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1 Dec 2013

So I did say that I wouldn't be posting for the next two weeks last week but I felt I couldn't leave you for two weeks and ,while I'm having a break from revision, I thought I would do a quick tag that I haven't been tagged in but saw the amazing Rebecca from Autumn Leaves and I felt I had to have a go!

1. Liquid or powder highlighter?
 It has to be powder because I find it a lot easier to work with. I'm also not a big highlighting fan so I find the liquid ones look a little scary!

2. Cream or powder blush/ eye shadow? 
Overall, It has to be a powder for both because I own more powders but I think cream blushers are amazing and can look a lot less cakey. I like a good cream eye shadow, especially when you're in a rush,but I find you can't really get a good smokey eye without using powder eye shadows as well.

3.Primer or no Primer? 
Primer! I find it minimizes pores and lets my make-up slide seamlessly over my face without getting attached to any dry patches on my face.

4.Lipstick, Lipgloss or Lip stain?
 Lipstick! There's something so satisfying about buying a new lipstick as well. I've never been a fan of a lip gloss because they cause a lot of problems when added with windy weather and my long hair. I've never really ventured down the lip stain aisle so I am wanting to in the future but for now I'll be sticking to my beloved lipsticks!

5. Eye liner or no eyeliner? 
If you've been following my blog for a while you may have now got the idea that me and eye liner really don't go well together. If I was to use it, it would be used on my water line and that's it.

6. Neutral, smokey, or colourful?
 I would love to be wild and daring and say colourful but I'd be lying and I'm going to combine the two and say I love a good neutral smokey eye!

7. Bold or Basic Lips?
 My preference is kind of in between the two as I go quite dark nudes so they are bold and basic but overall I do like a bold lip every once in a blue moon.

8. Pale or tanned/bronzed? I do embrace my almost transparent skin and get the foundation colour that is right for my skin but I do like to add a little colour into my face but I restrain myself from going crazy with the bronzer!

9. Full face, One item or no make-up? 
It really depends on the situation. If it means on a day to day basis, because of school, I don't wear it during the week and only if i'm going out at the weekend but when I do go out, I have to have it all on!

10. Palettes or individual products? 
Palettes! They're so easy for travelling and there's always so many different combinations you can make with the colours when thinking about an eye shadow palette and so you're not limited. However, when it comes to other products, I like them to be individuals.

I may have not been tagged by anyone but I'm going to tag a few people and I'm going to tag:
You should check out all of their blogs because they're amazing!

I know this was just a quick post and I'll be back into the swing of things soon starting with Friday where I'm heading to the clothes show where I'll be spending the day watching a cat walk show and shopping till my hearts content. I plan on posting an OOTD when I get home and I might do a haul if I end up buying anything worth showing!

Hope you're okay,x

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  1. Thank you for tagging me!:)xox