Revision Overload!

23 Nov 2013

Over the past few weeks I've been having to focus on school work a lot and my posts have been scheduled. However, my posts have now run out and I can't promise I will be able to write and publish some for the next couple of weeks while my Mock Exams are happening. I will try my best to post if and when I can but this is just a little heads up. While I'm writing this little update post, I would think this is a great time to ask you if you have any ideas of posts you would like me to make or anything you would like me to review for you or just give me a little bit of feedback on my blog; any little comment I highly appreciate! So now before I get my head stuck into my books i'm going to enjoy my smoothie and toast while watch The Avengers!

Let me know if you're having any tests at the moment!
Hope you're ok,x


  1. I watched the Avenger after my exams too, it was so good!

    p.s. Good luck on your exams! X

  2. I love the Avengers! I've got exams and stuff this week too, oooh the joy!:(x