have thought about the colour better.

Kate Moss Lipstick in #16.
 This was not an impulse buy but a ridiculous mistake where I went to pick up shade #19 but instead picked up this pink colour! Smooth Sarah! I have never worn this and don't plan to but this is more a mistake on my behalf rather than the product because I'm just stupid! The colour really doesn't suit me and is a bright pink that seems to make my lips dryer than they are.

Nivea Primer.
 This product really let me down. When I saw the word 'primer',I ran to the shops and picked it up but I was let down and once applied and dried it sort of peeled off my face which was not appealing and really did put me off. I guess it works as a moisturiser but it still isn't the best on that point. This is probably the most disappointing product out of those included in this post. Even though there is a pot for dry skin aswell, I don't think I want to take the risk in trying it out again to have a repeat of disappointment.

MUA Mosaic Bronzer 'Sun kissed Glow'.
I wouldn't say this was an impulse buy but more of a desperate-need-for-a-bronzer-that-night kind of buy. I wanted something cheap and that's what I got and it was fine for the night but now I despise this product and the shade it has as it's a really brown toned bronzer and looks almost muddy and looks more like I took a trip to the sun rather than give me a sun kissed glow so I do regret buying this.

I think that's enough negativity for a while now but I'll try and end this on a positive and say that there's a few things I've learnt from this:
  • Read online reviews before investing any money into a product.
  • Read the stupid numbers and shades properly.
  • Control your urge to impulse buy.
  • Make sure you have a bronzer days before you're meant to be going out!
Has there been any product you've been disappointed with and how did you deal with the disappointment?
Hope you're ok! x

As mentioned in my Sweater Weather Tag, I've made a new playlist in honour of the colder months that we are facing hat just make you want to jump in bed with a big jumper on and hot chocolate in hand!
Let me know what you think! 
hope you're ok, x

Weirdly, I've never done a tag post before so I've decided today is that day! I saw Ingrid (missglamourazzi) do this in one of her videos and was created by itsmelexie but Ingrid changed some of the questions to fit her more and I've done the same with a mix of each of the questions from both videos. This is a great time for me to be doing this tag as I'm just digging out last years collection of woolly jumpers and having to turn on the radiators. So let's get started.

1. Favourite candle scents for this time of the year?
I'm going to stick with Yankee Candles and some of my favourites have to be Black Cherry and Cranberry Zest; Camomile Tea is my favourite scent all year round but my favourite for this time of year has to be Orchard Pear which is such a sweet pear candle. I urge you to find this in shops and give it a smell!

 2. Coffee, Tea or Hot chocolate?
Anything but coffee. I like the odd latte here and there but I'm not a coffee fan really. i seemed to be obsessed with mint hot chocolate as I find it's not a sickly as just normal hot chocolate and as for tea- i just love a milky brew!

3. Dark lips or winged eye liner?
If you know me, you'll know I steer away from eyeliner as it's one of those things I really struggle with and I'm too impatient to practice. If you'd put dark lips with anything though, I would of chose dark lips because even though I'm not the most comfortable wearing such a bold lip, I think dark lips just look gorgeous. For my favourite autumn lipsticks you can find them here.

4. Favourite fragrance for fall?
This more of a current favourite that I happen to wear at this time of the year and that is the Soap and Glory 'Mist You Madly' and this is just the scent I tend to jump to on an everyday basic and that I'd just throw into my bag.

5.What is your most Worn Sweater?
It has to be the one my mum bought me last year and it is just a classic knitted jumper and I just love the little pockets. It's comfortable and I love it! I posted and edited version of this picture on my instagram last week if you want to check it out here!

6. Hats or Scarves? 
Scarves! up until last year I despised hats- I think it was something that stemmed from my childhood when my mum would put me in some ridiculous hats. Saying that though, i now one the cutest fox hat that is so cute and I will be definitely wearing it this winter!

7. Favourite fall nail varnishes?
Last year, I fell in love with this Khaki Green colour from Models Own and I've fallen in love with it all over again! I'm a sucker for a goo nude this time of year as well but I feel Barry M chose the right time to bring these matte nail varnishes out because I feel they're great for this this time of year!

8. Football games or jumping in leaves? 
I wouldn't say jump but standing on leaves to hear the sound of that satisfying crunch beneath your shoe just makes me smile!

9. Skinny Jeans and leggings?
This doesn't just apply for this time of year but all year round and it has to be skinny jeans; more specifically, the Top shop  Joni jeans which I love and feel like a pair of leggings. I've never been a leggings kind of girl however much I've tried and so i just tick with my trusty skinny jeans!

10. Boots or Uggs?
I love a good pair of ankle boots and I've never own a real pair of fake ones just a fake pair in year 7 where I only ever wore them round the house as slippers anyway!

11) Favourite thing about fall? 
Like I mentioned before, when you step on those crunchy leave but I just love the colours the leaves turn this time of year! It just makes me happy!

12. Songs that really  get you into the fall spirit?
Obviously Sweater Weather by Neighborhood and Ed Sheeran Autumn Leaves. I've also created a 'Winter Warmers' playlist that I'll post on here in the next few days!

Hope you enjoyed this tag post and I tag all of you!But specifically, I'm going to tag:
Katie, EllieLizzie and Rachel; you should definitely go and look at their blogs and hopefully they decide to do this tag!
If you decide to do this post, leave the link as a comment as I'd love to read them!
Hope you're ok,x

These days, it's very hard to find a quality product at a cheap price. In my opinion, I feel I'm not at an age to splurge on expensive, high end make-up on a regular basis and so will stick to the good ol' highstreet where you can find some of the best bargains! This is just a quick post to tell you my top 5 high street products for under £5 each.

1. Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Varnishes £3.99 - these were a big release over the summer months which I fell in love with fairly quickly and for such a quality nail varnish, the price is nothing! I was never a big fan of the Barry M nail varnishes as a whole as I found I had to really layer them up but I don't find that with this collection of theirs and they go on so well and most people would be happy with just one layer!

2. MUA Eye shadow palettes £4- at £4 these are a bargain! I only own the Undressed palette (as you're probably aware of as I use it in nearly every post!) And I love it! I expected it to 'hit pan' on certain colours that I use all the time almost straight away but I'm still yet to on any of the colours and I've had it for ages! There is a few different palettes and I really advice you to check them out!

3. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £3.99- I don't seem to imagine a future without this product in it and I can't begin to imagine my expression if I ever find this product becomes discontinued or the formula has changed because this concealer has such good coverage for how affordable it is!

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder £3.99- When I first bought this product it was my saviour and even though it can look cakey, I've learnt to control this and it is well worth the money I paid.

5.Natural Collection Blushes £1.99 -people who seem to use Natural Collection products are normally labelled as a 'make-up newbie' and if I was to suggest a brand to someone just starting out with make-up then yes, I would suggest it but I think it's a brand that's easily dismissed and their blushes are fabulous! ' I own the colour 'blushed cheeks' and I know there isn't a wide range of choices but there is one for everyone! 
So maybe before you head over to Selfridges to splash your cash on a high end product check the highstreet for something that may suit you better!
Do you any good dupes of products better on the highstreet than high end? Would be great to know for a future post!
Hope you're having a good day! x

I've been wanting to post an empties post in ages but it seems to take me forever to finish things off but I've decided I have a decent amount to now share with you and show you So I'm going to get straight into this!

Vera Wang 'Princess' Perfume: When I first bought this the name really put me off as it sounds so childish but once you get past that it is a gorgeous perfume. This is actually my second bottle and the one shown in the picture is my smaller bottle and now that I've finished both bottles I feel lost without it. Perfume, for me, is always one to put on my Christmas or Birthday list and seeing as they're both coming up, I finished it at a good time. I highly recommend you going to smell this perfume! It's one of the first proper perfumes I had and I think I'll be buying it for years to come.
Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel: It wasn't till recently that I ventured out into scrub world and getting all sorts of different exfoliators but before that, this was one I would use for my face and body. It is a very vigorous exfoliator containing sand particles which really do scrub. Having Tea Tree and Witch Hazel in it makes this a great product for people prone to spots but don't have too sensitive skin. As a face scrub, I don't thing i will be repurchasing it as I've discovered so many new good ones and it's the same for body as I've been loving the Soap & Glory scrub but it wouldn't surprise me if I came running back to it as a cheaper alternative in the future.
L'oreal Micellar Solution:  You are probably bored of me going on about this but I've done a full review on this which you can read here. On the basis of repurchasing I already have and love it still! The one thing that is annoying is how fast I seem to go through it and I know others seem to have the same problem.
Good Things Stay Clear:  I'm highly considering doing a full review on this cleanser as it works miracles; leaving my skin so smooth and the feeling that it's working already. My spots seem clearer aswell which is just fabulous. I did talk a little bit more about this on my current favourites which you can read here. I was seriously kidding myself when I told myself that I wouldn't repurchase this; why wouldn't I when it works so well and smell absolutely amazing!
Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer:   This is the first and only primer I have used. When I first purchased this it really did work wonders as my dry skin was no longer visible when applying my make-up and so I did repurchase but then once I did use it again, it didn't seem to work aswell. I'm still not too sure if I will repurchase after running out of the tube I'm using at the moment as for £8 you really don't get a lot of product and so I'm having to ration it out aswell as, you might be able to see from the picture, I've cut the top off to get every last drop of the primer from the tube.

So that is all the products I've finished for the time being! Is there any products that you've finished up and recommend?
Hope you're doing well,x