The 3rd started early, waking up before my alarm, filled with excitement that we were finally going on holiday. After quickly getting dressed and ready, grabbing a quick breakfast and making sure I had everything I needed for the two weeks I had ahead of me the taxi was already here to take us to Manchester Piccadilly Station where we would get the train to London along with my Mum, Dad and Sister. The train journey was great; having nearly a full carriage to our self. The train journey wasn't that long, but I filled the time with reading, listening to Lewis Watson and watching some TV I'd downloaded on the BBC IPlayer prior to leaving. It was a few hours before we arrived in London and when we arrived we quickly found the tube where we headed to Finsbury Park. We were lucky that my Sister had been up to London just a month before our trip four University and both my mum and dad had lived in London so I felt reassured walking round the Underground in hot,sweaty, loud crowds. After having difficulty lugging our suitcases up numerous flights of stairs in between different Underground lines, we arrived at Finsbury Park where my Uncle et us as we'd be spending the next few days at his house along with my Auntie for France. 
The first night was a chilled one; we went to a local Italian where the waiters were slightly mad it seemed. It was good to catch up as it had been years since I'd seen them! 
First Day in London was a Museum kind of Day getting the tube to the Victoria & Albert Museum which my dad referred to as the Museum of things that don't have their own Museum and he was right as the V&A contained a variety of different exhibitions. My favourite had to be the music and theater where they kept Mick Jagger's jumpsuit and the outfits for the award winning Lion King shown on the West End. I also really enjoyed the poster art section where the walls were filled with posters printed for different reasons such as global warming, war etc.

After spending half of the day there, we took a short work the London Science Museum. It wasn't what I was expecting- too much history for me and not enough hands on areas where I can act like a kid again pressing buttons and winding things up. I did really enjoy the space section as well as looking at the cars through time and the evolution of different objects such as the typewriter. We took the underground back to my uncles where my Auntie cooked us tea and I headed early to bed.
My sister left early Sunday morning as she wasn't able to come with us on our holiday but we decided the Sunday was going to be a tourist day. We decided to try the bus instead of the train into the Center of London where it pulled up right outside St Paul's Cathedral where we had a a walk round the outskirts before heading across the Millennium bridge where I couldn't help but be slightly apprehensive after seeing what the Death Eaters did to it in Harry Potter. Walking across was a great way to see some of the skyscrapers across London. Across the Millennium bridge was the Tate Modern where we had a brief visit before heading to have some lunch where we met up with my Auntie for a while. After a gorgeous lunch, we walked along the river,passing the London Eye and Big Ben where I managed to get a lot of pictures.

 My Auntie then had to leave so Mum,Dad and I headed over to Buckingham Palace to see our good old friend Liz. I have included a photo of the back of someone's head but it's not just anyone's head but Louis Cole's who along with other YouTube including PVP were in London for the day. I didn't go up and ask for a picture because trying to explain YouTube to my mum and dad with in a matter of seconds would be tough work but I can still say I've seen him and I have proof!

We then decided our legs had had enough and so headed to the bus stop where we got the bus home. This was by far my favourite day in London because of the pure volume of photos I managed to take on this day which have been included in the post.
And that was London over and next stop was Paris!
Have you been to London? If so what is your favourite things to do there?
This is one of four of these accounts and I want to make them interesting for you so let me know if you'd prefer more picture to text or vice versa or if it's fine as it is because I don't want to be boring you!
Hope you're doing great,
It hasn't been long since I posted my last recently read but it feels like ages since I last wrote one seeing as I've been away. I've got a back log of books to read and I want to get this written and up before I move on to other books.

Paper Towns by John Green.
After being disappointed with the last book of his I read and seeing as a month or so back it was released that Paper Town would be turning in to a film so I felt it as about time I should read it! Paper Towns is written in the point of view of Quentin Jacobson who lives next door to Margo Speigelman who he knew as a child but as they went in to high school, he admired from a far. One night Margo climbed up into his window to invite him on a night long adventure of revenge. After accepting and having a sleepless night, Q arrives in school to find Margo's not there and is determined to find out where she's gone. 
After reading Paper Towns it became very clear to me how ingenious John Green is with his characters and how things link. One of the main parts of the story is about clues and they all seem so well thought out like they John had taken the time to make sure everything goes together perfectly; his ideas are like no others!
I will say, while I love John character building, I started to dislike Margo's character nearer the end which kind of ruined the book slightly for me a long with Quentin's character being far too needy and the ending not being really what I wanted. The humor throughout this book is great and Q's friends, while don't always play a huge part, are hilarious. My favourite part of the book, with out giving too much away, is the road trip as I could just imagine now the film montages when it is released in cinema. While, for me, it's not as good as Looking For Alaska, I think it would be one that could be translated very well on to the big screen and I can't wait to see it!

If I Stay by Gayle Forman.
This was another film release induced by as it's being released at the end of this month. If it wasn't for this being released into a film and seeing the trailer, I probably wouldn't have bought this book as the blurb isn't very telling but it's about a girl called Mia who ends up in a car crash a long with her mum, dad and brother. She survives and has an out of body experience, managing to see what is happening around her; seeing her family morn, her best friend and boyfriend trying to get into the hospital to visit her. It isn't a long book and is a great quick read. A little heads up though- I wouldn't recommend reading this on a train to Zurich or any train for that matter as I kept having to stop and hold back the tears. I loved every single character in this book particularly the parents; I found them so interesting and unlike other parents. It was a predictable ending but this was not a bad things and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Gayle Forman released a book from the point of view of  her boyfriend, Adam and will be one I'll be picking up soon! I can't wait to see the film as I feel like this book was made for the big screen.

We Were Liars by E.Lockhart.
This was a book I had wanted to pick up for a while but I was very apprehensive about buying it because of it's vague blurb. I guess it's all art of the mystery behind the book so I won't spoil too much for you except for saying that it's set on an island owned by a man who has 3 daughters who each have families. It's told in the point of view of one of the daughters children and we see what happens over a few summers of them staying there.
I have to say, it was slightly confusing in parts with so many different characters it took me till nearly the end to get to grips with who was in which family even with the help of the family tree in the front of the book. The story line at the start also got me slightly confused as it jumped from different summers. One of the quotes given on the back indicates there would be a shock ending and one that will make many return to the first page and see what they misses; because of this I spent the entirety of the time reading the book guessing what would happen and it turns out I'm really good at working out the ending of books! While I did manage to guess, I really enjoyed the realizations of going "oh I get that now!" "That's what that meant!" so  my amazing guessing abilities didn't take anything away from the mystery behind the book and the shock ending. I definitely think I would read this book again just to see how differently I'll read things now I know the ending; this is a book I would recommend to anyone!

So that's another Recently Read done and I do hope you enjoy these short reviews because I read a lot I'm not wanting to fill my book with single book reviews!
What are you reading at the moment?
Hope you're doing great,
So Thursday's post may have come as disappointment to you as it wasn't the most interesting for you as a reader so I thought I' treat you to a Saturday post where I talk about how I rescue my skin after a late night out as well as what I'd do with my hair and make up if I find out I'm having to go out on only a few hours sleep!

It's very unlike me to be being invited to parties but I seem to be doing something right to be getting invited. I've attended quite a few late night photos with friends over the last few weeks which means late nights. 
When I'm only getting home or back to a friends in the early hours of the morning, there is no time a skincare routine with all the works and I'm lucky enough to remember to take my make up off. Looking back into the archives, I found a post where I spoke about some quick skincare solutions to get your make up off quickly along with a quick all over cleanse and moisturise. 
In this post, instead of speaking about what I'd do when I get home, this is what I'd do the morning after.

The thing I find being my biggest problem after a late night out, is dry skin so if I was at home, I would apply a thick moisturiser or a moisture mask such as the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (£23). Seeing as this is an overnight mask and I'll be applying it in the morning, I would let that soak in to my skin for between 10-20 minutes and with a cotton pad or tissue, dab off any excess product.
It's always my luck that I find I'm actually having to be out and doing something the morning after a late night and so I want a base that will refresh and re hydrate my skin. Recently, I've been using a Avon Clear Emergency Creamy Cleanser(£5). I haven't been using it long enough to give a full review, but I will say that I feel it really refreshes my skin. To re hydrate, I start by applying my new Avon Hydra Beyond Hydration Lotion(£7.50);I've been using this almost like a serum by applying two pumps to my finger tips before working it into my face concentrating on the dryer areas. I will then go in with my usual day to day moisturiser which is the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser(£3.79)

Onto the hair; this is quick and simple. Dry shampoo was made for occasions like this and as usual I use Batiste Dry Shampoo and I've been loving the Cool & Crisp Fresh scent as I really find it's a nice refreshing smell unlike how I find the others which tend to linger in not a nice way. This isn't the time for any dramatic hairstyles because you won't be fooling anyone so I simple ponytail will do. If I find I'm having a particularly greasy day, I'll wear a head band to disguise the oiliness at the front of my hair.

As for make-up. I want to keep things simple so I sin primer and go straight to my The Body Shop 3 in 1 BB Cream along with my 17 Stay time concealer which I apply to blemishes and under my very tired eyes. To make myself look more awake, I'll make sure to apply mascara to both my top and bottom lashes;I'm currently using Maybelline The Falsies. To accompany this, I apply my Rimmel Kohl Liner in Nude into my waterline keeping my eyelids bare. As for the eyebrows, I think it's a real give away if you're eyebrows aren't done so I do my usual and take a cheap matte brown eye shadow and angled brush to fill them in and slightly shape. I wouldn't take my advice on eyebrows for this one now because they seem to be a catastrophe in the above photo and after taking the photos, I attacked them with the tweezers!
Who can really be bothered with contour when your sleep deprived? Not me so I just apply my L'oreal Glam Bronze bronzer in the usual areas to make sure nobody will mistake me for a real zombie. I find a blush with a shimmer to it helps add some colour and a natural glow to my face effortlessly and for this I used my ELF Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky. To set my make up in pace, I found the ELF Colour Correcting Powder great for this kind of occasion as it brightens up any dark areas just slightly as well making my whole face look a lot more put together. Finishing off with a lip product that I haven't used for a while which is my Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me for a hint of colour.

So this is all skin hair and make up all rolled into one post for anyone has a late night out and needs some skin rescuing the morning after or you find out that you're having to go out when you look like you've been dragged through a hedge.
What do you to make yourself look more awake?
Hope you're doing great,

So this is a slightly different post and probably very uninteresting but this morning I got my GCSE results. I was absolutely petrified because I really felt like some of the exams went particularly awful; but now, a few hours later, I'm sat here with a smile on my face because I feel like all my hard work and the ridiculous amount of hours I have put into my GCSEs have really paid off  especially for getting in A* in art!
I'm so happy and I'm raring to go out tonight to an after results party!
I would love to know, if any of you have your GCSE results or AS or A Levels or taken any type of exam, I'd love to know how you got on!
I know this isn't really a post worthy of a weekly blog post spot but I really wanted to share my amazing news with you all and I'll hopefully be able to get a post up on Sunday to hopefully make up for this post!
Hope you're doing great,

When I first picked up this £12 powder, I was happy to pay that little bit extra for a drugstore powder that I' heard been spoken about so highly by many bloggers so while, for me, it is more than I would usually pay, I thought it would work a treat for me.
The Soap & Glory "One Heck Of A Blot" powder is translucent and is used to mattify and keep shine at bay. It specifically said on the outer packaging that it's "for all skin tones" which I will have to disagree with as on 1st try, it immediately clung to the smallest of dry areas- making my make up look cakey and unflattering. I thought it would just glide smoothly and effortlessly over my skinned because it was finely milled but I thing because of this, it was able to get into every nook and cranny of my dry skin. Even when I manage to have a good skin day with well hydrated skin that my foundation smooths over, it still tended to look cakey.
During the days I would wear this, my skin constantly felt greasy and felt like it needed constant touch ups which I don't enjoy as I'm not one to take make up around in my bag; I also haven't noticed this powder increasing the longevity of my make up.. As it's summer, you're bound to become shinier a lot quicker as we do sweat. On hot days when my face would get oily/sweaty, the product would cake up in certain areas of my face, making it hard to even touch up easily without making the powder look even more cakey. 
I've included this powder in previous posts because while I'm not a big fan, I'm not going to let my money go to waste. I really don't think this product is worth the money I paid as, while having a finely milled powder is something many love in a powder, there was a lot of fall out when I would swirl my brush in the product meaning I'd lose a lot of product. It's not a powder I use day in day out and yet, I've still made a fairly large dint showing that, in my opinion, you're not getting enough product for the price. 
I believe there are so many cheaper and better powders out there such as the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder or, a recent purchase of mine, the NYC Smooth Skin Face Pressed Powder (let me know if a review interests you!). Both of these powders are below £5 which makes them a beauty bargain steal and one to definitely check out instead of the Soap & Glory Powder. 

I know this is a negative review but I hope this review might help any of you who were looking in to buying this powder and needed an opinion.
What setting powder do you recommend?
Hope you're doing great,

Wow, it feels like a long time! Probably not to you as while I was away, my posts scheduled were published so I hope you enjoyed them all and. Late Friday night, I arrived home from my 2 week holiday and one of the first things I did was read through your comments. So of you might have not known I was away because you're new to the scene so I welcome you and thank you- old and new followers- because when I arrived home, I found I'd reached just over 100 followers on Bloglovin'! Over the last few months , I've noticed more and more people visit my blog and I'm so grateful for every single page view and follower and I appreciate you all so much!

While I was away including a week without internet, I had a lot of time to think and my head is now exploding with new ideas. Sadly, a lot of these ideas aren't blog related and are more to do with my increasing ambition for writing. 
On the subject of blog posts I came up with a new series/idea I would like to try out. It stemmed from the fact that for a few years now I would sit somewhere and just watch people go by; many will refer to this notion as "being nosy" but I just find it interesting- watching how people act in different situations and settings as well as creating a fictitious story behind them. I was thinking of starting posting these but instead of just writing about people, I'd like the time to include some of my thoughts and feelings at the time as I way to reflect as I write down my thoughts. This is something I'd be posting more for my benefit than anyone else's which is why it will probably be posted as a weekend post and not taking slots away for post people would rather read. To make it more interesting, as well as including ones I've written from the last couple of years up until the end of my holiday, I would start writing new ones; finding different places to sit, think, write before coming home to type up and share with you.
It's just an idea at this stage along many floating around in my head including something for those people who are interested in writing; not just blog posts but short stories etc. so I would love if you could let me know if you write or are interested in writing something outside your blog about something not beauty or fashion related but something more.
I will warn you now, that as I post this on Sunday, I'm trying my best to get this weeks post sorted as while I managed to schedule posts for while I was away, I didn't think about when I'd be back so hopefully they don't look too rushed so just a little heads up!
Prepare yourself as well for many travel related posts over the upcoming months; I will spread them out so my content won't become repetitive with photos and accounts of my trip as well as the things I learnt over the two weeks I was travelling.

Again, I want to say thank you for following and I hope you continue to read and enjoy my blog!
I hope you're doing great,

Now that it's well and truly summer, I'm wanting to make the most of every single day by accomplishing as much as I can in a day so I've come up with the some ways that I try my best to stick by to make the most of my day.

To Do Lists. 
It's always best for me to do these before I go to bed as it won't be going through my mind thinking that I'll forget to do something I thought of before I go to sleep as well as I a able to see what I have to do the next day and grasp timings and how much I have to do the next day. Now to do list, for me, is complete without a tick box because there's something very satisfying about ticking the box when a task is completed.

Early Night and an Early Morning. 
This is probably the hardest thing to stick to after feeling sleep deprived throughout the months of revision and exams but days always feel longer when you wake up before noon and if they feel longer I will probably get a lot more done as well as feeling a lot more refreshed throughout the day.

Work Out When You're Most Productive.  
Everyone has a slot in their day when they feel most motivated to do something. I find my most productive time ranges from 11am to 3pm so this is when I will do the bulk of the things writing down on my to do list.

Those 2 Minute Jobs.
 I'm a sucker for saying "It only take two minutes, I'll do it later" and then keep saying that until I'm tucked up in bed with the job not ticked off my list so instead of leaving it till later, I get it done as soon as possible because it does only take two minutes!

So I hope these little tips might come in handy if you're struggling to stay productive, like me, this summer.
What do you do to stay productive?
Hope you're doing great,

I've made a small dent into my summer reading list over the last few weeks. I haven't got through as any books as I would of hoped in the time I've had off already as because of exams, I hadn't read for a while so it's took some time to get back in to the routine of things but for the moment here's my opinion on the first three books I've read this summer.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
A quick book synopsis to start; it's about a girl who commits suicide and she leaves behind a set of tapes that are passed on to people she has chose to send them to as they played a part in her choice to commit suicide. We read the book in perspective of Clay Jenson who is one of those chosen to be sent the tapes. Hannah is his first love and so Clay spends the night listening to Hannah on all the tapes.
This book has been one I'd wanted to read for a while because I found the blurb intriguing. What was it that linked Clay to the suicide? I was very curious! I loved the uniqueness of this book as while there is many books set around the topic of suicide, this is one that is set out in a completely different way; I love that the chapters are different tapes or the other side of the tape such as "Tape 4 side 1". I did really enjoy this and I loved the character of Clay and how the book takes place over one night and I can really visualise the surrounding described at different parts of the book While I did enjoy this book, I did feel it seem a slight chore to read in parts. However overall, I loved the whole idea of the book and it's a real eye opener to give you an idea of what many go through before committing suicide a long with almost advice to everyone in looking out for tell tale signs of those who are considering suicide. If they are true signs, it is something anyone can take away from the book. Apart from those slightly dull parts, I did really like this book and one I would recommend.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
This has been another book I had wanting to read for a while now. There has been very mixed reviews online about this book which made me want to read it and make my own mind up as well as the film release approaching. A brief summery of the book is that it's a dystopian book where Thomas wakes up in a lift but he can't remember anything. When he reaches the top he's surrounded by boys who welcome him to glade where none of them know how they got here or why so they spend their time trying to find a way of breaking out and to find out what's going on.
The start is a slow one. It seemed that most of the action took place a little later in the book but once it started it never stopped. It was a riveting read and at points I struggled to put it down and so when the action kicked in, it was a book a thoroughly enjoyed and one I would recommend.
It is part of a Trilogy and while the ending does leave you with questions that will be answered in the next book, I'm not desperate to read the next installment like I was with Divergent but I will probably read them in the future.

An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green.
This was one of John Greens earlier books and was published in 2006 before Tfios. This was a second chance read but I started from where I left off as I felt I'd remembered enough to just pick up where I left off. There was a few holes that were unfilled when I picked the book back up but it didn't take me long to get pack into the swing of things.
The book is about Colin Singleton who only seems to have relationships with girls named Katherine- 19 of them. The child prodigy decides to go on a road trip with his friend Hassan where Colin tries to create a theorem that can predict his future relationships.
As I remembered, it was quite far from my favorite book. The main element seemed to be maths and really did no interest me; it wasn't a book I didn't want to put down just one I wanted to hurry up and finish.
 I have to say that the ending was fairly predictable for me and I could tell from my first attempt at reading the book what would happen in the end.
There were a few positives though;I did enjoy the foot notes that were given as I found it quite funny and qwerky. I also enjoyed the strange facts throughout the book. If you've read the book you'll know which part I mean when I say the section in the cave- has to be my favorite part in the book a long with Hassan and Colin's fighting section ( I'm trying to keep this all vague so there's no spoilers, sorry if they are). I think humor in this book would be almost non existence without Hassan and he was by far my favourite Character in this book- he made the book!
The last few pages were my favourite as it summed up Colin's thoughts and gave a moral to the story. It isn't a book I would recommend especially if you can't stand the sight of maths.
I would also like to add that if you've read this book, did anyone else spot the similarities to The Fault In Our Stars in parts? The talk of infinities and oblivion?

So that's all for this Recently Read, and I'd love to know if you've read these books and your thoughts or if you plan on reading any of these books in the future!
There will probably be another Recently Read sooner than you think as I'm on a reading roll!
Hope you're doing great,

Packing can be a stressful experiences for us all; finding out we don't have enough room for your shoes at the end or you've gone over the weight limit. It's hard to master the art of jigsaw packing so that everything fits in well and there's no having to ask someone for a hand in the form of sitting on top of your suitcase while you put all your energy into getting the zip to close. From my many experiences of packing I've come up with some ways that I tackle the awful task of packing.
The first point I will make is that planning ahead can ensure plane sailing when it comes to packing; having a dry run before hand to make sure that everything is ok so you're not up till 1 in the morning on the verge of a break down while been knee deep in clothes that you want to take but just can't fit. 

Something that my mum has taught me to do from when I went on weekend-long school trips is to write a list of what I am wanting to take before to make sure that I wasn't asking her to work miracles by getting clothes washed and ironed in a matter of hours. Not only is it good to make sure all your clothes are ready to be packed but also having a tick box to say "yes I've packed it in". I will take this list with me so when the holiday was over and I'm packing back up, I can check I haven't left anything behind so, again saving myself from a nervous break down in primary, to find I get home and have left my teddy there. (True story; I left my favourite tiger beanie baby in Austria but they kindly shipped it over and life was good again!).

This is a new one for me and is something I saw on a video Ingrid (Miss Glamorizzi) made where she used these dividers. It's like small suitcases of a variety of sizes that all fit together in a bigger suitcase. These are great for saving space as well as all round neatness and organisation as they stop the clothes enclosed from creasing as well as helping you know where certain things are packed; for example you know your underwear is in the small divider is in the small divider and you tops are in the medium divider etc. These are such a good idea and I suggest in investing in some- I got mine from an Amazon Seller for around £10.

No one wants to have an experience as traumatic as Ross' in FRIENDS when he encountered a "shampoo explosion" followed by the same with moisturiser. So to make sure this doesn't happen, I suggest travel size bottles. Not only does this prevent you carrying big heft bottles and tubs of shampoo and moisturiser but can help free up some packing space other things. This year I got a set from Sainsbury's and before I leave I test each bottle to confirm there will be no leaks and when it comes to packing, I'll put all my toiletries in a zip up bag so that if there is some sort of shampoo explosion it will be enclosed and won't spread and I will not have the same hassle that Ross had.

There are many methods of packing and, before buying the dividers, I found my best method of packing was rolling everything as this freed up a lot of room. There are so many other methods and it's finding out what works best for you but I hope this post will help you and your future packing worries.
Do you get stressed when you pack? Where's the last places you went on holiday? I'd love to know as I love learning about new places to go!
Hope you're doing great, 

My Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream was on its way out and I felt like trying something new for the summer that was a better colour match for me and when I stumbled across the BB Cream that the Body Shop had to offer in, what seemed like, a very pale colour, I thought it would be perfect for me so decided to invest in a tube. Seeing as I no longer have a local Body Shop and there was 40% off all stock online, I decided to order a tube feeling that my usual method of going for the palest shade wouldn't fail me and it didn't and when I first went to swatch some after it had been delivered, I actually thought it was too light (as you can tell from the swatch shown in the photo) until remembering one of its promises was it's colour adapting properties so I reassured myself that could still be great.

On my first use of the BB Cream, I applied it using a brush from Ebay which helped the product work into the skin really well within seconds. I could tell right away that it adapted to my skin leaving an even colour over my face and making my skin look a lot fresh. While another of it's promises was that it was a light to medium coverage, it is an extremely light weight coverage and not the most build able. It covered hardly any blemishes so I did have to use quite a bit of concealer. It also said that it hydrates for up to 24 hours and I can say point blank that it didn't hydrate in the slightest to start off with as it clung to all area of dehydration.
On My 2nd use, I wasn't going to let this product go to waste and instead of using my usual light cleanser in the morning, I used my Clean & Clear face wash before moisturising. By doing this, the product clung slightly if not at all so while I've found away around this problem, I still don't find it hydrating. 

Like I said, it promises to be able to adapt to your skin tone which I do feel it does to some extent; I think anyone paler than myself may struggle with this being slightly orange especially if you have pink undertones but I do feel the beads of colour do adapt to my skin tone and the more I work the product in, the more it adapts. It also promises to leave an even finish as well as not clogging up your pore and I feel it lives up to both of these promises as it really does give an even finish and, while I do use a blurring primer, I haven't noticed any problems with clogging much like all other foundations I've used. So for me, this BB Cream lives up to 3 of the 5 promises it gives on the website and the 2 that it doesn't,  I have managed to work my way around them and made this BB Cream work for me.

This uncommonly light coverage BB Cream, is great for people who don't really have much problem with their skin or for anyone who, like me, doesn't fancy layering on the make up this summer; or for those who are just nipping to the shops and wants to look a little more put together so it doesn't look like they've rolled out of bed after getting hardly any sleep. I've already included this in my Summer Travel Make Up Look which you can see here and it will be a staple of mine throughout this hot and humid summer!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if it was helpful for anybody considering in investing in a tube of The body Shop BB Cream.
Have you tried it yourself already? What BB Creams do you suggest?
Hope you're doing great,
When you're reading this, I'll be on my jolly holidays so I thought I would show you what I will be carrying in Carry on bag during the many train journeys and plane journey back.
Starting with the bag itself, I was so happy when this came up on Asos as I have been looking for a bag like this for a while now. While I bought it off Asos, it is a mango bag called the Mango Great Faux Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag. As it says in the bag name, it is faux leather but it's amazing quality and I was shocked at the price of this bag being only £30 when bags similar in Topshop and River Island were a lot more expensive so I think I've done well with this purchase. It's a great, big bag with only one side pocket which isn't the best but it's still a great hold all for the amount of stuff I will be carrying with me. A feature I do love, is how it fastens; to get the shape (shown in the pictures below), there are poppers from opposite ends of the bag which can come together to secure the bag as well as giving it the shape I love!

Onto the contents; from the photo, it looks like I'm a light packer but I can assure, when it comes to it, my bag will be packed with snacks,magazines and another book.
Starting with the few beauty related products I will be including in my bag. I'll be keeping it simple with a powder and concealer. I can't go any where without hand gel and hand cream and I feel hand gel is a great one for journeys.
Instead of taking a big purse with cards that I won't be using, I'm again keeping it simple with a one zip purse which I got a few years back in France- It's the perfect size for a travel purse! Of course, I'll be taking a book and I might even take two in my bag in case I'm on a roll with my reading. I decided Paper Towns by John Green will be the first book I'll be reading on holiday. A basic travel essential, for me, is my portable charger and with my phone and IPod battery lasting only a few hours, this will be perfect for the long journeys so I can listen to as much Bon Iver as I want! It's summer so of course I'll be taking sunglasses. The ones shown, I got from Asos a few years ago and only recently I've been thinking that I should buy a cheap Primark pair because I'm not sure the ones I own are that strong and actually protect my eyes where as I know that all Primark sunglasses do protect my eyes from the sun. I keep them in this small zip pouch from Topshop that says "Sunny Days" on it and I love this little pouch for protecting my sunglasses.
A notebook and pen is a great thing to carry in any bag at any occasion as you never know when you'll have a stroke of genius or when they'll be a good opportunity to play numerous games of noughts and crosses.
So I can listen to music, of course I'll need some earphones! I'll also be taking my camera with me but I would have to be a magician to include that in the photo as well as taking a photo of it. As I'm writing this, I'm still indecisive as to whether I should take my film camera also but we'll soon find out if I decide to take it or not!
So along with some snacks ad magazines, that's all I'll be carrying on my journeys! I hope you enjoyed this post. What are some of your carry on essentials?
Hope you're doing great,

I am very reluctant these days as I, myself, do not really enjoy reading them however, I know a lot of people do and I seemed to have picked up a few exciting things recently that I thought I would share with you!
I have been looking for some new shorts for absolutely ages now as my Levi cut off's need a break; after ordering numerous pairs and trying on numerous pairs, I finally found a pair I am happy with and they are the Asos High Waist Denim Mom Shorts in Mid Wash (£28). They're a little baggier than I would have hoped but I'm sure they'll shrink slightly in the wash and they are the perfect pair for me! I was also in need in some new sunglasses as I've had a pair of Asos sunglasses for a few nears now and it's only recently that I've not been convinced they are actually protecting my eyes so I picked up a pair of Primark Sunglasses(£2) and found a pair very similar that I know have the ability to protect my eyes from the sun. While picking up the sunglasses I spotted this Primark Headband(£2) and I think this would be a great thing to have when I'm on holiday to keep my hair out of my face.
NYC is a product that I've always wanted to buy a few things from because of how much I love their eyeshadow palettes and when they came out with these NYC BB Blush Sticks in Soho Pink (£1.99), I didn't hesitate to pick one up in Superdrug. While I was in the NYC section, I had time to have a good look at the produces and  was shocked at the cheapness of the products and seeing as I'd been struggling to enjoy using my Soap & Glory powder, I picked up the NYC Smooth Skin Powder in Translucent (£1.99). Another beauty bargain was the Natural Collection Colour Correction Stick (£1.99); I picked this up after I was looking at the new Max Factor CC Sticks and realised how similar the one for redness was to this Natural Collection purchase and I was more willing to pay £1.99 than £9.99 for something that claimed to do exactly the same thing.I was very luck to find one that wasn't broken or hadn't been touched!
 I've been trying to really combat my dehydrated skin and I thought, after lots of research, I would cave in and pick up the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Hydration Overnight Mask £23. This would have been the most expensive purchase of the month and maybe even the year if it wasn't to coincide with the time my phone was due an upgrade. I've had a Blackberry for 2 years now and it was one of the first models so it was due an upgrade as it was battered with buttons missing so, after negotiating with my Dad, I decided on the IPhone 5S Silver.  One reason for getting this model was because of the amazing quality of the camera so I can hopefully take instagram pictures a lot easier on my travels instead of having to frequently get out my DSLR. 
Books wise, I picked up two new books to take with me on Holiday; If I Stay by Gayle Forman is coming out as a film soon and after seeing the trailer, I thought it was definitely worth a read. I'm not one to love film book covers but I'm in love with this cover.We Were Liars by E.Lockhart was a book I was undecided about purchasing but when I found it on offer online, I felt it was a sign to pick it up and even if it wasn't a book I'd enjoy, It's only a couple of hundred pages so I think I'll be able to get through it. 
Last but far from least was this New Look Cami Top; if you know me, I'm not on to want to show my arms but I fell in love with this top and I think I will be brave enough to wear on holiday and if you're interested in seeing it on, I posted a picture over on my Instagram: @sarahndsons.
I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you honestly like reading about what I've bought. Is there anything I've included that you'd like me to review? What have you bought recently?
As you read this, I will be heading off on the first leg of my holiday which is London!
Hope you're doing great,